Outer Planet Transits and What They Mean to You

contemplating eternity under massive skyUranus-Pluto Transiting Square 2011-2016

In Spring of 2011, Uranus and Pluto came within orb of transiting square in the beginning of Cardinal signs, and they will continue to move in lockstep, squaring each other until 2016.  Collectively, this reflects massive potential for change and upheaval – some of which we’ve already seen in the Middle East.  Individually, this dual transit is/will be making a hard aspect to all of our planets and points located within the first half of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.)

Neptune in Pisces 2011-2025

Elsewhere, Neptune has moved into its own sign Pisces in 2011, and will be powerfully impacting our planets in the beginning of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.)

All three planets (including Pluto, which is technically no longer a planet but still important) invite profound change of the status quo which was defined by Saturn.  In this article we’ll take a look at the significance of each outer planet transit to your horoscope.

Outer Planets Challenge Existing Order

Transits and solar arc of Saturn tend to build upon the existing order through developments like promotions and additional responsibility within our current career.  On the other hand, the outer planet transits or solar arc often involve a fundamental shift in your attitude, vision and perspective about why you do what you do.

Uranus: Intensification of Individuality

On an external level, Uranus transits are often associated with sudden, unexpected changes that overturns the status quo. On an internal level, this period frequently coincides with awakening or intensification of your individuality.  It might mean that you begin to feel very strongly about what makes you feel more alive, authentic, and true to your self.  If your existing circumstance – your job, relationship, etc – somehow does not allow you to express your new sense of self, there will be a strong urge to make definite changes.

Just like letting go of old clothes that do not feel “right” for you anymore, outworn beliefs, habits and lifestyles need to be released in order for you to regain a sense of excitement and discovery.  A business owner may choose to sell his business because he is ready for a new venture.  A corporate professional might decide to make her lifelong love of astrology into a full time profession.  A therapist may choose to close his practice and join Peace Corps for a couple of years.  The shift of life direction that occurs during Uranus transits may shock and surprise everyone around you, but it would feel right for you – which is the whole point.

Neptune: Creative Visualization

Neptune transit or solar arc can be difficult for type-A personalities that thrive from constant goal setting and achievement.  Neptune making hard aspects to the Sun or the Angles carries a danger of “ego wipeout,” sometimes a frustrating period of confusion, aloneness and defeat.  If this has been your experience with Neptune, perhaps it’s a message from the universe saying that you need a new vision.  Perhaps you’ve been working hard for the last 10, 20 years, climbing the ladder of success only to find that the ladder was leaning on a wrong wall – there is no longer any excitement or joy in what you do.

It could be that this time period is meant for imagining and dreaming in order to renew your vision for the future.

It’s no coincidence that artists and creative professionals tend to be deeply inspired by Neptune transit – for they realize that keeping a rich vision of what they’d like to create is crucial to their success.  Even if you’re not in an artistic profession, during Neptune transit you may benefit from sitting down and daydreaming a little about what you’d like to have and create for yourself, and what kind of person you’d like to be in the next 5 years.  This time period is about sharpening and clarifying the vision for your life.

Pluto: Changing Perspective

Pluto is the symbol of life perspective, transformation and empowerment.  Our perspective governs our reasons for living – it holds the answer to why we do what we do.  Pluto’s transit or solar arc to the Sun, Moon or Angles can be a period when your life perspectives are dramatically altered, so as to shift the course of your entire life.  For introspective people this could be the time to question – and find – the meaning of life.  For many people, this can be a highly emotional period where you acquire new convictions and feel empowered to act them out.

Pluto tends to empower whatever it touches, so the planet aspected by the transit or solar arc could experience a powerful shift in its expression: I acquired a second language when solar arc Pluto conjoined my Mercury (empowered communication).  Pluto’s contact to Venus might bring a lot of emotion and drama to the relationships.  Pluto contacting Mars may suggest brutal effort to accomplish goals.  Pluto-Jupiter contact can increase gains and reward potential.  Pluto-Saturn contact could suggest extremely heavy responsibility or obstacle.

Conclusion: Working with Outer Planets

While Saturn’s boundary creates stability and safety within its routines, it can also become a prison that puts many people to living a life of resignation, without any hopes or dreams to excite and invigorate their daily lives.  We need the outer planets to tear down Saturn’s walls of dead routines from time to time, so that we may begin to discover our potentials once again.

The time that is upon us is anything but routine – both collectively and individually.  This is the time to embrace the intense change that the outer planets are promising.

Are your natal planets already being affected by the ongoing Uranus-Pluto transit? How are you experiencing its effect?  How about Neptune?   Please feel free to email me or comment below to share your experience.


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  1. I find hard Neptune transits as challenging as Pluto. Whilst I have personally become more aware of creativity under Neptune I have also witnessed the illusion and confusion of the planet in transit and progression. Natally Neptune is in my 3rd house Scorpio. Chiron trines it in natal and that is the only aspect to it. Neptune’s is currently transiting the seventh house Pisces and is currently trining neptune. I have apparently had hits in progressions. My progressed Neptune is in the third. The aspects between progressions are Neptune opposite mercury 8th house (I’ve felt that) and Neptune opposite mars 8th house). Apparently it either is or about to conjunct sun 8th house. I have no idea what the latter two are going to weild but I suspect it will be challenging. It won’t be lonely however, as I’m due for progressed Pluto 11th house to conjunct sun next year (lucky me). I currently have some very nice transits occurring at present but assume the ones above are drowning those. I am currently studying progressions so I can understand them more.

  2. I’m on the verge of Pluto starting to move across my natal Sun… an influence that will continue for the next couple of years.
    As I have the MC in Leo, I’m assuming that this will mean issues to do with my career, and how I see my career. Not sure if it means changing careers, or changing how I do my work.
    To make it more profound I have Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter & Chiron all making various transits to my sun in the next year, plus 1 or 2 transits to my MC… and just before all of this ends (at the end of next year) I have Jupiter entering my 10th House – which I guess is a burst of energy towards the new development in this area in my life.
    I feel a bit nervous about it all – just because it’s the unknown. But also because I’m not someone who enjoys conflict, and going on what was happening in 2012, I can see there’s huge potential for situations to get bad enough in 2013 that I’ll be involved in conflicts at work – all because of the ‘principle’ of the matter, or over the philosophy of my work-place and new management taking a different road of thinking.

  3. Right now I have Uranus conjunction my 10th house North Node with a 1 degree orb. Pluto is exactly conjunct my DC, conjunct my 6th house Neptune (4 degree orb). Topping things off is the Saturn-Pluto mutual reception with Saturn conjunct my 5th house Pluto (2 degree orb).

    What have I been seeing?

    I’ve had extra time with the square hanging out over my North Node and DC for months thanks to retrogrades and their slow orbits. My Path, my Partner… unexpected eruptions of chaotic psychological… s#!t, and vibration-raising mind-expanding explosive kundalini awakening.

    With Saturn in there hanging out with my natal 5th house Pluto and plugging the entire configuration into my inner planet Leo stellium… Creating a stable form of self-expression which incorporates service, vocation, and life path has been looming large. Negotiating the ‘how’ of aligning my partnership and career with my life path and soul purpose has completely consumed me since 2010.

    So far I’ve moved across the continent, ended a marriage, begun a (very serious) new relationship, and have finally started my own astrology practice after almost 2 years of urging from my friends.

    The thing I find most interesting is that the Uranus-Pluto square will end right around the time I move into my Saturn return.

    Here’s to hoping this is an invitation from the Universe for a head-start…

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