Neptune Opposition Ascendant in Transit or Solar Arc

Neptune Opposition AscendantTransit or Solar Arc Neptune opposing the Ascendant could, among other things, signal a time of temporary defeat and a shift of self-image, or that of sharing your creative vision with the public.

Let’s take a look at both scenarios using real life examples:

Neptune Opposition Ascendant – First Scenario:
Defeat to the Ego, Shift of Identity

Ascendant represents your ego or self-image.  In our first scenario, transit Neptune opposing the Ascendant can temporarily wipe out the ego through defeat.  Afterwards, you may emerge with a renewed and refined self-image.

  • Al Gore lost year 2000 presidential election when transiting Neptune exactly opposed his Ascendant. This ended his ambition to become a president – he never ran again. Instead, he focused his efforts on innovative business ventures and environmental activism. Neptune crossing the Descendant coincided with a major change of his identity.
  • Lee Iacocca’s last year as a president of Ford Motor (leading to his being fired in mid 1978) was a very humiliating and draining time, made so by Henry Ford II’s insidious attempts to sabotage him (an example: Ford promoted a man who worked under Iacocca and placed him above Iacocca – a public humiliation.) In mid 1977 Iacocca had Solar Arc Neptune opposing the Ascendant. After trying to hold his ground for a year, he finally got fired in June 1978 (transiting Pluto was forming an opposition to his Ascendant). This led to his entrance into Chrysler, a beginning of another victory to vindicate himself.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. was involved in the Albany movement during 1961-1962. The movement was unsuccessful, and he was arrested and jailed. Transiting Neptune was opposing his Ascendant. This experience taught King a great lesson (to aim at a specific reform rather than a total overhaul of the system), that changed his strategy for the later movements. Again, Neptune crossing the Ascendant-Descendant axis coincided with a necessary course correction.


Neptune Opposition Ascendant – Second Scenario:
Projecting Creativity, Vision and Inspiration to the Public

Neptune opposing the Ascendant means it is crossing the Descendant into the 7th house, which represents the public.  In the second scenario of this transit, Neptune can suggest creativity and vision shared with the public.

  • Johnny Depp captured the public’s imagination when the first Pirates of Caribbean movie came out in June 2003 and became a huge hit. Transiting Neptune was conjunct his 7th house cusp during 2003-2004.  Depp’s creative portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow earned him superstar status, certainly transforming his image (the Ascendant).
  • When her Solar Arc Neptune opposed Ascendant, Drew Barrymore became one of the most famous child stars of the time through her role as Gertie in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.  Neptune co-rules her 10th house (career), and the solar arc to Ascendant was pretty much exact at the time the movie came out.
  • In 2001, public support for George W. Bush dramatically increased following his speech and declaration of War on Terror after the September 11 attacks. He had transiting Neptune conjunct his 7th cusp (the public) during 2001-2002, representing shared vision of anger and grief expressed to the public.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. gave the famous “I Have a Dream” speech in August 1963, sharing his vision of racial equality with burning passion. Transiting Neptune was crossing his 7th house cusp for the final time.

Conclusion: How to Get the Most out of Neptune Opposition Ascendant

In general, Neptune transits seem to favor people in the creative profession.  Regardless of your profession, transit or solar arc Neptune opposition Ascendant is a time to shift ego’s energy in a more creative or inspired direction.  Whatever defeat you may suffer has the effect of connecting you with the larger world, thereby expanding your self-image to include the joys and pains of others.

If you’re going through this transit right now, you may want to ask yourself “What feelings and inspiration am I longing to share with the world?  How can I express more of my creativity, compassion or unconditional acceptance of others?”


Are you going through transit Neptune opposition Ascendant right now, or have you done so in the past?  If so what was your experience?     Feel free to share in the comment section!

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Antoinette Rhodes says

    Hello. I’ve been doing some online research about Neptune transits. Currently Neptune’s transit through Pisces is opposing my ascendant/conjuncting my descendant at 23 degrees Virgo/Pisces. I know this is a long transit through the houses. Neptune feels fuzzy. I have been dealing with a legal issue, have had to hire a different attorney. Natal Mars 15 Pisces in 6th. Much change and upheaval in career which is essentially over as of January 2022. Considering a change of vocation. Trained as an ESL instructor many years ago and did not pursue. Perhaps a better time now.

    • Hello Antoinette,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with transit Neptune opposing Ascendant. A change of direction could be indicated for sure, as a result of the changes you’ve been experiencing for the past year or so.

  2. Hello and thank You. Neptune has been opposing my natal virgo planets since pisces 8°, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and soon ascendant. Those mentioned are in the 12th house, and I have gained balance in many ways. After ascendant there will will Saturn. Pluto opposed my Venus for quite a while, and soon it will trine Saturn and at the same time Uranus trines Sun. Im mainly putting my energy in faith and enjoying solitude in nature. Ended long time relationship a year ago, moved twice last year, and my artistic career really hasnt been bringing in money for a long time (and to be honest, it has effected on motivation to create new stuff) . Still, I have been feeling amazingly happy most of the time for over two years. So either Im totally crazy or living pretty much my authentic truth already. Fun to see what Neptune will bring while reaching 23°, oh, it will do something to Venus too, trine… Its in 10th, so maybe my career will have something new going on… Bests

  3. Thanks for addressing Solar Arc Neptune in this position. I am going through this right now (conjunct natal Dsc), which, in combination with Transit Uranus tsqu Asc/Dsc, Transit Pluto tsq MC/IC, and SP Saturn conj SP IC, I often have “no friggin’ clue” about where Life is leading me, because the effects from these transits, though all Transformative in nature (well maybe not Saturn, who is forcing discipline throughout the whole ordeal), have such wildly different effects.

    I am definitely finding that my childhood traumas are being brought to the surface to heal, which is actually something that I have been asking the Universe for for some time. I want to heal these wounds that I am sick, literally, of carrying around, because they have been preventing me from growing into my potential and accomplishing my goals.

    I accept that some wounds (Chiron) may require lifetime care, everyone has a cross to bear, but, all of the repression I’ve had to do has led me to what has so often felt like a dead end, and the levels of frustration, confusion, and inner torment have sometimes been off the charts. Of course, there is no such thing as a true Dead End, because everything is always shifting. After this is all over I also have Pluto Transit Dsc to look forward to in about 6 years, but, by then, I will be so transformed that looking that far ahead right now is a bit silly.

    Although we are about to enter 2020, which is going to Change Everything For Everyone, I am focusing on my personal healing and creativity during this time. Especially since discovering this Neptune SA situation that I am in, I am working on manifesting more artistic avenues of inspiration, and taking more risks with what I write and share with the public. I am growing in my willingness to expose my experiences, and sometimes it is nervewracking, because, being that one of my goals is to find my professional niche, I sometimes worry that if I share too much, I won’t be seen as professional. But then I remember that this is my journey, and that if I live my life to fit into others’ expectations, I will never fully mature. I am finding that allowing myself to be vulnerable, and just live my life honestly and with an open heart, is what brings the feedback that is beneficial to me. What I read and take in from people who I admire seems to teach me that, too. There are some who I follow who don’t share their inner work, and some who I follow that do. If my path is to share my inner work, then, so be it! I know for a fact that being courageous enough to share one’s stories in the right venue can give so much strength and hope to others, because I have been on the other end of that also. We are entering a time where it is no longer viable to hide our inner truths. All will be revealed! All will be healed! And I remind myself every day that my vision (everyone’s, of course) is totally unique and only I can unfold and create it.

    I have a little bit of experience so far in stage and screen performance, am a poet and otherwise writer, and am sort of a Jill-of-all-Trades Bard when it comes to art, having dabbled in everything from dance to music to drawing. I have credits for a short film (screenwriting, actress, choreo, dance, costume, stunt), and my poetry has been published once, but that all happened a few years ago. One of my great dreams is to become a career artist in a way where I can use all of these talents, and especially explore my acting and music. I have so many visions of the myriad of expressions I want to let out and share. As a Leo Sun and Rising I LOVE performing and creating beautiful (and also intense) things for the world that also help me to express my deepest feelings. So, reading what you have to say about this Neptune experience has been really helpful.

    Because writing is where I have the most experience, I have been focusing heavily on continuing to express myself through my writing, and am growing more and more comfortable with sharing my inner work, for my own healing, and to provide support to others. The way I see it, I have read so much that others have written about their struggles, that it is my responsibility to pay it forward, and be a light for others as well. Besides, if I am going to move forward on my path, I must take action, like you mentioned in another comment quoting Kathy Rose.

    Thanks for a great blog. I have been exploring the entries and they are insightful in a way that is uncommon.

    • hi cheryl. i just want you to know i resonated with your comment. i feel your gift of expression in your words. i was also very impressed that you said come 2020 everything was going to change for everyone. i send you support and encouragement that you continue blooming fully. xo

  4. Sat Sangat says

    Neptune has conjuncted my DC in Pisces since Mid 2018 and will continue going over it back and forth until mid 2020. I feel my whole life is disintegrating. It’s confusing to say the least. The South Lunar Node is about 1º away from DC, which means that Neptune is also conjuncting it almost simultaneously. I’ve always been a spiritual person (North Node in the 12th house square Jupiter in the 4th), but Neptune transit feels like I am dissolving into the ether. All the spiritual practices that used to fulfill my spirit have lost their meaning, and I feel going adrift. Pluto is transiting the 5th house and presently is opposing my chart Ruler, Mercury. It’s a major overhaul. I decided to be patient, compassionate and observe what is evolving, because I am not able to make sense of it yet. My escape is studying Astrology.

  5. Hi Hiroki,

    T. Neptune is currently making a conjunction to my 17 Deg. Pisces Descendant and will enter the 7th House for the first time in a few days. I was curious what your take is on having Natal Neptune in Sag in the 4th House while Transiting Neptune makes a conjunction to a Pisces Descendant (it’s natural ruler) ? Could this transit in my case only affect family relations ? additionally I should note that my Natal Mercury makes an exact square to Natal Neptune. I’m not sure if that particular Natal aspect has any significance to this transit.



    • Hi Michael, yes, Natal position of Neptune is definitely something to consider (in this case, 4th house, so family, home, living circumstance etc). This isn’t a rule, but more like one possible avenue of expression – there could be multiple changes in your life that will be reflected by this important transit.

  6. Neptune will be opposing my ASC while Pluto is conjuncting my Sun in the 5th house. Both transit aspects will be happening in two weeks. Pluto will be trining my ASC.Does this mean a new bad choice in a love affair? My natal chart has Neptune in 3rd house.

  7. Would you say that the opposition has the same affect as the square. I have Neptune square Asc coming up and I was wondering not if it’s the same experience described here. Thanks

  8. Hi, my name is Kristina. I am currently going thgrough Neptune square Sun, opposition Descendant. I have never been so confused and lost in my life. As if part of my identity is dying and new one is not on a horizont yet…I work as a copywriter and I am planning to go back to Argentine tango dancing, but sometimes feel like I can’t even think straight! Keep forgetting keys, events, names…anyone with the same experience? I am also going trhough psychotherapy to help me with some of the issues I have been carrying since childhood. I am hoping upcoming transits as Pluto sextile Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Sun will give me some strenght…But Pluto is going to quinxunx my moon which is another transit I am not looking forward to it….
    I gather we have to learn to live in NOW and stop worrying. Is this perhaps the archetype of Neptune is asking me to do?:-)

    • Hi Kristina, thank you for sharing your experience with Neptune opposing Ascendant (I’ve deleted the birth data as this is a public forum). Neptunian confusion could be a result of what is bubbling up to the surface as you work through the therapeutic process.

  9. Hi, this is Gaby
    I have the hardest time with Neptune transiting my DC, my natal Chiron and natal Jupiter in sign of Piscies. All of this is in opposition to natal Pluto on ASC.
    Any advice is gratefully appreciated.

    • Hi Gaby, ask yourself, what is the real life cause of the hard time? It’s important to be clear about your values and goals during a Neptune Ascendant transit, since there may be confusion around both.

  10. Hi Hiroki,
    I currently have
    -Neptune opp ascendant till end of the year
    -Mars in 11th house till Aug 1st
    -Neptune sextile Mercury till mid Jan 2019
    -Mercury sextile Pluto till mid Sep
    -Mercury in 12th house till mid Sep

    I haven’t worked for 4.5 years and am really eager to get back into something. I’ve started browsing for jobs and thinking of getting back into my gemstone jewellery making.

    Relationship wise I have fallen for someone else and I can’t stop thinking about separating from my husband but am trying to stick it out till the end of the year to see if I consistently feel the same. It’s very complicated. The other guy pulled me out of a dark place and I’ve been very unhappy in my marriage.

    I just want to be independent and free again.

    I’m a Gemini sun, Taurus moon with a Virgo ascendant.. Dob:

    Regards, Sally

    • Hi Sally, thank you for sharing your experience with transit Neptune opposing Ascendant. The threat of relationship dissolving is a possibility for sure, as well as the potential for increased creative expression. The correct path will depend on what is actually happening – this is best discussed in a private consultation.

  11. I have transit Neptune conjunct my descendant right now, also my progressed Neptune is conjunct my Ascendant, has been going on for a few years as the progress together.
    1. I have become so intuitive it’s almost scary.
    2. Dropped out of most of my relationships with others, not all but quite a few.
    3. Given up on people in general.
    4. Become very close with animals, my dog other dogs, birds etc.
    5. Spiritual searching more intense.
    6. Seeing things as they truly are without illusion as Neptune is truth.

    Thanks Hiroki

    • Hi Marie, thank you for sharing your experience with transit Neptune opposing Ascendant. Makes sense…

    • Like you Marie, I have neptune exactly conjunct me DC right now. I’m a Pisces with Virgo Asc 13 degrees conjunct pluto. Moon also in Virgo 17 degree, Mercury in Pisces 24 degrees in 7 house.

      I have always been hyper sensitive and emotional but hide my feelings due to Pluto being on ascendent.

      Lately i have become so sensitive towards animals specially pidgeons and almost feel guilty eating when i sit at restaurants facing the window when i see Pidgeons risking their lives going in front of cars and buses. I feel hopeless and hurt that i am unable to help these animals. I am going crazy. I became vegetarian and feeling so much pain for all the animals being killed for food and other resources. I’m preoccupied with these thoughts and feel like crying all the time.

      I have cut off from people whom i now believe are ingenuine. I closed my Facebook and other social media accounts as i cannot deal with any more superficiality. I feel more intuitive and alert and understand life and death mysteries a bit more .. it appears to make more sense to me.

      One thing I suddenly started 6 months ago is singing. I could not even speak properly but now i found a new passion and taking lessons.

      Saturn has just moved to my 5 house in capricorn. I don’t know what’s happening to my life as i feel like a wave or something transient with no real identity.

  12. Hi Hiroki,

    Thanks for the article. My sun is Sagittarius, Moon sign is Pisces & my ascendant is Virgo. I am at the end of this Neptune opposite natal Ascendant transit now. I experienced this transit 5 times since 2014 – yes, you read right – 5 times. Firstly in May 2014, then July 2014, February 2015, October 2015 and finally in December 2015. I still felt it though as late as December 2016 because Neptune’s transit was still within 2 degrees from my natal Virgo ascendant’s degree.

    I feel that I am at the end of this transit because I am starting to understand what happened to me during this transit and I am also only now finding solutions to my problems that this transit bought. Neptune truly brings confusion and frustration.

    Firstly, this transit affected my health to which I struggled to find a solution over the last almost 3 years. Two months after the start of this transit (July 2014), I just mysteriously woke up one morning with incredible neck stiffness and pain. I sought help from various health and well-being practitioners over this time but no one could solve my problem. Only recently (February 2017), did I find a Chinese doctor that understood my problem and solved it. In a nutshell, my lymph nodes (glands) in my neck were swollen and remedied it with a few acupuncture treatments. My Moon sign is Pisces and Pisces rules the lymphatic system amongst other things – so this makes sense.

    I have been completely lost in my career as well – still no joy here yet. I mentioned previously that my Moon sign is Pisces & my ascendant is Virgo. There have been a series of eclipses in Pisces and Virgo since 2015. The last eclipse in this series was on 26 February 2017 (8 degrees Pisces). The eclipses that should affect me directly were the solar eclipses on the 9 March 2016 (18 degrees Pisces), 1 September 2016 (9 degrees Virgo) and 26 February 2017 (8 degrees Pisces). The 9 March 2016 eclipse was exactly conjunct my natal Pisces Moon (18 degrees). The 1 September 2016 eclipse was conjunct my natal Virgo Ascendant (7 degrees). The 26 February 2017 eclipse was directly opposite my natal Virgo Ascendant (7 degrees). These eclipses have not helped me at all yet in terms of career but I think the last eclipse (26 February 2017) helped with my health as mentioned above.


    • Hello Bradley,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with transit Neptune opposing your Ascendant. It’s quite a slow moving transit, and the idea is for the confusion to become vision throughout this period.

  13. Neptune opp my asc and Saturn sq asc exact nov 2015 . 10 year partner dissolved relationship without a word of explanation ! has been a painful year

    • Hi Alan, thank you for commenting. Yes, as Ascendant is opposite Descendant, the Neptune transit would have activated your relationship. Hopefully there was a silver lining after the dissolution of the relationship (there often is.)

  14. I have been on this site several times. It’s very interesting and a bit scary to read.
    I have Transit Neptune conjunct both my Desc. and Natal Mercury in Pisces right now where it stays exact until Feb. 2017. I also have Saturn passing through my 4th. house squaring my Desc./ Mercury also right now. I wonder what this will mean for me…??

  15. I am going to have transit Neptune conjunct my Descendent in June 2017. Neptune is ruler of 7th house.

  16. Hi Hiroki,

    Thanks for the article. My sun is Sagittarius & my ascendant is Virgo.

    I am going through some heavy transits with regard to my Virgo ascendant of which one is the transiting Neptune opposite my Virgo ascendant. The transit was exact in December 2015 & I am still experiencing it. This transit is making me feel completely lost career-wise. I have no direction. What I noticed is that I suddenly started gym exercising again in December 2015. I guess this is the self-image focus. I just got determined to improve my fitness levels & got serious with gym exercising, self-image & meditating.

    The other transit in November 2015 is transiting Saturn squaring my Virgo ascendant.

    Also in February 2016, I am going through transiting Pluto squaring my natal Pluto. Hectic!!!

    • Hi Bradley,

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience. Good for you to use the transit’s energy to focus on improving your fitness – sounds like this transit was a good time to catch an inspiring vision of what you want to look like, feel like etc. The coming transit Pluto square promises a significant change of life perspective, so probably you’ll start to feel stronger and more empowered through the changes you’re making now.

  17. Talking about Neptune (I have SA ASC 0º natal NE now) I’ve recently met some astrologers who think that Transsaturns including Neptun are astronomical but not astrological planets. What do you think about it. Thank you

    • All of astrological planets are astronomical to begin with – the planets get discovered by astronomers, and astrologers ascribe meanings to them and collectively study them. If some astrologers do not want to look at Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, they are most likely traditionalists that want to work with old systems before those planets have been discovered by astronomers. I could say more on that, but it’s a long debate – suffice it to say majority of modern astrologers would consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to be indispensable in understanding modern horoscopes.

      (By the way, Pluto got demoted in astronomy to a non-planet status, but modern astrologers still consider it to be very important.)

  18. Hallo Hiroki
    Loved your article! Thank you for shering this knowledge!
    I wanted to ask you – in your opinion: what is the difference between transit Neptun conjuncts the 7th house casp(opposing the Asendant) and transiting Neptun conjuncts the Ascendant itself……..?
    Thanks in advance, and would love to subscribe for your Newsletter but for some reason it didnt work out…..
    All the best!

    • In a big picture sense, Neptune will be impacting your Ascendant either way – so your identity will be challenged to grow in Neptunian ways regardless of which aspect is activating it.

      In a finer analysis, Neptune’s passage through Descendant most likely will emphasize important relationships in your life, as well as your relationship to the public. However, this can also be true when Neptune opposes the Descendant, so the more you study the more you begin to recognize the Ascendant-Descendant axis as one thing…

      Sorry you’re having issues with the subscription – please try again, and if it doesn’t work let me know – I can try to add your email address manually.

  19. Also, Im very sensitive to drugs and alcohol.

  20. I have neptune conj desc, opp asc nataly. I am a pioneer in my field. There are very few woman that I know of that are power generation mechanics. Im currently a forman on a military base as a contractor. This is my 3rd yr. I went thru military school in 1981 for wheeled vehicle mechanic and power generation. Perhaps Im paving the way for more women to enter this male dominated position.

    • Hello Karen,

      Thank you for sharing about your experience with natal Neptune opposite Ascendant. I also think there is probably more that this aspect represents in your life, e.g. in terms of partnership.

  21. Hi there,
    Thanks for your comments regarding pisces, I’ve been reading with interest as a couple of comments have really struck a chord with me..Neptune is approaching my descendant and transit Saturn is almost conjunct my IC, guessed conjunct my natal Neptune! I’ve had a growing creative writing urge, no real idea what to do with it yet but I’m hoping that will come sooner rather than later! Uranus has also just passed my natal chiron and is in opposition to my natal sun so I must admit I’m feeling tired from constantly sensing big change..I’m just hoping it’s positive change now for the second half of life! ! Thanks for your replies to people, they’ve helped me too!

    • Hello Liz,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience! The key with Neptune transit is to take action as much as possible to bring some of those creative ideas into reality.

  22. On another angle (IC) prog Neptune in Scorpio is conj natal IC.There has been death of 2 of my step siblings (one terminal illness the other heart attack) death of my grandmother (sudden at 84), water pump issues in my car (overheating them exploded..had it replaced), hot water cylinder issues (4 times over last 2years),flooding both in and outside my house,theft (2 bicycles were stolen) & much sadness and tears.Transiting Saturn in Sag has just crossed this prog point (natal 6th cusp) today so I guess Im gna be focussing on more matters at home.I do plan to homeschool my 10yr old son during this transit which Im excited about..but please Neptune no more drowning on th inside pls.Thk u : )

  23. Hello Hiroki–Thank you for these reflections surrounding Neptune opposite Ascendent. I have Neptune approaching my 7th house cusp (in Pisces). I have been having dreams of Neptune archetype; such as floods carrying away all life structures and being submerged in the ocean. In exciting anticipation, these dreams have not been distressing. Rather, more like invigorating. I have made a conscious attempt to become welcoming to waves of confusion and doubt. I am also digging into my solar fire software and notice Neptune will be conjunct my descendent actually 3 times over the next 18 months due to retrogrades.

    I was wondering if you had ant reflection on how to consciously approach these dynamics?


    • Hi Bryan,

      Good question. Neptune opposite Ascendant is one of those ‘sweeping change’ periods that is characterized by a shift on multiple levels – physical, social, emotional and spiritual. A sense of faith helps – so does a commitment to expressing your creative essence. Action is the key as much as conscious reflection.

  24. I’ve had transiting Neptune conjunct my Sun Mars conjunction for a while and I can really feel the tiredness but none the less a creative time as well. My SA MC is about to conjunct my natal Neptune in a years time. My artistic career is moving well in the right direction so I’m hoping for even more advancement in the public realm.

    Curious to note here that September 18 2015, T. Jupiter will be conjunct my natal Uranus in the 9th while at the very same time T. Uranus will be conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 4th. Neptune, 2 degrees off my Sun, will be in exact opposition to the T. Jupiter aspect… Any thoughts on this?

    • Hi Brian, MC=Neptune can work well for artists and creative professionals. Your other transits involving Jupiter and Uranus are generally considered positive as well. Please feel free to schedule an appointment if you want me take a look at your horoscope in more detail.

  25. My former girlfriend had this transit when she broke up with me. She seemed to be having issues with living authentically, and apparently decided that I was not the one for her and believed that moving on was the only way to be true to herself (which is a universal maxim so in theory I could respect it). She also had transiting Chiron conjunct her natal moon a couple of weeks before this. I was devastated by the break up even though we had only been together a short time (her Sun was opposed my vertex and I guess I was considerably more invested emotionally than she was). This was about two and a half years ago, but I still sometimes wonder why she suddenly felt the urge to dissolve the union. Anyway, this page did help. Thanks.

    • Also, she had her Juno conjunct her Vertex at this time, so I guess it shows most of the story. Yeah, your page is great!

    • Hi Helen, thank you for sharing your experience. I found it interesting that she was the one that dissolved the relationship when transiting Neptune opposed her Ascendant.

  26. Neptune station on my descendant has been opening up many creative pathways. Some are very surprising, for instance I now have the ability to draw which I never had before. There is a very strong desire to take this new, creative ability to the public. Saturn is hovering around my IC as well, so there is a great need to bring structure to my creative ideas. It’s a real balancing act.

    • Hello Sharon,

      Thank you for your comment. Neptune conjunct Descendant and Saturn opposing MC both suggest an important milestone in your life. I would definitely encourage you in this new, creative direction!

  27. I would also like to say thanks for this article. At this time, I have transit Neptune conjunct my descendant/oppose my ascendant, conjunct my Venus, also squaring my natal Uranus which is conjunct my I.C. Adding to the mix is transit Saturn which is conjunct my natal Uranus and squaring transit Neptune. I do not think I prepared for all of this like I could have, and I’m regretting that now. Currently I do have somewhat of a defeatist attitude and a little bit of hopelessness. I believe some ‘illusions’ I had are fading, some of the dreams and hopes I had for a long time now seem almost impossible. Maybe it’s time to let go of those because they no longer suit the path my soul wants to take? ‘Birthing pains’ or a paradigm shift comes to mind. Any guidance or comments are welcome. Again, thank you Hiroki!

    • Hello, thank you for sharing your experience. Your thoughts about the Neptune transit sounds reasonable. Neptune square Uranus blurs the edge of individuality – through confusion or inspiration will be up to you, but usually it’s a journey from one to the other.

  28. Phoenixrising says

    Thank-you Hiroki for this article. I have SA neptune conjunct my descendant in 2020. The same year I have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all crossing my descendant and making their respective conjunctions on it. Also my personal Saturn opposition is exact at the time of the Great Conjunction in December of that year. I am anticipating some significant changes to do with my interaction with others! I am trying to read as much as I can to do with major transits / solar arcs to the Descendant as I can, so thank-you again. :)

  29. I have Neptune solar arc my natal Sun coming up next spring 2015. Neptune solar arced my descendent, while Pluto was transiting my natal Sun back in 2003, producing a painful crisis in my work and path. So I am very sensitive to what these two planets are doing in my charts. I wondered what you had to say about this upcoming solar arc, which I believe I am already beginning to experience as pressure on my ego to let go of attempting to control losses and inertia in my life. What do you think? The lesson seems to be to go with whatever is happening and drop my resistence. Accept it all.


    • Hello Edward,

      I think you said it very well. My friend and very good astrologer Kathy Rose says it’s important to take action during Neptune transit so you are not just satisfied by pretty ideas floating in your head (paraphrasing – she said it nicer). I liked that so I’ll pass it on.


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