Pluto Saturn Aspect: Empowerment of Ambition

pluto saturn aspectPluto is the adverb of the horoscope – it empowers whatever it touches, adding extreme range of depth and height in expression.

Saturn represents ambition, effort, and accomplishments that require time to achieve.

Natal Pluto Saturn Aspect: Empowering Ambition

In a natal chart, Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Saturn is sometimes associated with major accomplishments, even fame.  Pluto empowers Saturnian structure, discipline and ambition to the extreme, making record-breaking feats possible.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Saturn: Building a Skyscraper

I’ve read that in order to build a skyscraper, you have to dig about 1/3 of the height of the building into the ground in order to establish the necessary foundation. That’s a great metaphor for the Plutonian process – to plumb depth in order to reach height. It also conveys the sense of heavy, massive structure that can be built through deeply committed effort.

Famous People with Pluto Saturn Aspect

Massive structure can be a metaphor of lasting wealth, ambition, fame or a strong body: Apple founder Steve Jobs’ horoscope has Pluto square Saturn, and so does rock star Eddie Van Helen’s natal chart.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s horoscope has Pluto conjunct Saturn in Leo, and so does film maestro Steven Spielberg’s natal chart.  These are extremely motivated individuals that attained prominence through massive accomplishments of their ambitions – the living examples of Pluto-Saturn aspect potential.

If you have Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Saturn in your natal chart, you probably sense this potential for massive accomplishment within yourself. This energy needs a constructive outlet and a goal tough enough to challenge it.

Transit Pluto Conjunct, Square, Opposition Saturn: Threat of Loss, or a Period of Hard Work 

Transit or solar arc Pluto conjunct, square or opposite natal Saturn is often associated with a threat of loss in any area of life. It could be a creative destruction in that it opens the way for a new beginning, but nevertheless it feels formidable.

Still, this transit carries potential for extreme empowerment of ambition.  At the very least, this is a period that demands hard, hard work to achieve one’s goals.

If Pluto-Saturn transit results in an actual loss or a threat of loss, consider whether this period is forcing you to dig deeper to find your internal resources, so that you’ll gain enough power to accomplish your life goals later on.


Do you have natal Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Saturn?  Are you going through a Pluto-Saturn transit?  Do you identify with this sense of empowered goals, discipline and ambition?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.



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About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Dear Hiroki
    Thank you so much for this article, so clear in meaning and structure. Despite the heaviness of Pluto transition my 12th house opposite my natal Saturn 29 Cancer in 6th house I felt a bit relieved, maybe something beneficial will come out of it. Season of losses is coming and it is hard. A trine to my Venus 29 Tau gives a bit of hope.
    After long transit of Pluto in 12th I am really exhausted …

  2. Hi,my Saturn in ♊is opposite of the Pluto in ♍ and both of them square my♓ sun
    Well I always feel insecure with my self it’s hard for me to show my real self cause other always shut me down and sometimes I don’t even know how to express my self it’s hard for me to trust people or even when I trust them I know they will hurt me in future and they do and most of the times I don’t like myself my confidence is literally negative I’m working on all of them now but it’s so hard cause most of I have this feeling that my real self is not enough for me (and I’m so competitive too)

  3. Hello Hiroki,
    Wonderful article. I have saturn Conjunct Six degrees away fo. Each other in mid Leo, Second House. Should I assume a call to empowerment and ambition regarding money, resources? They have been not exactly lacking, but hard to amass during my life.

    • Hi John, if I read correctly, sounds like you have Pluto and Saturn in mid Leo and 2nd house, about to receive an opposition from transiting Saturn from your 8th house. That can indeed bring up concerns around money, inheritance, or other financial matters. Sometimes these are experienced as obstacles to overcome, where you need to put in some work before you experience the reward.

  4. Hi, Hiroki. Because Pluto and Saturn are outer planets, would you say those born with Saturn in Libra are experiencing a generational hardship while Pluto squares everyone’s Saturn? Or is it more personal than that? I have an 11th house Saturn / Pluto / Mercury conjunction in the last degrees of Libra and, it appears, a Pluto square coming up, for each. Right now my focus is on expanding my tarot practice and getting through school (pre-law). Could the energy of this transit to my Libra stellium be harnessed for hard work in law school? Or does the transit require loss?

    • Hi Meg, I found this aspect to be quite significant on a personal level. It doesn’t require loss – empowerment of ambition, extreme hard work (for you it could be the schoolwork), can be its expression.

  5. My daughter has no aspect but the Saturn Pluto midpoint is aries point 0 libra and Square her sun at 0 capricorne. Her Saturn is exact on asc so that midpoint (pluto asc is also aries point). Could this affect her health? She has no problems now bit I worry.
    I hope what you say in this article is something she can use as well.

    • Hi Maja,

      The symbolism manifests on many levels, and often it is psychological. The configurations you mention suggest a seriously tough experience while growing up. Such challenges can forge her character to give her the strength and ambition to achieve many things in life.

  6. Alexandros says

    Hello Hiroki, I’ve got Saturn conjuct Pluto in the 12th house both Rx. Life’s hard and lonely. My venus is on the 9th in cancer quite dignified but making a square with Saturn. It’s the only square that I’ve got on my natal. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hi Alexandros, Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 12th house suggests an unusual field to focus your energy and ambition. Because of the 9th house connection, it may emphasize a spiritual studies dimension. The retrogradation also suggests an internal focus. For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private session.

  7. Hello,
    I have a natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in my 4th house and life is just a constant struggle. Your article gives another perspective on the aspect which is more optimistic and relieving! Last years conjunction happened on my 6th house, squared my MC at 19 Aries and it led me to unemployment struggling to go back to work. At the same time , Saturn and Pluto squared my natal Saturn and Pluto. I feel trapped and I am thinking how can I build a meaningful career I don’t want just a job..Can it happen?
    Thanks for your insights!

    • Hi Sophia,

      Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the 4th house suggests a necessity for deep emotional reconstruction (i.e. destroying old patterns and rebuilding a new, stronger foundation). The hard work is in identifying what emotional patterns need to be destroyed and rebuilt anew.

      The conjunction between Saturn and Pluto also suggests the work situation having to do with learning to ‘own’ your power and responsibility. Transformation within the emotional dimension will contribute to your external success as well.

  8. Hello. Transiting Pluto is now conjunct my Capricorn Sun in the 7th house, and opposite (almost) my natal Moon and Saturn in the first. My Moon is in Leo, and my Saturn in Cancer. I would like to know what does it mean that my Sun is sandwiched in between? Thank you.

    • Hi Andrea, sounds like what you have is natal Sun opposite Saturn-Moon, and they’re all being triggered by transiting Pluto over the next several years. This is a major opportunity for empowerment and transformation of your self-image (since Pluto is aspecting your Sun and the 1st house planets). The 7th house transit indicate that this empowerment will happen within the relationship arena. For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  9. mats karlsson says

    With appreciation for Your teachings I wonder:
    Does this also apply to “Transit pluto aspect Progressed saturn” ?

    Thanks / Mats

  10. Hi. Love this article. I have Pluto in 9th house Capricorn transiting square natal Saturn 12th house Aries. I have been having a hard time starting my professional life abroad which was ruined after a health issue. My personal life was also very shaken: betrayal, lawsuits … What kind of empowerment can I expect now? Thank you.

    • Hello Mariberg, transiting Pluto square Saturn is a heavy stress time. It either means hard, hard work or a threat of loss (which seems to be what’s going on with your health and lawsuits). The main thing is to gather support for yourself during this difficult time and make sure you take time to recover from the stress, including engaging in activities that will restore you. “Empowerment” here happens through hard work but overdoing is a danger.

  11. Hi Hiroki, my pluto opposite saturn transit starts next week and lasts for two years. I lost the job, because I got into real power struggle with my boss who was manipulative and asking me to perform all sorts of not clean transactions. I have sued the company and found out my boss was reporting incorrectly for almost one year behind my back to HR and the work council I have asked for help also lied to HR about my complaints. I am afraid my reputation is destroyed, so I have to leave the country to find new job.

    • Hello Anna, I’m sorry to hear about this challenge you’re going through. Transiting Pluto opposite Saturn can bring this type of major loss, especially if the structure is unsound (i.e. shady dealings going on in the company). What often happens after is that you begin to rebuild something much better and stronger. So I hope this is what will happen for you as well, in your new environment.

  12. Hi Hiroki. Was trying to find an article
    Like this online, thank you. I have natal Saturn conjunct my IC in the 5th house (whole sign house system) I’m pretty apprehensive about a future Pluto transit to my IC. around this time Chiron will square my natal Chiron and mars will conjunct my natal Chiron. A recipe for distaster as far as I’m concerned. I have natal Jupiter conjunct my MC. If you have any insight I’d like to hear more and let me know your rates. Thank you again.

  13. Barinder pal says

    Hi Hiroki
    I have Pluto Square Saturn in my natal. I have had painful childhood …kind of one associated with loneliness and bullying…
    And as i grew up life has been throwing challenges and have had profound changes in my life. The other powerful aspects in my natal make me understand and go deep inside myself to understand : Why did I feel hurt.. Why did I make mistakes….Why did I have come till here…
    The pain does not end…
    But with Chiron in 8th house I understand that pain is the medicine

    Thanks for your post

  14. Dear Hiroki,

    Saturn/Pluto 2020 conjunction will happen in my 11 house and will square my natal saturn/pluto conjunction in 7 house. What could that mean? Struggles within groups I’m a part of? Or perhaps loss of friends?

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Agne, that could be true, but it also depends on your comfort level with power and authority, as well as what position you currently hold in such groups.

      If you have good standing, this could indicate new responsibilities and advancement. If you generally have a hard time with authorities in groups, then struggles might come about.

  15. Love your site, Nizzato-San! After having read the article as well as several comment replies: you have a very positive outlook, which is particularly refreshing in the context of Saturn and Pluto waxing conjunct. It is even more important than usual now to remain positive, while the negative dark side of this transit is obviously playing out in politics nationally and globally.
    Mine is occurring in the late 3rd house, 3 degrees approaching Nadir. The thing which has my attention (even more than that!) is that this alignment is happening 3 waning degrees from my natal Saturn square, in the late 6th house. I know the descendant can produce hidden enemies at times, especially when waxing as mine is. So, I enter into this eagerly while also “watching my 6:00”.
    However, since 3 has often been a “lucky number” for me (and recurring numbers have often been in the past as though the universe is shouting a message which I am not quite hear/seeing), I see this as the ideal time to get real about my 3 ongoing publishing projects. I am a Zen Shiatsu practitioner, working on 2 texts and a multimedia teaching…. experience. These ideas occurred to me years ago, but I’m also a master of distraction. So they’ve been incubating a while, and I think it’s time I crafted my legacy.
    I would love to hear your take on my placement of this massive transit. Thank you and I wish you the Best Fortune!

    • I also note that my natal Pluto trine is 3 degrees from this event!

    • Hi Benjazen, 3 degrees in outer planet transit is a bit far, like looking at a thundercloud forming at a great distance…If you can use it to inspire you, great. Maybe check your midpoints to see if that degree area is charged with energy for you.

  16. Hello, the January 2020 saturn/pluto conjunction in the 4th will square my natal saturn/pluto conj. in the 1st in libra. (and opposed by transiting uranus in the 8th taurus). Should one expect major tragic events in the area of family with this placement?

    • Hi Sam, it could be a change in the home front (4th house) for sure, but the main thrust of the Saturn-Pluto energy is that of empowered ambition, so it could be a situation where hard, hard work brings rewards.

  17. I discovered earlier today that Pluto in Capricorn is squaring my natal fifth house Saturn in Aries…and much like Mari who wrote in before, I’m feeling apprehensive about it. One of the reasons why I’m worried is because of what I realized earlier today when I figured out when Pluto would have opposed my Saturn as it passed through Libra — I’m fifty now and was born with Pluto in Virgo. I gather that Pluto must have opposed my natal Saturn three times between 1980 and 1982 due to the retrograde motion of Pluto. Libra rules my eleventh house — and during the third opposition, in the summer of 1982, a friendship of many years standing came to an abrupt and shocking and unexpected end. This was long before I knew anything about astrology. So where is Capricorn now? In my second house of earned income and material resources. This sounds a bit ominous to me, because my income and material resources are already somewhat limited. I don’t have any children (this is often associated with Saturn in the fifth house) and I’ve never had a great deal of luck with romantic relationships anyway, so there doesn’t seem to be much in my fifth house that this transit could affect. I’m trying to take some comfort in the knowledge that forewarned is forearmed but I’m still feeling nervous about it since what I’ve read so far suggests that Pluto squaring natal Saturn is one of the most difficult transits there is.

    • Hi Gwyn, transiting Pluto square Saturn is definitely a weighty time period. Sometimes it means hard, hard work leading to solid achievement (which is more or less what I am highlighting in this article).

  18. Hi,
    I read in the comments above about the person who shares my name, Amanda, also has the natal Pluto/saturn conjunction in 12th.
    I too have this in the 12th with moon sandwiched in between : Pluto 27 degrees,moon 28 degrees, saturn 28 degrees..all in 12th Libra. Also they trine north node in 8th house Gemini.
    (Mars and sun conjunction there as well)
    This is read from tropical and stays in same 12th house for both whole signs and placidius.
    I have been studying astrology only 2 years, and I always take any perspective I can with this.


  19. Thanks so much for providing this information! I’m feeling hopeful! I have natal Sat at 23Cap, so the upcoming Sat-Plu transit will conj my natal Sat and trine my natal Ven at 23Vir (ruler of my 3rd & 10thH). So, transit + Saturn return happening simultaneously.

    I’m about to launch a website for my business (that I’ve been actively involved in for many years) but I’m concerned about the Sat-Plu transit because it’s also currently squaring my Sun at 19-20Lib. BUT I’m also in my late 50s and hard work is unfortunately something I’m all too familiar with.

    Do you think I could still launch the website and have the Sat-Plu trine & conj. aspects work in my favor? Might the Sat squ to Sun (finally) bring the rewards of a lifetime of hard work (with very little reward up to now)?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Isabel, launching a website sounds like a good expression of this time period. Hard work and building something toward progress (as well as eliminating structures that no longer serve you) is the essence of Saturn Pluto transit. You’ll have several years of major empowerment potential, so I would encourage you to do everything you can to make progress.

  20. I have the south node 23 degrees Capricorn and wonder with that massive transit on that degree will do.

    • Hi Sais, Pluto will begin approaching your Nodal axis in early 2019, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in early 2020 will be on that degree. Nodal axis represents your relationship with people and groups, so it may represent a shift of power balance within those relationships.

  21. I fear Pluto transiting square natal Saturn. I’ve Natal Saturn in Aries 12th house and Natal Pluto in Virgo 5th house. Pluto is transiting my 9th house in Capricorn conjunct with Vertex right now. Pluto will soon transit my natal Saturn in 12 house. So, I am wondering which kind of loss is associated with the 12th house. I would be glad if it would be loss of fear… but also could be loss of freedom? Any experience with this kind of transit?

    • Hi Mari, I wouldn’t approach it necessarily from the perspective of what you’ll lose, but consider what is happening in your life that may become a source of stress for you during the upcoming transit.

  22. I have retrograde pluto conjunct natal saturn in Cap. house 1. Last spring, it was conjunct too, but direct. So this feels ongoing. Soon, saturn will conjunct saturn. The first pluto transit, i lost my cushy average paying job and my reputation but soon landed awesome but extremely difficult job with great pay after much job hunting. The other night fell off the wagon after months of feeling great and so productive and god willing I am now convinced to be done with the alcohol. You may have guessed by now how I lost rep and previous job. Through all this I’m trying to complete PhD program that I started a few years ago. Sober now but I simply can’t find time to do everything well and still maintain relationships. A few hours ago I lost almost 1000 to gambling. :( I vow to never set place in a casino again. So, those are a few of my pluto/saturn stories. When pluto passed jupiter in house 12 it was worse but as Hiroki says, it’s just a reflection not a thing to fear. My goodness I’m so tired though. Any advice how I might ease my weary path for any more exact pluto/saturns or saturn/saturn?

    • Hi Wendy, if this is an ongoing cycle, then completing the PhD program is the best expression for this energy (hard, hard work to accomplish your goal). It may be good to consider that Saturn reflects wisdom gained through experience – likely you already know what you need to do.

  23. Hi! I haven’t been able to find much about it but in my natal chart Pluto 27 and Saturn 29 are conjunct in my 12th house in Libra. No negative aspects to any personal planets but I’m still curious what it means? If you are able to answer this it would be greatly appreciated, if not I understand :)

  24. i have saturn Pluto conjunction at 0°18″252…when i am planning forbthe next 5 years i get this feeling of extreme ruthlessness towards the potential competition in the fields i want to venture in. Any advices on how to handle this 3 years of these two planets in Capricorn ( my ascendent sign)..Nice article .. thanks

    • Hi Varun, that’s a power packed Aries Point placement for Saturn Pluto conjunction. It’s meant to be used to accomplish your ambition, so go for it.

    • Sara Smile says

      Varun, that is an excellent observation on experiencing ruthless competition when saturn/pluto/and most likely mars are involved. You just made all the lights go on! Thank you. Hiroki, I love your response as well. The reason you are dealing with that ruthless competition is because you are amazing, and up for the challenge! The old ‘dog eat dog’ euphemism.

  25. My ascendant and natal saturn will be hit by transit saturn and pluto in a couple years. Whats your take on the pluto and saturn transit in general? I believe that transit hasn’t occured since the 80s.

  26. I’m so thankful for this blog I’ve been reading everything !, My transiting pluto in cap (12h) is squaring my saturn in Aries in (3h) 18º I think mostly I’m having trouble conversating to people, problems with breathing, and with pluto in the 12h also subconsciously really awful thoughts and trying to focus more on my career .
    Btw when does the square end? after is not making the 90º anymore? I’m having issues understanding that

    • Hi Luke, 18 Capricorn will be in sharp focus this year by Pluto for the most of the year, so consider your transit active for 2018. Afterwards it’ll move on and will not form a square again with your Mercury in your lifetime – so make it count! It’s a good time to face your inner demons and purge negative thinking patterns that are causing unnecessary fears.

  27. Hi Hiroki

    Saturn and Pluto are conjunct my MC together with sun close conjunct in the 9th in Libra
    Do you think it’s a difficult placement overall

    • Hi there, it could be a difficult beginning of life leading to a major success later on…The placement suggests capacity for putting in a tremendous amount of effort into your career goals.

  28. Nita EriksSon says

    Hi! I have moon, saturn, jupiter and venus in my 1 house in capricorn. Mercury and sun are almost exactly at AC in Sagittars. Saturn and Pluto are now in my first house. I got very bad cancer one year ago. It’s now better. Now I wonder what is going to happening to me. Secontly I hope for success in the career. Can it be possible?!

  29. Thank you so much for this article it is so spot on. I have pluto in scorpio which square saturn in pisces in my natal chart and I feel that my life is all the time transformed by spiritual events or children. My saturn cupside the 8th and the 9th house and my pluto is in the 5th house.
    When I worked as a nanny I realized that my parents were toxic with me even tho they dont wanted to be. It was basically the parents of the kids that I had to take care of who help me to understand that. They were so kind and gentle with their kids and that is something that I use to not deal with in my childhood. Also, I had some trauma link to my childhood which blocked my creativity. One of my taecher saw that and tried to help me.

    Honestly having this placement is not easy at all but when I decide to heal myself I feel so powelful. The only thing which worrie me is to have struggle to be pregnant…

    • Hello Olivia, thank you for sharing your experience. You made good connections regarding how the 5th house creativity (house of children) may have been impacted by the tension suggested by Pluto Saturn square. The key in unlocking the potential of this aspect is to determine what is important for you, and work patiently to develop it…

  30. Hi, I have mars, Saturn (stationary rx), and Pluto stelium… all tightly conjunct just /to my a 29 degree of libra of my IC…
    all the Pluto conjunct IC descriptions I’ve ever read have manifested in my life: migration, exile, comples – literal and metaphorical – foundations, family secrets, etc
    Pluto will soon make an exact square aspect to natal Saturn and pluto… is currently doing so to mars
    I simultaneously have Uranus transiting conjunct my ARIES MC / opposite my stelium,and Pluto will conjunct my south node/venus (rx) cap conjunction (22-24degrees). Saturn will also be transiting close by in the coming years..:.
    My SR for 2018 in my current location brings an ascendant conjunct my natal south node/venus….
    life has been hard but equally unique and interesting…. am hoping the configuration for the next few years means something positive, although it currently has meant a great deal of upheaval in ALL areas of life
    I have a grand trine between mars, sun and mom (all air) … but all that ‘ease’ comes at a huge price with such stelium and its squares to venus and the nodes (also have 12th house NN.:: and I can relate to the story of the woman living in Penn Station… I hope it won’t come to that :S)

  31. Transiting Pluto is approaching my Saturn in 24 Capricorn, and at the same time transiting Saturn is doing the same. My natal Saturn is sextile MC and conjunct Jupiter. I have been doing Astrology as a hobby for years, and I am not tremendously fixed and afraid of change (at least I think so). My first Saturn return was easy and liberating. This “megatransit” however keeps puzzling me a lot, the combination of the Saturn Return and a powerful Pluto transit at the same time. How one should proceed when interpreating something like this? And last, I of course want to thank you for your blog, I am reading it here in a very cold country called Finland.

    • Hi Katriina, Pluto transit to 24 Capricorn won’t begin until 2020, so it’s still over 2 years away. This means you can be preparing for a major shift of direction (or level of expression) in your life now. Please consider scheduling a private consultation if you’d like to discuss this cycle in more detail, as the recommended approach will differ depending on each person’s life situation.

  32. Hello Hiroki and thank you for fabulous posts! How to understand Saturn and Pluto both transiting Nadir at the same time -when at some point both planets conjunct each other and simultaneously IC. It would be very interesting to understand this transit.

    • Hi Dav, Saturn will not conjoin Pluto until about 2020, so you still have over 2 years before such transit occurs (assuming your IC is located around 22-23 Capricorn). With this in mind, when it does happen, it signals a new beginning, perhaps involving your work or home.

  33. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your blog, it is amazing! I have a quick question regarding an upcoming transit. I have a natal conjunction saturn pluto in my birth chart. I will experience pluto (transiting my 12th house) square my natal saturn (in libra 8th house) next year.
    My saturn is at 21.7 libra
    My sun is at 21.31 virgo
    Pluto will be stationary all april at 21.17 and then go retrograde.
    My question .. even if pluto will not hit the 21.31 degree, will I feel a little bit the transit of Pluto trine my sun? Or will I have to wait 2019 to feel it?
    Considering that at the same time Jupiter will sextil my sun, will it help me during this period or will it just amplify the pluto square saturn?
    Thanks :)

    • Hi Natasha, trine aspect tends to be gentle, so if you feel anything it may be an opportunity to feel a bit more self-aware and empowered. What’s more important is the transiting Pluto square Saturn, which is quite strong. Most likely you will feel this transit approaching in some area of your life even before it becomes exact. It’s often a time where you are working extremely hard, and/or being forced to face tough questions and decisions about your life conditions. Pluto trine Sun is more likely a result of such trial, where you feel more true to yourself after facing reality and making the hard decision (hopefully).

      • Thanks!
        The lasts 2 years have been really hard (saturn transiting my 10th house and square my sun, pluto square mercury, uranus opposite saturn and pluto, progressed new moon and progressed sun conjunct pluto). I’ve redefined all my life (I’m still in the process). I’m going to relocate abroad in january and I can already anticipate that the adjustment will be tough. I honnestly can’t wait for this transit, I think it will help me to definitely break my old structure.
        Thanks a lot. Your blog is awesome!

  34. So I have the conjunction in Libra in the 1st, both quincunx my Sun. I resonate deeply with the striving for ambition and power and using massive effort to obtain it.

    However, I think it should be pointed out that this striving can really latch on to narcissistic wounding within us, as it has me.

    What I mean is, in my experience so much of my striving in this way came from needing to be powerful, famous, amazing, achieve something otherworldly in order to feel good about myself, get love, respect, have anyone care about me at all.

    I’m sure having it in my 1st and aspecting my Sun says a lot about that, but wanted to throw this out there. Partly because I think this overachieving work extremely hard mentality is so valued in American culture and I assume many others, and I don’t think it’s always coming from an authentic or loving place.

    Sometimes it’s just a bottomless pit where unless it’s perfection, ruling the world, and being the very best it’s not good enough.

    Which can lead to amazing achievement (I was able to do a lot with music and def acquire a lot of skill in that and basketball, and there are the examples you mentioned). But it can also leave one feeling terribly empty and not seen for their real self as there is always some other height to reach.

    • Hi Brian, thank you for sharing your experience and insights with Pluto conjunct Saturn. Well said – overachievement can definitely be a form of overcompensation rather than a true self-expression. Each person will need to look within him/herself to know the roots of his ambition.

    • Sarah smile says

      Bravo, Brian, well said! It reminds me of the old adage about the ladder of success- make sure the ladder is place on the right building when you start, because if it isn’t, you won’t realize it’s not until you get to the top and take a look around.

  35. Gillian Price says

    Sorry I meant to add my mc is 20 libra and ac is 15 sag. I have Uranus conjunction with mc in libra and Pluto square Uranus midheaven. Saturn transit is also crossing my AC . Natal Saturn is opposition to Saturn. Saturn is also squaring my moon. It’s all so confusing and lots happening. Hope u can help as I’m floored and have searched for answers on sites and haven’t seen much about stelliums.

  36. Gillian Price says

    Hi there.
    I am nearly every years into my saturn opposition. I am 44. I have a 9th house sellium. I lost job,country,home,money girlfrien. Everything. I look around me and I don’t see so many people loosing it all. Why is that? What’s the catch? Pluto and saturn have come together. I lost my job when saturn entered sag in Sept 2015 and not worked since. I’m hoping for some answers as I feel there is so much energy around me forcing me to do little. I am fascinated with spirituality and philosophy now and I do not know why but it’s like when I commit to finishing my masters degree it’s like a force that takes me away from it. I just don’t understand what I should do it get on board with this energy and balance.
    Saturn in 20 Gemini. I am asc sag. Jupiter is 1st house cap l. 0 degree Venus in Virgo 8th house. Then I have 2 Stelliums…9th house moon Virgo 21, Pluto and mars in libra 2. Sun libra 12 , Uranus libra 18.
    Then I have mercury in 10th 23 libra. Neptune 12th 3 sag.
    Can you tell me what’s happening here. I was a hr consultant and trainer. I just don’t know if this is my path now. I feel like a fog is enveloping me these past 2 years. Lots of confusion yet amazing spiritual discoveries.
    Hope u can help

  37. Hello Hiroki, I like the gist of your Saturn Pluto sense. I have Saturn inconjunct Pluto in my birth chart, and currently transiting Pluto is in my 5th house and squaring my natal Saturn. As a kid, a lot of fuss was made about the writing I did, and I had a story published without my permission. It felt like a great violation, but writing is all I have ever wanted to do, the most natural thing in me. I have been suppressing (or self-destructively avoiding) the writing, and “waiting” for it re-emerge in me in a way that feels workable, for over thirty years. Finally, a few years ago, after a long, hard inner transformation, I started a big chunk of writing, able to feel I had made the effort “on my own terms” enough (as opposed to meeting other people’s expectations). It is mostly complete, but finishing the story has stalled. I realise now what I have to do, to be able to finish it, which is a complete 180 degree turn in my inner core values, a re-alignment to my Higher Self, rather than what you might call my Ego Self. As far as the ego is concerned, this is a huge loss! Tantamount to an inner death. And I am really struggling to figure out how something created by the Ego Self can be salvaged or re-aligned with higher values. Maybe it has to die. In any case, it’s all very dramatic, but I have few people to talk to about this! So thanks for giving me a place to describe this, and I hope it is interesting and helpful for your further work on Saturn Pluto dynamics, in particular, the need for adjustment when it comes to inconjuncts.

  38. Hiya, it just feels good to write this out, doesn’t it… natal Sun/Asc/Merc-Saturn-Pluto mutable/cardinal grand square; Saturn transit to Sun/Asc/Merc, now retrograde for its second pass, then the third on direct: it’s absolutely having me dig (with a tin spoon) what is either my grave or a fine garden pond for koi – time will tell!

    Thanks for your great work here, Hiroki :)

  39. Alex Miranda says

    Hello Hiroki. I would like to know what could imply the coincidence of the coming Saturn-Pluto conjunction with my Saturn return in the 6th house. Thankyou!

    • Hi Alex, if you’re referring to transit patterns, Saturn will not conjoin Pluto until a few years later. Before combining them in your mind, you may want to check your ephemeris to see if these two events will actually coincide (if they do, then you’ll be expecting transit Pluto conjunct Saturn in addition to Saturn return).

  40. Charles Smith says

    In my chart Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all conjunct my Midheaven in Libra. Starting this year Jupiter will be transiting this aspect conjunct, Saturn sextile, Pluto square and Uranus opposition. For the love of God!

  41. Hi Hiroki,
    I have mars, Saturn, pluto conjunct in Leo in the 11th house opp moon and trining my sun. Its tough at times, but also challenges me to evolve.

  42. Very interesting article!
    I have natally Saturn sextile Pluto, but I don´t know exactly how to put those energies together at work or how can I use this in a practical way daily. I´ve read somewhere that transits with same aspects as natal ones can shake your life.

    Well, I´m going to experience Transit Saturn square natal Pluto soon and I´m not sure if my natal sextile Saturn-Pluto could be of help or I´ll have to experience the hardest of this aspect transiting. Being aware that Transit Pluto is conjunct Nadir (which means square ASC/DESC and opposite MC). I guess my life in the next few years is going to suffer some tsunamis or earthquakes turning everything upside down?

    • Hi Lou, transiting Pluto crossing the Nadir (MC-IC) is a big event, especially if it is about to be exact (the tighter the orb, the stronger it will be felt). Transiting Saturn square Pluto at the same time sounds like this period will require extra hard work in order to make the best of it. You probably are aware what responsibilities need to be taken care of and which priorities deserve most of your energy – usually this is a time much is demanded of you.

  43. This Pluto Saturn conjunction occurs in 2020 in my 12th house AND squares my natal pluto (24° libra) and natal saturn (19° libra)… yikes, at least I’ve been warned ! 🙂 ♡

  44. Lisa Simpson says


    Thank you for your Pluto/Saturn post. I was born in 1974 and transiting Pluto is in direct opposition to my natal Saturn(Cancer, which isn’t a great place for Saturn to begin with). To top it off, Saturn is in my first house and is the first rising planet. Self confidence is work for me.
    I’d say I am getting a double dose of Pluto. My progressed sun has just moved into 0 degrees Scorpio. I was so looking forward to this, as I lack ANY fixed signs in my chart. I was hoping that confidence would not be such a chore.

    The last six months have been very rough. I have suffered a job loss in my 40’s and am having difficult time finding something comparable to what I was making before. I am having difficulty meeting financial obligations (my 1st house Saturn makes me natural responsible)to keep our life the same. Our youngest child is active in sports, and we were very active in the league. A new order came in and closed the gate on us and instead invited their friends in power. No, they did not close the gate, it was a very Pluto/Scorpio deliberate submarining.
    I feel as if Pluto is taking candy away from my Saturn. Any security that I had Pluto easily takes it away. As far as becoming 0 degrees Scorpio, I am now very aware of human nature. I have a lot of natal planets in Virgo and Libra, which are more on the ethical and pleasant side. I have learned that I need to watch out for bad people. I might be in the way of something that someone else wants, which is basically what had happened to me. I have to be more aware and analyze for alliterative motives.
    One more year. I will work two jobs in order to maintain and provide for my children (something a misbehaving Pluto would enjoy seeing) Maybe I’ll find myself in a night time “plutoish” job…
    Well, I will have Pluto trine my sun soon(19 Virgo), so looking forward to someone(Pluto transiting my 7th house) backing me up. I will have one more hit next fall, but this time at least I will be more aware of who has the power and who doesn’t.

    • Hello Lisa, thank you for sharing your experience with transit Pluto opposing Saturn. Those are very challenging developments, but sounds like it’s going to end up making you much stronger in the end.

  45. Thank you for this helpful article. I have natal Saturn conjunct Pluto in Leo in my 6th house. I wonder if this is the reason I have never been able to succeed in my dream of being a successful fiction writer. I sense perhaps Pluto-Saturn has created a fear of poverty that has made me take poorly paid jobs of service instead of taking the chance to survive on writing alone? (I have stellium of Virgo planets so service is a natural and I am already very grounded in earth signs). Right now, Saturn has been transiting through my 10th house and shaking things up (especially being square the Virgo). Any advice on how I can break through and harness the ambition of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in this case?

  46. My Pluto square Saturn transit seems to be about me realizing my limitations.

  47. I have natal Pluto conjunct Saturn but I’m in the Pluto square Saturn transit right now, about to enter my 3rd year I think. So far during this transit I lost my room I’d had for 4 years in a center for homeless women, also lost my food stamps I was surviving off of. Almost got intentionally run over by an SUV while some people filmed me. Didn’t want to, but got rid of all my possessions except for survival basics and took a train to NYC to live in Penn Station because it was the easiest place I could think of to be homeless in the winter. Ran into some sexual predators, ended up back with my abusive family that gave me PTSD (they were the reason I went into the homeless system in the first place). Been here about a year, I’m a recluse now, have no goals whatsoever (Cancer 12th house north node), all I do is lay in bed, use the internet on my phone, and experience Kundalini.

  48. Hi Hiroki,

    Thanks for your post!
    I’m under two transits involving pluto (pluto square saturn and Uranus oposit pluto) and all the structures in my life are falling apart, I’m the one who has initiated these changes, but because I feel compelled to, I feel some kind of powerful energy obliging me to change everything, and I feel scared as hell, but deep inside I feel it needs to be done.
    Most people don’t like pluto and saturn transits or aspects, but those are my favorite, we suffer a lot, but we get to know places in ourselves that we would never know otherwise.

    All this just to say that your interpretation is quite accurate, at least in my case! :-)


  49. Hi there!
    I enjoyed reading this article. I do have both Saturn and Pluto in libra in the 8th (too wide for a conjunction). Although, the upcoming transit of these two planets meeting at 15 Cap on 10/19 has peaked my interest since my sun is at 15 Cap (all in the 12th house). This conjunction will be square my 8th which also holds my Jupiter. And I am experiencing my Jupiter return to top it all off.
    I really have had to learn to gracefully let go of what no longer serves me–some areas more difficult than others. I’m at a point now, where I’m more curious as to what this transit will teach me.
    With my sun involved, have you any thoughts?

  50. Hi Hiroki, thank you for this great and informative post.
    I have Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in my 9th house Libra
    (Uranus, Sun and MerRx in 10th house Scorpio), and am interested to learn more
    especially if pluto is about ‘blind spots’ and it’s nice to have Jupiter in Libra return to my natal placement, I’m feeling confused about things. I knew for a while what I’d be doing kinda right up until now, with grandiose dreams but thankfully I have a Capricorn rising so I have some practical sense…possibly.

    PS I don’t want to take advantage so I will make an appointment for a reading soon. Most of my planets are late 8th to 11th house so that could be why I’m feeling a big blind spot and thirst for understanding myself. Chiron retrograde in 5th and Moon in 6th (possible a fan shape chart??)

  51. Thanks so much for the great article, Hiroki. My progressed Saturn is currently at 22 degrees Scorpio, and my natal Pluto is at 28 degrees Leo. Saturn and Pluto weren’t in aspect at all natally, so I’m wondering how this may affect me. Natal Scorpio at 16 degrees is in the 4th, and Pluto is in the first. Any insights would be appreciated.

    • Hi there, a secondary progressed Saturn will remain pretty much immobile for a very, very long time, so it’s not a useful indicator in predication (just cast a progressed chart 10 years in future and you’ll see what I mean). Your best bet is to study transits and solar arcs. For a full analysis of your current time period, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  52. Hi Hiroki, how would these planets manifest in a composite reading? Like a square between one persons pluto and another persons saturn?

    • Hi there, I think you’re discussing the synastry aspect between one person’s Saturn and another person’s Pluto (composite chart is a mathematical construction that I do not believe in). There is an article about Saturn synastry, so I recommend that you check it out.

  53. Today I noticed Saturn is transiting conjuct to my retrograde Pluto in Sagittarius, in 10th house, and I have had a number of disappointments at school today, including receiving a bad grade result for something I’d need a higher grade for to study later on. I feel so much more ambitious because of it however it’s also making me question my life choices and career versus exciting experiences/more humanitarian pursuits – do you have any more input on this aspect (I am quite new to astrology so I might have not interpreted this very well)? Thanks :)

    • Hi there, thank you for commenting! What you’re asking is a question of your vocation, which needs to take your entire horoscope into account (not just this aspect). Good luck with your studies, and if you feel like discussing the vocational strength suggested in your horoscope, please consider scheduling a private appointment.

      • Stefani Gyaurova says

        Hi! I have Saturn (conjunct Sun in 11th house in Taurus) inconjunct Pluto (conjunct Hiron, Black Moon, in 5th house Saggitarius) and now it strikes me towards some ambitious stuff and wanting a fast result. Also, it comes at times as pain that I am not good enough and not that creative …

  54. I have in Saturn in Capicorn Quintile Pluto in Scorpio. Would you put the quintile connection between Saturn/Pluto in this mix also?

    • Hi Erin,

      Good question – Quintile is unique in that it suggests an element of creativity. With regard to Pluto quintile Saturn, it’s possible that this manifests as creative achievement of your goals and ambition. Let me know how it goes!

  55. Pluto conjunction square Saturn, is what Ive been told is one thing going on with me now. I have some very difficult angles I have been told. My life has been very bad for years ,Its like I have to look at my birth certificate from time to time to make sure the readings are about me cause it seems so opposite of whats going on. Whatever I touch turns to crap like there is a curse on my life for years now. Its the strangest part of my life and I hope it ends soon.I have been told the next years will get better.I sure hope so cause I have never lived though this weird bad time before.Financially, And every other aspect.Its like I have to work ten times as hard for half the benefit or no benefit at all. All the decisions I have to make are completely wrong its very strange and depressing.

    • Hi Larry, I deleted your birth data, as this is a public forum. Pluto Saturn transit can coincide with a feeling of overwork and threat of loss, especially if your work and lifestyle aren’t in alignment with your true needs and potential. Sorry to hear that it has been difficult.

  56. Liza smith says

    Hello, I have always felt a strong urge that I was out on the earth to do something big, something that would likely be in the public eye, regarding communication and helping people. I have Mars at 21:04 degrees, Saturn at 12:31, and Pluto at 00:11, all in Scorpio in the first house. Mercury in Aries at 27:19. Libra ascendant at 28:03, Taurus sun, Virgo moon. I always get the impression these placements are very relevant to my life and I feel Scorpio energies (good and bad) very strongly. Are these as significant as I believe them to be? Appreciate any light you might be able to shed. Thank you :)

    • Hi Liza, Mercury and Pluto on Scorpio Ascendant marks your horoscope with intensity, insight, and at best, a powerful potential for communicating persuasively. Your Pluto and Saturn are too far apart to be considered a conjunction, but the fact that they’re both in 1st house is significant, and might make this article a bit relevant to your chart as well.

      Please consider scheduling a private consultation for a full look at your horoscope.

  57. Hi great article, I have my natal pluto in 15’scorpio 6th house, and here of course saturn and mars are about to conjunct… at the same time i have natal saturn retro in 8th house capricorn where transit pluto is now, my 7th house cusp is in capricorn also with retro neptune and uranus there… anyway saturn is my 7th house ruler was the point. All these trine my sun and mercury in 4th house virgo :-) do you have any interesting viwes on how this saturn pluto transit can take form with this?

  58. How long does this garbage last…this transit Pluto square natal Saturn? IT SUCKS and I want to kill myself.

    • It’s important to remember that planets are merely reflecting what is happening in your life, and they’re not causing anything to happen. It’s best to look at the actual life issue in front of you and see what can be done to improve the situation (if nothing can be done on the outside, then something must change on the inside.)

  59. i googled this today as my natal sun is 22 degrees Capricorn and it sits in the 8th house – i am Gemini rising and interestingly an astrologer but would love another reflection as i am just feeling into what this transit will bring in 2020 it feels so strong – i work shamanically supporting alot of people to transform pain – please let me know your thoughts – right now neptune is on my jupiter in the 10th xxx

  60. I have my natal sun conjunct pluto in scorpio, and both square moon and saturn (which conjunct in aquarius) I always feel great tension and don’t know how to relieve it.

    • Hi there, that’s a powerful tension indeed – most of the time the answer is to funnel that energy into doing your life’s work and achieving your ambition. Please schedule a consultation if you’d like me to discuss your horoscope in more depth.

    • Take tissue cell salts…Hyland’s. B12 and Magnesium glycinate. These will all relieve mental and physical stress. Those are intense aspects you have. Baths are good too, as is intense exercise like yoga.

  61. Hi, Hiroki: I was born with Pluto (retro) conjunct (within 1 degree) of my Asc. in Virgo, now am experiencing the HELL of Pluto conjuncting my natal Saturn not once, not twice but three times (upcoming), at 14 degrees Capricorn. Pluto’s been riding over, then going retro, then direct, etc. over and over and I seriously don’t know if I can survive another! Pluto’s backing up right now to conjunct Saturn retro, then it will go direct for a third time and plow over my Saturn one last time. In addition, Pluto’s also repeatedly conjuncting my prog. Jupiter and then will once again conjunct my prog. Sun while it opposes my natal Mars, at 18 degrees Cancer. Then it will eventually move on to conjunct my prog. Saturn and Mercury. As horrible as these last couple of years has been, I can’t shake this horrific sense of impending doom…can I make it thru? I’m an astrologer myself, but really bad at calling out the meaning of my own chart! I can tell you that I feel like the universe has been ‘gunning’ for my my entire life. If life is a test, then I would think the tests should be a little more fair (Libra moon, LOL)! Can you give any advice as to what is coming up when Pluto goes over my Saturn it’s third time?? Thanks very much!

    • Hi tiera, (I removed your birthdate since this is a public forum.) The way you describe it, seems like astrology is amplifying your anxiety about your future rather than help you find a constructive way to manage it. Please consider scheduling a private session if you’d like to have another look at the whole picture including the specifics.

  62. Hi Hiroki,

    Does a saturn transit square natal pluto work the same as a pluto square natal saturn?
    I currently have this saturn transiting house 11 squaring pluto 8th house. I have been fighting pension trustees regarding my late husbands pension and have one more stage to go. I feel like giving up, there’s been so may lies and things covered up in this process. Is this just the transit affecting me? Nataly Saturn is my chart ruler and Pluto rules 10th.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Julie, yes, transit Saturn square Pluto can work in a very similar way. It’s a period of hard, hard work, and sometimes it’s necessary. It’s a bit difficult for me to tell based on just what you shared, but please consider scheduling an appointment if you’re interested in a more in-depth discussion.

  63. What do u think about saturn conjunct pluto in 1st house? Saturn 0 degrees in Scorpio and pluto 27 degrees in libra? Thanks.. Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, 1st house planets strongly color the development of your self-image and expression. Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the 1st house suggests initial difficulty in developing a positive identity – consider where this difficulty would be in your own case (everyone is different) – and then, you’d need to start digging or pushing past the difficulty and express the inherent strength of this aspect.

  64. Hi Hiroki, thank you for any insight you may give me. Pluto is on my Capricorn Ascendant square natal Saturn 19 degrees Aries 3rd House. I left a corporate job 2 yrs. ago after burnout, divorced, took care of my grandfather who has passed and now taking care of my 2 children. I want to turn my life purpose into a career, but have no idea what my life purpose is. I feel stuck and money is running out after being off for 2 yrs. I don’t know that much about Astrology, but find it interesting. Any advice to help me understand this transit. Thank you!

  65. Saturn transiting 3rd house (where my SN, Mercury & Venys lives) is squaring my natal Pluto which conjuncts Uranus (11th house). My 4th house Capricorn Sun leaves me as no stranger to my father Saturn. And I have been developing a slow relationship with Pluto since he’s been wiping out my foundation. I want to make sure I cooperate with this one powerful transit of so many others right now. I have been through the dark world the last three or so years and I feel like a great deal of me is still there. Lol. What are your immediate insights or thoughts Hiroki? Thanks!

    • My suggestion would be to try to think and share in terms of what’s happening in your life rather than the abstract symbols – that way you’ll be able to find out what concrete issues in your life are reflecting the symbolism of Saturn Pluto transit.

  66. Im so scared watching solar arc pluto coming in a conjuction with natal saturn the exact same time that solar arc ascendant conjucts natal pluto and solar arc saturn conjucts ic, im gonna share my experience after these transits!!i really hope to manifest as empowerment and not as loss

  67. Hi Hiroki, thank you so much. I thought my fate is against the family goal at all. kind regards, Maddy

  68. Hi Hiroki, thank you so much for your help. I try very hard at the moment with guessing my life goals: very ambitious in house 10 with north node there, my south node in 4th with jupiter, pluto and uranus all retrograde. Went away from home early, became successful in job. I dream of a lovely and joyful family on my own with cancer rising, but north node wants me in the career. Is there a way after all to get my dream of family life realized? Cheers, Madeleine

  69. Hi Hiroki, I read all the posts about conj, square saturn/pluto. With an inconj between saturn and pluto I suppose there is one very responsible, hard working side but one dark intense creative side? How can I make them work together?

    • Hi Madeleine,

      Inconjunct is a bit uncomfortable, because the energies don’t engage in direct confrontation like in square or opposition. The word often used to describe inconjunct is “adjustment” – so in your case, Saturn inconjunct Pluto could suggest necessary adjustment in your ambition for you to gain true personal power. Reexamining your goals in life to make sure it’s in alignment with your highest value, might be one expression of this aspect.

  70. I found out, that martial artist, actor Bruce Lee also had saturn square pluto. Also did the famous psychologist-psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. Both of them were ruthless in their vocation.

  71. I have saturn in aquarius, squaring pluto in scorpio. Saturn is my chart ruler and pluto is on the midheaven. capricorn Asc.

    well… i do feel somewhat powerful and flexible in matters of achieving and understanding. though, what else i noticed is that the environment often puts effort to supress my sense of responsibility, by manipulative, deceitful or jealous behaviour towards me. Funny, because it looks like people only have some diffuculty when i feel responsible for my self – looks like they can’t stand it. but i see it all. Or maybie im just too scrupulous..

    Can pluto be supressing subtly my sense of responsibility? Or am I just making it out?

  72. I have the conjunction+moon in Libra , 9th house, SQUARE my Cancer sun.

    At this point, dealing with strong personalities is pffffft, nothing. No one can intimidate me, rather, I’ve been told in the past that I can come across as quite intimidating, which I was oblivious about! I see myself as a big softie, albeit a badass one (as a result of fighting for the right to be ME).

    The square to the Sun feels like the force of a 10 gigaton granite bowling bowl striking and scattering the pins of your confidence and self-esteem , over and over again. You get stronger and more powerful with time, but will you be a manipulative tyrant (Negative Cancer) or protector ( Postive Cancer) ?

    I am choosing the latter and helping others get the courage to stand up for themselves and their emotional freedom , without fear of anything or anyone.

    This finally reconciles nicely with my Aquarius rising and Jupiter-Uranus conjuction in 11th. I have a heavily afflicted 7th Virgo Venus (square Jupiter-Uranus-Chiron) trine Neptune-SouthNode. I want to defend LGBTQ and other suffering minorities, screw prevailing societal norms.

    It all makes sense.Thanks for brilliant posts like these that help me come to that self-understanding! Cheers. ( Wondering how the Saturn-Pluto conjuction in January 2020 will affect me! Its in the 12th house though… so more of an inward thing? Hmmm. )

    • if you are an aquarius ascendant, then your saturn chart ruler is exalted in libra and conjunct pluto which makes a powerful personality. I gotta say, im pretty jealous.

      • Thank you. That’s another terribly unladylike thing about me… I rather like being the one in ruthless control. I’ve been told I have a natural knack for it, and it thrills the types who enjoy being dominated (although I have to be very sure thats what they want before I let loose).

        I’ve always loved villains more than heroes, finding them to be more charismatic. But being nice and empathetic is important too! I guess I can be a compassionate sadist.

        Aquarius is ruled traditionally by Saturn, yes. But also Uranus, no?
        My Saturn is conjunct Pluto, and Uranus conjunct Jupiter.
        So I find my life is darkly serious, ambitious, enlightening and equally actually quite hilarious.

        An example of this would be retaliating against the abusive traits in a spouse by secretly moonlighting as a dominatrix and learning the skills of standing up for myself and not only fearing no man, but relishing the dishing out of little bit of consensual disciplinary action. Now my marriage and home are absolutely delightful and my children couldnt be happier.

        Thats my private life. Career wise, in my particular field I am an unpredictable and influential maverick of sorts, beginning my career while still in high school and seemingly effortlessly carving my own quirky path to an award-winning international level. I love breaking new ground. Sun in 6th house with Mars in Cancer. Oh, the stories I could tell!

        Having kids is slowing me down somewhat, but they are the blessing that has taught me to stop and smell the roses…. but I will never stop persistently plotting and scheming to achieve my ambitions. Thankfully, they are fairly benevolent ones :) I love my Saturn-Pluto. Bring it on!

        • I blame all this writing on a Mercury in Leo and Aries ruling my third house – the ruler of which (mars) is conjunct my sun. My NN and Chiron are both in Gemini in the 5th! Thank goodness my career involves words and self-expression :)

  73. I have Saturn in my 3rd house and Pluto in my 11th house. My chart shows Pluto conjunct Saturn up to 11/3/2016. Any information on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Pluto transit to Saturn can be a formidable period, often suggesting a threat of loss in any area of your life. Many times it’s a period of hard, hard work. You may want to look around in your life to see if you’re focusing on the most important objective in your life, and if so, whether you’re putting it the effort it deserves. For a detailed discussion considering your entire horoscope, please schedule a consultation.

  74. Small notation:

    Pluto and Saturn are also Rx.

  75. Hiroki,

    I’m having a difficult time finding anything other than bits and pieces of my own natal positions. Do you have any insight to this?

    Pluto conj Asc within 2 degrees (in H1, not H12) opposite Moon

    Mars conj Saturn in H1 (is not a tight conj)

    Asc is technically in Libra, but straddles the cusp on Scorpio, hence my Pluto Asc conj is in Scorpio H1.

    I would appreciate anything you might have to add, especially how these three malefics behave together in the First House, and the specific intensity of adding Pluto on the Ascendant opposite my moon. If you do not have specific insights, other resources would also be very appreciated. Thanks.


    • Hi Joshua,

      All three measurements point to parental influence with a heavy undertone of control. The concentration of Pluto, Saturn and Mars in 1st house suggest a power need, as well as a need for defensiveness. Please schedule a consultation if you’d like me to take a closer look at your horoscope, as you’d always need to look at the entire birth chart before coming to a whole understanding of why these needs are present.

  76. When transiting Pluto was conjunct my Capricorn ascendant in 2012 one of my brothers was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It was 2 months from diagnoses until his death. In the week he died I also lost my job. As a result my life changed a lot and for the last 2 years I’ve been very happy with how things were going.
    On my birthday in February 2015 transiting Pluto squared my natal Saturn exactly. On the same day the people in the apartment above me went out, left their washing machine on that then had a problem and I had major flooding in my apartment. In May they did the same thing. No insurance work has been done yet as they are waiting for it to dry out but 2 weeks ago a large section of the ceiling plaster in the lounge fell and caused heavy bruising and gashes to my face. The maintenance people who came confirmed this was also due to the earlier flooding. Considering the injuries I may have received I’m feeling lucky to escape with heavy bruising. I’m a little apprehensive now as to how the rest of the year is likely to turn out with the last exact square to my Saturn due in December. One positive thing I have been doing since all this happened is de-cluttering at a rapid rate and that feels good.

  77. I have the Natal Square Pluto Saturn. Mars conjunct tight on my Pluto falls right on the cups of 10th/11th house therefore also Mars squaring my Saturn puts a real damper on that aspect (sigh). I’m not afraid of change I am TERRIFIED of never changing being stuck. I also have Jupiter Conjunct Venus conjunct MC tight orb both trine Saturn in the 2nd…I am TERRIFIED of being poor or lacking financial means. I’m in the creative field, filming/Writing/Communications. Hopefully I’ll reach fame within the film industry someday.

  78. Hi Hiroki,
    Thank you for this excellent article. I have transiting Pluto conjunct natal saturn in the 8th house opposing my moon in the 2nd. The loss I’m experiencing from this transit is literally almost everything. I was hit by a car/impaired driver while walking and all my income earning possibilities evaporated overnight (as well as my money) along with my physical health and my freedom as I can’t take care of myself or do the things I did before. I hope no one else experiences this transit this way. Thanks again for writing this.

  79. Hiroki, what about the trine between Pluto and Saturn? I know the trine is often dismissed as being a weak, without the motivation to push for what the planets could accomplish together. However, I can not see how these two heavy-hitting planets would be passive, even in the trine. Do you ever find that individuals with the trine rise to the same level of accomplishment as those with the hard aspects? Perhaps the building of lasting structures is simply a more gradual, less painful process?

    • Hi Mel, it’s certainly possible that Saturn trine Pluto can manifest similarly. Trines generally keep things the way they are, so the potentially is there latently but the pressure to change is not as strong as a square or an opposition. If Saturn or Pluto receives strong tension from another planet, then the trine might provide extra resource to meet the challenge.

  80. Hi Hiroki,

    Thank you for your lovely writing.

    My insight so far is that I would have to translate these to everyday terms, how to live and flow from day-to-day (Sun & Ve in Libra 6H). Given that each day can bring something new and different, it’s a play between process and goals yet still stay flexible.

    In a sense, transits are liberating. Before any significant growth (and happiness) is possible, the land has to be cleared so to speak. A lot of deep hard work went into undoing and untangling of limiting beliefs, behaviors and relationships. Some episodes were painful (and necessary), especially during Ur-Pl squares but it’s all good. During Saturn-Pluto square (6H Libra-9H Cap), I had a now-or-never feeling and committed to a 5-year success plan (ending next year). My curiosity got the better of fear (change or stagnancy).

    The big energy mix is always a factor. In early years, I was cited as a “rebel without a cause”, “belligerent” and “messianic” (very cliche-ish yet all true :), getting drawn to The Prince/Art of War/politics/pet projects. In practical terms, it meant good self-governance first (to avoid getting undone), to wield lightning safely and joyfully. With an air sign, I’m most careful with thoughts & words (mutual reception Pl in Virgo & Merc in Sco). For the big thing (s), break it down into small do-able steps. Proceed with patience and caution. Enjoy the prestige as well as the responsibilities. Have a go-to kit for tough times (stay home, sleep, listen to music, breathe, be kind). Ultimately, know when it’s time to step back, allow things to happen or live to fight another day.

    (Born with Pl-Ur conj. in Virgo 5H, Sat-Chiron in Pis 11H, Neptune in Sco 7H [trine Sat, sext Pl-Ur]. Thankfully, except for Pl, all have aspects to personal planets.)

    • Hello Weng,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. These are wonderful insights, cogently expressed! Much appreciated..

    • Sara Smile says

      Dear Weng,
      You are my astro mirror image! and yet the experiences have been quite similar:
      ‘Proceed with patience and caution (all those transiting Pluto conjunct something transits, eh?). Enjoy the prestige as well as the responsibilities (Jupiter vs. Saturn). Have a go-to kit for tough times (i.e Moon under siege: stay home, sleep, listen to music, breathe, be kind). Ultimately, know when it’s time to step back, allow things to happen or live to fight another day’.

  81. Yes, I was born outgrowing branches but it’s more fixed in my mind,really.I have mercury square saturn by 1 deg so that adds up…and saturn is the fixed apex of my 2 t-squares.
    Respecting the work of astrologers a lot! but I am short of money now, so I have say no at this point about a consultation,but thank you.
    All the best~~

  82. Hello! I have Saturn in 1st house square Pluto in 10th house. Any advice on how to deal with it? :D I recently came out of a saturn conjunct pluto, and square natal saturn transit. It hit me right in the knee. Literally. With health,surgery issues- so (in)flexibility is what these 2 are after. The square is so frustrating. And I am earth dominant. Change sounds empowering, but ,huhm…solid rock.

    • Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for commenting. What you expressed so well is the nature of the 2 heavyweight symbols (Pluto and Saturn) in tension. You’re probably dealing with deeply entrenched patterns you’ve had for a long time. If you want clarity, this can be better discussed within an individual consultation.

  83. Margherita says

    Thank you for such an interesting information about these asspects.

    Now I have transit Pluto conjuncted my Saturn (Owner of my natal chart) in my life – 0.0. This period will be lasting two years till December 2016.

    Yes, it is true – feeling of complete loneliness, a lot of forces to reach new goals and completely changed life. I have already changed my work – I was thinking to do it about a year, but could have done it only now – and it was much easier than I thought before, because of this inner feeling “This is right”.

    Work and my projects – this is all for me now, not recently I found myself extremly ambitious and kind of workaholic. As I feel, this period of Pluto-Saturn conjunction gives a lot of forces for a hard work, gives a critical view on your life – and this high level of discontent leads to a concrete actions.

    Loneliness can be very constructive and helpful – especially when you know what you want.

    • Hello Margherita,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience of transit Pluto conjunct Saturn. As you’ve described so well, it’s a time of hard, hard work to attain new level of goals in life. As a result of this time period, you will have a deeper, more solid foundation from which to build your success.

  84. Hi Hiroki,

    I actually find your article pretty positive cause in my case the pluto/saturn conjunction in Libra, has been so difficult. The fear of hearing how i look from others is one of the things that affect me and takes me to a very low point. Yes, i can relate my sun (cancer) almost on my mid heaven square my ascendent but the pluto is a self destructive power with saturn in many ways…

    • Hello Kevin,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Yes, Saturn-Pluto aspect definitely has the self destructive potential, as well as that of massive empowerment of ambition. It’s surprising to see how many famous people have the hard aspect between Saturn and Pluto!

  85. Hallo Hiroki, my name is Yvonne.
    I have my Pluto conjunct Natal saturn right now during the great square Pluto Uranus. Saturn is on 15 degrees in the secont house and ?Uranus is in my fourth house. All my live I doubt with work, earning money and care of my relationship and children. I had a goal but my husband is working with me but wants something else. Is the second house is about earning money and selfworth what do I do? My sun is in cancer 19 degrees. so also a square Uranus. Plus pluto triangle mars on 15 degrees taurus. I have the feeling on all kinds of levels and sites which puss be to the limits…
    What do I have to let go?

    • Hello Yvonne,

      Transit Pluto conjunct Saturn is one of the more stressful times in life, with a lot of hard work involved. In this case I’m guessing you have transit Pluto conjunct Saturn plus transit Uranus square Saturn. This points to a need for change in big ways, so your instinct of “letting go” of something is correct. Perhaps it is even about long-held self worth issues. I hope your husband is giving you enough support through this period.

  86. Hi,
    Great article, as always, Hiroki!

    It is especially relevant to me as Saturn and Pluto are co-dispositors of my chart. Also, they are in a sextile aspect to each other. Moreover, my Pluto is in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn, so they are both strong in their domicile.

    To top it all, I just got over with a nasty Saturn transit to my natal Pluto. Thank God Saturn is in Sagittarius now. But its not over for me as I have Saturn at 19 degrees Capricorn, so I have a Pluto transit to my natal Saturn coming up!

    Phew!! I am in the digging process now, before I can build my skyscraper. When will all this end?!

    • Thanks for your comment. Keep focusing on your life goals, and you’ll hit pay dirt sooner or later!

    • Kassandra says

      Wow. We must be more or less the same age. I have been going through the Pluto transiting my natal Saturn. Had to move abroad…spent all the time crying like a baby and missing a special someone. Well Pluto is also opposing my Venus. God, can’t wait for this difficult time to be over.

  87. Dear Hiroki,
    How could a natal saturn-pluto conjunction in libra in the 8th house potentially play out in ones life?
    Thanks, Joy

  88. Hiroki Niizato says

    msfullroller: yes, so long as the existing structure is in line with your authentic self.

  89. msfullroller says

    Thank you very much for the positive spin on this aspect. I have Pluto Rx/Uranus Rx conjunction in the 1st opposition Saturn/Mercury Rx in the 7th. With Saturn transiting the 1st does this mean more discipline & structure on top of the existing structure?

  90. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi V,

    Thank you for the corroboration, and kudos to you for learning to harness the power of discipline so young!

    The astrological signature shared among family members never ceases to amaze me (see other comment above, where another lady also wrote about this happening in her family.)

    Much appreciated,

  91. Anonymous says


    I really enjoyed reading this article as there doesnt seem to be much on the Pluto/Saturn conjunction on the internet..
    You have no idea how much I can relate to what you wrote, having my self a Pluto/Saturn conjunction in my 1st house, both conjuncting my Libra ascendant as well (Pluto in late libra and Saturn in early Scorpio) PLUS both planets are singletons (Pluto the only planet in air, and Saturn the only in water) so you can imagine that themes as self-discipline, fear of change and an enormous drive for achievement have been the common denominator in my life so far (Im only 24) from a very early age I got myself seriously involved in Volleyball where I had to cultivate self-discipline and confidence (and our trainer pretty much embodied a Pluto/Saturn figure, for his love of discipline, commitment and ability to make us believe in ourselves) in order to win championships and Im proud to say that Ive achieved a great amount of success in it, so even if I have to deal with some inherent fear, I also have the tools to turn this fear into motivating energy to accomplish my goals,



    P.S. its interesting that my father has Pluto conjunct Saturn too (but in Leo) and my older brother and sister have it too (in Libra, not in the 1st house though), we were born in 1981-82 and 83 respectively, which was a bit of a transitional time (aids started to pop up with Pluto entering Scorpio)

  92. Hiroki Niizato says

    Alright Teresa,

    It’s a quick job, but my response to the article you sent me is up. I can be a lot more thorough in refuting these negative arguments, but hopefully this is enough to put some rationality into the whole scare.

    Kind regards,

  93. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Teresa,

    I think you have a very good handle on this, with regard to how you are directing your child to take martial art, etc.

    I also agree with you and the Robert Hand comment regarding the arts – I noticed the darkness expressed through your drawing, etc., and it seems to be cathartic rather than literal.

    Regarding the article you posted as link, this is the general view I find in many books that I work to differ from in my practice or writing. I will do a post on this today or tomorrow, because I feel strongly about the wrongness of their conclusion.

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful and intelligent comment!


  94. teresawymore says

    Hiroki, I’ve done some more looking around on the web and find a lot of dire warnings about saturn-pluto natal contacts. Especially disturbing was

    Interesting woman with quite a varied background, surfing among such subjects as law, creative writing, and archtypal analysis.

    My children are only 4 and 5, so I’m not yet sure how this will play out in our family. My daugther is quite agressive and fascinated with crime. I’m starting her in tae kwan do with the hopes of discipline and challenge in the right way. I also encourage her art. I think expressing my own darkness through art has perhaps saved me from experiencing it in life.

    That reminds me of a Robert Hand interview, where he pointed out an actress he counseled had violent and loss aspects for the year, but she had a productive, successful year; he interpreted this as the aspects coming out in her art, so she avoided them in her life.

  95. Hiroki Niizato says


    Thank you for the comment and boy, you’re one heck of a creative lady!!!!

    The Sueppel murder case is definitely interesting – I’ll check his chart later. Let me know if you come across a birth time/place.

    The “fear of change” interpretation may be valid – although the people I listed above as examples will probably disagree…Like you say, it might come from other emphasis in your chart rather than from this aspect alone.

    It’s fascinating that your entire family has the Saturn-Pluto involvement. If you have any more to share about that, feel free to email me – I’m especially curious about how that may color the family dynamic.


  96. Dunyazade says

    Ok, Hiroki, I’ll keep an eye in August ad tell you all about it. It’s my birthday month, also :)

  97. Hiroki, I’m enjoying your blog and have found some of your recent posts to speak to my situation. I like how you put a positive spin on the saturn-pluto aspect, especially as my community has been dealing with a terrible murder-suicide committed by a man with a pluto-saturn opposition (a natal configuration that includes uranus, venus and maybe the moon).

    This was Steven Sueppel, b. 8/13/1965, who said in messages that he beat his wife and four children to death to “save” them from the shame of his crimes of embezzlement and money laundering. The day of the murders (Easter evening, 3/23/08)transiting Neptune also opposed his sun, and there were other difficult aspects.

    The saturn-pluto aspects interest me particularly because my son and I have the quindecile (I include Uranus), my husband has the square (with Sun and Mercury), and my daughter has the opposition (with Venus).

    As dunyazade said, the square might indeed be “afraid of change”, as my husband is that (although he has sun, saturn, and moon in cancer, too, which might explain that!) My husband has the pluto-sun opposition now and will have the pluto-saturn one soon. He’s fighting political inertia at work and the irrational feeling that he has all the answers. I keep telling him to keep his humility about him.

    If you’d like to read a little more about the Sueppel murders, see my blog posts

    And Go Bulls! I graduated from USF in 1993.

  98. Hiroki Niizato says


    It could well be that you’re working hard to pump out one writing after another – which may become a resource for you to write a book, for instance.

    I think with transit Pluto to Saturn there should be something more, but let me know how the rest of the year plays out – especially August.


  99. Dunyazade says

    Hey :)
    I have pluto (11th) – saturn (8th) square. :/
    When I want to I can ne disciplined and can make long-term plans. But I gotta wanna it. I’ve always read this aspect as: afraid of change, wich I have.

    Right now transiting pluto is opposite my natal saturn (0º Cancer). Oh goodie 0_0 I haven’t seen any thing Big and Scary and life changing happening yet… (however I am making plans…) however my writing seems, from a year ’till now, to be concentrating all in astrology and I don’t really feal like writing fiction like I have done for years. Saturn rules my 3rd. Could this pluto transit be , err, “manifesting” this? Like, I haven’t even counted, but I gotta have 40.000 words if not more in astrology reports and, like, 3000 in fiction…


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