Progressed Venus to Natal Pluto – Three Ways to Interpret

Here is another reader question:

Q: What is your interpretation of progressed Venus conjunct natal Pluto’s meaning in an individual’s life? Natal Pluto is in the 11th house in Virgo, natal Venus in the 9th house in Cancer.

A: There are several ways to think about this:

1) The first way is to envision the Venusian part of us to become empowered (Pluto) someway.

Possible example: An artist may meet a group of “friends” (thinking 11th house here) who influence his artistic expression in a new way. Here “art” can of course mean any form of creative expression, and one doesn’t have to be a professional.

2) It’s also possible that you will meet Plutonian people (let’s say emotionally honest, intense people) that will change how you relate to people – maybe you’ll have more opportunities to share uncomfortable emotions, leading to some healing.

3) Another way is to think of progressed Venus as affecting your natal Pluto: Noel Tyl says “Grace is added to power” under this combination. Pluto is where we experience the core of our power: here we can potentially overpower others, becoming a tyrant or a control addict. A period of progressed Venus over natal Pluto may imply that a certain element of grace, charm and diplomacy will be acquired during this time, so that you will be able to express your power in a more socially effective way (especially since it is in the 11th house.)

All three interpretations make sense, so you can consider them all. With natal Venus being in 9th house, this could add internationalism, education or spiritual/philosophical discussion into the mix – although your real life environment would have to allow for such possibility.

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  1. Hello there, Hiroki.

    I am 63, living in New Zealand for the lsat 27 years (unhappily, as I relocated from the UK, to a ferociously afflicted relocated chart), and I am undergoing my progressed Venus in opposition to my natal Pluto. My natal Venus is Sagittarius. My progressed Venus is now in Aquarius, in the last degrees of my RL9th. It is moving in to opposition Pluto at 4degs. I just wonder, Hiroki, if you have any views on this. I can feel massive internal change taking place — a hungering for deeper meaning, even at this age; a desire for and to study classical poetry, which I never even considered before; and a hunger to meet the love of my life, this after two failed marriages. Everything seems to be getting ‘deeper,’ the search, the odyssey, the need for meaning and personal significance, although not in an ego sense, simply a desire for deeper fulfilment, because the mundane no longer satisfies me, even mundane, everyday ‘chat.’ I can’t stand it, Hiroki. I watch only about 2% of what’s on television. Same goes for conversation. As for cellphones, I walk away from them. I wouldn’t have a cellphone if you paid me. Everything is changing, deeply. Blessings tgo you, Hiroki. – Peter in New Zealand of all places. (Pluto RL IC, Saturn RL6, Mars/Uranus mpt RL IC, etc.)

  2. Cassidy mack says

    My sun is 24 degrees virgo in my 1rst house and my moon is 4 degrees Aries in my 8th house. I’m quincunx sun/moon which is kind of irrelevant to my comment ; but this was a very refreshing and informative read. Right now, in my horoscope transiting Venus is in strong sextile with my natal Pluto. Forming at 1.9 degrees. This was wonderful I enjoyed reading it and if possible would love to get some advice or more insight as to how I can make the most out of this soft aspect transit and what else does it mean /& of how much significance could this be ¿ ? ¿ btw my natal Pluto is 3 degrees Sagittarius in 3rd/9th house I believe ? I’m confused on that but transit Venus is 1 degree libra in first house .

  3. How soon can a transit reading be schedule

  4. Would this be similar to solar arc or progressed Sun conjunct the Venus/Pluto midpoint? How might it differ?

    • It’s different. In Venus=Pluto example, Venus is assimilating the quality of Pluto. In Sun = Venus/Pluto Sun will illuminate the excess of emotions regarding relationships suggested by this midpoint.

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