Pluto Ascendant Aspect: Becoming A Different Person

Pluto Ascendant Aspect

Pluto is the god of underworld. As the governor of hidden depth in all things, Pluto represents hidden potentials, extreme passions (which are often repressed by society), and a perception that penetrates the darkness in all things – solving mysteries and unlocking new powers (think psychology and molecular physics).

Ascendant is your persona – the mask your wear and show to the world. Your name and all that it represents to you. Because it always opposes the Descendant (the 7th house cusp), Ascendant represents what others (your partner, friends, the public) will see and identify as your unique personality.

Transit or Natal Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant can suggest the need for the mask to break at one point, so that a different identity can emerge, perhaps one that reflects more of your inner truth.


Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant: Emergence of the Hidden Self

Natal Pluto in aspect with Ascendant can suggest hidden depth within your personality. At a certain point in life, you might startle everyone by going against the flow to become someone almost unrecognizable from your former self. In relation to the Pluto archetype, such change is often called transformation or empowerment of the personality.

Natal Pluto-Ascendant Aspect: Potential for Prominence

The transformational potential of Natal Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant can manifest as a rise to prominence and fame, as well as a dramatic change of socioeconomic level. Examples include:

  • Sir Richard Branson (Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant) is famously known for being dyslexic and a high school drop out, but he ended up founding the Virgin Group, became a billionaire and even got knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Kurt Cobain (Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant), the lead singer of Nirvana known for his rise to fame and tragic death – he had extreme difficulty coping with his fame and public image (a new ‘mask’ thrust upon him by the public).
  • Christopher Reeve (Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant), rose to fame through his performance in Superman films. After the fateful accident that made him quadriplegic, he founded Christopher Reeve Foundation and contributed to finding treatments and cures for paralysis.


Transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant: Empowerment of Identity

Similar to natal Pluto-Ascendant aspect, transiting Pluto in hard aspect with the Ascendant might suggest a time when your identity goes through an empowering transformation, in effect making you a different person. Here are some examples:

  • Tony Blair: In May 1997, Tony Blair won a landslide victory to become the youngest Prime Minister of UK – receiving 97% public approval rating by September of 1997. Transit Pluto was opposing his Ascendant throughout 1997, marking a time of extraordinary empowerment.
  • Monica Lewinsky: In her TED talk given in March 2015, Monica Lewinsky reemerged into the public eye, but this time as an empowered woman speaking up against cyber bullying. Her TED talk has gone viral, and it’s clear she reclaimed her identity after years of silence. Transiting Pluto was exactly square her Ascendant.


Conclusion: Pluto-Ascendant Aspect and Potential for Identity Transformation

All of these examples involve dramatic changes of identity. Even in a ‘normal’ person’s horoscope, natal or transit Pluto-Ascendant aspect can suggest important potentials for radical changes of personality in one’s lifetime.

While not everyone with natal or transit Pluto-Ascendant aspect will be famous, this aspect still carries much potential for rise in social status, and/or a significant deepening of character through powerful life experiences.


Do you have natal or transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant in your horoscope? In what way did your identity go through transformation? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.


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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I have my Pluto in Sag 12th house. I discovered this in my chart a year ago. I had a difficult birth (C-section).

    I realised for the past 15 years that people do take a step back when i enter the room. Looking into their eyes makes them uncomfortable. I never really paid attention to that until recently because i always insecure inside ( Sun square Saturn). But it’s funny to see people being intimidated by it.

    I don’t relate to the transformations but I do feel like I am a different person than 5 years ago. I do want to forget everything what happened in the past as a sort of reinvention. A reset to move on to the new.

  2. Hello Hiroki,
    I will have Pluto/Venus/Mars in Capricorn squaring my ascendant at 27 degrees of Aries and mercury/venus at 26 degrees Libra. I will keep you posted on the roaring times I will be living…

    • Hi Alexandra, thank you! Hope you find it to be an empowering time period.

      • (I see I have written too much, but I am just going to leave it intact. I hope it is of some use to someone else in addition to having been useful to me personally to write this down.) My ASC is at 10 degrees Capricorn, using Placidus, and my 2nd house cusp is 19 degrees Aquarius. This means Pluto has been transiting my 1st house for a decade and won’t move on to the next house for years to come. I should add that my South Node is conjunct my ASC, and– for those interested in skipped steps, my Jupiter is square my nodal axis. Pluto hit my ASC in 2013 but I felt it getting close long before. One of the things that happened in the external world while it was still in orb was nearly every person from my past with Pluto on their ASC surfaced– and a couple with it on their IC or MH. I saw clearly in each case something that had been confusing and troubled me before about my dynamic with entitled personalities. Lightbulb moment: Fairness and entitlement do not mix. Then my body (1st house) was hit by a car while riding a scooter, I lost my livelihood and slowly unravelled as layers of old trauma surfaced and people I sought help from retraumatized me. Then I had to heal from that. I am miles better now but still picking up the pieces, but to be fair, I have always been picking them up. I have a natal Scorpio stellium in the 10th and Pluto in the 8th, the latter squared by Venus/Mars in Sag, so while this has been intense and extreme, it is Persephone’s virgin descent. It has been more like having the exponent of a force raised to a higher power and then aimed at a different part of you. I am finally surrendering a bit more to the identity-remaking process. Some innate gifts and competencies seem to have been stripped of me–I have felt in punishment for not developing them fully. I am getting a glimpse of the big picture which is of my being whittled down to my essence. As long as I stay close to nature I feel a positive sense of surrender –which sounds more Neptunian than Plutonian, doesn’t it? With Neptune conjunct my Sun natally, I have often heard the Siren’s call, but this time it does not feel like self-immolation– I feel beckoned to settle in a place of natural dignity. At the Plutonic moment, there is a cartoon-level absurd abuse of power by my landlord and another tenant— the kind that will be fun to tell in a couple of years– it has of course been terrible. BUT, because it is not subtle, I can see it really clearly, and it is helping me peel back a layer or two of a core pattern in my response to injustice that has never really worked. I expect others to want to stop doing something wrong once they can see it, but not everyone does of course. AND this can tip into self-righteousness. When it does, it is holier than thou and ugly to see. Because I am living next to someone with this tendency and to an exaggerated degree, this part of me is being mirrored and magnified. To sum up, I am seeing a lot about how people use and abuse power and how they behave when they don’t have any. Pluto in my first house is reshaping my identity in terms of how I navigate abuse and my relationship with power. I was heavily gaslighted as a child and so I am repairing who I am: my psychological foundation.

        • typo correction: it is not Persephone’s virgin descent.

          • Wow this was incredible and relatable, thank you for sharing this. It seems you were meant to take a step back and observe these dynamics that have shaped you in new ways of becoming.

  3. Hi Hiroki!
    A wonderful topic!! Thank you for writing about it.
    I realise that my Solar Arc Ascendant (1’30” Scorpio) is getting close to conjunct my natal Pluto (2’11” Scorpio).
    *When should I start experiencing it, about now?
    And my Solar Arc Descendant is approaching natal Venus (3’45” Taurus).
    *How could this process of Solar Arc Asc-Dsc axis moving over natal Pluto-Venus opposition be experienced?
    It has been the main “lesson” in my life so far, with the Moon Nodes respectively in Scorpio-Venus.

    • Hi Margit, solar arc measurements can start activating around half a degree, so you’re about to enter into ASC=Pluto time period. If there is a natal Pluto Venus opposition, then I would consider this time to be an activation of that natal theme and how it’s been playing out in your life. There is a Pluto Venus article in the archive you might want to check out. For a full analysis, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  4. My adult son has transit Pluto opposite his ascendant until 2023. He has just announced that he is a trans woman and has started HRT.

  5. Geeta Ghule says

    I am going to have transit pluto conjunct ascendant in 2024. At the exact same time my Saturn conjunct natal moon in 2 nd house. Pluto is also going to make a sextile with natal sun in 11 th house . I feel strong changes but also few negative ones. I have started fearing for my life with the onset of the transits effect. I have developed anxiety that something may happen to me or my family. My natal pluto is in 11 th house conjunct sun. My progressed venus sun mercury pluto south node are in conjunction. Along with pluto conjunct moon. Should I be afraid?

    • Hello Geeta,

      I don’t recommend projecting your fears onto a transit – that way lies perpetual anxiety. If a fear of death or loss is coming up, choose see it as an opportunity to confront it. You can ask for professional help and support, if the anxiety is becoming unmanageable. Very often Pluto transits will help you confront and heal from past trauma – and a competent therapist can assist in that journey.

  6. LE Conde says

    Thank you about the text, thank you for reading all people write you!
    I’m going to have Pluto Transiting on my progressed ASC, and the natal and also progressed Pluto will be on the top, right in the Progressed Midheaven.
    This was given me to see (spiritually) and I’m pretty sure it will be my death.
    I really don’t have problems with it. For real. But I would like to know what you think about it.
    It will happens during 2032/33, and many other hard aspects are going to be in the play. Like Saturn, Uranus and even Lilith making hard aspects.
    It’s really a possibility for me to die, right?
    I’m kind of morbid… I know, but I really like knowing this.
    Thank you for the text and ask the responses.
    And sorry for the mistakes in the previous comment sent… Greetings from Brazil!

    • Hello LE Conde, this is what pros call “knowing just enough astrology to be dangerous to yourself”!

      Astrology cannot predict death accurately – anyone that says otherwise simply hasn’t done enough homework. If you’re really interested in astrology of death, then I recommend you study death transits/progressions of people who have public birth data available in astro databank. You’ll notice that Pluto simply does not appear to be a factor in the timing of death for many people.

  7. Hello Hiroki!

    Thank you for your great article and brilliant insights. I just have a question that came to my mind as I was reading your post. Can we analyze Solar Arc Pluto square or opposing the ASC in the same way as transiting PLU hitting the ASC? Or is it more dramatic and it doesn’t involve empowerment?

    • Hi Maria, good question. The empowerment theme is definitely present in both transit and solar arc Pluto. My feeling is that solar arc Pluto is easier to express if you’re active in a public stage.

  8. Hello Hiroki, Thank you for an insightful article. To be honest, I am dreading this aspect. In a year, transiting Pluto will conjunct my ascendant exactly. As a double Capricorn, transiting Pluto conjuncted my Sun a couple of years ago. I have moved to 2 countries across the world in 4 years, gotten a Masters at 55 years old and am PRAYING for an amazing outcome when it conjuncts my ascendant. I won’t go into the gory details on a public platform, but suffice it to say, I am still standing. Thank god for a chirpy Gemini moon to keep my sense of humour!
    After this, I am unpacking my bags and settling down to a quiet life with my partner who is going through a major life transformation as well. I’m getting too old for this and am exhausted! LOL!

    • Hi Angel, thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds like you’re preparing for a major transition in your career as well as in your home life. Be willing to let go of the old life, or the person you used to be – and start visualizing who you’d like to become at this season of your life.

  9. Good morning.
    I have cancer ascendant 26 degrees. Pluto has been sitting on my descendant for a while now. Has just turned retrograde to the degree. The eclipses of last year saw the dissolution of some friendships that I thought would last a lifetime. Initially I felt devastated, but I feel stronger now and can see the thread’s of love running through. The catalyst was a romantic soul relationship with a man who came into my life the year before who’s North/South node was 26 cancer/cap. I no longer see him.
    Incidentally, my daughter has Capricorn asc at 26 degrees. She is a trooper.
    The latter part of last year saw an old flame from overseas make a connection to me. We fell into a romantic relationship. He has sun 26 cancer. There have been so many obstacles to overcome for us to be together due to health issues, distance, pandemic and finances. There have been periodic episodes of letting go in order to deal with our own issues that the other cannot help with.
    Mid 2019, I embarked upon my own healing practice, this has stopped and started due to national lock downs and interferences in losing myself to love.
    I have just sold my home of 20 years (which I have always seen as a security net) and feel I am on the precipice of a huge transformation. Is this the time to open my wings and rise like the phoenix from the flames and truly step into my own power? Pluto will decide when that happens, I have no doubt!
    My parents and I do not see eye to eye on the decision I have made re: moving, (natal Pluto in 4th house) especially with my daughter who is 7 in tow. It is scary at times, but mostly exciting and adventurous. Walking through the unknown.
    Pluto is teaching me what is important. How to remain connected to the Earth, how to flow with her waters.
    I am working with aspects related to my base/sacral chakra, healing my sexual past. Remaining in my power and not giving it away for love of another.
    Thank you for this space to read others experiences and reflect on my own.
    Thank you Pluto…..

    • Hi Louise, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with transiting Pluto opposing Ascendant. Sounds like this has been an amazing period of transformation for you!!

  10. A good friend of mine died of an incurable MND, motoneuron disease, while Pluto was transiting his natal Ascendant in Capricorn. It took less than 3 years from his first symptoms till medically assisted death of his own will and choice. He was the strongest man I’ve ever met but Plutonian force is invincible. At the same time transiting Pluto was in opposition with my natal Moon. My friend and I used to call ourselves soulmates.

  11. Thank you for this article! I have Pluto on my progressed ascendant in capricorn and also my Saturn return in Aquarius with Jupiter coming along loll so its been pretty hard not gonna lie but also feels exactly like what you described. I had an Astrology reading which triggered this transit (like the transformation started) and I went through a 2 month hibernation of fear and anxiety. First when I had the reading I was afraid something is gonna happen to me or someone I love because my Astrologer said its gonna be a challenging year, but if I use that energy of Pluto I can use it for the better and Im starting to understand more and more. My stepfather has cancer and is not feeling well and I am still in fear sometimes (paranoia in my house, afraid of someone breaking in, or hurting me) but I know that this is the fear that is being triggered (from old trauma) and needs to be let go to create this new persona. I feel like im almost forced on my path haha, I am also called to talk about my trauma online and share it with the world(I have a youtube channel) Also I just applied for a kinesiology school which I was now trying to find out for years what I really wanna do in my life because I have some kind of fear of commitment sag rising and sun and Jupiter in the 9th house so I rather thought about travelling instead hehe, this energy also forced me in some kind of way to finally go on this path. Its like a forcing energy but in a good way doesn’t that sound very plutonic? What I was reading in a book about Pluto and peoples stories with Pluto transits is that if the person is open to change and ready/not resisting (which im very much, I love transformation) then the energy of the transit can hit a bit before the actual date of the transit which I was feeling a lot, what do you think about that? Next hit will be end of February and im like WHAT is going to happen ?*? I am going through this crazy stuff already lol, I am afraid but also excited its weird really. But also reading peoples stories here and in books helps me to understand more and more. Oh also I had a name change and parted ways (emotionally) with my father side.

  12. I have this aspect along with venus conjunct midheaven and sun/moon in 10th house. I’ve never been famous, but I’ve been around celebrities since I was a young teen and have always felt very comfortable and loved by them. When I’m at concerts, the singers almost always are drawn to me and find a way to hang out with me/keep in touch. Many fans around different fan bases know who I am because I’ve been pictured/seen with celebs. Even the married ones come after me. This is all very interesting!

  13. What is the meaning of trasit Pluto Inconjuct aka Quincunx natal Ascendant?

    • Hello there, inconjunct is a more subtle aspect often considered as a need for “adjustment.” Transit Pluto inconjunct Ascendant may require deeper self-reflection about “what isn’t working and why”, in order for you to benefit from its transformational potential.

  14. Pluto is transiting my son’s Capricorn ASC 23°22′.
    Exact: 1/30/2020
    Retro: 7/30/2020
    Exact: 12/05/2020 – father’s death

    Pluto was also exact his Capricorn 12H Neptune 22°51′ – 11/12/2020.

    Pluto will be exact his Capricorn 1H Uranus 26°37′ – 03/31/2021.

    More than a little concerned with hard aspects with his progressed Mars, as well.
    Prog Mars square natal Saturn.
    Exact: 04/04/2021

    Prog ASC square natal Pluto now.

    Prog Uranus square natal Sun
    Prog Pluto conjunct natal Mars

    *bites nails*

  15. I have Pluto sextile Ascendant, but you didn’t mention what a sextile means.

    • Hi Lorri, the reason is because sextiles and trines are harmonious aspects, and their energies tend to stabilize, whereas squares and oppositions tend to create tension for change.

      • Yes, as it’s a harmonious aspect. My natal Pluto trines tightly to my ASC. And I even don’t have such a strong character to fight to the reality world. That’s why I hate myself…

  16. Pluto is currently transiting my first house, and I am here to testify that you REALLY do change. Let’s just say that several people that I know from my past did not recognize me. I also had my dog get very ill in 2018 and pass away in 2019 and at the same time my husband’s health started failing. Many times I have felt I could not make it through another day, but somehow I have with the help of God, my family and friends.. As if all that wasn’t enough, let’s add a little Jupiter and Saturn to the first house for a really good time and then add the corona virus as the cherry on the top. I have truly transformed and continue to do so and in the process have emerged as a much stronger person that I ever believed I could be. Peace and love to all.

    • I’m fascinated by this SAG58! Pluto is still 5 degress short of forming an inconjuct with my Ascendant, and a sextile with my Sun, but I am already noticing a distinct difference in the way people treat me. They are someone respectful, even seeking to please. And I am now much more aloof than the accommodating person I thought I am. All this is certainly a change.

      Whn you say ‘several people that I know from my past did not recognize me’, do you feel that your physical appearance has changed, or perhaps your demeanour, etc?

  17. I have a 12th house Pluto conjunct my Ascendant. I also have a 5-planet 2nd house stellium that Pluto has been transiting for the past 14 years.

    I actually liked myself before the transits. I believed in better things and had ambition and hope for the future. I was a hard worker and a good kid. But all the horrific luck and instability and freak illnesses and nonsensical losses that started in my teens and lasted throughout my mid-thirties have transformed me into a severely bitter person– frankly, a person I am apathetic toward and have no interest in. I liked the person I was before this. Some lifetimes simply aren’t worth it. I wish I could tell my pre-birth self to skip this one.

    • This makes me sad but I also strongly relate to what your saying. Perhaps life will surprise us yet?

  18. I have Pluto transiting my ascendant right now and this time is so hard for me. I never thought in a million years that I’d want to change my name but I feel like I do. The person I was before did not know how to love. It took me multiple heartbreaks and realizing all my codependent relationships and being in the middle of a career change to really break open my heart. I’m finally starting to live. I have so many scars and so many regrets though. And guilt. I just need to cleanse myself. I am hoping with Pluto stations direct things wont be so rough. But yeah I’m in a cocoon and I have no idea when I’ll be ready to fly. And Pluto takes so long to do this shit. Lol! Frustrated. I been when Ron artest changed his name to metta world peace he was going through some interesting Pluto transit.

    • NESLIhan cOLLEY says

      I totally hear and feel you Pluto has been stationing / moving back on forth on my ascending since 2019. On top of it I have Saturn and Jupiter have been doing the same thing between 12th house (21.40 Cap rising). I have natal Venus, north node and Lilith in 12th with including Progressed sun and Moon. Also I have Pisces AC as progressed. I have been feeling lost flor along time, I thought I could deal with deep emotion considering I have natal Scorpio Sun& Mercury and Pluto in the 8th . But this was different. I felt like I have dissolved TO nothingness and drowned in my emotion with incredible confusion and loss of confidence. I will never deny positive change, I can’t see clearly yet. Hoping this changes as December rolls.
      Good luck to us all

  19. Hi I’m trying to find an answer to what Pluto retrograde in the 1st house mean in the natal chart? I was born in 1989 scorpio ascendant Pluto retrograde in the 1st house conjunct the ascendant. My sun is in pisces and moon in sagittarius female. My pluto is well aspected except for a square with mercury and opposition with mars….. mars in the 7th house along with Jupiter. My dominant planet is Pluto and Saturn and the sun. Is Pluto retrograde in the 1st house natal any different than if it was direct?

    • Hi Elsana, Pluto retrograde happens for quite a long period, so it’s not as significant individually. Anything retrograde tends to be more inwardly directed (probably a new article on that is in order), so Pluto retrograde suggests a need for reaching deep within to know yourself.

  20. Florence says

    Hello! I’m a Pisces sun with Pluto conjunction my libra ascendant. My life has been incredibly turbulent, but also full of intense joy as well. For me, the mask dropping, as you said was intense: I died, obviously temporarily, but after that, I realized that my Pluto is my power. Regeneration comes in all forms, physically, emotionally and spiritually: I may fear drastic circumstances, but harnessing the plutonic energy means being able to face whatever may come and to bear witness in a way that I might be of service to others. I’m glad of it. And thank you for this article.

  21. Hi
    I find your articles fascinating so thankyou so much for sharing your insights. I have Pluto in the first house conjunct Virgo asc (although wide orb of 6 degrees). I don’t have any other aspects to Pluto, however, my sun is in the 8th Aries but doesn’t aspect Pluto.

  22. Wow I am soooo GRATEFUL for this explanation! I’m at 2 degrees with Pluto in Capricorn in my 10th house, SQUARING My Aries ascendant which is conjunct Pallas. It hits exact 0 in 2022, although I’m feeling these changes starting now! Does that make sense? I’m a musician that was forced to take 4 years off to raise my son on my own. It’s so wild because I faced a major transformation from 2016-2020 and now I feel like I’m forming into the person I’ve always been meant to be. I’ve recently had such a boost of confidence in getting through those tough years and an insane drive to focus back on my career again. It’s a lot as a single mother, but it’s also transformed me into this boss energy I’m feeling now, which before I suffered from a lot of insecurity. I should def get a consultation for these next few years.

    • Hi Christina, thank you for sharing your experience with transiting Pluto square Ascendant. This is a major cycle, and yes, it makes sense that you’re already feeling the change (note also that transiting Saturn and Jupiter are activating your Ascendant at this period.). It sounds like you’re feeling a lot of empowerment energy, which is wonderful!

      • Christina Amalie Mattei says

        Oh wow! Yes I see Jupiter And Saturn Squaring the ascendant also too.. although Jupiter is Sextile the Moon, and trining Mars, so hopefully that will create some ease? And Saturn heading into Aquarius.. that’s my 11th house and South Node. Woh. Well, it’s going to be quite a few years, not sure what to expect next! Being gentle, and always focused on living in pure integrity is maybe the only way for me right now lol!

  23. Hi! I am happy to discover your site. the way you describe astrology is very interesting and understandable. There is a pluto settlement at the end of the 12th house in my natal chart. it also conjunction with my asc and square with my personal planets. (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) This settlement can lead to uncertainties. How can I discover and use the power of Pluto? I am curious about your feedback.

  24. Does this article apply to Pluto sextile Ascendant?

  25. Thank you for this insightful post. You coined something essential, with the phrase “breaking the mask”. My own natal pluto is on the ascendant in the 12th house in libra. And I am not wearing the same mask at age 46 in comparison to other “life times”. I wear another mask. I guess life is like a dress up party. But in essence, I really do not want to wear a mask and I take it off whenever I can. I guess that is the pluto in me. You see, masks do come off eventually. But there are those who make an art out of wearing the mask. A lot of famous people have that ability. Maybe the mask of those who have pluto on the ascendant stay in the limelight, for their mask can shine on its own accord. Like a lighthouse, a beacon beckoning others who are in the dark.

  26. Yes, finally the explanation of the aspects got it right. Major transformation of self. Going through the transit for some time now. Started in early 2019. Ending in 2020. Having Saturn which is keeping me grounded and assured in the first house and Neptune as the rising planet of my birth chart. I am totally confuse of who I was and what I want to become in all aspect of my identity. I look in the mirror and not recognize myself. Visually and soulfully. This is Pluto in its highest transformation. I was quite confident before the transit having Libra rising.

    • Hi Janet, thank you for sharing your experience!

    • Wow! I also have Saturn on the Ascendant, with Neptune rising in Capricorn, and I feel my confidence has been shot… seemingly out of no where!
      Some systems say I have Saturn and Uranus in the 12th house, while the whole house systems says that Sa, Nep., and Ura. are in the first house.
      I feel a heavy energy, but also a very protective energy, as I go through these necessary , and ironically refreshing, delightful, and sometimes subtle changes. It’s as if we wanted to experience the complete renewal of identity through a life time, as if this change, (or realignment with the true self) has been a highly anticipated event, and a BIG initiation into something bigger than the Self, especially with Capricorn beginning the series of zodiac signs that deals with a more Global, universal, or the unified collective consciousness.

  27. Hey there. Thank you for this article. I have Pluto conjunct ascendant as a transit until december 2020 and will start a sun and saturn conjunction from december 2019 until october 2020. What does this mean for me please?

  28. Within in the last year (starting last September) I have probably re read this article 50 times – I guess with hopes of what I can kinda guess I’m suppose to be doing or who I am supposed to be. Pluto has been doing a number on me and I am surviving this Radical Transformation of my personality, on the daily. I can’t seem to understand why he wants me to not only see myself for what I was, But all the observations we should be making with regards to men and women—-like — the answers every one wants to know?? But to know myself, is to know I was observently unobservant. That sick set of memories came for at midnight on New Years Eve. I was able to turn it back around though, but now, I sit in limbo. I have seen what I was and can’t deal because of shame and guilt, but would love nothing more than to respect this Transformation by honoring it with promising to never be that girl again…I guess I’m scared I’m not living up to Plutos expectations. I mean it doesn’t normally happen in a lifetime, and the joke is still on me, because I have an 1st House Aquarius moon as well. All aboard, next stop, my emotions!!! Like it’s unreal, what did I ever do to Pluto??? I would love to have some guidance and wisdom and that’s the bigger joke —- my mother—whom at 35 I had to move back in with, has a late Capricorn rising too — and wait for it, has Pluto dominate chart and knows this, because she is too an astrologer. She’s never been able to read for me though, as a parent – she’s too close she says. It’s like Pluto is fam and this is the 35 year reunion, but instead of every one putting on the masks and lying about how great their wife and kids are, they are being stripped off an obliterating any kind of relationship that ever existed.



  29. Rachel Summers says

    Hello. I really do enjoy your astrological interpretations. Thank you for sharing.
    I’m wondering what the difference would be if the Pluto transit to natal ascendant was inconjunct? I have read that this is also a hard transit but with differing energy than the ones discussed above.

    • Hi Rachel, inconjunct is the energy of adjustment. It’s not a head-on collision but a humbling reminder that we must continue to change some parts of ourselves. It can serve as a teacher, for sure.

  30. Why would you not also give an interpretation of the trine and sextile?

    • Hi Shawn, in general, trines and sextiles do not carry the same urgency for change as hard aspects do. The same potential exists, but it may take a lot of motivation from other areas of horoscope to express it.

  31. Persephone says

    My Virgo ascendant is conjunct Pluto
    I’m Gemini Sun, but never felt like a typical Gemini, I’m more Wednesday Adams squared: I’m intense and emotional, feel closer to water and fire signs than air
    I yearn for camaraderie but Fate never fails to make me a Lone Wolf, whichbim learning to accept because I’m a prolific artist only when I work alone; I now have the wisdom to see that my talent thrives independently and that the company of others would stifle my creativity. I get it now and no longer feel lonely; people tend to scapegoat me, no matter how friendly or helpful I am. I’m learning to accept Fate: it’s God’s way of making sure I get my work done and am true to myself and my destiny. I’ve always met my best friends and True Love within five miles radius: no need to go out with my immediate needs and wants. This is a lesson in surrender, i need to learn that despite so many people, including family members, trying to control me, that I can relinquish control and trust that I will be supported and loved in the right way. The love of my life lives near my mom’s Cemetery; he and I both have a lot of aspects in the 8th house.
    Thank you!
    Your article is helping me to love and accept my life.
    I’ll never be employee of the month or the my pretty pony type of gal
    I’m the dark horse, the wild stallion, the renegade artist and urban guerilla and that’s fantastic

    • Hi Persephone, glad you found the article helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience with Pluto conjunct Ascendant – an intense energy fitting your description.

    • I’m a Gemini too! virgo rising and Pluto retro grade conjunct. My partner has scorpio rising Pluto conjunct midheaven. Intense life experience with natural resources and land stewardship is plutonian depths to really dig. Transforming wood waste into biochar for soil amending)-black gold . Carbon Natal neptune retro third house means I NEED A SOLID fixed partner. north node sixth house in pisces means service. Don’t know if all those outer planet retrograde means destined to work out Karma. maybe. Anyway, I tree sat in oldgrowth in protest of old growth logging ( anti gravity properties displayed) My partner is a climber as an arborist. Weve had many lives and obsessions I’m thankful my loaded eighth house conjuncts his taurus sun in the sixth. We move mountains and logs together Check out our you tubes (jupiter has been gliding thru my third house- I picked up the video trick

    • Empireambler says

      “…people tend to scapegoat me, no matter how friendly or helpful I am. I’m learning to accept Fate: it’s God’s way of making sure I get my work done and am true to myself and my destiny”.

      Thanks for sharing your story. I too have Pluto conjunct my ascendent in Virgo. I exactly feel this “scapegoating” and it is frustrating. As the celestial “servant” (Virgo) I am so eager to help people but I more often than not alienate – really frustrating.

      “Accept(ing) your Fate” but not wallowing in self pity is critical. You recognising that, while a difficult placement, it also helps you achieve your life’s purpose is brilliant. This I think is exactly what astrological insights are meant to do – empower the individual to act / recognise opportunities in face of adversity.

      I’m STILL trying to figure out how to get to where you are with it!

  32. Persephone says

    I grew up with my paternal grandma
    Grew up with older people
    I’m an old soul
    Used to be a severe stutterer
    Explains my ferocious loyalty and romantic nature
    Cats stare at me as if I’m a witch
    Men find me beautiful and intimidating, can be obsessed with me

    • That’s amazing *lights up weed* My story is similar as is this aspect of Pluto Square Ascendant. I grew up with my maternal grandma, grew up with older people, I was the baby of the whole family including cousins and they were all older and offered no guidance whatsoever. Or at least that’s how it seemed like to me. Used to be socially awkward and although I still am sort of, it’s gotten better over the years. I have a romantic nature for sure, and I find myself randomly being stared at by cats. Men also find me beautiful and intimidating with my huge set of boobs and big eyes, and yeah they get obsessed sometimes. Interesting there is another like this.

    • You both have literally outlined my early and present life (now 32 yo). I also have Lilith smack on my DSC (Leo Dsc./Aqu Rising). I was raised by my “adoptive” grandparents that passed when I was 6 and 7 due to aggressive lung cancer from smoking. Looking back I realize how it impacted my entire life, and stunted my childhood. Talking became so painful I became so insecure with my voice and felt my peers, family and teachers were constantly putting my accent and “old way” of talking down it took me years to open up. Cats are very comfortable with me and me with them. I had a close relationship with my maternal and paternal grandmothers, and they both died and suffered during big milestones in my career/academic life. My mother almost went the same way, but luckily survived. I have big eyes and I was an early bloomer that attracted (still do) unwanted attention: from aggressive peers, older men, intense stares, random love/hate from women co-workers. I wish I could just get an average emotionally stable “Clark Kent” type to introduce himself, but I just attract crazy guys on the street or guys that unsettle my “spidey sense”.

  33. Hello, thank you for the informative post.

    I have Pluto semisquare Ascendant. I was wondering if this would have an impact on me due to other natal placements in my chart.

    I have Mars conj Pluto in Scorpio. They both square my Moon. Would this cause an impact on Pluto semisquare Ascendant aspect?

  34. Does my natal pluto conjunct ascendant? My pluto is in the 12th house in Scorpio and in 22nd degree? Some charts recognize it as conjunction and some do not, so I want to make it clear

  35. Maria Berlin says

    Hi Hiroki,
    thank you for your insights into Pluto transits. I’ve just come out of a longer intensive Pluto transit (Pr. Ascendent conjunct Pluto and Pr. Sun conjunct Pluto). In my birth chart my Sun and Ascendent are both in Leo – actually Sun, Moon and Mars are all in Leo all in the 12th house (all at 9 degree whatever that means…).
    Due to the 12th houses and all this Leo energy I feel I am a full-speed Leo and yet cannot come into my power/expression. It feels like nothing works in my life what for “normal” people would work. Especially romantic relationships don’t work although I long so much for this deep soul connection. During my Pluto transit I thought I had found my soul partner and had feelings that I didn’t know existed and suddenly all issues that I ever seem to have came up at the same time (break-up with this man, money issues, lost my job, mistrust, even from close friends that I trusted, who were suddenly speaking behind my back,… ) It felt that the carpet was thrown away from under my feet and I wanted to life and didn’t know how. Then I found another job and started a new life and again it didn’t work out in the end and I could sense these deep currents that blew me away psychologically and were hard to handle. Now I feel clear and strong not knowing what life has to offer and just hope that after all these clearing processes something comes up. Luckily I am on a spiritual path for many years now and that is the only thing that does work well… meditation, giving, caring for others, non-judgement, staying in love even though others are not nice to you, handling this strong energies with an equanimous mind… puh! Not easy, but worth it in the end. Thanks for any suggestions or comments ;-)

  36. Joanna green says

    I’ve been looking into Pluto transits and mine was conjunct my Scorpio ascendant when I was 15. That year I packed my bags and left my very chaotic home. My mother used to smoke drugs and play music till 3am on a school night and I couldn’t take it no longer. Anyhow shortly before that a man tried to kidnap me, at the time I felt fearless, I stayed calm kept my wits about me and got away . I was always out late walking about on my own . Soon after I was still out late walking about on my own , from friends homes etc, it just never phased me. I must add I have cancer mars in 8th house and mercury in 8th house and my Pluto is opposite my moon in 4th house. All I remember at this time of transit is having a lot of rage and being fearless. Fear never hit me until I got pregnant at 18 and become a parent. I would never go out again alone at night !

  37. AStrasmith says

    A really great discussion. I have Pluto conj Mars in Cancer which trines Saturn but both squares Scorpio ASC. There were many areas of life hidden from me and I was 20 before I found I was adopted and began to understand more when I accidentally stumbled into having my chart done when Uranus conj MC. I’ve been through many transits of Pluto and have plunged to the depths but never quite drowned and looked back with thanks. Now I think I’ve finished with tPluto opp my MC Cancer. When my soul mate died, I cleared out a 12 roomed house on outskirts of a city and after 12 months sold and moved to another State. A complete transformation of the 4th House. Now I have tUranus nearly opp my Scorpio ASC and glad it’s left the 6th where I’ve had so many u usual health problems. So very unsure of this next transit.

    • Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with natal Pluto square Ascendant (and some other dramatic astrological timing involving your 4th house). Hopefully the next transit reflects a new energy being injected into your social life through new associations.

  38. yes i have Pluto Conjunction Asc node 2°22′ I lost my mum my best friend has terminal cancer and my Dad has been sick my marriage is almost over and I’m finding it hard to find the positives to be honest.

    • Hi Dj, that sounds like a difficult position to be in. The planets do not cause these situations, but merely reflect them like a mirror. What you choose to do during this difficult time to find strength will define the nature of your experience.

  39. hello,
    I am amazed by your wisdom. I’d like to wish for some generous insight towards my situation, if you will, please.
    I’m a scorpio (sun), and currently there’s going on the Pluto conjunction Ascendant in my 12th house. My ascendant is capricorn. And there’s more to it: in my birthchart, the 12th house aggregates Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Both Saturn and Neptune are within the capricorn boudaries, but Uranus sits in Saggitarius territory. I’m entering my 30s and feeling so energized and focused, I’m feelling really empowered. I live in Brazil and have won a prize fund to realize my first motion picture (I’m an independent 2D animator), which is a short story about an ancient myth, reainterpreting it to the XXIst century and performing this work I feel like everything is as it should be, you know? BUT meanwhile, I’m having serious money problems, since the funds can only be implemented AFTER the completion of the film. And of course I could not apply myself to any other job because that would take my working time off the table to do the best job I can. Also, currently I’m completing my Master’s degree.
    Well, any observations you might have on the case are welcome. I’m so grateful to have found your website. Thank you deeply and best regards!

    • Hi Livia, thank you for sharing your experience. How wonderful to hear about your motion picture prize – best of luck with that!

      My suggestion is to look up the transit to see when Pluto will be conjoining the Capricorn planets, and when Pluto will cross the Ascendant. These periods would most likely mark an important turning point in your endeavors (making progress with your Masters degree, motion pictures, etc). For a full analysis of upcoming cycles, please consider scheduling a private consultation, thanks.

  40. Mercury Pluto and Saturn will transit my ascendant together during the famed conjunction of January 12, 2020. At the same time they will square my Moon in 9th house (Libra) and Mars will be conjunct my tenth house Sun Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius. I am imagining all this has to do with my approaching retirement, but any other ideas?

    • Hi Ellen, that’s a powerful activation of important points in your horoscope! Retirement, perhaps, but you may want to consider how to find new direction in life through mind expanding studies. For a full analysis, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

    • Hi
      This is a fascinating article- thank you. My partner currently has Pluto (just turned retrograde) exactly squaring his libra/Aries ascendant/descendant axes. I’ve been trying to find out what this means for him. He’s trying to sell his marital home, about to divorce and we are trying to muddle our way through this! I’m worried the forthcoming forwards/backward motion of Pluto over this sensitive point (23 degrees Capricorn) will affect us negatively. ( I looked up the Ephemeris and it’s going to affect his chart well into 2021!) Any insight you might have I’d gladly welcome! Thank you!

      • Hi Li, transit Pluto square Ascendant is reflecting exactly the type of major life/relationship change that your partner is going through. It is a huge life change involving marital status and a move. That degree area is especially activated around January 2020. I would see it as a reflection of what is going on, a kind of death and rebirth (renewal) situation.

  41. Howdy!!
    So I have Pluto sesquiquadrate my Ascendant. And Pluto was retrograde when I was born, he is direct now. I currently have Pluto transiting my 12th house. I incorporate Tropical / Vedic principles into my viewpoint and I am in a Sun Mahadasha and last year up until Sept 2018 it was Sun / Ketu and let me tell you, it beat the living krap out of me. I went through a major transformation and still am. I changed my last name, a 20 year dream that I just kept putting off, I confronted so many generational patterned behaviors that absolutely stifled me. I felt as if I lost so much time but I am working on that belief system, it’s been rough breaking the generational curse of being born into lack. I was born brown, female and dirt poor on the plantation. This is a very rough combo to overcome but I did and I am understanding this. Pluto trines my Saturn/Mercury. My Mars is out of bounds which gives hard aspects to my outer planets with the exception of Jupiter which it trines.
    He does square Pluto… YIKES! Ruthless dictator for sure LOL.

    My point is, as I am learning astrology, YES even though the sesquiquadrate is considered a minor aspect, I absolutely 100% transformed and I’ve never been happier with myself. I have a air grand trine also. I’m very of the mind type person.

    If I may, my question to you is, how do you feel about the Pluto / Asc sesquiquadrate? Thank you in advance for answering :)

    • Hi Sunny, thank you for sharing your experience with Pluto sesquiquadrate Ascendant. Sesquiquadrate and semisquare can definitely carry similar flavor to squares, so the same symbolism will be active in your life.

  42. How’s it going. How would one interoperate pluto transit conjunct the ascendant and saturn sextile venus with saturn ruling the chart. Is it true transits to the chart ruler alters the whole chart?

  43. I agree with what you have said and its nicely written. Both my children (b ’83 and ’85) have Pluto in Scorpio exactly conjunct their Scorpio Ascendant. The older child has 6 plants in Sag, along with a Sag Sun conj Uranus. Pluto has brought much devastating changes to his life and had to pay karma like myself.

    My daughter, the younger one, has had many blessings and magnetism with Pluto on the Scorpio Ascendant. Her planets are spread throughout her chart in many houses, lessening the tension compared with my son’s planets in a bucket.

    They, along with their father and myself, all have Scorpio risings and have faced many death and rebirths this lifetime already over the last 30 years, no crisis nor loss really can effect us anymore, because we have already been through everything concerning Pluto.

    My Pluto is on the Midheaven, so my challenges were the darkness of the world in my profession and with my north node in the 12th house in Scorpio conjunct Neptune and Jupiter, as an astrologer I have learned a personal saying of two very huge collective planets:

    Pluto may rule Hell, but Neptune is Hell.

  44. jo Maria says

    Transit Pluto conjunct my natal Sun around 3 years ago. I lost every single thing that I was proud about: material things (money, job, house particularly), and myself as an overachiever.

    The only things left with me now are the people who accepts me for who I am and truly loves me; and they are so many! I didn’t see this before that Pluto-Sun transit.

    This year, Pluto is squaring my natal Saturn while transit Saturn is squaring my natal Mars. Mars is my 10th house ruler. What I feel:

    Very very worried about where life is going to take me. I don’t feel safe. I know I should not, but I am. And I know I should do something, but I can’t. I feel weak, mentally and physically. I’m in bed most of the time everyday now. I feel too tired to move around.

    Also, transit Uranus is sitting on my MC right now while at the same time opposing natal Pluto and squaring natal Mercury. Neptune is sitting on my Sun/Moon midpoint.

    Not a lot is happening in my life, but a lot is happening within me. Old wounds and suppressed needs are surfacing. And I am working on it with my husband.

    And an ex from over 20 years ago suddenly came back into my life. This is the person that changed a lot of me. And he’s back when I’m on transformation mode. What a coincidence! And he came while I’m only a few days from my Jupiter Return. And I’m glad that we can still be friends.

    His return kind of remind me that, from him, I have learned to see and be what I can be, now I have to learn to see what I can’t be and embrace it. And I learn it from him again.

    Next year, Pluto will be in opposition to my natal North Node (it’s only 1 deg away from exact opposition now). Natal NN is my 12th house. And after that Pluto will square itself (natally in my 3rd house). And then it will be sitting on my DC. And then conjunct my Mercury… All within more or less 5 years from now. I want to make the best of it but I’m scared of the process as I have went through this much, I feel beaten up already. Not sure if I can take any more of Pluto transits.

    • Hi Jo, thank you for sharing your experience with the Pluto transits. It’s good that you have support from your husband and other friends as you go through these deep transformation periods.

  45. Hi Hiroki!

    Thank you for your insight. I have a Taurus rising opposite my Scorpio Pluto as well as opposite Sagittarius Venus. Ugh, I’ve had my cards read and the card reader said that I will marry a person with high status, but will be unhappy, thus causing depression as well as a hard time divorcing because I will have a hard time finding a stable independent income if I decide to do so. Does that reading have to do with my Pluto/Venus opposition of my ascendant in my birth chart? Does this mean I will go off and become a monk because of this situation? Haha, I’ve always told myself that in case I don’t find the love of my life. Also does my optimism of becoming a monk have to do with my Neptune sextile Pluto?

  46. Kristine Van Hool says

    Hi my name is Kristine. I have Pluto opposite ascendant in 7th house, conjunction Venus and opposition of Cheiron. So relationships have not been easy for me. I’m involved now with a man who loves me but has hard to leave his wife. But I studied their solar for the year to come and I see that they both have Pluto opposing ascendant in it. I also studied their Venus return and the same aspect is found there too. The big theme in their transits is relationship. Can it mean that they are struggling and that decision will be made?

  47. Hello,
    What about Pluto aspect to Ascendant as an AstroCartoGraphy line? Should I move there or avoid those places?

  48. Hi,
    I am french and i discovered your site and i find it very interesting in some many ways, and as a sagitarius’s moon I love reading your post which are very clear and accessible to the public.
    Now, I have Pluto conjunct the FC (glued) and it does a square to the ascendant, which says the huge influence of a psychologic power from a parent, and that is true.. But now, at 23 years, I feel that I changed a lot, from my first years, who i were a child with problem’s languages, expressions and reasoning.. And I think this is not the end.. I am also gay, which I think push me to accept myself and doing thinks for who i am.
    As I am a fan of astrology, I try to explore every single pieces of my astral theme, but we have to be carreful because we can loose the sense of reality..

    Thank you!

    • Hi Antonin, thank you for sharing your experience with Pluto square Ascendant! Accepting yourself and learning to express yourself well despite setbacks – these sound like an empowering Plutonian process, for sure.

    • I have had Pluto by transit to conjunct or oppose every natal plant, as I have a Seesaw chart pattern. Since, I have an on-going relationship with Pluto, I shouldn’t be nervous about transiting Pluto crossing my Descendant. However, the emergence of the hidden self doesnt sound like something someone with Venus and Mars in Scorpio would take kindly to…lol. More to come, I’m sure…. great post!

  49. Hi Hiroki, I have my asc in Cap 24, and pluto is in 17 this year?

    I have natal pluto, lilith and sun on midheaven (in late 9th); Sun, Mer and Uranus in 10th. When will pluto go past 24 Cap? Things are changing in my life already. I also happen to be a Leo NN which is a nodal return this year too.

    • Hi Chloe, Pluto won’t cross your Ascendant until 2020 if I remember the degrees right – so it’s still over 2 years away. The changes you’re experiencing now, you may see them as preparing the ground for the new self to emerge. The Nodal return might be a part of this.

  50. What would it be like if a person has natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant but squares the Midheaven? Is it going to be different to the occasional Pluto-Ascendant transits?

    • Hi Loren, if your Midheaven is involved with your Pluto-Ascendant conjunction, a transit to your Ascendant will trigger the Midheaven at the same time. In this case, a change/growth in your identity will impact your career expression.

  51. My wife had Pluto exactly conjunct her Solar return ascendent in 2014, the day she was elected to an Australian Parliament. Since then her life has been completely changed. She has been incredibly successful in changing many old fashioned laws and has attracted much media to her positions. Mind you, transiting Jupiter also happened to station on her MC the day of the election so between the two aspects her life was destined to be greatly expanded on two levels I believe. Interested to get your thoughts on this Hiroki. I also paid a group of pandits in India to do a special Yagya for getting elected to public office about a month out from the election!

    • Hi Robbie, interesting! Thank you for sharing. I personally don’t use solar return charts, but most likely there were other important measurements going on in her horoscope at the time.

  52. Does the natal placement of one’s Pluto correlate to what changes will occur when transition Pluto makes the conjunction or aspect?

    • Hi Michael, good question. In general, rulership can be even stronger than tenancy – so you may want to explore if there is a correlation between the house ruled by Pluto and the changes that occur during Pluto transits.

      • I figured, I will let you know the outcome. Natal pluto in Scorpio 3 degrees away from MC. I see as Pluto gets closer to the asc. Small occurrences are happening where I have to deal with authorities seeking security in any relation to my own judgment(s) weather it be positive or negative on their end they always act or state their involvement no matter how miniscule. I’ve learned in the past to not let this small things slide as things to snow ball. It’s difficult just venting to people as they tend to hold what ever I disclose against me, again no matter how big or small. I need to be able to undo this puzzle to stretch it’s capacity keeping everything in proportion still leaving certain pieces available to me as the process unfolds. Kinda hard to do when everybody’s against you and they don’t realize it them selves. I guess that’s the meaning of the transit.

      • Ruler of mc conjunct mc by 3 degrees I apologize

  53. Hi, good read. There’s not a lot of information on pluto-ascendant aspects so this article was very informative and helpful for me – I have natal pluto opposite my natal ascendant. My natal Pluto is in sagittarius in my 6th house conjunct my natal moon in scorpio. Because my natal pluto is opposite my ascendant, does this mean my self image will change/transform in some way or something?

  54. I enjoyed this article . it was not negative like others I’ve read . I have pluto square 2° ascendant . I’m a 24 year old female , I had a difficult childhood were both my parents where abusive . my mother was extremely narcissistic and my father was a drug addict. Growing up was almost like living in a cult . very disturbed trailer -trashy lifestyle.
    I no longer have any contact with those people and still feel shame from where I come from. Its not something I enjoy talking about.
    Ive moved away from my hometown and work as an insurance advisor working toward opening my own branch with advisors working under my supervision . I would consider myself relatively successful for my age .
    It did take lots of work on a personal level. I still constantly work on my demons, compulsions etc . I find the more I do ,the more success finds me .

  55. Hi Hiroki,
    I have come across your page while searching for more answers regarding the transits I am facing in the next few months. I will have transiting Pluto conjunct my natal (10th) sun at 20 degrees, while squaring my asc and transiting Uranus 25 degrees (which is conjunct my asc) I know this to be work related Ive been feeling this energy for some time….my fear is do I take action? I am afraid of missing Pluto’s lesson.

  56. I have a 12th house Pluto in Sagittarius that conjuncts my sag ascendant. People always mistake me for a weak person, but occasionally the mean, vindictive and dark side will peek out. When that happens, people get scared and say that I’ve “changed” or I’m crazy lol. Recently, I’ve reevaluated my whole life and I’m on a completely different route than I was before. So I guess you can say that I’ve “transformed” but in my opinion, it wasn’t a choice it was mandatory.

  57. Hi Hiroki,

    (This is my 1st time commenting about my chart anywhere ever but I felt like I needed to)

    I currently have Pluto opposing my Ascendant (Cancer 18’24) conjunct my natal Saturn (conjunct Descendant, in 7th house). Suddenly in January 2017, after a year and a half of living with my mother after completing my Masters (9th house Pisces Moon. I have dreams of doing my PhD and becoming an academic), I got a new job and moved to another city within the month. I feel like something was ‘forcing’ me to break away from home (my Libra Sun, Venus and Virgo Mercury are all in the 4th house). I was depressed at home and I like the independence now (natal Venus square Uranus) but I also feel battered. I don’t know but this Pluto-Saturn-Descendant-Ascendant seems to be sucking the life out of me (????). I used to be pretty chatty and gregarious in social situations but now I just want to keep myself to myself. I hardly say a word. I speak when spoken to. I don’t have the energy for small talk. I think people think I’m weird. I feel like I can’t be myself around strangers (not good for a new job and getting to know people). I used to be Miss Positive with a smile, now I’m pessimistic with a smile (smiling to please others). What can you tell me about this Pluto transit across my natal Saturn-Descendant? (Oh! And I’m due for a Saturn return 2019-2020. *pulls hair out*) Any advice or guidance to offer on these transit? I would be forever grateful!


    • Hi Sue, thank you for sharing your experience with transiting Pluto opposing your Ascendant. Combined with Saturn on the Angle, this is a heavy duty change period for sure, most likely with a high degree of stress.

      My suggestion would be to not shoulder all of the burdens by yourself – get a healthy support system going (physically, mentally and spiritually). Aloneness is especially detrimental, as it can skew and narrow your perspective. You might be forced to abandon some old patterns, and this usually requires outside perspective.

      You may want to consider scheduling a private consultation, as I’m fairly certain you’ll find it beneficial at this time. Regardless of your decision, you’d want to gather as much support around you as possible.

  58. Hi Hiroki,

    I’ve read your awesome & informative articles a few times, & finally found an opportunity to say something. I have Capricorn rising at 19 degrees, & transiting Pluto is now at 18 degrees in my otherwise empty 12th house. Does this degree of transit Pluto mean that the so-called “worst” experience is over? Or is it just the begining of what usually leads to the breaking point?

    My natal Pluto is in the 8th house of Libra (also the only planet there), & my natal Moon is 3 degrees Aquarius. Like many people here, I’ve gone through hell these past couple of years (mostly emotionally) & financially as well. Lost my dad 6 years ago who I was very close to (which also forced me to change careers completely because it was a family business), & recently a relationship on many levels ended with someone who I cared about for the 1st time in my life.

    I think what made (& still makes) this transit worse for me is that I have natal Saturn conjunct my descendant. Like everything in life, I don’t know what’s gonna become (and/or happen) with that aspect, but I’m starting to accept the fact that either I may never find that special someone, or not for a while. I think Pluto transiting my 12th house/ascendant made that even more difficult.

    • Hi Aelita, thank you for sharing your experience. This process (Pluto crossing your Ascendant) will take some time, and will no doubt bring up powerful opportunities to make lasting changes in your life and self-image.

      Saturn on your Descendant, depending on how close it is, might be closely involved with this process (consider a tight orb, 2 degrees or less). If this is the case, it adds even more weight to the seriousness of this change period. Since it sounds like you’ve been going through multiple grieving periods, my feeling is that it’ll be crucial for you to get support on multiple levels (mental, physical and spiritual).

      • Thank you so much Hiroki! I just looked it up once again, and wanted to clarify that my Descendant is 19 degrees Cancer, and natal Saturn is on the cusp of my 6th and 7th houses (18 degrees in the 6th house). I read that when this happens, it puts more energy into (and is considered technically) in the next house.

        I can say I did feel 6th house Saturn energies throughout my life (and in the Pluto crossing my Ascendant period) a little bit, but the 7th house energies were felt MUCH more! And yes, I’ve had terrific support from friends and family to help me through it.

        I’ve gotta say that at this point, everything seems a bit calmer (or maybe it’s because things just don’t phase me anymore now after all I’ve bern through). I don’t know if it has anything to do with Pluto crossing my Ascendant, but I’ve sadly learned to not expect much from others (especially in relationships), and that you can’t control or stop change because it’s a part of life.

        I’ll still try and continue my search for a significant other, but not as much as before, because I’ve learned not to expect much from (or rely on) others anymore. And in the end, I think I’ll be okay with being on my own.

  59. Deborah Kerr says

    Good morning from Australia.
    I have a question regarding my son who is a young 34 yrs scorpio. He has lost his way in life so i gave him the chance /opportunity to return to the nest and re establish himself and start again with the wisdom (hopefully) of the choices he has choosen to put himself through over the years. In doing this he has had to travel to the other side of Australia. In doing so his solar return has been relocated which puts pluto 2 degrees from the ascendant. Can u tell what this might entail througn to his nexts birthday 18/11/82 00.12am… i would be appreciated of your thoughts…..
    cheers deb

    • Hi Deborah, as far as I’ve seen and heard, that method of calculating solar return based on location is not valid. I don’t use solar return for future projection so cannot comment beyond that.

  60. T. Pluto entered my 12th house in 2007 when two family members joined together to steal my inheritance. They were truly hidden enemies as they conspired together and then open enemies as they brought lawsuits to destroy me. They succeeded. During this time my progressed ascendant was square my ascendant, moon, mars, mercury, sun and saturn, making for a very difficult journey. I felt like I was holding on to my chair in a very frightening horror movie. My progressed sun was and is in opposition to P. Neptune and Neptune in my 10th house, indicating the deceit and lawsuits ruining me. My progressed moon was also forming difficult aspects. I experienced a gauntlet of emotion; fear, rage, despair, loss of faith and obsessive determination to defend myself. I lost almost everything I had and could trust absolutely no one, which was unusual for me as I previously trusted everyone.

    The storm is settling and I am feeling release and acceptance. My progressed sun is forming a trine to progressed Pluto, and I have found some help and power internally and hopefully externally. I have complete acceptance that my family of origin was tragically dysfunctional. I no longer mourn the loss and I am learning to let go of what they have done to me without hatred. It was torn away from me but now I am free.

    In about two years, depending upon the exact minute of my birth, T. Pluto will cross my ascendant and be conjunct my natal moon. At this time my progressed sun is trine my progressed Pluto and progressed mars is trine progressed Jupiter with progressed Jupiter exactly sextile mars. This tells me I will be all right, no matter what happens now.

    As a result of the 12th house trauma, I have become much more outspoken and direct in my manner. I have surprised people with my determination and strength. I do not give a damn any more what anyone things of me. I just care about what I think of myself, although I remain empathetic and kind. I am fearless. I have developed a penetrating ability to decipher and portray the truth.

    • Hi Myriad, sorry to hear about such a devastating experience. Pluto transits often result in a drastic shift of worldview – I hope the coming 2 years will result in you finding a new meaning in life that strengthens you.

  61. Thanks for such an interesting article – I found this because I have Pluto pretty much exactly square my Libra Asc at the moment (17•55). I’m interested to know whether it’s common to experience other key transits simultaneously, as right now I’m also within one degree of a Saturn-Sun conjunction, a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and a Uranus-Moon conjunction…

    I really relate to the comment about shedding a skin. The biggest theme seems to be learning to claim my own power by trying to shake off the habit of making myself appear to be what others want/expect (e.g. managerial job, people pleaser), and building a life according to my own definitions (e.g. Low-stress day job plus screenwriting, setting boundaries even if it inconveniences others, putting my needs first). Also, realising that I will always be able to own my power in relationships, and that I’ve previously given that power away. It certainly feels like an intense time.

    Thanks, Lucy

    • Hi Lucy, thank you for sharing your experience with transit Pluto square Ascendant. These are powerful experiences – and yes, it often so happens that especially potent periods are marked by several strong transits. Sounds like you’re making the best of this period and finding your own power. Congratulations!

  62. Jasmina Dimitrijevic says

    I have Pluto conjunction to my ascendant nataly at 2.48 of Virgo. Currently it is trining my ascendant by transit for the next 2 years. I feel that I am changing. Just want it fast and it is b… slow….

  63. I have natal conjunctions; Jupiter 18, Pluto 22, Sun 24, Uranus 29 degrees, all in Virgo, and later this year a transit Pluto opposite Ascendant in Cancer coming up … after working through transit Pluto opposite 12th house moon in Cancer. (Natal moon conjunct Asc)
    Getting a bit tired of inner cleaning up powerful emotions now, longing for clarity … Hope for me?
    (Natal Pluto trine Neptune, sextile Sun, sextile Asc)

  64. Hi Hiroki,

    Thanks for the article. What I find annoying is people or astrologers that say those with Pluto in the 7th house (or opposite the ascendant) give away their power or are “projecting” and it’s usually those that do not have this aspect in their chart or knows what it actually feels like to have it.

    Not sure if it’s because I’m an Aries sun with Aries Mercury square Uranus, Saturn and Parallel Pluto but I do not feel this way at all. If anything, I try to tone it down because I used to feel I was too much for the average person especially during an argument.

    I’ve also tried to assess if it’s my Jupiter opposite Pluto or Mars binovile Pluto.
    Other than your article, the only other article that gets it is this:

  65. Hi Hiroki, my brother has ascendant conjunct saturn, uranus& neptune , all opposite mercury and square mars (so that’s T square). In the last few years transit pluto conjunct his ascendant and still now transiting his first house, scince then he has changed completely for worse, he had delusions that we want to poison him and he stopped going to his work, I am feeling sorry for him. I don’t know how to help him. Thanks in advance

  66. I could never get any real answers from anyone in regard to Pluto’s influence on our lives until I found your column.
    Like a lot of people, I was born with Pluto in Leo. In my case, my Ascendant is Leo and Pluto is retrograde 10 degrees in my 12th house, but most of my natal planets are retrograde. Can’t do anything about that, but at this point, as I indicated in your article about Saturn/Cronos/Father, my life has been slowly changing in a positive way because I broke the parental/emotional ‘grip’ that used to exist, long ago. I belong to me.
    Now Pluto is in Capricorn (my 5th) and will be there for a few more years, will be joined by transiting Saturn in 2020 (battle of Titans, perhaps?) and probably won’t reach the Ascendant opposition in Aquarius (6th, my Sun, Venus, Mercury, Air grand trine) until maybe 2030.
    Mercury is how you think, Venus is what you want, and Mars is how you go about getting it. I would like to think this will be reaching the goal I’ve been seeking, success as a writer and artist, after laying the groundwork for it over many years of preparation. The metaphor would be ‘hiding your light under a basket’ (preparation) and subsequently removing the ‘basket’ (public view).
    Is that a reasonably accurate expectation?
    Your analysis of these slower planetary influences is something I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Very happy to have found your column.

  67. Would Pluto trining my ascendant have a more subtle effect? I’m half way through the transit and haven’t really felt anything… but neptune is also opposing my sun at the same time..

  68. Thank you for this explanation. Pluto was exactly on my descendent in November of last year, but its retrograde motion kept it lingering in the 0-1 degree region for longer than usual. Last December, my divorce, which was years in coming, finally happened. Although both I and my ex agreed that it was for the best, since that time it has been a painful process of piecing my identity back together. Pluto will still be within 2 degrees until the end of this year.

    • Hi John, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. As both of you agreed separation would be for the best, Pluto here seems to be reflecting the necessary end (death) of the relationship. In time this will inevitably lead to the rebirth of your identity with new ways of connecting with others.

  69. Hey ,

    My name is Josmany and I have moon Pluto conjunction my ascendant and I totally agree my life has always been about finding myself and the mystery of who I am and I’ve been many different peopl at different points in my life which led to mental illness and coming out of that like as if a phoenix from the ashes renewed and brand new I am completely sane and after my father passed I gave up alcohol drugs and even went vegan and these changes continue to happen I use to change for the worse and never wield my emotions but I’ve grown to understand myself and life and my power to change and regenerate and I am so dedicated to this purpose of helping other be physically fit and well through healing arts Nutritin and exercise as well as passionate about earth clean energy and waste management technologies renewal and regeneration of earth by transforming by only myself but those around me I also even see small changes in my rhythms and customs where I was a mommas boy took a while to not be lazy and now I’m so serious about developing a powerful work ethic and not being seen as the scapegoat or the toxic one but the one who turned it around,

    Also if you have any insight I have libra rising with moon and Pluto in libra sun conjunction south nose in cancer Mercury and Jupiter conjunction in cancer 10th house Venus and Mars conjunction Leo 11th house Saturn Capricorn 4th Uranus Neptune and north node in sag in 3rd

  70. Hello,I have pluto square with my ascendant I think this give to person wars for power.Also I have pluto in 8th house trine to mars en geminis in 5th house and my mars have a sextile with sun in leo in 7th house.Pluto is in libra.I don’t know how this affects to my person.Somebody know?

  71. Thanks for your insights Hiroki. Fascinating article! I have natal Pluto in Leo at 27 degrees conjunct ASC at 18, and Jupiter at 19 degrees. When transiting Jupiter hit all three last year my career took off which transformed everything in my life for the better it seems. I’m hoping the changes will be permanent, so any insights you have would be helpful. I’ve always felt Pluto’s presence on my ASC, even though it’s a wide conjunction. Transformation is my middle name.

    • Hello there, thank you for sharing your experience! Good for you… In this case Pluto and Ascendant are a bit too far apart to be considered a conjunction, but the fact that Pluto is in 1st house makes it a prominent part of your personality. Transformation and empowerment are the positive potential of this placement.

      • Thanks for clarifying! My progressed Jupiter in Leo is now conjunct natal Pluto with a 0 degree orb. I’m wondering if this has been a factor with the positive career (and life) changes. Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  72. Hi, I have Cap. Asc. at 24 degress. I am wondering when Pluto will cross into my first house (which also includes Aquarius and Pices, it is huge and intercepted). I feel a transformation of my own making or not is coming. In my natal, Pluto is conjunct my Libra sun in the eight house. My natal moon is in Capricorn in the twelth where it opposes my natal Saturn in Cancer. I can read my natal aspects on, but I am not good at determining current aspects. By the way, what do you make of the star pattern and rectangle and is that a t-square to neptune conjuct MC?

    • Hi there, I deleted the link to your chart as this is a public form (also the link has expired).

      Pluto won’t be crossing your Ascendant until 2020, so in a big picture sense, you’re still in the phase of exploring your unconscious patterns (12th house). This is a big theme for you because of Pluto’s natal placement in the 8th house (which has similar suggestion about exploring unconscious patterns and psychic wounds.)

      Reading about individual aspects is a good start, but sooner or later you’ll need help in synthesizing the bits of measurements together into a coherent story that takes your whole chart into account. Please consider scheduling a private consultation if you’d like me to look at your horoscope in more depth.

  73. My natal Pluto is 4th house opposite Venus…but I noticed Pluto is 3 degrees from my Capricorn descendant as I write, so I’ll be experiencing Pluto opposing my Ascendant for a while. I’ve always considered myself a regular person but in the past few months I have: married an old family friend for inheritance/tax reasons; called time on my relationship of 5+ years; met a man with natal Pluto opposite his sun I’m having a secret relationship with. My ex (I haven’t made a clean break with him it’s messy though we have no physical relationship) complains he doesn’t recognise me anymore because I’ve started going to the gym and doing fitness seriously, something I NEVER would have done in the past (too self conscious and scared) but I’m loving it. I wonder if all this has something to do with Pluto…

    • Hi Holly, thank you for sharing your experience. It seems like you’re getting ready for a major identity change and empowerment (going to the gym is a good physical expression of the internal transformation taking place.)

      • Thanks to you for your time…your articles are so informative and are helping me understand issues I have suffered with my whole life…I wish more people accepted how enlightening Astrology can be. Best wishes.

  74. Would this description apply to SA ascendant conjunction Pluto as well?

    • Hi Lisa, SA ASC=Pluto could have a similar transformative feel, as identity and personal expression (Ascendant) integrates deep feelings or purpose symbolized by Pluto.

      • Hello, thank you for all of your information and time you have given to explaining different natal and transit aspects. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and wisdom for the transit I am going through now, Venus conjunction Ascendent Orb 57 Value-153…? Thank you once again! Namasté 🕉

        • Hi there, not sure what “Orb 57 value 153” means, but if you’re asking about transiting Pluto aspecting your Venus & Ascendant, it most likely reflects a time of profound emotional change involving your relationships.

  75. Thank you for your article! I am Taurus Rising opposite Pluto in Scorpio, and I think I have gone through several changes in personality and/or outlook in my life so far. Strangely, I never realized I was changing myself so drastically when it was happening — often, the changes come on so gradually that I barely notice anything has changed — that is, until I look back several years later and wonder “what happened to that version of me?” Truthfully, I think I’m a completely different person than I was just a few years ago. Your article really put it into perspective for me. Thank you.

    P.S. An earlier comment mentioned “mutual reception”. I think I might have that between my Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Taurus, but what does that mean?

    • Hi Brit, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience – glad you resonated with the article!

      Mutual reception creates a connection with the two planets involved (i.e. they may choose to “work together” in some way). It’s considered even more significant if the two planets also form an aspect.

  76. Dear Hiroki
    I learn a lot of thing about astrology in order to get deeper understanding for personalitty of myself and people around me, i have pluto scorpio conjuct ascendant, sun/venus opposition pluto, its just really bad. I had too much “heartattack” experiences, and overcoming is just easier said than done since i am a real pesimist. Taurus-Scorpio is a complicated polarity, too much conflict here in my mind. haha
    can you give me some info about pisces-virgo polarity? its my baby girl, pisces sun-virgo asc. If it’d be just the same as my experience, i should prepare from now on, she is 2 years old,
    Reading your articles gives me “enlightments”, and I do really appreciate your works.

  77. Anne Marie Logan says

    My son has Pluto conjunct is Ascendant at the moment. I have and his now ex-wife are finding it sad to see the once happy caring Libra turn into a negative confrontational person. Apart from leaving his wife and baby and then informing us he has had affairs he has also confessed to now having another relationship. He say’s he is happy but he has lost his ready smile. Pluto is also in my 7tth house opposing my Ascendant which seems to have brought up a lot of past hurt that seems to be triggered by my sons behaviour causing emotional conflict between the two of us. I have never suffered from depression but find this is taking me at times into dark places. Knowing Pluto takes so long to move on can be difficult to deal with, wonder if my son and I will have a relationship left by the end of it.

    • Hi Anne Marie, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. As Ascendant axis is the same as the Descendant axis, Pluto Ascendant transit often brings significant relationship changes (though not always as dramatic as what you’re describing for your son.) Since it sounds like you and your son’s Ascendants are opposite each other, it makes sense that this change process is affecting both of you.

      What often ends up happening is that old wounds are brought up in order to be healed, and you also discover something you needed to feel more empowered in relationships.

  78. Hi Hiroki,

    I’m not sure why there is such a dearth of information on the Descendant vs the Ascendant. It is supposed to be an axis after all. Anyway, the progressed descendant conjunct natal pluto, is that a lighter version of transit Pluto crossing the descendant in your experience? Can it signify outward events in one’s life, or is it purely internal?

    • It’s precisely because Ascendant and Descendant are on one axis that you can’t interpret Ascendant or Descendant without considering their connection with each other (DSC=Pluto and ASC=Pluto are one and the same, which has deeper implications in interpretation).

      With regard to your question, I think you’re on the right track, although sometimes even ASC=Pluto could carry significant impact (depending on Pluto’s importance in the chart.)

  79. Pluto Conjunct with ASC 0.27 degrees and Pluto Sextile MC 0.00. Now Pluto is going retrograde and both aspects will come back in 6-7 months from now? Is this related with: “While not everyone with natal or transit Pluto-Ascendant aspect will be famous, this aspect still carries much potential for rise in social status”????

    • Hi Tim, the sextile can be pretty much ignored (too mild), but the Pluto conjunction with Ascendant carries a powerful suggestion of identity transformation. I would not necessarily restrict the interpretation to fame or rise in social status – it all depends on where you’re in your life and what you’ve been up to. Please consider scheduling a personal consultation for a full analysis of upcoming transits and solar arcs.

  80. At 56 I am in the middle of a very powerful calling back to astrology after having my chart read at 20 and then not thinking very deeply about astrology for over 30 years.

    Sun Sag 11th SQUARE Pluto Virg 8th. Sat(1st)/Ven(1st)/Jup(12) in Cap CONJUNCT ASC and OPPOSITE Mars Cancer 7th

    I am wanting to explore all of my challenging aspects but keep coming back to Sun SQUARE Pluto since it is my only solar aspect and seems so powerfully operational in my makeup.

    I am teaching myself natal astrology and want to get software to cull as many charts w sun SQUARE pluto to see how this has manifested in others.

    Any suggestions on the best software for this job? I am thinking Kepler or Solar Fire but perhaps you have other suggestions.

    I enjoy your perspectives and look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Grant, there used to be a CD version of Astro Databank for Windows software, but since then it has gone online hosted by Not sure if their online version allows for this kind of research (still a great research site). If you’re a Mac user there is a software called IO Detective (by the same people that sell IO Edition) that has a collection of famous people you can use for astrological research. Good luck with your study, and let me know if you find other good sources…

  81. What I think is JUST CRAZY is that my grandaughter and I have our ascendants in direct opposition, mine at 19 degrees Aires, and hers at 19 degrees Libra. Later this year they will both be squared by transiting Pluto at exactly the same time! (and I’m not even including transiting Uranus into the mix!) Anyway, talk about becoming a “new person”. . . just when this is happening I will be petitioning to legally adopt her (I’m her legal guardian now – mom is deceased and dad in looking at a prison term, in an unrelated situation. . ) Both she, and I WILL become a “new person” – indeed! I LOVE this stuff!

    • Hi Kathe, thank you very much for commenting and sharing your experience – what a neat story! Glad to hear the happy news…As an aside, exact opposite or same Ascendant is common between family members and partners.

  82. Hello Hiroki,
    Thanks for sharing this article! Am about to experience the pluto transit again, and to be honest i am quite scared! My Pluto is opposing my Asc, and i am afraid of experiencing death of my loved ones or separating from my partner once more. From 2009 till 2015, while Pluto ‘touched’ my Moon, Mars, Saturn, N.Pluto i ve experienced a miscarriage,lost my job,had depression,separated from my fiance,went through an awfull way of living because of financial issues and had a fight with my family that lasted for many months.However i got out of this stronger and managed to settle my life again, of course not as it was before…Pluto. I am wondering what else am i going to face, now that Pluto is back again…! Thank you for your time, reading my thoughts

  83. Thanks for this article Hiroki. My Pluto is in the 7th 4 Leo opposite Aquarius rising, exact square Mercury and sextile Venus. I married twice after living with both husbands successfully for several years. Literally on the wedding night, I changed and felt uncomfortable and so did they! At the end of the mid- life crisis, transiting Pluto squared natal Pluto and I had a complete transformation, ran off with the second husband to be and ruined my reputation in the spiritual brotherhood I’d been in sixteen years. it was totally liberating as I threw off many inhibiting ways, found myself, and took up the study of Astrology. Later I became a Therapist. At 73 I’m part of a healing group, a portrait painter, and waiting for a new life to begin.

  84. Thank you, so much, for writing this post and for giving the Tony Blair and Monica Lewinski examples. Pluto had just begun to oppose Ascendant and I was panicking. From what I had previously read, I feared the next two years would be like being tied to a railroad track–knowing the train was coming and I knew, at some point, I’d be run over. If I survived, I would never be the same. But your explanation made me realize it’s more of a Phoenix rising kind of experience.

  85. Hi, great post! Just wondered, is a natal trine aspect from pluto to the ascendant as potent as you’ve described?

  86. What a fab article. Thanks for this.
    My own ascendant is at 16.06 degrees Capricorn and transiting Pluto will be crossing over into the 1st house for the very first time in 14 days (after a LONG time in the 12th).
    While this has been happening the last 2.5 years have also seen it go opposite my natal sun, opposite my natal Venus, and square my natal Pluto.
    At present I also have Uranus squaring my natal ascendant, and my progressed 2 degrees from crossing over my natal ascendant too (almost at same time as transiting Pluto).
    It’s been…a journey! ;)

  87. Hi, great article on pluto, Mines in Capricorn whilst I have a cap stellium in the first house. In the meantime it aspects my asc(square), chiron (trine) and saturn (sextile). My asc is sag w/cancer moon. Over the last 5 years I feel like Ive woke up to my intutive side and feel compelled to be the person I knew I shouldve been a long time ago and be an artist. Too many people it may seem extreme but ive never really felt I could express myself until these last 7/8 years when i decided to take it seriously. Now Im not scared of it or anyone. Im slowly starting to be content at the pace im moving and no longer worried about the people Ive had to let go in order for me to be my authentic self and build a new circle of friends that appreciate my qualities without fear and abuse.


  88. Dustin byerley says

    I really enjoy your demeanor as an astrologist. I am happy to have come across this article.

    I feel concerned as Pluto is about to cross my decendant, oppose cancer rising, square natal sun on my MC and square natal moon on the MH. All while Saturn is transiting my Natal Neptune in the 5th house AND Neptune square natal Neptune. Oh man.

    I study astrology but I am at a loss of what it may represent synthesized.

    I lost my partner, friend group and job leading up to this all forming now and feel like it’s all a bit much.

    Any thoughts or possibility of a consultation I could book?

    • Hello Dustin, it sounds like you’re going into a new life phase in a very dramatic manner, requiring you to rebuild your work and relationship structures almost from scratch. This can be an empowering or at least very meaningful period of transformation. You’re welcome to contact me for a consultation – please go to the consultation page for details.

  89. Hello Hiroki,

    I have Pluto opposed my Pisces Moon/Chiron conjunction, Pluto Moon opposed exact, zero degree orb.

    When Pluto crossed my descendant in mid-childhood, my world fell apart. My father left us to marry another woman. My mother sold our house and moved us into a tiny apartment in a dangerous, skid row neighborhood.

    I was afraid of Pluto transits to the angles once I learned about astrology. Pluto will oppose my north node in early 2017, and my ascendant in 2018. I feared the loss of my beloved partner, or something horrible as such. Now that I have read your article, I look forward to the transit.

    Thank you for the article!

    • Hi Sherry,

      Thank you for the comment! Glad you found the article helpful – Pluto does not automatically suggest death…Far more often it is a signal of important transformation about to take place.

  90. Hello…..I have natal Pluto square ascendant. I feel it has always been an incredibly fortunate aspect in my life and hopefully I will continue to experience it that way. The fortunate parts may be due to other chart aspects,,, or because Pluto trines my sun conjunct Mercury and Pluto trines my Saturn, Pluto trines my Jupiter and sextiles my Neptune. I think because of all these I am able to fuse radically different personality parts that normally wouldn’t go well together….for example organized clean freak as well as messy simultaneously, vegetarian that smokes….it appears in all parts of my personality and it always has. I may slightly lean more towards one direction than the other, but usually not…..however I think it’s shocking to others who see me from 1 side and don’t know the other side.

  91. Hi Hiroki. Thankyou=Great Article! I have a heavy Pluto transit to Asc conj Mars anytime soon. Its 3* away from Asc 16* Mars 18* Cap. Mars squares Uranus & Sun (natal),& trines Pluto & Saturn (natal) but the Uranus transit will conjunct my Sun in Aries around the same time as Pluto conj. Asc. Although im classed as a Plutonian will this go easier on me? ive read that Uranus conj Natal Sun & Pluto conj Natal Asc & Mars aint great: Can you put my mind at rest BEFORE this occours.. Phew. & Thanks in advance! ~=}

  92. Really great article, and definitely true to my experiences!

    My own Pluto journey started before it began in a sense. Back in late 2011-2012 Saturn in Libra was conjunct my Sun in the 1st house. During that time, I lost my brother to a sudden, terrible accident (my Saturn and Uranus are in the 3rd) and graduated from college.

    Soon after Saturn went on to conjunct my Pluto (in the 2nd, exactly square Mars in the 5th), while Pluto squared my Ascendant in Libra on off throughout 2013 and 2014.

    As I shifted from academia into the real world, I had to completely overhaul my identity. Being a scholar was a major part of my identity, and every aspect of my life had to be reshaped from the ground up to fit my new environment. I felt the loss of my brother much more acutely after graduation, probably because all of the familiar comforts of my old life were torn away. I had to rebuild my social circles, I even left behind a major relationship once I realized it no longer suited me. He didn’t want me to change; he was waiting for me to turn back to who I had been before.

    It was almost as if I was ‘shedding my skin’ and becoming an entirely new person. By the time I emerged though, I realized I wasn’t really new. I just unlocked who I had always been. The shock of tragedy and being foisted into a new identity caused me to ‘go back to basics’ — I realized the person I had been (or trying to be) was aspirational. Not truly me.

    In that sense the transformation, while certainly difficult, was incredibly positive and powerful. With the help of therapy and some die-hard confidants, I am now a happier, more whole person that I was before Pluto squared my Ascendant.

    • Hello Rachel,

      Thank you for sharing your experience regarding transit Pluto square Ascendant so eloquently. Everything you wrote is a beautiful corroboration of the dynamic of becoming a new person (or as you put it, unlocking who you had always been.) Much appreciated!

  93. I have natal Pluto square my Ascendant with an exact 0’00 orb. I am going through a major transformation right now. Divorce, custody issues, new relationship involving very dark passions. Friends no longer recognize me….my personality has changed so abruptly. This has been quite sudden. It sounds very much like Pluto’s influence. My Pluto is 21 Virgo in the ninth. My Ascendant is 21 Sag. The new relationship is a long distance one involving a lot of travel.

    • Hi Karen, thank you for sharing your experience with Pluto square Ascendant. Exact aspect is a big emphasis in the natal chart, so the theme of deep personal change would be important, for sure.

      • Wondering, what triggers the transformation? I don’t see any aspects to my Pluto or ascendant right now.

        • There can be many, many different transits or solar arc that could act as a trigger for a major change. But it’s not purely astrological – the environment that you’re in, and the choices you make within it, will be the main factors (in other words, a passive approach to life will rarely result in transformation.) Hence the old saying – Planets don’t make things happen, people do.

  94. Thank you so much for your focus on the empowerment-potential. My scorpio-asc (9 scorpio) are right now as progressed 1 degree from exact squaring my natal pluto (14.14 virgo 10. house) – i am anxious what it will bring?? What can I do to be prepared in the best eay for the challenge to come?? (((My natal pluto is wellaspected – it conjuncts natal uranus (10.10 virgo 10. House) and both planets trinrs mars in capricorn (15.10 3. Cusp) and sextiles asc (9.09) + neptun (17.15) in scorpio. (But i have had rough years with progressed sun and mars passing natal saturn (19.45 aqu) plus right now transit saturn squaring natal MC and i really need things to become more easy … I hope the actual transiting pluto (trine my natal pluto/conjunct natal mars) – and transit uranus conjuncts my natal moon (19.35 aries 5) will help me …. )))

    • Hello Charlotte,

      Thank you for commenting. Progressed or Solar Arc Ascendant to Pluto can be a very important period of identity transformation, similar to what is discussed in this article. This is even more emphasized in your case, since Pluto rules the Ascendant. Usually this kind of passionate energy is best focused on empowering yourself in work or in relationships – getting rid of patterns that may be holding you back.

      • Perhaps this could be the essence of the aspect in my case: I am in a period where i am thinking a lot about how i can express my self more honest – i have in my whole life been very focused on how to gain acceptance from others but feel now i never had have the courage to express my self in some areas because i am afraid of the social consequences = to feel isolated and alone. I am a journalist but have a strong urge to try to create more artistic, but havent got the courage and money – and is perhaps afraid that i can live up to my own expectations of my artistic potential. But perhaps i shouldnot be so anxious of public reactions?

        • Omg … I just found out, that I have uranus conjunct MC in my solar return for 2015/16 … will a tsunami of changes roll in, in a moment?? Luckily solar saturn is supporting with a trine …

  95. Hi Hiroki, I’m Colombian and do not master the English language but tell you my experience with Pluto… I was born on November 4, 1995 at 21:30 in Cucuta, Norte de Santander; Colombia. my life is a complete disaster, I have to Saturn transiting my house 5, Uranus conjunct the moon and square to Uranus and Neptune transit and finally Pluto in the DESC transit. I’ve been depressed about a year, taking antidepressants and a therapist … do not leave my house … do not talk to my friends … lost 20k and then got 25k … it has really been a difficult time and there will I find meaning in anything but in spite of that; I managed to see myself face to face; at first I did not understand what was happening until I discovered astrology six months ago. My only wish is that my life in a 180 ° because I feel I can not and the outlook is black.

    • Hi Roxana,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with transit Pluto opposing Ascendant (conjunct Descendant). Your experience seems a bit extreme, and probably is related to persistent patterns from your early home life. It’s encouraging to see you write “I managed to see myself face to face.” This kind of self-awareness is usually the beginning of change.

  96. All the other descriptions of these transits, are so vague and obscure.I`m glad that I found this one,which is clear and matches my own careful observations.
    I`m having a Pluto opp Asc and Pluto trine Sun at the same time,in my natal Sun opp Pluto and sextiles the Asc,on top of this Pluto trines Asc.I`m in a great need of a lesson on personal power.
    Sadly,the opposition started with the loss of my grandma who raised me.
    I`m slowly trying to pull myself together and discovering that I`m not that fragile anymore.
    The year so far was inexorable in all aspects of my life,I`m hoping that I shall emerge stronger.

    • Hello Rigel,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience with transit Pluto opposing Ascendant. In some occasion, though not very often, Pluto’s archetype (death and rebirth) can manifest literally as death of someone close to you. I’m sorry about your loss.

  97. I had my progressed Ascendant align to exact degree in conjunction with first house Pluto the month my father died in 1992.
    It was like a door had been left open to the other side when he died and I spent about 3 years in a state of mourning.
    They say Pluto takes away permanently, things no longer necessary in one’s life. I had to dig deep to find inner strength to move through that passage in time.
    My concern is now for my daughter who will be going through a similar rite of passage (so to speak) with her progressed ascendant and natal Pluto in 2018.
    I am hoping that her journey will be without permanent loss, but rather a renaissance of her true inner strength through a happier occasion. (This post sounds coincidentally similar to the archetype of Demeter and Persephone). It wasn’t intended.
    Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Rose, thank you for your comment. As you’ve experienced firsthand, progressed Ascendant conjunct Pluto suggests a time of profound personal change, a rite of passage in your case. Although Pluto can sometimes suggest literal death, usually this is not the case (sometimes it can even suggest giving birth.) It will all depend on what significant development will be taking place in your daughter’s life in 2 years.

  98. Gee, my comment is so depressed :)
    I’m not depressed kind of a person, like at all. This feeling of utter boredom and not knowing what to do with my life has only lasted for last few month but it is very intense and it’s all the time. I don’t really know where this is coming from since I’m generally quite optimistic person. It my be (it must be :)) Pluto sitting on my Ascendant :) When I said I’ve been dealing with Pluto all my life I did not mean my life sucks all the time, I meant to say I’ve been very familiar with Pluto and Pluto should be nothing new or unknown to me. But damn, I don’t know that side of it :) Yes, I do have to fight all the time for everything and things don’t come easy to me, but I’ve accepted it as part of my life and I’m not really scared of life problems anymore. It’s just for the last few month that I feel so hopeless and this feeling just won’t go away.

  99. Hi, I’ve been dealing with Pluto through all my life (Pluto square Venus and Sun) and for many years now Pluto is transiting conjunct Venus, then Sun, now it’s in conjunct Ascendant and then it will transit conjunct Mars. At this point I’ve been completely shut down, business went down to zero, I completely pulled away from social life… I do have a partner (boyfriend) that stands by me but I don’t think this will go on forever if things don’t change some time soon. Basically I don’t know what do do with my life, I’m bored to death, utterly without any idea what to do on a daily basis or on a long run. I can not seem to make any more money and no prospects on that area. That’s how it looks like :)

    • Hello Mina, without looking at your chart I can only speculate, but the question to ask might be ‘why?’ “Why are things not working in my life? What is blocking my way?” Natal Pluto square Sun often suggests strong suppression of life force, most likely due to severe early trauma. Intense transits such as Pluto conjunct Ascendant often bring opportunities to begin the path of healing – but it is ultimately your decision whether to choose this path or not.

  100. I was born with Pluto and Uranus on the Ascendant. It has been no joy ride.
    I think the Pluto causes physical assaults upon my physical being due to the Mars influences. However, it makes me very intense in thought.
    I seem to have some radar to reading people and I know this will sound nuts but , I have read peoples thoughts. With Uranus in the Pluto Asc conjunction I have always had serious flashes of things to come, I could go on I was looking for some of your thoughts on , Pluto conjuct asc , thank you and good day Angela

    • Hello Angela,

      Thank you for illustrating your experience with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction on your Ascendant. Some say this kind of tension in Ascendant suggests a difficult birth circumstance that may affect their subconscious later on.

  101. I think this is the most helpful insight into this aspect i’ve found online.

    I have a natal 10th house Pluto tightly square Capricorn A.C
    I also have Facies exactly conjunct A.C
    Two years ago i had transiting Pluto exactly conjunct A.C & square natal Pluto

    This triggered all hell to break loose in my life & has certainly triggered deep transformation in every direction! It was like being in a war zone. I lost my home, millions in assets overnight, experienced corruption & violence by authorities & was misrepresented in the media & both my lover & my much loved brother were killed….in exchange i’ve got a lot more trusting of myself on a spiritual level & more perceptive of how the world works on subtle levels….

    I also have natal Uranus & Mercury exactly sextile A.C so this may be interacting with the above in my chart, but i do hold Pluto responsible for most of the carnage i’ve recently experienced :)

    Many thanks for the insight Hiroki!

    • Hello nav,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Sounds like you’ve experienced Pluto square Ascendant in a most intense and dramatic way possible. Those Plutonian experience (death and violence) triggered a transformation on a deep spiritual level. Thank you for sharing a vivid example.

  102. Transit: Pluto opposite Ascendant, can this mean to move away from the traits you are usually known by from your ascendant sign – and instead towards other signs/aspects in your natal chart? Or can it mean really embracing and show yourself to the world with the ultimate ‘best’ of your ascendant sign?

    • Hi Ann,

      Interesting question…Transit Pluto opposite Ascendant gives an opportunity to show the world a new identity, perhaps in a more empowered way. This is not limited to the expression of your Ascendant sign – rather, your entire horoscope including your Sun, Moon and other planets can be expressed better as you become more centered within yourself. So I suggest looking at the transit from that perspective rather than just the Ascendant sign’s expression.



    • Hello Sarrah,

      With progressed Ascendant squaring Pluto you might experience a similar sense of empowerment, though perhaps not as dramatic as Pluto transiting the Ascendant. It seems like you still have a few years for the measurement to become exact.

  104. I am always pleased to receive an email from you as your clear and informed manner always rings true. I was wondering why you did not mention a trine aspect from Pluto to the ascendant? I had forgotten, until reading this post, that I have it natally from the 5th H. Thank you Hiroki

    • Hi Carol,

      Thank you for your comment. Good question!

      Pluto trine ascendant suggests a latent potential for empowerment and depth – in general, we pay attention to hard aspects because they lead to tension and change. Trines are stable and thus more resistant to change.

      • I have Pluto (9th house, in Sagittarius) trine my Aquarius Ascendant. In the last 2 years, I’ve completely changed my personality and career–from scientific researcher to sales and marketing. My family and friends don’t understand/ support this side of me.
        You did say trines were more stable, does that mean Pluto trine Ascendant doesn’t have the same chance of upward social mobility?

        • Hi Holly,

          Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience! Trines are definitely more stable, and Pluto trine Ascendant can add some stable depth to your personality (hence the “researcher” persona.) Career success (upward social mobility, as you say) depends on many other factors, generally stemming from your Midheaven and often involving your Moon.

          You may want to see Pluto trine Ascendant as a personal resource (the kind that lets you research and get to the bottom of things – a useful trait for anyone seeking a mastery of any career) which serves you whether you’re in research or sales.

  105. I have my SP Asc that will conjunct my natal Pluto in Libra at 1 deg next year. My SP MC/IC will square my natal Pluto in Libra also. I’m currently having my first and only extramarital affair? Will my marriage be transformed or will I possibly divorce?

  106. Great post Hiroki. I have an exact conjunction of Pluto on the ascendant in my natal chart, and anything about Pluto interests me. You hit the nail on the head

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for commenting!

    • I have pluto natally conjunct 1degree past asc. My sonhas 1 degree conjunct the other direction. I emphasis the intensity of power issues that took place as he became a young man resistant to my power and sensitive to my reactions of powerlessness. He had to move out before he turned 15.I have chiron in the seventh . Oddly enough I feel I am attacked as transiting chiron danced across my descendant these past long years.. Natal pluto squares natal mars. Many sudden injuries accidents,and illness.( I think that’s eighth house matters). When chiron moved onto exact opposition to natal plutos I was attacked by a rooster puncture wound.. A year later , again, chiron on descendant exact natal oppostion- I was attack by a dog . Pluto virgo . trin moon taurus in eight conjunct saturn and mercury. ( sun sign gemini) in the ninth.
      My son had to move out before he destroyed me.

  107. Bonnie sayers says

    My Pluto is at 3 Virgo in 12th with Virgo rising at 4. Just had transiting Saturn sq ASc and now Pluto. Also transiting Pluto sq my Aries 8 H sun. My Chiron is at 0 and Mars at 1 in 6 house Pisces. I hope when Jupiter arrives this summer it is good news. Saturn caused severe breakout on face with eczema.

    • Hello Bonnie,

      Thank you for commenting. How have you experienced the transformational potential of natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant over the course of your life?

      Transiting Saturn square Ascendant could suggest health issues for sure. With Pluto in the mix, the cause might have to do with being under heavy stress due to work or other emotional burdens in your life.

  108. Hi Hiroki,

    Great post, as all of your posts are.

    I have transiting Pluto square my natal Sun in Aries, opposite Ascendant in Libra; with Neptune conjunct Ascendant. The April 4th Lunar eclipse was on my birthday at the 15 degree point, almost trine Jupiter which is transiting my natal Pluto in the 10th house in Leo. . . Lots happening right now–a new persona after the eclipse, indeed! And now it is all hitting me with the New Moon.

  109. oh yeah, big time! i have been told that i have Pluto
    at 0 deg Libra, and Aries rising.

    and i have utterly transformed, on the outside.
    lots of disappointment, heartbreak and setbacks
    in a puzzling cycle that has been going on since
    1992, necessitated my getting involved in Cognitive
    Behavioural Therapy. and basically: i have learned to
    completely stand up to bullies without compromise.
    my outer persona has changed. people who once
    bullied me are sort of annoyed because it can’t work anymore.
    wish me luck! and odd that your article mentions what’s in my
    chart since i just joined your nailing list before the Lunar eclipse of 4/4.
    really nice, i appreciate reading your articles.

    do you see mutual reception? i do.

    • Hi Marques,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience of natal Pluto opposite Ascendant. Good for you regarding the empowering change, to stand up for yourself!

      Regarding your question, Mutual reception happens between two planets occupying each other’s signs, so it won’t involve an Ascendant. If your Venus is in Scorpio, that’s mutual reception with Pluto in Libra.

    • Hello Hiroki,
      My solar arc Pluto has been within 0 degrees to my n-ASC/Libra most of last year. It won’t truly separate from this position until about November 2016. All that has happened so far is that I have gained much weight. When s.a. Pluto, located natally 3 degrees from my natal eleventh house in early Virgo, enters my first house which is mostly Scorpio will I find it easier to loose the extra weight? (I used to be very slender). What can I expect as s.a. Pluto transits my first house mostly in Scorpio? Thanks, Carol p.s. — I was expecting more from this transit, maybe I should be relieved.

      • Hi Carol, typically weight gain is a response to fear, an unconscious attempt to feel safe. Pluto transit or solar arc can stir up a lot of deep emotions that have been suppressed for a long time, and overeating could be a way to try to literally stuff painful emotions down. From this perspective, it may be necessary to embrace and release the underlying feelings before the weight drops. Please consider scheduling a private consultation to discuss things in more depth.

    • Wow, amazing. I have an exact opposition between Pluto and my ascendant in Aries and that has also been the story of my life.

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