Moon Signs and Your Emotional Needs

moon signs and emotional needsMoon Signs and Emotional Needs

Your Moon sign represents your essential emotional needs. The planet that rules your Moon’s sign (also known as the Moon’s dispositor) strongly colors your emotional makeup.  Here are the emotional needs and drives your moon sign represents:

Moon in Aries

Your need is to be important, to be Number One. This is a need to lead and excel within your environment.  The warrior planet Mars, the ruler of Aries, adds heat and enthusiasm to your emotional perception.  An Aries Moon often has a strong need for physical exertion.

Moon in Taurus

Your need is to keep things as they are, or as they should be. Serene and sensual Venus, the ruler of Taurus, enriches your emotional needs.  Taurus Moon often suggests a reluctance to make a big change.  In working with this tendency, you may need to list and identify old, outworn thought patterns and behaviors that you can safely let go.

Moon in Gemini

Your need is to be articulate, brilliant, entertaining and communicative.  Mercury “the quicksilver”, the ruler of Gemini, adds wit and whimsy to your emotional makeup.  Gemini Moons have an intensity to them, like they want to see and experience everything in their lifetime.  If you have siblings, they may become an important influence early on.

Moon in Cancer

Your need is to form and nurture reliable relationships, so you have a secure base within which to feel and manage your emotions.  The Moon, itself the ruler of Cancer, adds extra power and depth to your feeling cycles.   Cancer Moons may have an especially difficult time being alone.

Moon in Leo

Your need is to be loved and appreciated for dramatic self expression.  The Sun, which rules Leo, may add a touch of the King (or Queen) archetype to your psyche, which suggests leadership and a love of performance.  Leo Moons need to feel honored and respected in order to express their loving, generous nature.

Moon in Virgo

You have a need to be on top of details.  Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, gives you an emotional drive to catalogue all details in order to understand and improve what you see.  As a result, Virgo Moons tend to become highly insightful in the area of their choosing.

Moon in Libra

Your need is to please others and be appreciated.  Venus, the ruler of Libra, adds natural grace to your emotional interactions.  For Libra Moons, being popular or well-liked is an important indicator for defining personal success.

Moon in Scorpio

Your need is to be regarded as right, reliable, self-sufficient and significant.  Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, adds emotional depth and intensity to your character.  Scorpio Moons tend to be purpose-driven, and often need a mission, an assignment, or a plan of attack.

Moon in Sagittarius

Your need is to have your opinions respected.  Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, lifts your emotions to explore lofty spiritual ideals, and expands your perspective to seek knowledge far and wide.  A Sagittarius Moon needs an audience, and credentials to make them listen.  The abundant energy of Sagittarius Moon also tends to favor physical exercise.

Moon in Capricorn

Your need is to “make things happen”.  Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, adds practicality and ambition to your character.  Many Capricorn Moons tend to excel as leaders and managers of an organization.   Like Alexander the Great, they need their own army to lead to victory and accomplish their goals!

Moon in Aquarius

Your need is to help people and be uniquely significant to the world.   Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, adds progressive, humanitarian drives to your emotional makeup.  Noel Tyl mentioned that natal Aquarius accentuation is ‘hot’, because our culture is putting a premium on it right now (referring to the strongly humanitarian emphasis of our era.)  Each Aquarius Moon needs to find their own way of impacting the world for the better.

Moon in Pisces

Your need is to perceive a vision, and add practicality to the ideals you find.  Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, adds special sensitivity to your emotional perception.    To feel empowered, Pisces Moons need to find a way to bring some of their vision and inspiration into reality.


Aspects to the Moon

Aspects to the Moon can modify or suppress the fulfillment of your emotional needs.  This is especially important if you have an outer planet making a dynamic aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) to your Moon.  You can read about each of these aspects in depth in the articles below:


Going Deeper: The Effect of Moon’s Dispositor (Moon Sign’s Ruler) 

Similarly, aspects and placement of the Moon sign’s ruler (Moon’s dispositor) will also affect the Moon’s expression.  For example, Aries Moon’s drive for excellence and leadership will be expressed through Mars.

If Mars is retrograde in Cancer, we can expect some complication in the Aries Moon’s need fulfillment process. Depending on aspect and house rulership, we can assess how much and where such tension will most likely manifest. This becomes an important key in understanding how best to to fulfill your Moon’s needs.

Similarly, for Gemini or Virgo Moon, Mercury and its placement will impact how you need to communicate and fulfill your emotional needs.

A Personal Example of My Sagittarius Moon:

I have a Sagittarius Moon, ruled by Jupiter. So my Moon’s need for audience and credential will be expressed through Jupiter (which rules higher education, philosophy, and wide worldview.)  In my natal chart, Jupiter in Taurus is unaspected in the 3rd house of communication.

Jupiter’s Taurus placement is idealistic and practical at the same time.  Unaspected planets tend to have extreme expression within the psyche – in my case I’ve spent too much time in college, as well as studied astrology and spiritual philosophy for a long time. I’m usually obsessed with learning.

Jupiter’s 3rd house placement suggests I definitely need to talk or write about what I learn and think. So all in all, the need of the Sagittarius Moon (i.e. to have my opinions respected) will have a free reign within my psyche, making it very important that I somehow attain audience and credentials (i.e. to learn enough to have something worthwhile to say.)  So the continuation of learning becomes an important key in fulfilling my Moon’s need.


Conclusion: Moon Signs and Emotional Needs

Understanding your Moon’s sign can help you recognize and fulfill your essential emotional needs.  You can gain deeper insights by studying the aspects to your Moon, as well as the placement of your Moon’s dispositor.

How is your Moon placed in your horoscope?  Can you relate to the needs of your Moon sign and its ruler’s influence upon your emotional makeup?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section below.


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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I also have a Sagittarius Moon but it’s in 10th House not conjunct to Midheaven! Jupiter in Gemini on IC is apparently opposite it in the 4th House! Moon is also square my Virgo Sun and Im pretty sure both Moon and Jupiter are kinda square my Pisces-Virgo North-South Node..
    Mercury is in intercepted Libra in the 8th Virgo House opposite my retrograde Mars in Aries so thats another less friendly opposition..

    – What kind of careers could be good for someone with this opposition to the Nodes?
    The chart seems like a mess to me but the Jupiter Moon opposition seems to be where my rich imagination, poetry and writing skills come from.. Ive strong 8th house themes (too much stress and even had a surgery recently) so, things feel like they cant be delayed regardless of my age.. On a positive note I think its probably this opposition’s curiosity that got me to get my chart done although im quite a sceptic :D

  2. Hi this was a great article thank you! I am fairly new to depositors and was wondering if you had any insight into moon in libra (11th), venus in Virgo (10th), mercury in Leo, sun in Cancer (9th). This seems to be like a “closed loop” of sorts?

  3. Hiroki,
    My moon is in Aries in 4th house, and my Mars is in Virgo in 10th house. The Mars is in conjunction with Pluto and Lilith, and in trine with my Cancer Sun in 8 house… There is something about action and transformation if I understand the situation ?

  4. Jennifer H says

    I have Moon in Aries in 11th, square AND intercepted AND mutually receiving (reception) My Cancerian Mars in 2nd. Have any thoughts on the mutual reception? I know you are supposed to treat it as a conjunction both ways. And with the square? And part of a T-Square with Moon opposite Libran Pluto in 5th, also intercepted. (birth date: September 7, 1979 11:44pm Colorado Springs, CO) Any thoughts?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Mutual reception with aspect indeed suggests strong connection between your Moon and Mars. Think about which houses are ruled by Moon and Mars, and how they are emphasized in your life. This particular placement you mentioned above suggests the presence of a too-strong mother who could have been intrusive or competitive while you were growing up.

  5. Hi!

    My Moon is in 29th degree of Pisces in the 6th house. This is a part of a Grandtrine: Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 2nd house conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius in the 2nd and Venus in Cancer in the 10th

    Dispositor is Neptune in Sagittarius in the 3rd house.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks for the article!

  6. Hi Hiroki,

    my moon is 12deg in 7th,aries, it is the apex of t-square with mars retro in 10th and sun,jup,sat in 4th – 4, 12 and 19 deg respectively.
    It is also apex of yod with pluto 8 deg conj NN in 12th and nep 10 deg in scorp, 2nd.
    It sextiles ven 18 deg in 5th,aquar which opposes uranus 25 deg in 11th,leo which inturn, trines mercury 27 and a 1/2 deg in sag, 3rd.
    ASC 2deg libra.
    Please tell me what it means.


  7. I have Aries Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Rising,

    I always feel nervous with the mixture of impatience and it mixes up together and i feel like unsecured.
    I have strong sex drive. (Somewhat Lusty) , I have some OCD Symptoms and end up like having a little bit of Schizophrenia does that count my 5th house is in Virgo. They said Virgo people have a tendency of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

  8. My Moon is in Capricorn in conjunction with my Saturn in 6th house…
    I don`t understandcomparation with control and army…
    The only thing I know is that I have a lonely childhood …My cancer is in 12th house…My moon makes square with my MC in aries…
    Greetings Milanka

  9. My moon is in the royal sign …..LEO, and yes i admit i have that “queen complex” though not much as I have my mars in virgo too, so by helping others and getting appreciation in return , I feel good, as it feeds my moon in leo but its ture I have high standards as mentioned in one of your article and can be very critical and exacting if things are not done as per my expectations….
    My moon ruler is Sun which is exalted being in aries and is situated in 11 th house. Does that mean I would work in groups or will serve the society in a big way! I am in healthcare industry and would like to work for Diabetes patients helping them manage their diabetes better. that’s my life’s goal or mission….

  10. Also when it comes to despositers do you prefer to use traditional rulers or does the modern ruler say everything?

  11. Hello Hiroki.

    Whats your thoughts on Sagittarius Moon and a tight Jupiter Square Pluto ?

    Thank you for the article.!

    • As long as there are no severe problems, we’d think in terms of bigger perspective and intensified beliefs, opinions. Where is that evident in your life, and does that fit in respect to which houses the Moon and Jupiter rule/occupy?

  12. I have my moon on the mc in 5 deg leo
    ruler is sun placed in my 4th H
    sun is 25 aquarius.
    so opposition, my dad was the doer in the family the main income business man at that.
    my mum another aquarian was independant and didnt work.
    they were not alike but they understood one another i think there needs were met just fine.
    now my aquarian plannets allways confused me as im more senimental and home loveing than the typical aquarian. When im home im happy, in my house iam queen who opens the castle up to all.

    my closest friend was a cancer and the love of my life cancer asc with moon placed there.
    I wondered if he needs the cancer type woman why would he have loved me around then again i do act like a cancerian woman when im around him.
    could be my venus in the 4th house with my sun perhaps.

    my moon ruler sun squares jupiter on the 7th and neptun on my asc and opp moon but the degrees is too far away for that.

  13. Hiroki Niizato says


    Moon's placement by itself doesn't specify a career in acting.


  14. hiroki…question my moon is in taurus ruler of my mc in cancer…it is conjunct venus in taurus..the taurus moon is sextile my midheaven by 1 degree from the 8th house the closest degree aspect to my midheaven and the moons depositer venus is 3 degrees sextile the midheaven in cancer from the 8th…venus is also lord of the ascendantwhile mercury conjunct mars in cancer in the 9th house zentith zone conjunct the midheaven…would the moon and its depositer support a career in acting(I also have jupiter in the 5th and neptune opposite the mc) sorry for all the info

  15. Hiroki Niizato says


    Well alright then! You got me worried for a second there :)

    Thank you,

  16. Hiroki — Don't let my ranting mislead you — I still love to play (I paint, sing, dance). And in my former life — before my mom became a full-time job — I worked with kids in special-education :).

    I've been perusing your blog and really enjoying it. Thanks.

  17. Hiroki Niizato says


    Yep, caring for the sick and the elderly sounds just like Aquarius Moon with 12th house Uranus.

    With the 5th house Moon, the question then becomes how to help people while keeping your playful inner child alive.

    Best regards,

  18. Hi Hiroki – This was a very interesting post – it definitely made me think. I also have Jupiter on the 3rd (in Scorpio and conjunct my Mercury and Neptune in the 2nd), so my comments are rarely brief. Thank God I don’t talk nearly so much as I write or I’d be exhausted.

    My Aquarius Moon’s depositor is Uranus. Therefore, my Moon’s need (to help others in a humanitarian way) is best expressed through my unique insights and individual self-expression. My Uranus in Leo (loyal, willful, proud, managerial) is quintile my 2nd house Sun, sextile my 2nd house Venus, trine my 4th house Saturn, loosely square my 2nd/3rd house Mercury/Jupiter, and opposite my 5th house Moon and 6th house Chiron (both in Aquarius).

    Since my Uranus is placed in the 12th, my Moon is expressed through the daily practice of mindful, compassionate interaction – with no single human life being less important than the group or “cause”. I believe this placement also gives me insight into the collective unconscious – the hidden motivations behind society’s current humanitarian trend – and makes me unwilling to mindlessly go along with the crowd. While there are plenty of genuinely caring people who are trying to change the world for the better, there are also those who miss the point — a need to be appreciated can easily be corrupted into a desire to fit in and be admired, with the “appearance” of being humanitarian becoming more important than the actual work to be done. People tend to confuse compassion with enabling, or else they think compassion has to do with how many causes you join, or the amount of money you donate – they fail to realize that there are free opportunities all around to express their humanity, simply by treating other human beings (including strangers!) with respect and loving-kindness, and by mindfully performing whatever duties they are entrusted with in their own lives. With natal Uranus opposite Chiron in the 6th, I’m very aware of the inherent problems within many dysfunctional systems, likewise I’m aware of the reluctance to acknowledge those problems. Most people would rather not hear what I have to share; my insights can be very disruptive, especially since I tend to disagree with the “group-think”.

    My mother spent the last years of her life in a series of elderly care facilities. I sacrificed a lot in order to responsibly manage her care, handling many of the details that the paid care-givers neglected. For the most part, I kept my insights to myself (Uranus in the 12th), but occasionally, when the infractions became more serious, I was forced to shake things up by going against the accepted systems that were in place. For the most part, my insights were validated, and I was even offered a job working as an advocate for the elderly – this would be a real-life example of my Aquarius Moon’s depositor at work, particularly since the 12th rules nursing homes and other institutions that care for the sick and disabled.

  19. Sandro Gomes says


    In other words… a daydreamer!!!


  20. My moon's in Sag – like you; my Jupiter is in the 3rd – like you, lol.

    Yes, I think the same interpretation applies. The difference is that my Jupiter is in Aquarius and is retrograde.

  21. Hiroki Niizato says


    No problem there..Just a bit more idealistic than usual, is all.


  22. Sandro Gomes says


    My Moon in Virgo in the 7th House, squared by Venus in Gemini in the 4th House.

    Mercury in Cancer in the 5th House, in conjunction with the Sun. Mercury has a trine with Neptune (the regent of my Asc) in Scorpion in the 9th House.

    What a mess, I guess…

  23. pui de lup says

    Thank you very much Hiroki.

    I looked at the exact degree of the Moon and it is actually 3 degrees from the 12th (14 degrees Scorpio, while the 12th house begins at 17 degrees). I would like to think the Moon in the 12th house would mean something good from the spiritual point of views, although I must admit I've always felt somehow in another world than that of my fellows. I am attached emotionally to some values that, in my Romanian living context, seem remote and weird to the others (conquering the habit of meat-eating, smoking, conquering animalic urges etc, reciting prayers–I guess the North Node in the 8th house would say this is the right direction); but sometimes this feels frustrating because I always seem to be pushed into situations where I don't have my support group of fellow genuine spiritual seekers near me for inspiration (except for my girfriend who is very suupportive). So I think this Moon in the 12th might be forcing me to deal with these issues by myself and at the same time my 11th house Pluto and Jupiter ruling the Ascendant push me towards a the mission of propagation of this spirituality. It's all a big mix-up, with me in the middle.

    Sorry for the rant, but I think, you also having big Sagittarius and Scorpio influences would know.

  24. Hiroki Niizato says

    Pui de lup,

    To answer your question, Your Moon is considered to be in the 11th (7 degrees is too far away from the next house.) Pluto is arguably in the 11th, depending on what orb you use.

    The 11th house emphasis here suggests group involvement for sure, and it ties in nicely with your spiritual mission!

    Pluto is an empowerment won through rebirth, so your definition of success will likely change as you continue your path.

    Best to you,

  25. Hello,

    Let's see here: I have Scorpio Moon in the last 7 degrees of the 11the house (I guess that would mean the moon is actually in the 12th house, right?).

    The moon's dispositor, Pluto is in the last 3 degrees of the 10th house, so I guess it's in the 11th house)

    So, from what I understand, Scorpio Moon needs a mission, an assignment or a plan of attack through the ways of Pluto (power, leadership) in the field of the 11th house (lofty goals, involvement with groups, right?).

    It just so happens that I found out in the last 4 years (since a Jupiter return in 2006 that changed my belief system) that I feel absolutely happy when I am propagating ancient Vedic religious concepts and practices to others (I also have Jupiter in 11th and a Sagittarius ascendant).

    So is my 11th house Pluto linked with the emotional needs mean that I am going to succeed in my mission?

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