More on Quintile Aspect: Some Interpretive Guidelines

Following the previous post on quintile, I’ll share some guidelines for interpreting individual quintile aspects:

  • Quintile aspect from Mercury, Gemini planets, 3rd house ruler can all suggest “creative communication”
  • Quintile from Uranus can suggest “creative innovation”
  • Quintile from the Sun or Leo planets can suggest “creative self expression”
  • Quintile from the Moon “the need to be creative”
  • Quintile from Saturn “creative discipline”
  • Quintile from Neptune “creative visualization, creative imagination”
  • Quintile from Pluto “magnified creativity”
  • Quintile from Venus “creative talent; creative relationships”
  • Quintile from Mars “creative action, creative energy”
  • Quintile from Jupiter “creative inspiration; creative optimism”
  • Quintile from MC or 10th house ruler “creativity expressed at work”
  • Quintile from ASC “creative personality”
  • Quintile from IC “creativity at home; creative results from psychological work”
  • Quintile from DSC or 7th house ruler “creativity expressed toward the public, or partnership”

Yes, they are similar when you think about it – hence if you have multiple quintiles, you basically need a creative outlet. We could go on a little more about house tenancy and rulerships – 5th house may have to do with creatively performing or teaching and so on – I think you get the idea.

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  1. Hi Hiroki, and thank you for your post about quintiles, and the previous one as well, this is great new information! :)
    I’ve only recently delved into quintiles when I discovered that I had an exact biquintile from my Cancer Moon to ASC ruler Jupiter <3 And not only that, it's the only exact aspect to my OOB, intercepted sign Moon – unless we're considering septiles to Vertex..?
    Anyhoo, I was wondering, can aspects between angles count? I've read somewhere online that it would have to be planet to angle, so I wonder. I have a biquintile from MC to DSC and my DSC ruler, Mercury is quintile to both of these (it's on the midpoint in Virgo), and consequently, the ASC and IC are also biquintile. I don't know, it could also be just my Saggi ASC, but I'm quite a chatterbox at work with people I know well, and my work includes writing user instructions and training people to use our apps, so in that sense, this does fit me to a T! :)

  2. I’ve just “discovered” quintiles and biquints! (Been studying astrology on my own for over 20 years.)

    Speaking of “a beautiful mind”?! (lol)…that’s what I felt like this morning as I studied, and wrote notes down in my notebook, madly, feverishly!! (my fiance would not even begin to understand anything I have written down in my notebooks! It’s all GREEK to him! You know how astrology is!!) I was totally fascinated and thought …”Quints, where have you been all my life!” Why has it taken me this long to notice them and want to learn about them! Oh well…everything in it’s due time I guess! Astrology is too complicated to get all at one time! You never do actually, do you! LOVE your blog!

    I also lived in St. Pete for 28 years!! (moved in ’06)Where were ya’!!!? I would have loved to have hooked up with you and have you teach me cool stuff…like…quintiles!

    I’ll be back! You are officially bookmarked!


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