A Quick Tip For Creativity

If you feel stuck writing or designing or playing music, the best thing you can do is to stay away from the instrument.

This means if you write or design using a computer, the best thing that you can do is to stay away from computer: Get a pen and paper, keep your laptop or desktop off, and start writing (or drawing conceptual designs, etc.) If you compose or play music using a piano, guitar etc, you stay away from it – get a pen and paper, and see what you can compose or how to play certain tunes certain way.

It is a very freeing experience, because our mind doesn’t have to be trapped by the limitation of the softwares we use – you can draw mind maps and write notes and pictures, and otherwise just flow. I learned the idea from a book called Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds*, which talks about how to design great powerpoint presentations. Enjoy!

*to be more precise, Reynolds said it was important to plan away from the computer just using pen and paper.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki@hniizato.com or Phone: 727-470-4056 to ask a question or schedule a consultation.


  1. Dunyazade says:

    This is a good tip. I haven’t written fiction for well over a year, probably longer. I have been, though, writing alot about astrology – in computer.

    My fiction writing I always do by pen and paper.

    Humm, maybe when I get back to fiction I’ll try the PC first.


  2. teresawymore says:

    Hiroki, I love that drawing. Where’s it from?

  3. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hi dunyazade,

    I’d always try pen and paper, personally – try both ways and see how it works!


  4. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hi Teresa!

    Nice to hear from you.

    I lifted it off Flickr.com – off the Creative Commons section. I think the search term was “pen and paper”, and I specified only creative commons royalty free item to show up.


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