On Uranus Archetype: Part 2 – Significance of Transit or Solar Arc Uranus

Being in touch with the Uranus archetype (the Wild Man/Woman discussed in part 1) means you’re true to what makes you happy, and is able to choose a lifestyle (e.g. vocation, hobby, relationship, spiritual practice) that uniquely fulfills you, no matter how “different” it may make you from others around you.

During important Uranus transits, you may realize that you are not being fulfilled – perhaps even bored – within the current life direction you’ve chosen. This means it’s time to question your values and motives – is “playing safe” and “not rocking the boat” suppressing your creative spirit? What’s to stop you from pursuing a new course of action?

Significance of Transit or Solar Arc Uranus
Often we may choose to suppress the part of ourselves that don’t fit in, simply because it’s often the wise & necessary thing to do in order to keep the career or the marriage going. But there may come a time when the cost of suppression becomes too great, and trying to conform may damage the integrity of your soul.

Such turning points come several times in everyone’s life (consider Uranus’ transit or Solar arc to the Angles, or the Uranus’ transit opposition to its natal place that happens when we’re about 42 years old.) During such times, you would definitely want to consider taking extra time and space to be by yourself, questioning your values and reexamine what is meaningful and important.

If the Uranus transit involves a relationship (e.g. transit to Ascendant-Descendant axis, Venus and/or the 7th house ruler), this suggests that a time of testing for the relationship has arrived – you may need to have the courage to pursue what feels important to you without necessarily having the approval/involvement of someone close to you. In some cases your partner will be the one that can encourage you to take the plunge into the new direction. Either way, a new element will be introduced into your current relationship.

If the Uranus transit involves a career (MidheavenIC axis, 6th or 10th house ruler), you may need to consider the possibility of a vocational development that is more in line with your true interest/passion – is your current job merely a result of conforming to other people’s expectation (i.e. paying bills and supporting a family)? Could the transit be suggesting that you’re actually in a position to be able to pursue the work you really love?

A few more Uranus transits to serve as examples:

  • Uranus transit within Ascendant (1st house) and its ruler helps us to ask the question “who am I and where am I going?” Odds are that by the time the transit is over, our answer will be different from before.
  • Uranus transit to Venus or 2nd house (and its ruler) brings up the question “How valuable am I?” Usually financially and socially. There is going to be an intensified drive to prove (and confirm to oneself) one’s unique value through relationships, work or hobbies.
  • Uranus transit to Mercury or 3rd house (and its ruler) may require that we switch our mental gear and seek out new, stimulating information that energizes us (traditionally this transit is also associated with “sudden travel plans,” which may have the same effect of stimulating our mind.)

In this way, you’ll have opportunities to update or reprogram the areas of your life touched by the transit/Solar arc of Uranus. Sometimes a person or a group will come into your life that help you to go into the new direction. For me, last year’s Uranus transit over my Ascendant changed everything through bringing me into new responsibilities, social contacts, and long term goals – and I had several mentors who played a very important part in making the transition.

During 2010 Uranus will be in late degrees of Pisces, except when it starts to go into 00-01 degree of Aries between May-July. If you have pertinent examples or a story regarding a key Uranus transit in your life, please feel free to share through emails or comments.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I just noticed my solar arc Uranus is exactly opposite my natal Aries sun

  2. Diana shaw says

    I was playing around with the astrology connected with my son’s wedding date. He’s Uranian, born with Uranus in Sag on the Ascendant, and this year, tr. Uranus will be squaring his early Leo Sun. So, I’ve had a little maternal astro-anxiety. I did a solar arc chart for my son on his planned wedding date. Solar arc Uranus is exactly, literally to the minute, conjunct his Solar arc Ascendant. My next step was to google ‘solar arc Ascendant conjunct Uranus’. Imagine my surprise when your excellent article popped up. So, first, thank you for writing this article which has proved important to me. Your words reminded me that the way people see my son will suddenly change from ‘single’ to ‘married’. There is still a tiny, overly dramatic fear in the back of my mind that he’ll suddenly change his mind (not really like him with regard to this so far stable relationship, but Uranus is weird). But, thanks to your wise words I’m more comfortable with the idea of radical change coming into my son’s life as a result of his relationship, even though they have been together for a few years. And, this example really confirms points raised in your article.

  3. Hi there Hiroki,

    Solar arc Uranus is 8 minutes away from my natal moon. Moon is the ruler of my 7th house and Uranus 2nd house falling on the cusp of the 11th house. Does this mean an unexpected happening please.

    Many thanks

  4. Hello Hiroki, I loved this article- I have a Uranus transit coming, crossing my MC (opposition, naturally) with Aries in the 10th house and Chiron less than 1 degree from the MC. I was told this will be a shock surrounding a parent & im worried about it. Could it also be interpreted, from what I’ve read here, as a new career or business? Is this sort of positioning ever positive? Thank you-

  5. Hiroki,
    Thanks for the article, wonderfully insightful ! Does Solar Arc Ascendant conjunct natal Uranus work the same way? Or does this bring on a different result.
    Thanks !

    • Hi Claire, it could for sure, but solar arc ASC = Uranus may manifest more as outward action and events more than psychological development. You could, however, perform such actions with the same intention.

  6. Hiroki,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer, I really appreciate your time
    Many thanks,

  7. Hi Hiroki

    On my wedding day I have Uranus transiting exactly opposite my sun/moon midpoint. How could that manifest?


  8. I have natal Venus at 17 aries and Jupiter at 19 degrees in the fourth. Currently my solar arc Saturn is at the midpoint between these two natal placements. To my question, transiting Uranus is conjunct this area and specifically approaching the SA Saturn. I can’t find anything on the internet about this kind of aspect so thought to ask what you might expect to happen. Thoughts?

    • 17 and 19 Cardinal definitely are important areas due to the Uranus transit this year – intensification of love desires (Venus) and maybe thoughts on success and expansion (Jupiter).

      Regarding the last one you mention, I personally do not count transit to the SA planets (too meta).

      • Thank you Hiroki! I’m glad to hear your opinion on the transit to the SA – much appreciated!! And yes thus far the Uranian transit to Venus has brought an extraordinary love in to my life! Very surprising to say the least. Looking forward to what the Jupiter part in all this may soon bring.

  9. Curios cat says

    I will have Uranus trine my ascendant (solar arc) to 1st house. Do you think this could manifest as change in relationship? Divorce?

  10. Sue Messinger says

    I just found your site. Although I have studied astrology as a hobby for 20 years I never have trusted myself to interpret my own chart. When I read that Uranus was at 0 deg Aries May 2010 a lightbulb went off in my head. I had retired after 32 years as a nurse, had spent the past 2 years in extreme anxiety because I was going to lose my house which was worth less than half what I paid. I didn’t know the next step but knew that I could not spend 60% of my pension to keep my house. I felt so trapped. Then one day like a flash, I realized I had to let it go – to surrender, to stop resisting the obvious trajectory of my life. This completely changed what had previously brought me security. Security became more interior, a sense of inner security – a faith that all could be lost but that I would be ok. I lost my house, traveled around the country for a year, living with friends. It was also during this time that I realized my true security comes from close association with friends not material things. Uranus was in my 12 th house.

  11. Wonderful article. When Uranus transitted my 6th House, for those seven years, I left the acting profession with it’s myriad of odd other money jobs and took a full time job as a meeting planner for a conservative organization. Although that would seem to be very non-Uranian move, it was a big departure from how I was used to pursuing my daily work.

  12. Hello Hiroki,

    Last year, my progressed MC conj. my natal UR, and I found a new position (after a long period of unemployment). I am have another aspect of SA MC to conjunct my progressed UR coming up within a week, or so, as well as SA UR conjunct my ASC in about one month. From what I have read, my career front will be quite active…I am in the process (and have been for 5 months) of beginning a side business beginning next week which seems to correspond with the MC conjunct UR. However, I am interested to see how it all play out with my SA UR conjunct ASC. I am a Cancer with Scorpio Ascendant, but I must say that I am looking foward to the changes, after a long period of stagnation. :-)

    Thank you for your article.


  13. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Natasha,

    Thank you for sharing your example! It's impressive to hear how you were able to make bold decisions to change your life direction at the right times. Looks like the Uranus archetype is alive and well in your psyche!

    Much appreciated,

  14. very interesting – when uranus transited – by way of a retrograde cycle – my natal mercury, I left farmlife and went to live in a major city and worked as an animator – so, my new age dream took another route. Then, when Uranus transited my natal Venus, I left full-time employment and worked freelance which was far more lucrative and far less stressfull. Now Uranus is heading towards an opposition to its 2nd house natal position and so I shall apply the knowledge you share and so include its lessons on my journey. Thank you

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