Moon Uranus Aspect: Reinventing Yourself

Moon Uranus conjunct square opposition


In astrology, Moon represents your innermost needs and feelings. Some astrologers think of the Moon as the soul, containing all your memories, desires, and your primal connection with your mother and the home.

Natal Moon aspects are highly personal – you tend to feel the energy of the aspecting planets deeply from a young age.  You get attuned to the energy of the planet aspecting the Moon – it becomes familiar, like the comfort you may feel from your mother and your childhood home.

In many ways, Moon represents the comfort of your roots, of your past.  Knowing your emotional roots helps you to know who you are.

In contrast to Moon’s sense of rootedness in one’s past, Uranus archetype contains the energy of tomorrow.  Not tomorrow as a continuation of yesterday and today, but as a threshold that opens into the unexpected, the unknown.  It represents endless possibilities for change and new ideas, but also threatens to disrupt the comfortable patterns and routines established in the past.

How do these two vastly different archetypes interact, both natally and in transit?





Natal Moon represents your early home environment, as well as the mothering you experienced.  Natal Moon conjunct, square or opposite Uranus may suggest a break in a relationship (either literally or emotionally) in your early home.  There may be a sudden, unexpected event that results in separation, or an element of shock or detachment (perhaps emotional distance) in relation to your mother.

If the event was traumatic, such childhood experience could result in an increased anxiety and a feeling of not being safe in the world, or a sense of not having a comfortable place to belong – even well into adulthood.  On the flip side, there may be a sense of being accustomed to experiencing sudden changes, which might help you feel more comfortable in making bold life decisions as an adult.


Moon Uranus aspect isn’t just about shock or separation at home.  Another expression for this aspect’s potential is that of nurturing (Moon) your individuality (Uranus).  Maybe your mother encouraged you to pursue the development of your unique talent, despite how different it may have seemed at the time.

Even without such encouragement, your early home environment might simply have allowed you to pursue your unique interest, whether it was writing, painting or performing etc.  There may have been stimulating role models around you that helped you to think for yourself, and not be afraid to stand out.  If enough support and encouragement were given during childhood, you might have grown up feeling confident and even proud of your individuality.


Here are just a few well known people that have natal Moon Uranus aspects.  Note how individualistic they are:

  • Author J.K. Rowling (the creator of Harry Potter series) has natal Moon conjunct Uranus.  She wrote down her first story when she was five or six, and even then she knew she wanted to be a writer.
  • Artist Andy Warhol (the leader of pop art movement) also had Moon conjunct Uranus.  He was often bedridden as a child due to a disease in his nervous system – a time he used to draw and collect pictures of movie stars.
  • Donald Trump has Moon opposite Uranus.  His Moon is in opinionated Sagittarius – Regardless of what people may think about him, he is someone that isn’t afraid to express his views – and be different as a result.
  • Salvador Dali, a famous eccentric painter, had Moon square Uranus, and so did stunt performer Evel Knievel.




Uranus transit tends to break established patterns, so it’s frequently surprising regardless of what you expect.  Transit Uranus conjunct, square or opposite Moon may affect your family and/or your own emotions in unexpected ways.

The more challenging expression of this transit is the potential for separation affecting your home and family.  This does not have to be a tragic development, but more a natural course of life, such as your kids growing up and leaving home, or a job change affecting your living condition, etc.

Changes of established routine does not have to be traumatic – rather, it could be invigorating to be thrust into a new situation, where you’ll have to form new emotional bonds, or learn how to take care of your own needs and emotions in a new way.



The active, empowering way to make use of Uranus Moon transit (and probably the true symbolic intent of this planetary combination) would be to work on releasing stagnant emotional patterns, so that you regain your emotional vitality and a vibrant sense of self.

If you’ve been feeling trapped in an unfulfilling relationship, perhaps during this transit you might suggest to share an exciting new adventure (a new hobby, travel, etc) together with your partner, which might introduce a new pattern in your interaction.

This is also an excellent time to ask yourself “What action am I not taking, that would make me truly happy if I did it?” and “What am I afraid will happen if I did?”  Or “What emotional pattern am I ready to let go of?” and “Once I release this pattern, what needs to take its place?”

If you can use this period to reprogram your emotional patterns, you may find yourself energized and more confident in expressing your individuality.


Do you have a natal Moon Uranus aspect? Or are you going through a Uranus Moon transit right now?  Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Hi! Please tell me is a Square transit of Uranus to progressed Moon relevant? I will have it soon and it will last for about 6 months as they will both travel together at the same time. Progressed moon will make trines to five of my planets at the same time (including natal Uranus) but You dont talk about trines so I dont know if this will help with whatever is going on at the time?

    • Hi Maja, my recommendation is not to consider transits to a progressed Moon. This is because I only consider any transits in terms of how they activate the natal chart. Transits to a progressed chart does not make sense to me, since your progressed chart is not your natal chart.

  2. Hi Hiroki. I have transit Uranus square natal Moon at a 3 degree orb at this time. It will be exact later this year. My Natal Moon in the 10th house. Will this placement have more of an effect on changes with my career, or is it possible to have relationship issues / split / cheating as a result? Thanks in advance for your help.

  3. I currently have transiting Uranus conjunct natal Moon in Taurus in the 12th… opposing Pluto, trine Neptune/Saturn/Sun/Mars, sextile Jupiter, aligning perfectly with the Corona-virus pandemic… isolation, hospitals… also feeling really deep emotions coming to the surface. Mostly in relation to love matters. 3 love interests brought into my life unexpectedly, very quickly. Also feeling really impatient and wanting to take a huge roadtrip to somewhere unknown.

    • Hi Anna! Both my Sun and Moon are in Taurus in the 12th house and transiting Uranus has recently stationed conjunct my natal moon. I’ve been feeling restless and impatient all year…but as soon as the exact degree hit, it was like involuntarily drinking a shot of pure electricity. I *need* change and movement or I might just go crazy! I’ve actually been planning a road trip with a cousin of mine (who has been dragging her feet…ack! driving me bonkers!). I unfortunately lost my grandmother and a lot of other matriarchs in my family leading up to this transit and I’m a little worried now about the potential consequences on female relatives while Uranus is conjunct one’s moon.

      I am curious…what was this transit like for you? Did you struggle to hold back on your impulses or follow through with them? Overall, was it a positive or less than positive influence? Appreciate any response you desire to give!

  4. I have Moon at 19° Sagittarius (10th house) and Saturn at 26° and Uranus at 27° Sagittarius (11th house).
    Today a friend told me to check your article about this Moon conjunct Uranus aspect and mentioned that it’s supposed to be quite “crazy” and “inventive” which according to her would be good when it comes to business xD
    Maybe I dont have this conjunction thought? Everyone sees me as the most objective, dispassionate person they know so they come for advice.. As an adult Im actually friendlier and more cheerful than when I was a kid and that has been an active effort to be in a good mood regardless of everything! Im still quite imaginative but not so sensitive- Ive hardened with years! My only aspects to Uranus are this conjunction (?) and a square from the Sun from 25 Virgo..
    What would be the positives of this Moon-Uranus conjunction aspect? What can one learn and cultivate?
    I just dont understand my Sagittarius placements and Sagittarius Midheaven..

    • Hi Riri, you have Saturn-Uranus conjunct Moon (a bit wide but still active). Saturn’s addition here grounds the excitable energy of Uranus. Both Saturn and Uranus tend toward objectivity and detachment, so your Moon feels this pressure – hence the hardening you feel. For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private session.

  5. Your interpretations are always the most accurate and heartfelt.
    My moon is at 6 degree Leo, and Uranus is currently squaring it -2 degrees.
    I quit my job 2 weeks ago which was too constraining and it only seemed to be getting worse. I’ve also fallen in love with someone from another religion which is a big NO for my family, considering my mom is a devout Christian, perhaps a fanatic even. My whole life I always limited my choices and programmed my emotions to please her. Thinking back, it was as if I were brainwashed into thinking what she wanted for me was what I wanted for me. It feels like such a tragedy that I am going to break my mother’s heart, but I have never felt this way before, not to mention I have been living alone for the last 7 months with no support whatsoever, my mother moved to another country to help my brother set up his new business. It hurt at first, and then it just made me stronger. This all coincides with my father being on his death bed… I had spent the last 7 months driving up North from work to keep him company and see him dying in front of me, my sister is married and lives in another country. My mom and my brother live abroad too. I’d never felt so alone in my life, I felt it was all left to me to take care of my dad and make a living for myself. And when I met s guy (online), he lives in another country as well, the first impulse that struck me was fear and anxiety. “What would my father say? What could my mother do?” And it’s as if the more afraid I felt, the harder the universe hit me, putting me in situations where the support of my family was all I needed, and the only thing I didn’t have. I realized more than ever how much I have been there for them and how little they have been there for me. I realized how my life has been so limited, being kicked around by men my mom idolized and approved of, and sticking around in the hopes of making her proud if things worked out in the end, and my mindset which was her mindset was blinding me from seeing the magic that could be mind if I just changed the way I looked at things and broke those patterns of what I was taught to want/love.

  6. Could a shocking event that impacts a Moon conjunct Uranus person have happened before they were born? The next oldest sibling died as an infant very suddenly 3 yrs before.

    • Hi Jane, interesting….I can’t presume to know, but it may suggest a level of anxiety that your mother was going through during your birth because of this trauma in the past.

  7. This article is spot on! I have Moon Sq Uranus. Mother died when I was 10. Moved to another Country and lived in 19 different houses in 14 years. Had about 22 different jobs, and now unable to work in steady employment because I cant bear the restriction. Sun conjunct Uranus in 6th. Very interesting thanks!

  8. I have Uranus conjunct by transit my natal 1st house moon. Feeling emotional today for no apparent reason. I feel that something is coming…
    My moon is part of a grand trine with Mars and the MC natally.
    I feel like I have been crying without tears (one of those gut cries) and for reasons that are unknown to me – meaning I don’t have any particular events happening to account for the feeling.

  9. Currently starting transiting Uranus conjunct moon, but at the same time having Saturn transit trine my moon. I have a feeling Uranus is going to be a stronger presence, but will Saturn temper the anxiety of everything?

    I saw myself moving to a new home ages ago (grandma I live with is over 90 years old, Neptune just transited into my 4th house anyway), but I think I’ll feel relieved by it.

    thank you!

  10. Hi,
    Thank you for an interesting article on moon uranus aspects.
    I recently looked at my young daughters chart and it is full of conjunctions. Conjunctions confuse me a little. Is a conjunction a positive aspect or a difficult aspect?

    Her sun in pisces is conjunct a new moon in aries, both in the 8th house.
    Her pisces sun is conjunct venus in pisces in the 8th house.
    The moon and the sun is conjunct mars in aries at 0 degrees also in the 8th house.
    The moon in the 8th house is conjunct uranus in the 9th house, receiving a sextile from jupiter in the 10th house.
    Mercury in pisces is conjunct neptune in pisces in the 7th house.

    I try to meet my child’s needs and help her channeling her sensitivity constructively the best I can.

    I am an artist and an architect. I’m an independent person and I like freedom and peace. For me it is a source of happiness. I’m also a strong advocate of women’s rights and I strongly disagree that there can only be one type of “good” mother attached to the home.

    I feel a deep connection with my daughter and she is deeply loved and cared for by both her parents. I want to give her the freedom to be herself, as self acceptance brings happiness and I’m there whenever she needs me. Her father and I are separated but on good terms. We never put any anger on her. Could any of this be reflected in the moon uranus conjunction in her chart?

    When reading about the 8th house and especially reading about the moon in the 8th house, it is almost always negative. Why is that? It is also quite scary to read about the death of the mother. I’m sure there are many mothers with children who have a moon in the 8th house who are not destructive like most texts say. I have fears like every human but I’m not a destructive person. I’m interested in spiritual topics, self discovery and transformation.

    My north node is in the 9th house. Her north node is in the 4th house, receiving a trine from venus.

    What are your thoughts on an 8th house moon in aries, conjunct a 9th house uranus in aries, sextile jupiter in gemini in the 10th house? How does this reflect on me as a mother?
    The 8th house and the conjunctions in her chart confuse me a little and I want to understand more in order to be a better parent. It’s all very interesting and fascinating to me.

    Thank you!

  11. Julie Anne says

    Thank you for helping me see a way to balance T-Uranus to my 29′ Aries MH and an opposition to 5′ Scorpio Moon. Shaken me up to depths I didn’t know I had. Changing is an everyday occurrence slapping me in the face of my perceived “traditions”. Raging has not rewarded me with peace; so, with your advice I will find a way to go with this flow of effort towards self-reinvention.

  12. brownin329 says

    Is a Moon conjunct Uranus similar to a moon inconjunct Uranus? I have a “Moon inconjunction Uranus” orb -0°03′ (Natal Moon in Taurus in 5th and Natal Uranus on cusp of 10th in Libra). Just curious if the shock or tendency for individuality is stronger or the same. Thank you.

    • Hi there, conjunction is the king of all aspects, so it’s a lot stronger than inconjunct aspect. With inconjunct aspect you need to make adjustments in order to make the two planets work together, so it takes some effort.

  13. Hi there I have a Uranus opposite moon transit coming up soon and I just wanted to know could this indicate something bad happening to my mother? I think this is my main concern

    • Hi Misha, Moon can sometimes indicate mother and Uranus can suggest change. However, it does not mean every Moon transit will suggest your mother will have troubles, so treat it with good common sense.

    • Hi Misha and Hiroki, as well as all readers! Me too! My natal Moon is 3 Scorpio in the 2nd house, ruling my 10 th house. I want to be liberated in many ways (Robert Hand; Planets in Transit) and would welcome a new job and career change. Also, I have been quite emotionally detached person, having Venus in Aquarius but also due my childhood (Capricorn on my IC + Sun/Saturn -conjunction). I am welcoming this transit and hope to be able to give birth to a new me!
      Much blessing to you all. It is a miracle just to be alive.

  14. I’m working through a Pluto conjunct asc, and an approaching transiting Uranus conjunct my natal moon at 0′ Taurus this year. Both planets will retrograde and go direct and will be quite a journey for the next year or two! Feeling very positive about the transformation at the moment. I’ve been working through meditation with the Devine feminine without even realising these transits have been approaching – with hindsight it seems a wonderful positive change in self esteem/self image has been occurring :)

  15. Hi
    I have much respect for your astrology knowledge & writing ability.
    I have Moon 2 deg Sag (conjunct Asc) square 2 deg Uranus (10th house).
    My home life was chaotic & erratic. I also have Aqu. IC.
    My mother rejected me from birth due to a difficult birth and recovery.
    My mother was also unstable and homelife was unpredictably violent and emotionally abusive.
    I developed quick survival reflexes (physical & mental). Eccentricity always feels comfortable and secure to me. The weirder the person, the better the connection I have with them. Strange situations or concepts don’t phase me and in fact they seem to find me. It’s funny but I see myself as boring & ordinary yet others are incredulous when I share my experiences. Then I too get to see how strange I may seem to others. I have moved many times yet seek a stable base. I always need to feel free and I can turn off my feelings and turn my back on situations or relationships out of the blue. Even after decades. The bottom line has always been my personal freedom has been disrespected. I give freedom to others because I trust them to be how I am…loyal but independent. Some see it as distant or cold. I see the opposite as needy, co dependant and suffocating individuality. I have rebelled against some of society’s hypocrisies and fought court battles and risked (& sustained) physical injury doing so. My adult children didn’t have an easy childhood, but they all say they are grateful for the way it was because it prepared them for life and also showed them that there is much more to this life than the mundane illusion. They are fantastic independent thinkers (as are my grandkids!) and they each have a humanitarian gene that makes me so proud of them.

  16. Hi there, My son has his 12th house moon quintile Uranus,semi sextile Neptune,and trine Venus,Jupiter and mercury and I’m wondering about how these aspects can be interpreted..he’s a year old but I’m now freaked out! All Iv read online about 12th house moons in relation to the mother is quite terrifying! Any positive aspects I can focus on?thank you in advance for any insight:)

    • Hi Newmom, I wouldn’t take anything you’ve read so far too seriously – sounds like you’ve either read an extreme interpretation or you’ve interpreted something you read to be worse than it actually is.

      A well-connected 12th house Moon might find creative expressions. There is nothing that would freak anyone out in the measurements you’ve listed. For a full analysis of your son’s horoscope, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  17. Elisabeth says

    I have Uranus conjunct my Sagittarius Moon, both of which are also conjunct my Sagittarius ascendant. So, everything also thus in the first house. Quite a loaded placement but I think it’s been really fantastic in its own ways.

    My mom was fairly emotionally detached from me which caused some deep internal grief in a lot of ways later on, but initially she nurtured my freedom and mind in all the right ways for my great desire for personal freedoms. Put piles of books in my crib, let me play for hours by myself alone at a very young age, encouraged my intelligence and “genius-like” (her words) quirkiness despite what other meddling mothers said to her about me… (“she’ll have to socialise and be normal someday!” Mum said “nope”). She also nurtured my high and early interest in piano and music which I’m glad for as well. In fact today I just remembered how in high school she bought a record/cd/tape combo machine with huge speakers for me from a garage sale one day because she knew how much I loved music and therapeutic it is for me, but I never realised back then why she had randomly bought it for me alone! Just one day I had my own huge music machine and that was that. Lol. Only now do I recognise what an act of random love it was.

    She herself was a fairly isolated sort of genius herself, hermit-like, innovative, very intelligent, musical, not like all the other mothers around, had huge veggie and rose gardens, bought us many random technological toys and random “odd” inventions for the time (like an espresso machine, bread maker, carbonation machine, etc etc)…

    I’m mostly grateful for all the books and mind-ful encouragement of brain stimulating activities, the different-ness of her ideas, philosophies and “ways” of raising children, and it makes sense now as to why I look back fondly on how I grew up and how it all brings a lot of nostalgia and sense of home. And as you can see, a lot of memories of Freedom (with a capital F), especially in exploration and nurturance of my mind, talents, and individuality. :)

    • Elisabeth says

      Come to think of it, she was always good with getting us/me random musical technologies… pianos, record players, cassette players, (with many of our own child record/cassettes), then stereo systems, portable cd players , and then a few iPods… I don’t really view my family as very technological over all but we definitely had more than a few musical gadgets in our house which we were allowed to use freely at quite young ages. I always put on many intense classical records by myself in early years which coloured my imagination significantly.

      Makes me wonder if my mom’s Uranus is in her 5th house… ;)

    • Hi Elisabeth,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Uranus conjunct Moon. Isn’t it interesting how the aspect reflects your mother so well!

  18. Hi… So I have natal Aries Moon 11th house, its a singleton in the 11th, all my other planets are in the 5th house mainly. I have a fan pattern chart. With the Moon in Aries being the handle so to speak. Today Uranus which has been in my 11th, Uranus-Conjunction-Moon 1.41. So transit Uranus is no conjunct my Aries moon in 11th. Thoughts?

  19. Interesting article. My Aquarius Moon in 3rd is Square Uranus in Sag (conjunct Asc). I was also mostly detached from my mother, but due to her various illnesses and my rejection of her (not her coldness toward me, she was in fact very huggy). She had psychological problems and developed amnesia when I was young and didn’t know who I was for a time. Though, contrary to most people, I mostly took care of myself since a very young age, so I always went about my business without much interaction with her. If she wasn’t sick, she was doing things for neighbors (3rd house?). She was also a little eccentric and did weird things. That part about her always amused me and was thing I actually liked about her. I guess Uranus on my Ascendent makes me a little odd too. Our relationship developed into something more like friends or siblings, rather than mother and child. I’m fine with that because I don’t like authority and never felt like I needed parents anyway.

  20. Hi! I ran across your article here while I was doing some research regarding my current transit chart for this beautiful evening of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. This transiting moon is conjuncting my natal Uranus 22′ in my 12th house opposing my natal Mercury rx in Aquarius at 22′. Not only that but my natal moon’s nodes (North in Virgo 06′ 12th house conjuncting both my natal Pluto 06′ and my ascendant 07′) and opposing my South Node in Pisces 06′ in my 6th house (Chiron in Pisces is squeezed in between my Mercury rx and my South Node). I can feel that this is a very empowering time for me, but I’m not sure on what I should focus upon with these very empowering energies in motion. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thank You for your article and also for any response to my message that you can provide for me here.

    • Hi Michelle, lunation touching your natal points closely can be a trigger for activity, especially if the orb is close (within say 2 degrees). Rather than get too theoretical on house significators etc, I would encourage you to focus your energy on your priorities at this moment, and act on the one thing that would make a difference for you.

  21. I am experiencing a Uranus transit over my natal moon (29’Aries Moon) – I actually experiences complete separation from my mother from a very early age – I left home when I was 14 because of my relationship with her and have been completely divorced from her for over 2 decades….then as this transit approached sure enough a strong urge to ‘say goodbye’ to her began to creep into my psyche and emotional state….so of course I acted on it and traveled 1000 miles to land on her doorstep unannounced – to look into the face of the woman who had shaped my life and in that moment a portal opened that I stepped through to find myself falling completely in love with her! It has been 2 months since that epic journey and we talk almost every day now – very deeply – talking about the past and reshaping our images of ourselves and each other…..this is Uranus transiting Natal Moon classic! I so appreciate your article – it is helping me to ‘reinvent’ myself….this transit will be happening for quite some time ahead of me and I look forward to more transformative experiences……

  22. Hi, I so appreciate your ability to make clear a subject which can easily become complicated. I have Uranus, Pluto, and Moon in Virgo in 9th House. After reading both your Moon/Pluto and Moon/Uranus articles I have more clarity on myself. Any ansight into the trio, specifically, is appreciated.

  23. I have Cap moon (H7) square Libra uranus (H4). I knew I was different as a child, but my mother rejected me because I was so strange. My father had an interest in many things, so I read a lot of his books and was fed through reading. (sun trine uranus). I have various artistic talents, but the environment was not very nurturing for those talents and so a lot–even as an adult–is stifled. I have to work very hard (sun square saturn…lol) to get the creative stuff to flow. Luckily my grandmother (moon in house 7) had a safe haven for my creativity, with my super creative cousins, in the summers. So I got some support in dosages, and today I’m still working on my talent development and helping others as well.

    • Hi Kisha, thank you for sharing your experience with Moon square Uranus – with clients having this aspect, I’ve often heard similar cases of having the emotional distance from the mother.

  24. Hello Hiroki

    I have the conjunction in the 6th libra with a less than 1 degree orb. Also, my MC is in Aquarius and my sun sign is Cancer. I’ve been researching astrology for about 20 years. I seem to have an intuitive feeling for it. During my childhood, I changed residences and schools multiple times. My mother was was heavily into metaphysics with an intense attraction to the I Ching. She paved the golden path to the unknown and mysterious. I definitely grew up feeling like an outcast. In time, I’ve realized that these differences are a form of power and I embrace them. Freedom is truly my security. Additionally, the sixth house is of the mind and service and having these planets here has given me an unconditional quality to my thought process. Job loss has led to an opening of perspective spiritually. And with Jupiter, Mars, Chiron, and my south node in the 12th, I’m able to dive into my subconscious with considerable depth.

    Your description is quite accurate and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

  25. I have natal moon in Aries in the 8th house, trine both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius in the 4th house. At the moment I am getting a direct hit from Uranus in Aries conjunct my Moon. I feel restless, impatient and very much in need of change. I have been in a long term relationship with a married man who has a dead and almost nonexistent marriage to a woman with severe mental health problems. I have recently been pressuring him to get divorced and get on with changing things so that we can be together (which he says he wants too but takes no action). I love him but I am tired of the stagnant situation and want it to change. Do you think it is likely to change or simply just explode if I refuse to carry on with the way things are?

    • Hi there, the answer to your question depends on the other person, but the transit is reflecting how you feel about it (the sense of not willing to tolerate the unsatisfactory situation any longer.) It’s a good time for thinking about what you’re willing to accept in your life.

  26. Thank you for this wonderful article!! Would love to hear your take on Moon inconjunt Uranus. There is not a lot of information on this. My Moon in Gemini (17.25) is conjunct Uranus in Scorpio (17.22). Thank you for any insight on this aspect.

    • Hi Audra, Moon inconjunct Uranus could suggest a need for adjustments in a way that you’re not used to, perhaps involving helping someone. The same idea shared on this article is there, but somehow it’s less about strengthening your ego, and more about doing what’s necessary to keep it in balance.

  27. I have square Moon in Aries XI Uranus in Capricorn VIII. This description actually fits me a lot. At 12years my parents divorced, so it was loss, my mother worked hard, so we grew up by ourselves, but still she encouraged me in painting and music a lot (my father too), although she is very practical and materialistic woman. I still paint. And I’m pretty good at this. But it’s more like a hobby. I also have strong Mars-Pluto-Sun conjunction, so my adolescent went pretty crazy. I’m a calm person but I always had those burst of fire hat I need to do something crazy and now. I have lot of scars, tattoos, piercing (had), I needed to do that at the moment. Now it look silly to me, maybe because I’m a lot more in controle and settled (marriage, children). I recently understood a lot of couse of my sudden actions becouse of astrology.

  28. I have moon square uranus in 11th.. and sun conjunct moon.. when I was younger I didn’t now how to control my emotions, it’d be explosive or detached..
    Now as I grew up, I learned to control this power to use it in better ways.

  29. I have Uranus/Neptune/Moon/Ascendant conjunction in capricorn within 2,5 degrees. Early in childhood this combination is really nasty, especially where the mother is concerned. But when you get mature, it gets better :) I stick to the opinion, that Uranus,Neptune,Pluto don’t damage the sensitive moon as much as saturn hard aspect would, or a moon conjunction to a north node or south node – now those are extreme. but thats just my experience.

  30. Tim Neilson says


    Your writing is beautiful and expresses the complexity of things simply. There is an elegance too that I find quite helpful. Like listening to a poem or a babbling brook away from the noise of the city. When I read your work I simultaneously reflect in powerful ways that few other writers encourage. Thank you.

    Through your description of the Moon in aspect to another natal planet and the concept of becoming ‘attuned’ to the energy, you have opened up deep and abiding understanding of the peregrine Moon for me. When the Moon does not aspect another planet in the horoscope, there can be difficulty tuning in to others, or becoming ‘attuned’ to situations and environments. What you have written about before as “marching to the beat of your own drum”.

    Brilliant stuff Hiroki…

  31. Hi Hiroki ~ My natal 12H Uranus in Leo is widely opposite my 5H Aquarius Moon and closely opposes my 6H Chiron in Aquarius. Having Uranus (ruler of my Moon and Chiron) in the 12th has helped me to realize my connections to the divine, the world of dreams, intuition and the unconscious, also to those who feel oppressed, overlooked or invisible. It’s where I’ve come to feel most at home, though I never know what to expect.

    I perceived my mother as being capable of profound kindness but also as being unpredictable, cold, emotionally distant from and disapproving of me. As I grew older I sought out deeper emotional connections through friends and groups. Mirroring early maternal experiences, either I disappointed them or they disappointed me.

    What seems to happen is that the qualities which initially make me most attractive to the group (my insights, spiritual gifts and unique perspectives) eventually end up being seen as liabilities, threatening to the status-quo.

    With transiting Uranus in my natal 8th, trine natal Uranus and currently within range of my Moon’s South Node, I’ve been doing a lot of shadow work. Now I see my ‘failures’ as blessings in disguise by helping me to let go of past unconscious patterns of relating, including my over-attachment and dependence upon the “group” and its approval.

    I’m trying to be gentler in my approach, more respectful of limitations but also more willing to let go when need be. I’d rather focus on changing myself and in (hopefully) contributing in my own uniquely personal way. I believe it to be true that as individuals, most of us are far more likely to lose touch with our own inner guidance and consciences (consciousness) whenever we rely too much on the group or collective to decide for us. Tempting as it is to lean in and get comfortable, we often become less mindful, ethical and/or moral in our choices.

    • Hi LB, thank you for sharing your experience! Quite insightful how you made the connection between your earlier experience with your mother and the later relationship with groups…

      • It’s funny how synchronicities show up. A day or so after I left my comment I happened to read something which included a quote by theologian Gregory Baum, about how the illusory search for “the perfect human community” is really a search for “the good mother”.

        Based on his date of birth it’s possible we share a Moon-Uranus opposition, since even without a time of birth his Moon would be in Virgo and his Uranus in mid-Pisces.:)

  32. Great info, thanks so much!!!
    My 3rd house Capricorn Moon trines Uranus in my 11th house in Scorpio.

  33. Dear Hiroki,

    Another brilliant, insightful post! I have Uranus at 1 degree Cancer quincunx my natal Moon, which is in the last 10 minutes of Sagittarius, 9th and 2nd houses. At a very young age I rebelled and left my home and family, in the turbulent 1960s. I have been trying to find home ever since. Living in many places around the world, and for the last 30 years of living in Thailand, I still can’t say I have found home. It is a strong reality and often lonely. But I have done exactly as you have stated here: nurtured my individuality (as a mother to my more radical self); also with Uranus in the 9th house in Cancer, have nurtured all of my students individuality as well. . . After all these years, as I am 66, I have survived in this manner! . . Thank You, So Much!! Lots of Love and Blessings to You

  34. I have my moon conjunct uranus in the 7th house.My early childhood with my mother was quite detached she was not overly cuddly or emotional. However she always encouraged me to be myself and not to be afraid of expressing my individualism. I have a strong sense of intuition that hits like a lightening bolt and has been a true blessing in my life . I am aloof at times when others seem over emotional to me but I love different groups of people . I did not feel that I fitted into societies norms I ride a motorbike and love the motorcycling family that I have 2 families really. I love unusual eccentric creative people and have drawn to them as long as I can remeber.I love my moon conjunct uranus now I am older and understand how it works for me.

  35. My brother will be experiencing transit uranus square his cancer moon and transit uranus opposite his libra sun at the same time this year. He has been in a bad marriage for quite some time. Will he get the courage to break free I’m worried about him.

  36. I have Pisces Moon conjunct Chiron in 9th, opposed my Uranus/Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in 2nd and 3rd house.

    It is very emotionally frustrating for me to either be blamed by others for something I did not do or to be outright abandoned and ignored. I grew up abandoned and neglected so it’s something I am accustomed to.

    I know a man who has his Moon ( sign unknown since I don’t have birthtime) opposed Uranus at 0 degree orb. He was adopted at birth and has no idea who his birth parents are. His adopted parents were great, especially his dad. But I can tell by what he says that he dearly wishes he could find his birth mom. I knew the story before I finally looked up his chart, was not so surprised when I saw the aspect.

    I noticed he has a bit of a controlling nature, and he searches for a new spouse despite a couple of divorces and fall outs living with partners. I am the opposite, prefer to live alone and plan to never marry. I do consider myself controlling, Mars in Libra conjunct my IC means I am queen of my own castle.

    • Hi Sherry, thank you for commenting and sharing these stories. Regarding your placement of the Moon Uranus opposition involving 3rd-9th house (the mental/communication axis), I know a writer with a similar placement that writes about interesting and quirky things for a living.

    • I would say that this man is looking for a Mother. When we don’t have a good mother figure always searching, always. And, we don’t know that we are doing that either. In the same way that women are looking for a Father. As there so many of us without kind guidance in our formative years what I think we have to learn is that we must learn to parent ourselves and if we can do that (which means loving yourself unconditionally, SO HARD when you are damaged) we can then attract the right people to help us and we help them without even actually trying. So, everyday, you have to say to your inner being, the bits that have come loose and flying around you that WHO is the most important person in the universe ??????? and that answer must be yourself. This is the opposite of selfishness, its called real enduring LOVE from the gods. So, buy yourself a bar of good chocolate today and savour it. You do certainly deserve it, don’t be cheap to yourself, times running out to be unkind to yourself forever.

  37. Any thoughts on a Moon Quintile Uranus natal aspect? Moon is in Sagittarius 9th house and Uranus is in Virgo 7th House.

    • Quintiles are special in that they seem to emphasize creative expression. In this case, Moon quintile Uranus might further encourage the expression of individuality and innovative thoughts.

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