On Karmic Astrology and the Story of Your Past Life

Someone asked about karmic astrology:

Q: “Can you find out who you were immediately before this life by the natal chart? And where do you look for clues?”

A: Here I will share the common theory. Most astrologers use the Nodal axis to consider the past life information – they say South Node has to do with your past life: its condition, and the resources and challenges you bring from the past; and that North Node has to do with the future direction your soul needs to take in order to continue your spiritual development.

Take South Node conjunct Mars for example: In thinking of a past life metaphor, one way to say it is “you were involved in a war or violence of some kind in the past life (especially if the Mars is stressed) – you carry the sense of fighting spirit, which makes you a strong leader [a resource from the past.] But at the same time, you’ve forgotten how to relax and trust other people (if the chart also has 7th house tension), because you’ve been conditioned to fight, and are not used to peace.”
That’s a workable metaphor, and it may give another way to think about the relationship problem this person has. It could be potentially empowering, if the person is open to imagining such scenario.

Another example: I’ve heard astrologer Robert Blaschke say that his South Node is conjunct Uranus, and it meant that he was an astrologer (Uranus) in the past life – obviously that interpretation works for him, because of his vocation as an astrologer. For others with the same measurement, perhaps we can say “you were a maverick in your past life, who rebelled against tradition. You still carry that sense of independent thought and a tendency to be a loner (especially if other measurements support this.) We may want to see if this is getting you into trouble this time around.”

Astrologers will want to make sure that the interpretation about the Nodal axis fits well with what the rest of the chart is suggesting – this way we won’t be too far away from the truth, even if we can never really verify the actual experience of our past lives.

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  1. Jupiter conjunct south node in Sagitarrius. Possibly a metaphysical teacher in past life. Definitely have a tendency to lecture in current life (much to the annoyance of the recipient).

  2. Hi Hiroki!
    Thanks so much for your article. Do you think a South Node conjunct Sun in 8th house Leo would have similar implications?

  3. Dear Hiroki,

    Thank you for all your insights.
    I have been studying astrology on my own for the last 8 years.
    Yes, it is not so easy to see oneself thru the chart at times, distance seems to lack, so as to see clearly the reality as it is.
    I had written a post on this question on your site without remembering where.
    This explains why I am coming back to it.
    I still do not grasp the meaning of Venus conjuncting my south node cancer in 10th house.
    Venus rules my 2nd and 9th houses.
    Could that possibly mean that I should turn my back on being able to earn money as a living or seek to live a harmonious relationship with a man?
    I am trying to see with greater accuracy what ought to be my priority as to honoring my north node’s purpose.
    In the near future, I am hoping to have gathered the finances to ask you for a reading.
    I am feeling connected to your way of using astrology in revealing the soul’s journey.
    Thank you for remembering us the essential, our connection to life no matter what our chart looks like.

  4. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Lourdes,

    From what you wrote the main focus seems to be on the 12th house development – which is sometimes related to the Neptunian theme of surrender, faith and connecting with the unseen realms.

    All the best,

  5. I don't know anything about aspects. I only know my south node is in the 12th House in Piscis and that it is retrograde, whatever that means. In Virgo I have Pluto, as I was born in 1960, and in the 12th House I also have chiron and the moon – although the moon is already in Aries. Does that tell anything about my past strenghts and weaknesses? Thank you.

  6. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi SW,

    I’ll answer your question regarding the south node: I don’t think it’s a valid approach to assign malefic significance to the south node or its ruler…it doesn’t hold up. It could just as well be resources from the past.

    Best regards,

  7. SteamyWeenie says

    I also have an empty Fourth House. (occupied by Leo) is that what u said signified a controlling mother? My Moon is in Leo but its at 0 degrees and falls in my 3rd house with Venus at 29.

    I have a quick question.. when reading the south node would it be safe to say that the ruler of that house is malefic as well as the planet its in conjunction to?

    ex. I have South Node in the Fifth House of Virgo conjunct Sun.. (they’re seperated perhaps by 30 minutes) would it be safe to say that the house occupied by Leo is also malefic? as well as the house/sign that the ruler is in? (in this case Mercury which is in my 6th house of Libra?)

  8. Hiroki Niizato says


    This typically suggests a domineering, controlling mother – any thoughts?

    Thank you,

  9. I have my south node conjunct mars and Pluto in the 10th house. I can only imagine what I was up to… power and rage issues for sure. I have an empty 4th house with Taurus & Aries sharing it… I still need some control in my home.

  10. Hello Laura;
    that’s interesting – I’m a writer too with Very limited sucess – which kills me, but maybe I’e used writing or words (somehow) to control others in the past (jupiter R. in the 3rd trine pluto in the 11th) – and maybe I have to learn how to write Differently this time around, Serving others (and not myself). I’ve noticed that my writing gets more acceptance when it’ about astrology.
    Interesting subject indeed.

  11. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Dunyazade & Laura,
    Very interesting! With Saturn-Pluto, it might indeed have had to do with dealing with lots of outward power, or cultivating inner power of some sort, through hard work.

    Thank you for adding your thoughts!

  12. Laura F. Walton says

    I have the same T-square & South Node setup, dunyazade…Saturn conjunct S. Node (Gemini), Saturn square Pluto (Libra), and Saturn opposed Moon (Capricorn.) My North Node is in Sag, though, not conjunct my Moon.

    Here's what I've decided: I held a fairly responsible position that entailed writing propoganda, reports, speeches, etc., for some not-so-nice people. I made money doing it, had status, the whole bit. At some point, I decided t buck the system somewhat, and either I was severely punished or my family was.

    This time around, I'm still a writer and semi-public figure in a small way, but I'm supposed to be learning to stick to my own truth (N. Node in Sag), instead of prettifying someone else's for some kind of reward. "Marketese" still comes easily to me; I'm still a very persuasive writer, too, when needs be. Speaking my mind is somewhat more difficult!

    I also have a heavily aspected Uranus, and have a severe, inbuilt reaction against groupthink. So many little clues….

    Fascinating topic!

  13. Thank you for addressing my question :)

    I have s. node conjunct saturn on the 8th. Saturn is square pluto and opp. moon – I think I was baaaad last time around, lol. Maybe controlling (8th house) of other’s people money (moon in the 2nd), emotions (s. node and saturn in cancer) and ideals, imposing my own (pluto in the 11th – also square moon). Either I was like that OR that was done to me.
    I love this topic.

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