Planets and Positive Emotions

Positive Emotions
When functioning normally, each planet in your horoscope helps to generate a certain set of positive emotions.  Here is a simple table to show you some of the positive emotions associated with each planet.

Planet Positive Emotions Generated By the Planet
Sun Pride, Self expression
Moon Satisfaction of Core Emotional Needs (sign-dependent)
Mercury Curiosity
Venus Pleasure, Harmony, Peace
Mars Vigor
Jupiter Hope for Reward
Saturn Control
Uranus Innovation, Authenticity
Neptune Wonder, Inspiration
Pluto Regeneration, Empowerment


Isn’t it interesting that missing even one of these planetary functions could generate feelings of unhappiness?  Consider a few scenarios:

  • Lack of healthy Mars (vigor) function means lethargy – it’s difficult to get up in the morning.
  • Jupiter’s “Hope for Reward” equals a “vision of a better future.”  If your Jupiter function isn’t working well, you might start believing that nothing better will happen in the future, and become depressed.
  • Without Saturn’s sense of necessary control, you may end up feeling victimized by life, unable to focus yourself enough to accomplish meaningful goals.
  • When Neptune is ignored, you turn your back on your dreams and inspiration.  You may end up with the sense of quiet desperation, asking yourself “Is this all there is to life?”
  • Without Pluto, you may become weighed down by burden of your past, unable to renew yourself through catharsis and elimination of toxic emotional residues.

Heavy Aspect Tension Signals Challenges to Overcome

Nothing in a horoscope can prevent a planet to function well and generate positive emotions.  However, a presence of heavy developmental tension (i.e. hard aspect by Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) often suggests that a challenge has to be overcome before the planets involved can begin to function well.

Peregrine Planet Tends to Become Hyperactive

If a planet is peregrine (i.e. unaspected by another planet by a major aspect), its function may go into overdrive and turn excessive.  Example: Mercury peregrine could make the mind work overtime, so much so that it tends toward excessive analysis or criticism instead of (or, in addition to) generating positive emotions of curiosity.

Retrograde Planet May Require Special Effort

When a planet is retrograde, straightforward expression tends to become challenging.  You may need to make a conscious effort in order to tap into the positive emotions associated with the planet. Example: Someone with Jupiter retrograde may have to consciously cultivate a positive vision of the future in order to maintain a positive attitude.

In Closing: Horoscope as a Diagnostic Tool for Emotional Well Being

Looking at the table above, do you feel a lack of certain positive emotion?  Your natal chart may hold a clue as to why that emotion may be difficult for you to experience naturally.

If there is a heavy tension placed upon a natal planet by transiting Saturn or an outer planet, check to see if feeling the positive emotions associated with that planet suddenly became difficult (or somehow different) during the transit.

If you become aware of a blockage, you may be able to activate the missing positive emotion through conscious effort.  Examples: Mars can be invigorated through exercise; Jupiter can be lifted up through gratitude and faith.

Looking at your horoscope this way, astrology can be used as a real-time diagnostic tool for your emotional well-being.


photo: Werner Kunz

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  1. p.s. your site is great. really great.

  2. Hi Hiroki,
    If i feel to lack each. Which should I start with?
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  3. Great article as usual.
    yet it would be interesting if you could elaborate more on thechniques how one could overcome/activate missing components per planet (you gave examples on mars and jupiter)
    e.g. in upcoming three years I will need to go through Pluto Sq Pluto, Pluto opposition nat Sun, Neptune conj MC along with some ifnusion of Pluto trine Asc… challenging, yet very interesting period.
    Last year I have finished 17 year relationship (marriage ) with my abusive ex husband (heavy both emotional and physical), I hope this period would finalize my healing and personality development .. I hope it should not be as challenging as my past relationship! :)
    anyhow, your articles are amazing source of inspiration, thanks for that!!

  4. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you could answer this question,
    Can I take my astrology readings and go and create my dream live with free will or is the future pre ordained?
    Is the future set in stone or can we create any life we want??
    Thanks if you can answer this

    • The main tenet of modern, humanistic astrology is “Planets don’t do anything, people do” – so the answer is no, the future is not set in stone. We can consider planetary measurements to be signals of possible change, but whether to act on it or not is up to the individual. Can we create any life we want? I think yes, if you’re willing to be responsible for acting to make things happen.

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