Neptune and Pluto in Natal Chart, Transit or Solar Arc

Neptune and Pluto: Collective Unconscious + Desire for Power
In Escape from freedom, social psychologist Erich Fromm suggests that the reason Hitler was so successful in gaining power over people was that he has expressed what the masses felt at the time: “the craving for power over men and the longing for submission to an overwhelmingly strong outside power.” Astrologically, this domination/submission instinct is represented by Pluto (which is often associated with sadomasochism.)

Neptune rules mass consciousness (or collective subconscious): for example, it rules television and arts, which are both transmitters of the collective desires and values of that time. Noel Tyl ascribes the element of “charisma” (a power to attract and influence others) to the combination of Neptune and Mars in the natal chart.

Interestingly, Hitler has Neptune conjunct Pluto in his natal chart*: this suggests that the issue of dominance and submission was coming up in the collective unconscious at the time of his birth – and Hitler became the chosen representative of the era as he became the focus for this collective energy, to express and act out the darkest possible spectrum of human desire for dominance and submission.

There are other famous leaders born with the same conjunction: Mao Zedong of China, Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, and Dwight D. Eisenhower of United States – each of them expressing their political power quite differently.

Other expressions of the Neptune-Pluto combination, in natal chart and in transit/solar arc:
Pluto-Neptune conjunction can be seen in a number of well known spiritual leaders that you might have heard of: Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Sivananda, Sri Meher Baba, Jeddu Krishnamurti. The transit or Solar Arc involving the conjunction, square or opposition of Neptune and Pluto is known to correspond with a time when paranormal or spiritual dimensions of life is emphasized in the individual’s life.

In science, Niels Bohr, a Nobel Prize winning physicist who was involved in the creation of atomic bomb (symbolized by Pluto,) has Neptune conjunct Pluto. There are two other Nobel Prize winners with the same conjunction: Walher Bothe (radiation of neutrons) and Louis de Broglie (wave theory.) So we could think of the combination of Pluto and Neptune (in natal chart and transit) to include the openness to explore a deeper, more subtle dimensions of life.

Whether it’s science, spirituality or politics, the combination of Neptune and Pluto in a natal chart will reflect humankind’s collective subconscious desire to gain power. Most people will not come in position to wield much power over others, but those that do will be challenged to use it wisely, for there will be a lot of power to do both good and harm, affecting possibly millions of people.

*This is an extremely rare historical conjunction, occurring just under every 500 years. The next conjunction will be in 2384…perhaps a plenty of time for mankind to forget its lessons learned during the 20th century – should we inscribe a warning for a second Hitler on a stonewall somewhere? (Just kidding…or maybe not.)

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  1. Glenda Watson-Coly says

    The effects of the Neptune/Pluto conjunction are absolutely fascinating when you look at the levels of global imperialism and exploitation in the first half of the 20th century (not to mention Jim Crow in the US). I’m curious as to the dates of this conjunction. Most nations declared independence in the late forties to early sixties. Is this when the effects began to wane?

  2. Hello Hiroki
    When looking at solar arcs – should we look at conjunctions only. Are Solar Arc Trines significant? I have Solar Arc Neptune trine my natal venus but not sure if the trine will manifest as anything. Coincidentally, at the same time I have transit Neptune opposite natal Venus which may wipe out any positive energy that comes from the trine. Any thoughts on this?
    Thank you kindly !

  3. I have read and read and I still don’t understand what Neptune opposition Pluto means. Everything I’ve read mentions the disappearance of a person I am used to, which leaves me fearful someone will die. Supposedly this in in my chart from now til January 2018.

    • Hi Micki, it’s probably not the case that everything you’re reading is saying that (this article certainly doesn’t paint that kind of picture). When your fear is in charge, a mind can pick out the most horrible outcome and fixate on it – astrology used that way can only enhance your fear.

      • Thanks for that. I’m new to your site and newsletter and am enjoying them very much. I’ve chosen to look my question optimistically and say that my poor finances (which have been hounding me for months) will disappear instead. Win win! But I still don’t understand the explanations I read for Neptune opposition Pluto. It’s confusing. I read a lot of “disappearance of person, thing or situation I’m used to” along with “that will cause me to face parts of myself I’m uncomfortable with and don’t want to face”. I’m a fairly smart. open-minded person, but for some reason it just boggles me. Perhaps I’ll only understand it in hindsight.

  4. I have Pluto:(7th house) sextile Neptune, sextile Venus,trine Mars, trine Mercury, square Jupiter, square Moon and opposite Ascendant.

  5. I have that transit going on in my chart right now! Pluto conjunct my Neptune , and what’s weird about it is that my program I use to tell me my transit said that I would have to be 200years old to be experiencing this transit and I should double check my bday data but everything was right! 05/10/2013 today’s date…
    My birth data: 04/20/1988 time 10:20pm in Santa Rosa, ca

  6. This is a great astrology site that you have here. I have a paranormal blog myself and I would like to exchange links with you. You can contact me through my website or through email. Let me know if this is possible. Thanks. Jason

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