Practical Considerations in Prediction

Each life is different, and we can’t expect the cookbook like approach to work for everyone. Robert Hand has written a masterpiece called “Planets in Transit” which may also be useful for interpreting progressions and Solar Arcs, but like all cookbooks it tends to be general.

Even though the solar arc of Venus to the Sun or an Angle often suggests love relationships, if it happens early in life (under age 10 let’s say), you generally won’t expect a love relationship to occur. Similarly, Saturn arcing or transiting over MC wouldn’t suggest career change for a child, but it may suggest a change of status in the family.

Another factor is the environment one is in – no change can happen in a restrictive environment that punishes it. If you live in a monastery on top of a mountain, most of the transits will pass you by (we could substitute for ‘monastery’ some other reclusive lifestyles people choose).

We know that passive lifestyle generally leads to inaction and lack of progress – no amount of astrology would help if we don’t start to do something toward our own fulfillment. Education is another big factor: if we missed out on receiving college education for whatever reason, it may restrict our options for career advancement.

So when we try to project into the near future, we can’t escape the effect of where we have been and what we have done up until now. This is also a good news, since this means we can prepare now in advance to create a better future.

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