On Uranus Archetype: Part 1 – Wildness of the Soul

Every person deals with the world in a skewed way, only we each do so a little differently – many of us learned to be good at hiding our own particular quirks early on (since the alternative meant risking rejection from others.) But underneath, we’re still a little bit weird (or unique.) In astrology, Uranus is the symbol of that quirk.

If you ever feel less than excited about your own potential, consider where Uranus is emphasized in your natal chart through house rulership, placement and aspects: chances are that you will find plenty of energy there, just waiting to be released from our self-created constraints.

A Few Images for Uranus Archetype
In the language of archetypes, Uranus is the Wild Man (Woman), or Mad Scientist, or the Rebel of the psyche: this part of us is ferociously independent, doesn’t care about people’s opinions, let alone rules and regulations. It wants space to be itself, and likes to follow its own path into the woods, into the trails less traveled.

Understandably, the Wild Man elicits fear from the more civilized part of our being – God knows what’ll happen if we let it out at work! What would happen if we let the Mad Scientist out in a business conference?* Can the manager let their inner Rebel run the show?

There is a good chance that the Uranian energy will not be welcomed in a peaceful and orderly environment, where we’re doing business as usual. So often we just exile this part of ourselves, and choose to be more or less like everyone else (follow the news, talk about investments, economy, politics etc.)

Uranus in a Natal Chart
Like other outer planets, Uranus must be somehow integrated into the overall expression of the psyche before we can experience its intensity in a healthy manner. Because this part of us always likes to “push the envelope” of what’s possible, there is a fresh energy to be had each time we visit it, if we’re able to release the conformist fear that says “this may be too weird, what will people think of me?” etc.

Consider the following:

  • Uranus aspect to the Sun brings the issue regarding conformity to the center stage of our consciousness. There is an acute awareness of our difference from others – often this difference marks the existence of some challenges as well as gifts.
  • Libra is more or less about conforming (and being popular among other conformists.) If your Libra and/or Venus is involved with Uranus, the challenge is to step out of the conformity in a graceful manner.
  • Mars or Aries is more or less about doing one’s own thing – when combined with Uranus, the intensity of ego’s pursuit can be a bit too much for others – it’s like Wild Man with spears – of course others will feel threatened. How/where do you direct such temperamental energy?
  • Uranus in Angular (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) houses suggests active, visible utilization of our unique energy by the personality – making the person unforgettable in some way to others (some examples: 1st house – because of the way I look, act and speak; 4th house – because of my parents; 7th house – because of who I’m in relationship with; 10th – because of what I do for a living.)
  • Uranus in hard aspect to Saturn means at some point, Saturn will need to let Uranus out of jail – meaning that new modes of thinking, talking/behaving must be cultivated in the area represented by these two planets. Noel Tyl calls this aspect “clash between the old and the new.”
  • Uranus in or ruling the 12th house suggests that this archetype either acts up in self-defeating ways (e.g. through rebellion and indifference to others), or you’ve banished it into the far corners of your psyche, thereby losing touch with it completely.

No matter where you find it in your horoscope, this archetype will be highly charged, ready to give us energy and direction if we’ll suspend our fear of rejection long enough. If you relate to your natal Uranus placement, please feel free to share your story/experience through emails or comments.

In the next part we’ll discuss Uranus transits and ways to be in touch with the Wild Man.

*Actually it could turn out to be wonderful. Like Hans Rosling (not to say he’s a mad scientist, but we can feel similar intensity and genius when he talks.)

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  1. Uranus is in Leo in 10th house in my natal chart, trine Saturn in Sagittarius in 2nd house. I’ve ended up doing compliance type work such as quality management, health & safety management, regulatory compliance, etc but pretty much always with a creative approach that differs from the mainstream. With most of my personal planets in Virgo, I find I’m always looking for ways to make things easier and more efficient. I also like to find out what the organisation needs / wants (Libra Sun & Ascendant) and develop and approach that fits most naturally with the organisation but also meets regulatory requirements – kind of like being the bridge between them….. It’s sometimes challenging for me because I don’t quite ‘fit in’ with others in similar roles…..

  2. Hi , My Sun is in Libra in a stellium with Uranus and Venus opposite Aries Moon and trine Mars in Aquarius and what you say about stepping out of conformity gracefully rings true. Currently have transiting Uranus conjuncting my natal Moon/ opposing natal Mercury and sextiling natal Saturn and definately feel myself breaking free of a lot of habits and patterning around relationships and needing a lot of s p a c e and freedom while challenging myself to stick things out instead of running away. Also am really wanting to break free of my own limitations around my life’s potential– very frustrating! (Transiting Pluto conj Sun/Moon midpoint is adding to the mix as well)

    Thanks for your interesting blog

  3. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thank you Antonio!

    Have a great holiday season & the new year…

    Warm regards,

  4. António Rosa says

    Happy holidays and best wishes for 2010!



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