Neptune Transit and Giving Up (a.k.a. Spiritual Breakthrough)

It’s painful to try to control your life from a small space in the left hemisphere of your brain.

But that’s what I was trying to do, for so many years. My mentor told me “You do this because
it’s safer to live there – you get to disconnect from painful feelings.”

And there is some power in the intellect. Enough to get the job done and be paid well. In terms of the level of joy, though, you end up very poor because you’ve left home.

“There is a feeling of deadness in my chest” one person told me in a consultation some time ago. He was a successful professional, but was making the same mistake.

The flight to the closed space in our head (left side) is a reaction that some of us will choose, as a result of painful experience some time in the past. We could expect it if the horoscope has heavily Scorpio/Plutonian emphasis, as well as a strong Mercury complex. It’s like we begin to rely on our strength just a little too much, and try to make life work from the head, detached from the rest of us.

The result is that the ego becomes defined by intellect and control. The feeling of power that comes from living in our head overcompensates for the underlying powerlessness.

Neptune/Pisces complex is antithetical to all of this, and it requires that you give up control. I am presently going through a major transit called Neptune square Sun/Moon midpoint, and living from the head stopped working entirely in my relationships.

So one night it got so bad, and I was on my knees praying (something I haven’t done in a long time), and suddenly something broke open: I felt a sense of peace and grace that I haven’t experienced in years – it was like I was liberated from this tiny cage that was the left side of my brain, and there was this vast space filled with wind and light.

At the moment I was praying, basically I gave up control of my life as I seemed to be making a mess of it, and have asked the higher power (whatever you want to call it) to run my life. And everything came into place – emotionally, relationship wise, and now I think and work better.

All this is to say that I have a Scorpio Sun with Pisces rising, and a very strong Mercury. The balance was lost, and this Neptunian transit was the period when the balance was restored. Now I’m praying a lot more, and trying to let in the higher power in everything – so this seems to be one of the significant spiritual breakthroughs of my life.

If you have similar experiences under Neptunian transit, please feel free to email me or add comments below. Thanks for reading, and happy Independence Day!

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I always love your perspectives on the astrology. It’s very high vibrational from my perspective, thank you! I’m having a Neptune in the 8th house in Sag squaring the transit Neptune in my Pisces 12th. So far it feels extra extra spiritual these days. It’s like everyone around me speaks the language of astrology and spirit. It’s part of everything I do right now in my art. I’m doing a lot of healing and letting go. This has not all been easy! Some of the karmic clearing and past life stuff has been A LOT. I wonder if life will ever go back to not 24/7 spiritual lol! Also transit Neptune is also opposing my Saturn, giving me a bit of structure to the work I’m making and helping me pay attention to detail of biz stuff a bit. BUT my progressed moon is also opposing my Moon in Pisces… So it is just extra extra surrender over here. There are waves of nerves because of all the watery flowing vibes, but I’m kind of use to it being an artist. I don’t even TOUCH substances like alcohol or anything toxic, as everything effects me 10 folds. Definitely important to keep the body very clean right now and do a lot of grounding outside. That’s what I’m noticing right now, but curious if any big life event will happen soon. I feel it coming. Just not sure what it is exactly.

  2. Hello!

    I enjoyed so much your words, and so well written. Yes, it can be difficult to get out of one’s head. I have been on a spiritual path for 26 years now, but I still am reluctant to let go, as all the while transiting Neptune is about to conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint in Pisces (October 2020).

    • Hi Victoria, transit Neptune conjunct Sun/Moon midpoint is a great period to integrate the spiritual lessons you’ve learned over those long years. Hope it’ll bring significant breakthroughs for you.

  3. Thankyou for sharing your experiences of Neptune. I have to say that my experiences of Neptune transits have been unpleasant. Neptune is in my 3rd house scorpio natally and is trined by chiron in the 7th). Neptune challenging Venus (10th house) transit was dreadful (illusionary relationship with a piscean), Neptune opposite Pluto(1st house) was worse (deceit) and Neptune transiting 7th (Pisces) seems to be on a par with the latter. However, I currently have Neptune sextile Neptune but not really sure what this is meant to mean. Apparently progress Neptune is also conjuncting sun, again unsure of the meaning of that though. Overall I have found it difficult to separate the most challenging transits being from either Pluto or Neptune. Perhaps it may be in the fact that it represents water whilst I am primarily earth and fire.

  4. Hi Hiroki,
    What should I expect from a Neptune square natal Sun|Moon midpoint transit? Is it really bad and painful?
    Thank you.

  5. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi JW,

    Very well put! Thank you.

  6. Hello Hiroki–

    Thanks for writing about Neptune. I have Neptune trine my natal Sun and square my Mercury, and have had many Neptunian experiences in my life. Some I would call "states of grace," and some just plain old confusion. One thing I can attest to about the Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron configuration in my tenth house at this time, is that all I can do is "let go, and let God," as they say. I have planets in Leo, and am balancing my ego needs, and the needs of the Collective at work. I keep asking myself: How can I serve? Things always go well when I keep this question in mind.


  7. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Ana Cristina,

    Wow, I looked at your chart again and didn't realize so much was going on – it seems like the key change is about to occur in the Oct 09 – June 10 range with Saturn's crossing, no?

    A few other people wrote to me privately to talk about the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron transit: it seems people impacted by this transit relate to this idea of "letting go" and allowing higher power to guide the process.

    Look forward to catching up…

  8. Ana Cristina says

    Hi Hiroki, deeply touched by your words. You know my chart, right now with that stellium (Neptune – Jupiter- Chiron) taking charge of my 3/9 axis, Uranus – Sun, I'm sort of giving up of plans that maybe are just ego desires and asking for higher power advice, at same time tr. Pl at Asc, let say the things are too bold, nothing is taken lightly.

    Ana Cristina

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