The Power in a Name, Part 2

Name is a lot like planets – it is a symbol that is packed with potent meanings and associations. As such, it can actually be found in a birth chart. In the last post we mainly discussed the power in your own name; here we’ll expand the concept further and add astrological commentaries. But first we need to discuss:

Other People’s Names If our own name contains a lot of emotions, what about the names of those closest to you? Say your mother’s name, for instance. What emotions does it bring up in your mind? For some it is an emotion of love, or loyalty that comes up. For others it is loneliness and grief. Another might feel a tinge of depression, if the mother was depressed. For yet another it may be a cold detachment with no emotions.

This is a powerful way to experience the mother complex (or mother archetype) within you. As we all know mother is represented by the Moon, and depending on its placement, you may have a benevolent and caring mother complex, or a hard and critical one.

The important thing about mother complex (or the Moon) is that it defines the way you relate to yourself and your loved ones. Saying your mother’s name, and experience the various emotions associated with it, is a quick way to “feel” your natal Moon.

Names Linked to Planets in Your Natal Chart
Names, in general, are ruled by Mercury, as he is the giver of symbols. This means the condition of natal Mercury tends to represent the way in which you perceive everyone, including yourself.

Your name can be represented by the Sun and the Ascendant. Your social and professional status (i.e. Dr. so-and-so, or Mr. Smith, C.E.O.) is governed by the Midheaven. Hence when there is a major transit or progression to the Sun or the Angles, we potentially add a new meaning to our name (“I didn’t realize, but I was meant to be a Teacher” or “I’m realizing what a successful person I’m becoming” or “I married and literally changed my last name.”) So the self concept shifts, and new meanings are linked “Joe the Teacher”, or “Successful Mary” or “Mrs Smith, happily married,” etc.

Mother and her name is symbolized by the Moon, as discussed above.

Father is symbolized by Saturn (and some say the Sun.) What comes up when you say his name? Does it bring up the emotion of approval or disapproval, and will that affect how you relate to your boss (whose name is also represented by Saturn)?

Your lover will be represented by Mars (if you’re a female) or Venus (if you’re male), and the 5th house (sex and romance.) Say his/her name and feel what kinds of emotions are triggered.

In addition, your long term partner and closest friends will be represented by the 7th house. Male partner will also be represented by the Sun, female partner by the Moon. So in a committed relationship, our mother/father complexes are inevitably brought up – as unfair as it may be, we tend to fuse the names of our spouse with that of our parent unconsciously.

Your teacher and mentor (and I suspect the grandparents and other benevolent relatives) will be represented by Jupiter. Say their names and you’ll see how your Jupiter is doing.

Outer Planets get a little more distant (unless it is closely tied to the inner planets, of course.) Uranus represents the names of your friends that are progressive or rebellious. Neptune may be the names of your healer, spiritual friends, or movie stars that you idealize. Pluto has various associations, the most accessible of which is the psychotherapist and people that help you see the deeper side of things (I hope you don’t have any criminal friends – on the other hand, you may have powerful friends in high places.)

Clearing a Name
This name exercise is one way to become aware of the emotional baggage you may have been carrying all along. If some of the names bring up negative emotions of hurt, shame or criticism, it is time to clear that name – as it is showing you where your pain is stored.

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  1. Hi Hiroki – Although I love my name, and am often told that it’s “beautiful”, it’s also frequently mispronounced, mostly due to the fact that it’s unfamiliar and a bit foreign sounding.

    Mercury (my chart and MC ruler) is conjunct Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio and squares my Moon in Aquarius – I guess that explains the confusion. It always amazes me when certain people – even a few who have known me since childhood – consistently call me by the wrong name, and I mean waaaayyyyy the wrong name! When people mess it up, it’s usually with one of three variations; again, I guess this makes sense considering the conjunction of three planets. One of the alternate names is fairly close in sound, but the other two do not even remotely resemble my actual name, since they involve different consonants. And it does no good to correct someone (I’ve tried) – once they mispronounce it, it’s usually fixed in their mind that way for all of eternity; Scorpio is a fixed sign, after all.

    One of the things that impressed me most about my husband was the fact that he got my name right on the first try, and then remembered it. His Sun is exactly conjunct my Mercury.

    This was an interesting post, and it certainly ties in with my own experience. Thanks. ;)

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hi LB,

    That is interesting – when I came to USA from Japan my name was pronounced differently (naturally), and there is a slightly different set of identity attached to it than my Japanese name sound (although I try to close the gap whenever I visit Japan.)

    I think people mispronouncing our name is weirdly unsettling because we simply don't identify with it as being our own – the brain doesn't make all the millions of emotional associations attached to our 'real' name sound, and so it sounds fake.


    • Hi Hiroki – Two years after I left my previous comment, I discovered I had a sister who was put up for adoption by my mother before I was born; I’d always sensed her presence (and our connection) but up until the discovery had no evidence to support my suspicions. Amazingly, my mom gave my sister and me the same unusual first name!

      Our shared first name played a big role in helping us to locate my sister pretty quickly; with very little to go on, that first name jumped out at the researchers right away. Understandably, my sister’s adoptive parents changed her name once they adopted her.

      Like I mentioned before, my Mercury is square my Moon – in fact, it’s the closest aspect in my chart. My Scorpio Mercury (conjunct Neptune/Jupiter) is placed right on the cusp of my 3rd house of siblings; its ruler, Pluto, is placed in my 12th. My sister’s Mercury is conjunct her Chiron, and both are conjunct my Moon, and all are conjunct my mother’s 5th house Mars.

      Mercury rules both our ascendants, my sister’s in Gemini and mine in Virgo – our ascendants are *exactly* square, btw.

      I’ve talked a lot about all this on other astrology blogs, but wanted to share it with you also, since it relates so much to your post. My mom loved the name she chose for her two daughters, which made it very powerful.:)

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