Moon Saturn Aspects: Emotional Growth through Time

Saturn conjunct square opposite Moon

Moon Saturn conjunction, square or opposition

Saturn represents time, structure, necessary control and authority figures.  Moon represents our core emotional needs.

Natal or transit Saturn conjunct, square or opposite Moon is a deeply felt aspect that, over time, provides opportunity for emotional enrichment and growth (those with Saturn sextile or trine Moon may experience similar processes of growth we’ll cover in this article, but perhaps less intensely.)

In this article we’ll discuss some of the common phases of emotional growth associated with Saturn Moon hard aspect.  First we’ll discuss the natal Saturn-Moon aspect, and then transit Saturn in hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) with the natal Moon.

Natal Moon-Saturn Aspects:Phases of Emotional Growth

Phase #1: Suppressed Emotional Needs

Moon’s primary symbolism has to do with home, mothering and emotional nourishment.  Saturn in hard aspect with the Moon can suppress Moon’s natural need for nurturing.

If you have natal Moon-Saturn conjunction, square or opposition, you may have grown up in a home where there weren’t a lot of affectionate interactions between family members.

Another possibility is that parental approval and affection were heavily mixed with Saturnian element of work and responsibility.  As a result, you may have grown up too early, learning to act like an adult before you were able to get your basic emotional needs met.

Moon signs matter

Although such pattern can be present in any child born with Saturn-Moon aspect, your Moon sign could alter the experience somewhat.  Those with Moon in Earth or Air signs may feel more comfortable having Saturn conjunction, square or opposition Moon, since they tend to have more aptitude for emotional detachment compared to people with Fire or Water sign Moons.

Phase #2: Father Relationship affecting Later Emotional Patterns

Saturn represents authority figures, specifically the father in early home environment. With Saturn conjunct Moon there could be deep identification with the father’s emotional values, perhaps too much so.

Saturn square or opposite Moon may suggest a more tense relationship, wherein the father unconsciously squashed your Moon’s need complex through his actions.  Example: For those with natal Moon in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, Saturn square or opposite Moon might suggest a relationship with the father where he didn’t make you feel important enough to matter, either through criticism or neglect.

A developmental tension between Saturn and Moon also suggest a formative influence, which is to say your childhood dynamic with the father shaped your emotional patterns that continue into adulthood.

Moon-Saturn father relationship enacted in marriage

In a woman’s horoscope, a difficult relationship with the father during formative years as suggested by Saturn conjunct, square or opposite Moon could become a recurrent theme in later relationship (especially marriage), often played out through her husband.  Marriage then becomes a fertile ground for conscious reworking of your emotional patterns.

#3: Acquiring Guidance & Long Term Goals

Saturn’s authority is for providing necessary control, guidance and leadership.  Saturn can represent teacher or mentor figures in adult life, allowing you to play out a more positive scenario of emotional growth suggested by the Saturn-Moon aspect.

Through learning to acquire and receive such guidance, your long term goals and life direction that lead to fulfillment of your Moon’s needs can become clear.

#4: Cultivating Solitude

We have been discussing the Moon Saturn aspects from the perspective of Saturn (authority figures) affecting your Moon (your reigning need).  If we now reverse the perspective and consider that your Moon’s core emotional needs somehow require Saturnian elements, we can see this aspect as a need for boundary and structure.

Perhaps a regularly scheduled solitude, an act of creating a boundary to cultivate your emotional life, is needed to nourish your soul (Moon).  Like cultivating rare flowers inside a walled garden, solitude could offer the Saturn-Moon person the protected space to grow her roots deeper underground, allowing her to grow and be enriched emotionally.

Transit Saturn conjunct square opposition Moon 

Transit Saturn conjunct, square or opposite natal Moon can signal an emotionally challenging time due to added responsibility.  The difficulty experienced during Saturn transit to the Moon may suggest that your current emotional patterns are no longer working, and need to be changed (see above the potential causes of outdated emotional patterns.)

Awakening of ambition

Transit Saturn Moon conjunction, square or opposition can also signal awakening of ambition, especially if your Saturn or Moon is connected to the 10th house.

Need for solitude

During Saturn Moon transit you may feel alone, or feel the need to be alone in order to access deeper emotions.  If you make space for Saturn’s boundary instead of trying to resist solitude, you may find emotional nourishment.

Saturn and depression

In ancient times, Saturn was called the god of depression.  In people’s imagination, depression and melancholy indicated Saturn’s presence.

Nowadays depression is seen as a symptom to be cured with drugs or extroverted activities.  We lost a way to relate with the mood of depression, which could accompany a Saturn-Moon transit.

If, instead of dreading the experience of depression, you invite Saturn in and let him lead you to those parts in your psyche that need tending, you may have a completely different experience of this transit, and come out significantly more enriched and “in touch” with your emotions.

Summary: Moon Saturn Aspects and Emotional Growth

Emotional maturity is the gift (or the opportunity) of Saturn-Moon conjunction, square or opposition.   Through the processes of emotional growth we discussed, you can gain clarity about your needs as well as the ability to fulfill them through work and relationship.

Do you have Saturn conjunct, square or opposite Moon in your natal chart, or are you experiencing a transit Saturn Moon hard aspect?  How did you experience it, and what have you learned?  Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

Photo: Robert Lowe

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Vivien Beere says

    Thank you Hiroki I really like your interpretations of Moon opposite Saturn.I have a dear friend with this placement. They have tended to experience Moon Libra 10th as outgoing and related and yet in constant tension with Saturn in Aries in the 4th with its call to solitude. They have borne witness to their parents’ struggles, and their own, deep in their own being, or so it seems to me. I like the analogy of the need for solitude as being like the growing of rare flowers in a walled garden! I will pass it on.

  2. Hello Hiroki
    Thank you for the insightful article, my placement is moon opposition Saturn Saturn in 5th house Scorpio and I can relate to all that you wrote.

  3. Thank you for a really positive reading of this placement. It’s empowering.

  4. Mrs harris says

    Hi, this was a great article, thank you. Is anyone here able to give me some general advice? I have two children and both have Saturn moon conjunctions. My daughter has Saturn moon very close (within two degrees) in her second house of cap. And my son has Saturn moon (within 5 degrees) in his 5th house of Aquarius. I love my babies with all my heart and I’m not perfect but I try my best to be a good mum and give them as much affection as they can take but after looking up Saturn moon stuff I’m worrying that I’m doing something wrong! Can there be positive results in regards to the mother child relationship with this aspect? We are relatively strict parents but our children are our everything. Does anyone have any positive stories about their parents with this aspect? Many thanks

  5. I have this placement and this is the most useful thing I’ve read on it because it focuses on fixing it. Most descriptions feel more like they’re talking about wallowing in the suffering of the placement because they don’t necessarily describe well how to resolve it. I’ve found with this placement I have a lot of feelings I don’t know how to express and may not even know in thoughts what I feel, and that actually learning to say what I’m feeling to the person who I actually need to say those things to is important. With moon in scorpio square saturn in aquarius it’s a lot of big feelings and not wanting to share them getting in the way of me developing good friendships. I come across as too detached or too emotional. Honesty is slowly helping me carve a path through.

  6. This resonates with me so much I have Saturn and pluto in the 6th scorpio squaring moon in the 12th Taurus and I have so much anxiety and fear if don’t make alone time for myself.

    • Hi Shatiqua, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn opposing Moon in the 12th house. A quiet time to be by yourself can feed the soul, when Saturn and 12th house are involved with the Moon.

  7. Thank you for this post! I’m a Sag Moon sq Virgo Saturn and Pisces Sun (in opposition with Saturn — in a T square), so Sun and Moon are connected to Saturn. Sometimes it’s very hard not to be sad thinking that it will be impossible to me to be mature after all the frustration I feel regarding relationships and my general lack of self confidence for anything I do. I feel stuck and find it really hard to move to next steps in life (even I’m 41 and I achieved many things esp. in my career).

  8. Hi Mr. Nizato,
    Your article has filled in a number of blanks for me, very informative. I have natal Saturn in Capricorn in my 12th opposite Moon in Cancer. I grew up an overly responsible child with an angry, sometimes abusive father and an emotionally distant mother. Both of my parents have passed. I also have Jupiter in Aquarius in my 12th. I’ve just completed my second Saturn return–a rough go! I’m trying to take the lessons of Saturn, embrace rather than struggle against my need for solitude, and get on with my “last act” as I approach my 60th birthday. Thank you for some much appreciated insight.

    • Hi Denise,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn opposite Moon in Cancer! Yes, taking a time for solitude can be therapeutic for this part of you. You can balance solitude with your social activity to feel nurtured.

  9. I don’t think there are any upsides to a water Moon opposition Saturn. I have a 12th house Cancer Moon opp Saturn in Capricorn in 6th (plus Cancer asc, moon conj asc). Apparently, this can lead to chronic health problems from early in childhood – true for me, and long periods of depression and seclusion – also true for me. Severe violent abuse and neglect in childhood – mostly from my mother, though I have Pluto square Mars, so that could account for the abuse. I think Saturn in Capricorn definitely represents my mother, my father would be the Neptune in 4th house – a nebulous absence – I never had any relationship with him, let alone a conversation, though he lived with us- and he was also violent. Despite everything I loved my parents intensely, though long estranged from my entire family.
    I also believe my Moon/Saturn planets, together with Uranus and Pluto in 2nd (both conjunct my sun in Leo), seem to have doomed me to a life of sporadic employment/lack of employment. So I’m self-employed, but find it so hard to concentrate on working from home, as Neptune in 4th leaves me wandering in a boundary-less fog. So, yeah, I’m 60 now, been a hard slog…..I’m still trying. Thank you for your website, Hiroki, I used to visit it a lot.

  10. Aleph Cervo says

    My Moon is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in the 11th. Virgo Sun is in trine with the conjunction, and Pisces Ascendant. All the outer planets transiting Capricorn, my Saturn Return, and especially Pluto currently transiting conjunct my Moon has made these past few years very difficult. The battle between integration and solitude is especially tough, as I find myself more than ever disconnected from the world and people while very much immersed in Saturnian responsibilities that bring me little fulfillment. At some point I hope to be able to re-cultivate my creativity and joy of the pleasures of life.

  11. I have to say this was refreshing so THANK YOU.
    Sun in scorp square natal Moon(conj Saturn) in Aquarius.

    YES I have built many walls, surpressed my emotions .. and honestly didn’t cry for years … Emotional detachment is my specialty lol

    but as I am LEARNING through this saturn return.. (in the 4th house), is ALLLL about owning my worth, feeling safe & secure, expressing my emotional needs (giving myself space), and doing a TON of inner work, root chakra healing & givine my inner child the nourishment she craved.

    what a time this is ..

    I’ve been embracing the journey, trusting the process & learning to be okay (slowly) with vulnarability (hello scorpio sun lol)

    I’ve also realized that it’s actually just an emotional time to detach from old structures imposed on me or that I’ve learned. there are so many intricacies. The art of letting go from the old self/ ego is exciting but, as my very built-up ego would have it, a bit scary/ upsetting. It’s all a release now.

    Bless- happy to see I’m not alone in this wild journey


  12. Hi Hiroki-san,

    Wonderful article!

    I have a Gemini Moon opposite Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius and yes…..I had a hard time feeling emotionally safe. My grandparents have raised me, with my grandmother being the most at home. She had an aggressive temperament, but I am sure she loved me.

    My husband was not very good at expressing warmth and delicacy towards me, he even tried to get me out of home saying that his home was not mine as well, because he was paying for it. I divorced him (while being unsure if it was the right thing to do or not…).

    My boyfriend now is so so so sweet and romantic towards me. He embraces my feelings and he protects me and understands me emotionally so well. I suppose this is one of the effects of Moon-Saturn opposition?

    • Hi Anelise, thank you for sharing your experience with Moon opposite Saturn. Great to hear that the quality of your present relationship is emotionally nurturing and affirming – probably reflecting the emotional maturity within yourself as well. Good for you!!

  13. Empress Komlo says

    Wow. I read this at the exact time of my solar return (0850 EST) after looking at my chart to give me some guidance on my calendar birthday tmrw and my upcoming Saturn return. Once I started reading it took me a few minutes to ponder, reflect, and process. Especially because I even got a little triggered – actually mumbled out loud “man I didn’t come here for this!” 😂😂 major emotional shifts with my father this year so that definitely resonated. Ultimately though, this has given me a deep sense of “ahhhh, I’m ready to come out of the cocoon” and has actually helped me finally understand why I’m not as nervous about my saturn return.
    I have Saturn in Aqu squaring my 10H Moon in Libra as well as experiencing Saturn square Moon transit these past few months. Combined with Saturn going over my Uranus, Neptune, and North Node, putting it in reverse and going back over, then in drive and flooring it into my return (no I am not okay, send help 😆), I just feel like it’s about time I put some of these huge lessons, shifts, and reprioritizing into action. Hopefully that gets a bit a easier given my Sag sun, rising, and Mars!

    Anyway thank you for sharing this. I am so glad I decided to google for more insight on these aspects! Subscribing 💙

    • yooo I feel this!! saturn return in aqua (natal saturn x moon are conjunct)
      not sure what degrees yours are but I know we(I) get 3 swipes this year !!! because of retrograde. lol HELP

  14. Thank you for sharing. Saturn is currently squaring my Moon in Libra and it has been tough! I had a huge argument with my mom and that made me realize I needed to forgive her for making me to have an abortion when I was 18. I’m 39 now and see how I allow her feelings to dictate my life. This is an extremely difficult transit. It’s affecting everything!

  15. Nancy Drope says

    Hello HIROKI ,
    I have Saturn inconjunct my moon in Cancer, Emotions have been challenging most of my life and I work hard to take the higher perspective. Would you say Sun Opposite Neptune would highlight my depression? I am so grateful to have found astrology to help me understand my challenge with relationships…. Mercury in Aries, Libra Rising, Sun in Taurus

    • Hi Nancy, Neptune Sun connection can express as suppression of the self, especially if you do not get supported in developing your special sensitivity. You might want to check out the article about Sun Neptune aspect in the archive.

  16. Hi Hiroki,
    Thank you for your directions – way more accurate and deep than other sites.
    I have Aquarius Moon with only squares from Uranus and Chiron (7 and 6 degree orbs) and now Saturn is going to transit over it. I have always had trouble with finding Home and what exactly it means to me, and have always been ‘kicked out’ from feeling settled somewhere. What would you advice in general and regarding this transit? Thank you for your wisdom

    • Hello Kaskia, transit Saturn contacting Moon will challenge you to develop your capacity to nurture yourself emotionally. Pay attention to where you’re being neglectful of your own well-being, and see if you can own the responsibility to care for yourself in a deeper, more fulfilling way.

  17. Hi Hiroki
    Great article that was v enlightening. I have an out of sign trine between 1st house Scorpio moon and 9th house Leo saturn. I think I get a mix of the hard square and the benefits of the trine.

    The planets represent my Scorpio sun mother and Capricorn sun father (all personal planets in Cap except Pisces mars). I followed his lead in dealing with my volatile mother by using silence and detachment. This has led to emotional problems for me.

    As my progressed asc crossed Neptune 2 yrs ago, I discovered that I’m a highly sensitive person. This made me realise that I deal with emotional overload by detaching from my emotions – Saturn has built a huge wall to protect me. But this is no way to live; without feeling, the highs and the lows are missing from life. So I’ve opened the doors and I’m learning what I probably should have as a child. I’ve never been so happy, but also experienced extreme anger and upset. A hard journey.

    Although depression chases my heels, it never fully drags me down. The resilience that Saturn adds to a Scorpio moon is astounding. I always get back up but now know it will take time, and give myself quiet solace. But I have always been super calm and mature on the surface but the torrent of emotion beneath is there and now fully recognised.

    I also relate to the solitude. I now spend a considerable time in nature on my own. With a hard Sun to Neptune aspect, I’m free from absorbing others’ “stuff”, and can truely nourish myself.

    My big task is now to contend with my emotional fears – opening up and trusting. It’s going to be a hard one.

  18. Hi, am a Gemini rising,my saturn in 6th aspects my moon in mara is in 7th.I has difficult childhood where my father was not available emotionally .. Now after marriage the same pattern as I faced in childhood repeated. My husband, a scorpio rising with saturn retro aspecting mars in 7th.I am on the verge of separation. I am really devastated. Shall I seek divorce or shall things work out.

    • Hi DK, regardless of what you choose to do in your marriage, the key is in improving your own relationship to yourself, so that your capacity to nurture yourself increases with time. For a serious discussion please consider scheduling a private session.

    • Hi ! I am an Aquarius sun in the 8th ,Capricorn moon @ 21°and Saturn@3° in the 7th ,Cancer rising. I read your articles all the time.Fixed Grand cross. All three planets ,saturn pluto,and jupiter have been bouncing around my moon for quite some time . My 2nd Saturn return lots of transformation has been happening for me .
      Growing up was tense I was the oldest of 8 was given lots of responsibility in my youth partly caused my cancer mom in and out of hospital. Hugs and kisses pretty much non existent. Very strict father. My father and I butted heads most of the time lots of physical abuse involved . I never fit into my family dynamics always blamed for all that went wrong . Ran away at 12 yo again at 14 . I always push on. Never had any friends kept to myself . My Cancer rising helps but I have to stay aware .Fast forward the transformations I have gone through this year have been huge . I feel greatful for covid as it forced me to halt and gave me the opportunity to look inward. Lots of upheaval in family relationships some of whom were dealing with Saturn squares and oppositions themselves. Things are improving relationship wise just recently. My nn is in Libra I have a blossoming relationship with a Libra 11 years my junior . My Cancer husband and mom passed away 5 years ago . Saturn has entered my 8th house more stuff to come but I think because of all the dumping of my baggage this 8th house transit won’t be too bad. Inheritance issues have arisen because of the passing of my brother in Feb this year 2020. Thank you always for your insight.

      • Hi Isabel, thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds like the 2nd Saturn return and recent transits to your Moon are reflecting a profound change in your inner and outer emotional life. Good for you!

  19. I have Saturn Taurus 9°53’11 in house 11 direct
    to Moon Leo 14°04’31 in house 2 direct
    Can this cause: Dysthemia ? Im having mood problems since im a child

    • Hello BAS, your natal chart is a reflection of the reality in your life, but not a cause of it. In this case Saturn square Moon in your chart is reflecting a situation at home involving your parents that might lead to such mood problems. As you find ways to feel better (through therapy, for example), the meaning of the Saturn Moon aspect will gradually mature into a more empowering expression.

    • Sakshi pandey says

      I am a Gemini ascendant and have Saturn(14°27′) and moon (24°27′)in the 12th house and sun (11°22′) along with mercury(16°39′) and venus(14°04′) in the 8th house , I have always lot of psychology running in my mind with theories in sometimes it triggers me alot especially for the ppl I love truly!!

  20. Thank you for your article. I feel like it all applies. Aquarian Moon in 10th… square Saturn at 29’ Scorpio in 6th… and square my ASC in Taurus. But wait! There’s more! These T-squares are buy one get one free! I’ve another Moon Tsquare with Pluto in 6th and Chiron in 1st. — blah blah. Help.

  21. I have Moon conjunct Saturn by natal and it’s exact too, yikes Lol. This is a VERY challenging aspect but when I sit back and reflect. It gives depth/weight to my emotional nature and toughness that a Leo Sun wouldn’t normally have. I call it the CEO aspect Lol.

    • Hi,
      I have Moon in Capricorn in the 5th house opposite Saturn in the 11th.
      I have found myself choosing older for friends and younger for lovers.
      I have felt isolated for much of my life, so social distancing doesn’t phase me much. Even in the midst of people, the feeling of loneliness will try and overtake me. Depression, I have fought with for years but never let it get the best of me. I have a jovial, fun-loving personality and many would never know how I suffer within.
      I have had a heck of a time receiving emotional nourishment from any of my romantic relationships. My mother values hard work with her Venus in the 10th and Mercury in Capricorn. She has a Virgo Moon and Aquarius rising. She has always been emotionally unavailable and my father was more engaged yet aloof and wanting time alone more often than not.
      I feel one way to nurture my moon is through something that I love and claim it as my career. My north node is in the 4th house, so Cancerian themes should become more prevalent. Thank you for letting me share.

  22. Robert gross says

    I appreciate your Moon-Saturn commentary, Hiroki.
    I have Saturn (11th house) square Moon (3rd house).
    I suppose having Moon in Aquarius tempers this somewhat, but I can truthfully say, I always felt alienated from my father, never encouraged as a child, and my mother was very (over)protective of me.

    Being born with Cerebral Palsy surely aggravated that scenario.
    I have always been a loner, and draw comfort from nature, and walks in the woods, when I can.
    I enjoy other people to an extent, but have NEVER been a ‘party person’. I have been my own ‘worst enemy’, critical of myself, and prone to see others as ‘above me’, but I have gradually learned to see myself more realistically, and give myself credit, for having a loving wife, and child. Jobwise, I have always been fairly meticulous, and focused on the task at hand, probably more of that Saturn sticking out, lol.
    Oh, I have worked as a teacher, and a computer help desk person, and always felt like I did well, in those roles.
    With all the Saturn-Pluto oppositions to my Sun this year, I have been apprehensive, to say the least, but look forward to a meditative, calm, and self-believing future.

  23. Tricia Graf says

    Hi I like what you said it’s quite true. In my natal char I have a Leo moon 6th house oppose Saturn in Aquarius 12th house. An absent father and my mum’s helper I was the middle child. One thing I also find is that a lot of my friends are older women I just find them wiser and have a more mature perspective, I think that also is an attribute of Saturn oppose Moon. Since it is an opposition I’m hoping that I can learn to find a balance so the Moon can have a bit more fun.

  24. Hi Hiroki,

    My 9 year old daughter has Cancer Moon in 12th house square her Libra Saturn in 3rd house. Both her Moon and Saturn also form part of a great cardinal cross (together with Capricorn Pluto in 6th and Aries Uranus in 9th). Her Cancer Sun in 12th house also squares her Moon.

    She doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. She is even very uncomfortable with cuddles or kisses. She is not able to open up and tell me what is troubling her. I love her so much and it gives me anxiety to know that the Moon Saturn square might mean that me, as her mum, am not giving her emotionally what she needs. Our family situation is good. She has a loving father and three sisters. I desperately want to help her be happy.

  25. kanksha yadav says

    i have saturn and moon conjuction both in gemini in 3rd house , what impact will it create on my career?

    • Hi there, emotional maturity can impact your career in a major way, especially when you get into leadership roles. In this case it’s even more important, since 3rd house represents the way you tend to think and communicate. If you express the Saturn Moon energy well, people will respect your maturity and authority. A lot of self-awareness is needed to see how you’re coming across to others through your communication.

  26. Hi Hiiroki :-) Wow! I loved reading your analysis of Saturn and Moon in hard aspect. I have Moon in Taurus (11th) square Saturn in Cancer (1st) and my childhood was tough. I am the eldest of six children and was taking care of my youngest siblings from the age of 8. My parents worked a lot.
    I was abused by my father and neglected by my mother. It has taken many long years of hard work to release the pain and find wisdom in the learning. I’ve had some great mentors and learnt a lot from relationships.
    Now, at 45, my life has really begun and I feel like its just getting better with age. I am emotionally strong but also tender. I love my quiet space and love to retreat into nature. I definitely need alone time for my emotional peace and I respond very well to structure. I have a beautiful patient, understanding and caring man in my life and I feel very fortunate. Thank you for your interpretation of this aspect. It was the best I’ve read.

  27. Thank you for this article. It’s a consolation and means a lot to me.

    I felt very off the last few days especially, wanting to crumble, isolated, sad and very dark. I’m playing martyr and princess, trying to blame others for my problems and obstacles, thinking no-one likes me and fighting hard to get out of this money hole I’m in.

    Saturn in Capricorn is currently transiting conjunct my natal Moon at 27 Capriccorn.

    And you’re right, Hiroki, having a Capricorn moon already makes me heavy by nature and I’m prone to melancholy.

    This current Moon/Saturn conjunction is also opposite my Mars in 29 Cancer. I’ve been working hard on balancing this Moon/Mars in my natal chart, as it makes me immature, passive aggressive and spoiled.

    This sounds rather glum but as you said I take this as an opportunity for emotional maturity.

  28. I have Moon in Sag in 4th house conj Sth node square Saturn in Pisces in 7th. Addictions have followed me through life and with Sun in Capricorn depression is rife. I have had suicide ideation as long as I can remember as the emotional pain is unbearable. I’m 54 and after 2.5 years in a 12step programme called Adult Children if Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families I am only now after 30 years abstinent from ALL addictions. It’s been a shit show that I still cannot guarantee I’ll get through with suiciding. Not a happy camper, I was abused so badly by my Dad and my mum was so distant I don’t gave any bond with her. I don’t know what a loving parent is, I will keep trying and only hope Pluto conjucting my natal sun in 2 years will empower me more to survive this life. No marriage as I’m too broken and only attracted violent addictive persons. Very sad… As a life path 4 it’s a double whammy in the dysfunctional family of origin dept.

    • This is a challenging situation to be sure…Make sure to continue having positive support around you, such as your recovery group. As you probably realized already, supportive friends can make all the difference.

  29. I am not experiencing this transit right now. However, my long term partner is, and I suspect this is going to affect me. I feel it already is. Not only is Saturn opposite his Moon and Ascendant, but so is Pluto. This is troubling. Both Saturn and Pluto are entering his 7th house, and the Moon is opposing both of these planets. Can you think of anything positive to say about these transits?

  30. I always enjoy your postings, and have had other astrologers send me links to your writing! I have moon conjunct saturn in scorpio in the 8th. What I can say about this, now in my sixties, is that my needs were submerged in the face of my mother’s issues. Who I was, was unimportant, indeed rather off her radar- but her issues ruled the roost- a household of men, with me the only daughter. I felt that I was there as her extension, always aware of HER needs. My needs???
    Years later, I have a very distinct need to listen to my own inner voice and take care of myself. Though I have dear friends and a spouse, generally trust in others is won, not given. But self reliance is key. I am solid (funny, with no earth placements) dependable, intuitive, humorous and serious (!) and trustworthy.

  31. Hi,

    I have Saturn conjunction moon in Scorpio in the 8th house. My mother left our family when I was 7 years old and I was essentially raised by my very loving & devoted father. I grew up very fast and became responsible like an adult by age 12 or so. I did not receive maternal nurturing from my mother and still to this day she has difficulty expressing her love for me. (She has Saturn in the 7th house and is non-demonstrative). I love my grandmothers and my aunties but will probably always long for true maternal love but my mother isn’t capable. Learning more about astrology has help heal our relationship somewhat because I can more easily let her off the hook. My father died when I was 32 and even though my mom is still alive, I feel like an orphan.

    • I meant Saturn conjunct moon in Virgo! ;)

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct Moon. It sounds like you’ve gained some understanding of your mother’s situation through her horoscope, which made it possible to forgive her behavior. The nurturing you long for will most likely need to come from within yourself, and through other people in your life that positive model the quality you seek.

  32. Oops, I meant to say Moon in Libra, 4th house.

  33. My first Saturn return is approaching and I understand that it’s supposed to be a pretty big deal, so I’ve been poking around at my aspects.

    I have natal Saturn in 8th house Capricorn, square natal Moon in Cancer, and my Saturn return happens around January 2020. I’m very new to the deeper parts of Astrology so I apologize if I’m way off.

    I’ve been getting relatively consistent random, intrusive thoughts; and random scents which I fearfully attribute to “occult” type experiences where one gets a hint of a scent that reminds them of a person who has almost literally just passed away. I very quickly dismiss the latter as paranoia (and I AM very paranoid in general) but the deeper I dig, the more I think I’m going to possibly lose my father pretty soon. I don’t know how I’m going to handle any kind of loss. If it does go that way, this will be my first “major” death.

    Can you tell I’m excited? (Just being sarcastic… I’m terrified.)

    • Hi Naaria, Saturn return is emphatic, for most people. For many people, their identity goes through a shift through some event. Your Saturn return might coincide with a Pluto-Saturn conjunction in the sky, so powerful changes are suggested.

  34. Hi! I’m Angela, from Italy. I love your articles, they are always insightful! I have a Pisces Saturn in 9th (conjunct mc) inconjunct my Libra Moon in fourth. Now transiting Saturn is square natal Moon and it’s (again) a very hard time. I usually don’t have a very good feeling with Saturn transits… I feel very lonely, sad and charged with many responsibilities, both in my work and personal life. Recently, my relationship ended and I broke two important friendships. I feel very lonely, as if this loneliness will last forever, and confused too, but at the same time I feel that I need to stay alone for transforming my emotional life and changing something, deep inside of me. I know that if I don’t change, Saturn will do it and it will be more painful. Where can I begin from? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Angela, thank you for sharing your experience with transiting Saturn square Moon. With this aspect, there is a sense of knowing what must be done, even at the cost of sacrificing some comforts in life. To counterbalance this tendency, you’d want to make sure that you’re nurturing yourself by paying attention to how you feel, and accepting (instead of denying) your emotional needs.

  35. The day when moon conjunct my Natal moon and saturn also conjunct my Natal moon in capricorn, I got news that my mother probably
    will pass away in a few weeks.

  36. hi, I felt sick, I dreamt I was worried about cancer returning and I asked my departed mom to see if the flat hard spot was really there. But I also in a dream looked through a tele and saw a path at the bottom of a waterfall and climbed it . At the top were a bride and groom symbol. Perhaps healing my marriage as my ex passed recently but then I read Saturn moon opposing represents outdated emotional patterns.

    • Could be. These are powerful dream images that might yield more insights as you continue to be aware of them.

    • Hi… Saturn in transit is currently squaring my natal moon in Aries in 12h.. and opposing my mars in 4 h… sat is also conjunct my mc… I just want to die, it’s such a horrible time… do you think when this aspects happens for the last time in Dec it could relocate me?

  37. Joanie Dee says

    Thank you for your generosity shown by answering all these questions. I have natal moon/jupiter conjunction in 12th house pisces opposed by saturn in 6th house virgo (taurus/ aries ascendant). It’s been challenging literally from day one. Any thoughts on how to cope better with fragile, wounded emotions? Thank you and bless you Hiroki.

    • Hi Joanie,

      For a serious discussion about your life, please consider scheduling a private session.

      • Zeljka fresl says

        Hi Hiroki,
        Thanks for your post about Moon-Saturn relations.
        I have in my natal chart Moon opposite to Saturn and Moon conjunct Saturn.
        I had pretty bad Mom, she hates me even today, too. I’m her extramarital child, was molested by her and so-called father.
        While being pregnant, was 34 that time, I found out so-called father is not my biological father; I knew that all my life, he was beating me up whole childhood.
        So, she deliberately don’t want to tell me anything.
        I’m independent person since I was 17, with university degree, was having executive career, good marriage, good Mom to my don, with husband I’m 30 years already. I am the most resilient person I know in my life.

        I had been through many hardships, difficulties and bad things.
        My ex husband has Moon opposition Saturn, so we understand each other best.

        I would not define myself as saddest person in the world, nor I’m the happiest one.

        Now, I’m 47 and feeling very stable and capable, well-balanced.


        • Hi Zeljka, thank you for sharing your experience with Moon opposite Saturn. What an inspiring story of resilience in the face of hardship… Congratulations for doing so well.


    Hi, I realized that today the Moon squares Saturn. In my natal chart, my Saturn is at 0 Degrees in Aries. Go figure, that today the moon is also in Aries. Feeling very lonely today. Also pretty hard for me to get a simple task done.

    I am new to learning Astrology and I am interested to know if you can share any books, sites, etc. that have helped you compile this information and learn more about transits in comparison to natal chart positions? I hope this makes sense. Lol

  39. Hi Hiroki,
    Thank you for sharing this information, it’s been helpful, and it’s still getting comments years later which is great isn’t it :-)

    I have often struggled to know if whole or placidus work best with my chart, but after comparing my Natal Saturn 6’28 and Natal Moon 3’16 conjunction both in Gemini (ic 21’36 Taurus), I’m leaning towards accepting both systems.

    I’m Virgo 17’17 sun & Capricorn rising 15’28.

    In Placidus they’re both conjunct in my 4th house (Taurus) and in Whole sign my 6th house (Gemini).

    Could these being in the 4th house relate in some way to my mum (Taurus), dying when I was ten years old (fell down the stairs)? Causing her to be absent thereafter?

    My Mum (moon) and dad (Saturn?) 4th house, had many years of arguments/dad always at work or out of the house having fun/very little money left for mum.

    There weren’t many hugs or nurturing shown towards me or my sister, but there was absolute kindness at least, and I was extremely close to mum and loved them equally.

    When I had my own family, I realised I could come across as emotionally distant yet very nurturing, but realising that I did not want my children to feel like I did when I was small, so I began to make a conscious effort to bring my love outwards to my children (now adults), even though inside I’m very loving and emotional and super empathic, I had to let the love show, I worked hard to hug and bring my inner love out to be felt, and astrology has helped me to understand myself and not beat myself up for my negatives and move beyond them.

    But then I look at the whole sign positions, I saw that someone had written online that Saturn conjunct Moon in 6th, could make you a perhaps unwilling carer to an older person, I have been caring for my disabled and much older than me partner for many years, he’s been previously mentally abusive towards me, a 30 year unhappy relationship.

    Does this 6th house description as a reluctant carer make logical sense?

    If this is an accurate interpretation of this position then I’m kind of elated, because then I feel using both systems work in a strange way at the same time!

    A note to add:
    *Both my Saturn and Moon have oppositions to Neptune and Jupiter (they’re also conjunct).
    *Saturn/Moon & Neptune/Jupiter all square to Mercury.

    And Yet I have a lovely grand Air Trine linking my Saturn/Moon to Mars and Uranus.

    So really I’m just noting how heavily influenced Saturn and Moon are in my chart, but as a total novice, getting my head around these Saturn/Moon aspects has been a tough nut to crack.

    Does anyone here have anything similar to me, I’d love to compare for a greater understanding.

    Sorry if I’ve written too much, but I’d like to think I’m not the only one with Saturn/Moon being so heavily aspected, both negatively and positively in equal measure.

    Kindest regards

    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Moon conjunct Saturn. Both of your thoughts make sense – as you say, both lenses (placidus or whole sign house) can offer valuable insights. Thanks!

  40. I have Saturn and my Moon on my Descendant (the 7th house) in Aquarius. Any thoughts on this? I have a pretty good understanding of it, and I relate to a lot of the positive things said in this article, I just thought I’d post this to see what you had to say anyway. Thanks!

    • Hi Valerie, if you look at 7th house as your partner, then Moon Saturn on the 7th house cusp suggests you expect some level of emotional maturity from your partners and close friends.

  41. C. Anna lee says

    Saturn transit is conjunct my 7th house Capricorn moon in a natal T-square with Sun/Mercury Libra and Cancer Ascendant now. Im not in any marriage-type relationship but i did sever my ties in social media. I got fed up with the judgy, bullying comments and am disgusted and disillusioned with how innocent, beautiful beings always get hurt. I’m learning human nature has always been this way, but i was too naïve to see it. The shock of what’s happened in New Zealand and Syria, and numerous other examples– is so disturbing to me now– it’s so heavy and feels inescapable. Just want to bury my head in the ground and cry all the time.

  42. bruno bastos says

    Hi Sr. please i have a son with moon- saturn conjuction in 8th house in cancer- (Sag Asc) he also have mars ketu sun mercury conj in 10th house, jupiter in 11th, sometimes he feels very unbalaced and agressive , what do you think the best way to help him with these emotional patterns? Thank you. God Bless.

  43. Through chart overlay, midpoints, etc…I’ve found that my Pisces moon in the 7th and my Leo Saturn in 1st relates to the two father-figures in my life (maternal grandfather and father) I over identified with my father so that when my grandfather stifled my imagination and authentic intuitive responses, I felt bad for my father, weirdly, not myself. Trickily, my grandfathers sun is 2 degrees pisces, same as my moon. This seems to have compounded the issues where I then identified with the abuse from my grandfather as well, and it was violent (my south node Aries in 8th, along with mars conjunct Saturn in First). So for me, I identify my father with the lack of fathering/neglect and my grandfather represents the active fathering/abuse. I think…so far. Interestingly, my mother has Leo/Aqua intercepted. I’m learning a lot there, too.
    I’m really into absorbing the gifts they gave and letting the rest go. I’m really into turning my moon opposite Saturn into a blessing.
    Thank you for such a comfortable and insightful forum with which to share and learn:)

  44. Roberta Di Tizio says

    My natal moon is at 21 degrees 56′ in capricorn, saturn in pisces and scorpio neptune conjuncts my vertex. The moon (emotions, mothering but, also body) is now touched by transiting pluto and i feel the urge to cope with some health problems i have ben stuck on for years and had a little domestic accident. I am experiencing some great disillusion too, but that should be neptune, transiting on natal saturn in tenth house. Disillusion involves a job i have been working on for three years that will probably be given to someone else. And what will happen in january 2020 when my poor capricorn moon will be touched by the pluto-saturn conjunction? My natal pluto is in fourth house conjunct mars and uranus and at that time transiting neptune will move on my natal chiron also in pisces. I have a stellium in gemini twelfth house: sun, jupiter, venus and my north node. I appreciate very much the contents of your website. Thanks Hiroki

    • Hi Roberta, thank you for sharing your experience. The Moon is under a tense development period as you know, so hopefully you can make the most of that transformational energy.

    • Hi. Natal Saturn in the 10th is positive, really. Pluto on your moon home, mother, women friends probably means get rid of anything toxic or anyone and renew yourself. Pluto and the home. Have you got a house full of stuff you don’t need or use? Get rid and sell for Pluto or even better give to local hospice. If your home burned down there would be very little you would truly miss. Hope that helps you.

    • Hi Roberta,
      I also have my moon in capricorn at 22 degrees. This has been the worse time of my life so far. I have pluto square moon nataly. Getting rid of a narcisist mother, ended my marriage, lost my job and can’t find another one for one year already. Feeling very depressed and sad with all this. I just want this fase to end. I also have pluto and saturn conjunction nataly in my 8th house. My moon is in the 11th.

  45. What would you use as keywords for my coming transit Saturn Opposite Moon, Saturn passing through my 6th house (with no natal planets). My natal moon is in Cancer 12th house conjunct Cancer ascendant, and is square my natal Saturn in Aries 11th house.
    My natal 6th house is in Sagittarius/Capricorn.
    (In the Equal house chart my Saturn is in the 10th house) …

  46. I have natal Saturn conjunct Neptune at 13° of Capricorn in 3rd, both squareing my natal Moon at 13° of Libra in 12th house (libra ascendant).
    Everything described in the article is spot on. Father was emotionally detached when I was growing up, always putting his brothers and sisters children first and neglecting me. Mother’s love on the other hand was overwhelming, she wanted us to be the best friends, she wanted to have my life in her hands, controlled me, spying on me trough teenage years which was more of a burden to my Aries Sun and free spirited soul (also Sun at 29° Aries trining my Uranus at 4° of Capricorn). Now at the moment of writing I’m experiencing Saturn’s return that will activate that conjunction with Neptune and square to the Moon, and I can say that it’s hard work. Whole last year I was a Hermit, going within, experiencing emotions, broken heart, but also loyal friends that helped me a great deal with it. I know it’s not over, it’s just starting, and it’s not easy, but let’s see what the future holds :D

  47. I thought a hard aspect between moon and Saturn had to do with more so mother issues rather than father issues?

    • Hi Mia, it can often be both. Father being absent, for example, increases the mother’s influence. Saturn symbolizes the father and Moon the mother.

      • I have a moon square saturn aspect in my natal chart. My moon is in sagittarius 10th house and my saturn is in aries 1st house. I can relate to hard aspects in my childhood due to difficult fights between me and my stepdad.

  48. It is indredible how you nailed it. I have natal Sun conjunct Saturn in 10th opposite Moon in 4th in Aquarius. I feel identified with everything you said about emotional needs and my father.
    Gonna have this transit Saturn conjunct natal Moon soon, so it will be worsening what I have natally I supposed.

    • Hi Lou, the transit may trigger the issues suggested in the natal chart. You may think of it as a kind of universal check-up to see how you’ve been able to resolve that particular issue.

  49. My ex fiance has this conjunction. I love him dearly but he struggles so much. He is only 23 so I hope that one day he will be able to resolve some of his troubles and be able to use them instead of suffer from them. Thank you for your work here!

  50. This evening has felt so emotional for me, I have been so weepy. I lost my husband recently and have had to rediscover myself. I was more emotional today than usual though. I looked online and in the almanac and tonight the planet Saturn is in conjunction with the moon. I read other online info about this conjunction and then found yours. You are so right on with your information about the moon and Saturn, it really hit home! Thanks for your post!

  51. Natal Saturn (Taurus in 5th) opposite Moon (Scorpio in 12th). [adding: difficulty having fun, having fun through tasks like helping someone clean out their garage, issues with overeating, eating for comfort, eating in secret, difficulty managing money, feeling emotional need to buy things] My chart is the bucket with Saturn as the handle. No affection or touch as a child and punishment if emotion was shown. Parents both alcoholics and unavailable. I felt like I had to parent my parents. I was always on the look out to soothe the emotional needs of my classmates [and parents]. (ie. choosing someone on my team first that I could see was sad) I was always the team captain due to my athletic abilities (Sag rising/Mars in 12th?) so I used this position to care for my classmates and make them feel wanted and seen. I was like a little healer with a mission. I can feel depressed when I don’t have anyone to help or counsel or someone who needs me. Currently, I cut off my adult friend relationships due to immaturity and narcissism. As an adult, I was trying to support and care for people who wanted to hurt me. As a codependent, it made it so I didn’t have to look at my own needs (Neptune conjunct Moon) and also not realize my “best friends” were actually secret enemies. (moon and mars in 12th). I am still unraveling my wounds but am in a great place at 47 years old. It seems it all came on at the time of the outer planet oppositions (mid life transits). [Not mid-life crises but mid-life opportunity in my opinion] My eyes opened and I cut off the long term “friendships”. I feel I am truly healing on the deepest levels and look forward to a life of true joy, expression and affection. My “difficult chart” is actually the greatest gift as is everyones! Beautiful unimagined rewards to come! Sorry if this is too long…also have Mercury in the 1st and think I talk too much. :0) Thank you for the outlet to “speak my mind”. It’s like talking to a therapist in a secret language that they understand!

  52. My natal Saturn is square moon and Asc and conjunction sun, Mercury, Uranus and trine Jupiter. I passed through transit Saturn conjunct natal Saturn several months ago(1st Saturn return). It has been a very difficult time

  53. Hi Hiroki,

    This posts resonates strongly with me! Esp regarding your comments on alone time. I have a Pisces Saturn in the 1st house (natal) squaring my Sag moon in the 10th house.
    Sometimes it’s hard for me to map where or how my emotions relate to this aspect. I understand how a Saturn Pisces operates or how a Saturn in 1st operates etc., but it’s difficult for me to put the pieces together. Is there a Capricorn energy here that overpowers my Sag moon energy?

    • Hi Niri, glad you resonated with the article. Saturn in 1st house square Moon suggests a strong “Saturnine” inclinations within your personality, so yes, that sounds reasonable. The key would be to allow Moon in Sagittarius the thought expression it needs by providing it with Saturn’s authority. It’s earning the right to be heard and respected for your opinions.

  54. thank you so much for this post. I have natal Moon in Virgo in the 11th house square natal Saturn in Sag in the 2nd house, and the last 2 years or so have been my first saturn return. I had never heard the connection between the a saturn sq moon as authority figures. This resonates with me deeply, as I have followed in my father’s footsteps career wise, but have also struggled quite a lot to feel respected by him.

  55. Hi I’m Sagittarius ascendant having Saturn moon Venus conjunction in Scorpio (12th) house. I have seen good changes in my careers with lot of efferts and hard work during Saturn return in moon and also learned astrology in my own and getting spirituality , but now it’s moved to my ascendant I’m feeling depressed more fear full, lack of courage , low self esteem . Increased spirituality , I just quit alcohol and meat, pls tell me what would be my situation in next 2yrs . Im 32 yrs male still single , fear of relationships as well.And also pls suggest remedy’s. thank u.

    • Hi Giri, thank you for sharing your experience. Good to hear that Saturn return (plus transit Saturn conjunct Venus) was a time of positive changes in your career. Saturn passing through Ascendant is a challenge to develop your identity into a more mature, focused version of yourself. To discuss the coming 2 years and explore possible actions you may take, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  56. Hi Hiroki,

    Does this emotional growth process apply to natal Moon inconjunct Saturn, as it’s also a hard aspect?


  57. See I don’t get this, how astrologers always state that air moons can detach easier. I have a Gemini moon. Conj Mars and Chiron in 10th house. Oppo Saturn and Uranus. Nad no I don’t detach my fellings that easily at all! I get so frustrated by this statement. I do try to understand my feelings and emotional responses. But I don’t seperate them from myself or what ever detachment is supposed to work like.

    • A good feedback from a Gemini Moon! The Air energy tends toward intellectualization, which is sometimes used to achieve necessary distance from an emotional issue – but I understand everyone faces their challenges in their own unique way.

  58. Hi Hiroki, thank you this enlightening post! I have learnt so much more about myself from this. I am fairly new to astrology though, and was wondering if you knew what sort of aspect my moon and Saturn are making, i.e. is it a square, conjunction, etc? My moon is in Aries at 11 degrees and my Saturn is in Cancer at 11 degrees? (8/5/75, Australia )thank you so much. I love your website, so much of this article, in particular i can relate to, especially as I’m going through a lot of emotional growth right now. Many blessings to you!

  59. Hello. Mr. Niizato, I’ve been told I will have Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in my natal Capricorn Moon next year… I am a little bit worried because I know they’re bad and slow planets… Can you tell me what to expect? I’ve been told as well that I’ll have them as a “triangle” with the sun (don’t know how to call it),

    Please, can you explain what all that means? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Cesar, it’s impossible to tell without knowing your situation…I’ve written about both Pluto-Moon and Saturn-Moon aspects in this site, so you may want to check the archive to get a feel for the upcoming period.

  60. Hello Hiroki,

    I have Saturn in the 7th house opposing my leo moon which is in almost the same place as my ascendant and a Stellium in Capricorn in the 5th house, can you give me any advice? I relate alot with this article! Thank you

    • Hi Arnaldo, Saturn opposing Moon on Ascendant means much of what’s discussed here will be central to your self-image. Healing emotional wounds can become one of the priorities of your life!

  61. This person I happed to know quite well is a Cancer (16′) with Moon in close conjunct to retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. A natal chart with a very heavy 4th-10th house axis overall, in Capricorn and Cancer respectively (makes sense, Libra ascendant). Pretty good at presenting himself as emotional and everything, pretty selfish and rigid in terms of actual feelings. Am I missing anything crucial?

    • Hi Rena, your description of this acquaintance doesn’t reveal anything about what’s going on inside of him, so it’s difficult to comment. The materials presented in this article tend to be more meaningful to the person living it, and less so for someone looking for a personality description.

  62. S.T. Simmons says

    Could someone with the moon quincunx saturn relate to this article?

  63. Amy Durden says

    Hi I have Moon conjunct Saturn at 4 degrees in Scorpio, 11th house. I’ve been brooding for years about my emotional mutable Pisces Sun and Sagittarius Ascendent nature clashing with the angry Scorpio energy and lack of connection with others. I wonder if I have hope to ever find my tribe. I feel extremely disconnected and misunderstood all of the time. My husband is an emotionally detached Aquarius who loves me very much because of Venus in Pisces but he doesn’t understand my emotions, of course so I feel very isolated. Your article helped me to see I need to focus on my solitude and become friends with Saturn in order to overcome this aspect. Thank you.

    • Hi Amy, thank you for sharing your experience with Moon conjunct Saturn. This 11th house conjunction makes the social need (or the need to be loved) quite pronounced. So it’s doubly important for you to learn to nurture yourself emotionally, in order to have emotional balance in your social life.

  64. Incisively lucid “Astro_Dia-Gnosis”…Replete with archetypal syncretism.Good work.

  65. Beautiful post, today I am feeling very depressed after a conversation with mom. She wants me to take some responsability that I feel she should take but is avoiding. I am also due to take a big exam in 49 days that will define how I live the rest of my life… so it feels as if for her it is not as important as it feels for me. I have my moon and saturn conjunct in pisces along with lilith. They are inconjunct to jupiter in libra. Gemini sun. I am learning to be closer to my father, when I was a kid I used to feel resentment towards him. I was also expected to grow faster and take on more responsabilities and put my needs? Aside to please other people or carry on with my? Responsabilities. However, my mom and dad both have hard aspects with saturn… it all might be some learned behavior pre-written on the stars. For what? Every time I have this depression along with thoughts of vanishing from earth I look up this aspect of my natal chart it gives me hope? To keep going, I dont know for what, yet.
    Thank you for posting :)

    • Hi Natalia, thank you for sharing your experience with Moon conjunct Saturn. It makes sense that you were expected to grow up faster to take on more responsibilities – there may be a sort of catching up to do in terms of regaining your childhood (the acceptance and allowing of your free flowing, child-like tendencies).

  66. Hi! I really loved your article- I have moon conjunct Saturn, natally, in Virgo in 11th house, and now transit Saturn in my 2nd house squaring my natal moon (11th house). I received more nurturing from my dad growing up, where my mom was more emotionally unavailable.. she doesn’t know how to hold a space for me if I get really sad, though she has gotten better as I’m older now. Just saw today that Saturn is squaring my natal moon, so how will this play out? Having a natal Saturn moon conjunction and transiting square? I’ve been feeling more isolated since I just had a baby 4 months ago, a daughter, and my fiancé acts a lot like my mom- he can’t provide emotional support .. and having Saturn next to my moon signify my father being a more emotional supporter?

    • Hi SelEna, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct Moon. This aspect could refer to a coldness experienced with the father or the mother, although my tendency from experience is to ask about the father first. In your case, it sounds like your mother was representing the tension of this aspect more fully.

  67. Hi hiroki!! All you said above was totally correct. I have this saturn moon conjunction square in my natal chart .I cant tell you the other details of my chart because I don’t know how to read a chart .but each and every statement above is correct specially the analysis of a square conjunct .I have experienced intense emotional turmoil in my life especially when it comes to parents .I have failed in geeting respect and attention from both my parents and have gone through public disgrace from them.i have also failed terribly in my love relationships due to self esteem .but it is generally I find very judgemental partners who judge me in every aspect and after there analyses of me they leave me or distance themselves.Also I am very very socially awkward .I am a female and I feel that I lack femininity .all the advises and lessons which you gave are encouraging and great but I am not able to to express myself and I lack public speaking which is very very necessary as per my law career .i m struggling alot to emotionally detach myself from such partners but I am not able to .can you please tell me a way in which I can emotionally detach myself and come openly in public I hope there must be thought structure which could help me .

    • Hi Nishtha, the question you raised has a non-astrological answer, and you’ll probably find help through public speaking training, coaching or solution oriented therapy. Continue looking for a solution that feels right for you, and you’ll be bound to come across something that’ll benefit you.

  68. boundaries and structure to be sure are big lessons for everyone, but the moon square saturn thing for me feels like i have to relearn who i am.
    my natal moon is in scorpio, 2nd house, and it squares my saturn which is in leo in my 11th house.

    but the clincher, and i wonder what your point of view would be on this fun moon-saturn aspect:

    my sun is also in leo the 11th house. it’s conjuncting my saturn, and also squares my moon.

  69. A friend sent me over here.. I’m new to this sort of stuff but she did my chart online and apparently I have “Saturn conjunct Moon in Sagittarius on Midheaven” very close and also “Venus in Leo square Saturn in Sagittarius”..
    I read these articles and they saddened me cause of their accuracy.. I guess I now have to write my experience with them..
    Absence of warmth while growing up, feeling of abandonment (I was left on my own on many occasions), domineering mother who prevented me getting close with my siblings, father who died in accident when I was a teen.. I often “disappear”/isolate myself (I think of it as introspection tbh) and my friend sees me only once per week (that’s the reason she sent me this)
    Feelings of “bad luck” in relationships and friendships where I’m underestimated and not appreciated enough/taken for granted, difficulty forming relationships and lots of distance involved when forming them, appearing intimidating or cold to people (my friend claims that’s the 1st impression I give before showing my warm side) I often feel like no one likes me..
    Good side of the aspects is that often I hit rock bottom e.g. when I was the new kid in various schools, and didn’t care nobody liked me. I quickly realized that love and friendship and self sufficiency have to be developed within us because everything else is uncertain and can be taken away..
    Any advice for these heavy aspects? I’ve tried to follow advice make myself go out more and be sociable (even thought of dying my dark hair lighter) but, then I think of all that as ridiculous and fake to my true being..
    Have a nice 2017 ! :)

    • Sorry.. It’s actually “Sun square Saturn” (my Venus has a square to Pluto, trine Moon and trine Mars and has Opposition Ascendant.. just noting it in case any of that explains my bad luck in relationships)
      I’ve this order “Moon at 19,23, Saturn at 26,14, Uranus at 27,07 of Sagittarius”
      My moon and Saturn form by far the most aspects, then is Uranus and Mars..
      In any case singing and drawing portraits help me “lighten”, if anyone has similar aspects maybe it’s worth trying..

  70. Hi Hiroki!
    Love your take on this! I’m a Saturn-Moon conjunct natally (5th house in Pisces, Saturn at 4 degrees & Moon at 5/opposing Uranus at 6 degrees & Pluto at 11 degrees Virgo in 11th & both squaring my natal Sun at 12 degrees Gemini in the 8th). I think the way you explained things about the familial feelings, etc. was spot-on. Even though my parents were very loving & supportive, I still often felt unloved (& in fact, still do sometime!). I think, though, with the conjunct aspect of Saturn-Moon, in comparison with the opposition or square, I’ve been better equipped to handle these feelings & rationalize with myself when I go off on these “nobody cares about me” tangents. It’s like my Saturn will kind of talk my Moon down from some of these extreme feelings. We ALL have down times, & what I’m going to say next may sound harsh to some people, but feel it needs to be said. I’ve known people who have suffered from depression their entire lives & to me it seems that alot of times they’re just not ‘bucking up’ & dealing with it. If you let yourself slide into total despair, it’s like quicksand–it’s very difficult to then extricate yourself. So DON’T GO THERE–only you have the choice. You need to let yourself feel the pain, but then deal with it & get on with it–don’t wallow in it. Happiness is a choice you can make for yourself, or you can choose instead to be miserable. It’s kind of ironic reading back over this, because I sound like my Mom! (Though this doesn’t give that impression, she actually was very loving!) My Dad was the more sensitive parent by far, though. And the really odd part of this is that I actually married the “quit whining & pull yourself up by your bootstraps” sort who is much more like my Mom than like my Dad! Going on 28 yrs., & still very happy so I guess I just craved a little more of the Saturn-ness in my life! To me it always kind of felt that Saturn kind of protected my Moon in a way–maybe that’s the difference in the conjunction vs. the square or opposition?

    • Hi Lin, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct Moon. I like your insight about Saturn restraining the Moon from going into extreme emotions – that’s a function of wisdom (Saturn), for sure.

  71. I have this aspect , Saturn in Cancer in 11th house squaring Moon in Libra in 3rd house. My father has been a very bad influence in my early childhood and I’m still trying to overcome all my family issues at the moment :( but I’m trying to stay positive.

    • Hi Harry, thank for sharing your experience with Saturn square Moon. With the 3rd house involved, your father’s influence on your thoughts or speech patterns might be most pronounced.

  72. My natal sun is 15 Gemini. I just finished the saturn opposite sun transit and it has been a bit depressing, and energy draining, but so far not as bad as id feared. Maybe its because saturn and sun in my natal chart are not in aspect (well they’re inconjunct)
    However I’m more woeroes about a transit ill have in about 2 years, saturn opposite my 18 cancer moon, and that’s the same time ill have my saturn return, as saturn and my moon are in opposition natally (and next year Pluto will oppose my moon) so I’m concerned this will be very difficult. I had a very hard time as a teen when saturn was conjunct my moon and opposite my natal saturn.
    However I don’t relate at all to the traits this post says about people with saturn moon opposition natally. I had a wonderful and fulfilling childhood with a very involved, supportive and generous father. But my romantic relationships have really given me trouble my whole life. Im not sure ill ever marry, although I really hope I do.
    But anyways I would love some advice on how to handle the saturn return /saturn opposite my moon combo in 2018.
    Or any advice on Pluto opposite moon which ill have very soon. Thank you !

  73. Ralph Holland says

    Natal Grand Trine. Saturn Aries 12th, Moon Sagittarius 8th / 9th (I prefer Kuzinskii and it fits in 9th), Jupiter 4th, Leo. Saturn conjunct Moon in 2016, exact in Summer, but seriously building from Spring, more like hardening in Summer, some respite in Autumn, lessons integrated or being integrated in the present.

    A very challenging transit indeed, issues: confinement, loneliness, mother relationship, restriction to travel (not pleasant for a natal Sagittarius moon in 9th trine Jupiter), financial restriction, access to repressed adolescent memories. A thirty year reflection. Every traditional Saturn return indication writ large.

    The next one will be late in my life at around 79 or 80. I suspect it will be the last transit, I experience, if I make it there.

    Positive lessons. Acceptance of self-imposed restrictions. An awaking toward the need and indeed pleasure of routine and boundary and fleeting insight in to the freedom within boundaries.

  74. Hi, I have Saturn in Cancer in the sixth, opposing the Capricorn moon in the 12th. Unsupported and micro-managed for every move I made ( with ridicule). I cried a lot at night as a child ( so they would not see my emotions). It was worse when I did cry in front of my mother, I was reprimanded, or ignored,or made fun of. If I drop my guard, I still get hurt. I can’t ever relax and I feel always a bit disgenuine because I never got to feel OK being me, whoever that is. It is hard to get out of emotional survival mode.
    I married a man that plays to this same pattern, I am ridiculed for how I do basic things, or he is absent. If physically there, he doesn’t speak to me, if I have made some offense to him, or even answer a direct question, “will you be home for dinner?” Is met by silence) or tell me any plans etc.
    This is just an aspect, but I can’t seem to function well with it, or figure out how to overcome it. Making peace with it seems equal to not valuing myself and that makes me angry. It seems everything I do is misunderstood or ignored and undervalued by family, like they do not really know who I am. I have chiron in Aries in the second house. My north node is also in the twelfth, conjunct the moon. Moon square sun. Ascendant square Chiron. Mecury square Ascendant. Sun square Saturn. Pluto is also square Saturn and the moon ( and conjunct sun in the 8th). I am usually ok with seeing the bigger picture of learning and growth from challenges, but sometimes it feels heavy, and I wonder what I did to have the karma of feeling not really loved as a child. This is so paramount, as I have children, and really want them to Not carry the legacy.

  75. Hi, I have Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces 12th house directly opposing Uranus and Pluto in the 6th. My emotions have been depressed and unable to move freely at many times in my life. At 51 one would have thought the maturity would have been achieved by now. Still failed romances (5th house leo sun) take up too much of my mental energy and letting go has been a difficult process. I guess one day I will be emotionally mature after all Saturn’s work and Uranus throwing it all in the air.

    • Hi there, thank you for commenting. Often it’s difficult to release these emotional burdens by your own effort. A trusted coach or a therapist can be the best support you can have to speed up the process of becoming free emotionally. You don’t have to do it alone.

  76. Thank you for this well written post! I have sun, venus, saturn conjunction in virgo 4th house opposing 10th house (10degrees) pisces moon conjunct 8degree south node. Interestingly, during this transit of saturn squares I’ve felt more and more like I can’t find the ambition I once had. It’s hard because I have my own business! I have found the most Nurtuting romantic partner I could ever dream of. Instead of wanting to be alone like I’ve always wanted, I want to be him whenever I can. I’m curious about what saturn is teaching me… I’ve had a healing practice for 10 years with lots of Piscean boundary-less giving and I just can’t do it anymore. I’m in the middle of a training to be a life coach with a very spiritual bent to it and that feels inspiring to me… Anyway! Thank you, I appreciate your writing.

  77. I have 11th house moon in Sagittarius and saturn is going to transit now on to my natal moon. I am aquarius ascendant.I do have a feeling that my parents loved my brother way more than me. I am 41 now. But still feel the pain.For the next 2.5 years I am little terrified. Hope to swim through this period. Just my 2cents

  78. Jade MOon says

    Hello, my young son who is three years old has his moon in Taurus opposite his Saturn in Scorpio. His father has been absent since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have raised this amazing boy entirely on my own. We have a good relationship but it is not without its struggles, of course. A lot of what I read about the moon opposite Saturn aspect, outside of this article, has to do with the mother… Refreshing to hear your perspective… Basically I just want to help my son, I want him to feel safe and loved. Any tips for doing that with this aspect/particular situation?

    • Hi Jade, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience about your son. Because his father is absent, the responsibility falls on you as the mother to model the adult qualities exemplified by Saturn – integrity, work ethic, independence, etc. This is what the aspect suggests, and your doing the best you can to be a good adult role model is what helps the most. He will have to grow up quickly, but things get easier with time.

  79. Thank you so much for writing this. Not everything about Saturn-Moon is doom and gloom. Everything rings true. I’ve encountered my Saturn return in Scorpio about two and a half years ago. This Saturn return also conjunct my Scorpio Moon. The universe just showcased everything I did wrong in my life. I was too giving to people who weren’t deserving. I gave my husband a home and two kids and all his time and efforts went to his video game addiction. I was too loyal to a company/field of work that could care less about my well being with lack of benefits, promotion or raises. I stayed an assistant with the same rate of pay for ten years. My desperation to be nurtured emotionally lead to an affair with another person who didn’t look out for my best interest. To top it off, I was involved in an accident that got me a fracture and I was unable to walk or go to work for months, causing me to spiral into debt. These were the darkest times in my life. However, despite being left bankrupt in spirit and in self worth, I had a rebirth of ambitions and gave up my career, my house and my marriage in order to go back to school to become a teacher. I also at the same time launched a side business as freelance artist. I completely started over from scratch with the help of my already stable relationship from both my mother and father. Ironically, my father has also gone through similar hardships and I feel I am his clone. His pain is my pain. I recently stood up to a person who took advantage of my father 30 years ago and I wouldn’t have done that without the maturity and wisdom of Saturn. I not only healed myself but my father and family as well.

  80. Jennifer says

    I am going through transiting Saturn opposing my natal Moon. I haven’t felt this bad in a long time.

    • Hi Jennifer, Saturn transit to Moon can be a tough time indeed – It may help if you can see it from the perspective of true self-growth, wherein you accept yourself fully, as well as accept the responsibility (Saturn) to make your own happiness (Moon).

  81. So…I have moon opposition saturn, and moon opposition uranus. could these aspects create the need to re-invent myself in a structured way?

    • Hi Ashton, that sounds apt! Especially if Saturn and Uranus are conjunct, there is a need to change from the old emotional pattern to create something new and more liberating.

  82. Hello Hiroki. I have a natal moon, uranus , pluto conjunction at around 14 degrees Virgo and right now they are being challenges by transiting Saturn in Sag. I am an astrologer myself and have anticipated this time for a while. Sag is my seventh house and moon, uranus, pluto in my fourth house which opposes chiron . I am finding this transit very difficult and sad. What I am aware of particularly is that what I had thought to be my emotional support has quite unexpectedly withdrawn, with no real understanding. It was triggered by my need for truth and to change what I felt was a power imbalance within the relationship by chalanging, with a view to changing the established, but it feels at the moment that my actions have back fired. I am also aware of transiting Jupiter is conjunct my moon, uranus, pluto and from this I am risking some fear of rejection by sticking to the honesty of my feelings as confidently as I can, although I am feeling a big case of unrequited love right now. Its can feel harsh the energy of saturn in relation to the moon, if its a challengin aspect.

    • Hi YYew, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Yes, Saturn Moon aspect definitely tests the degree (and authenticity) of emotional security we’ve been able to achieve.

  83. I am having saturn opposing my natal moon (10th house gemini) end of this year. At the same time, saturn will conjunct my natal Mercury, sextile Jupiter and Mars. I’ve searched infos about saturn opposing moon which is in 10th house gemini but I couldn’t find any specific answer. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

    • Hi Kajen, with transits and solar arcs, you’ll always need to look at the entire picture to come up with a reasonable projection.

      The measurement you cited (transiting Saturn opposing the Gemini Moon in 10th house) can have implication regarding your home and family (4th house transit Saturn and the Moon symbolism), as well as your work (10th house Moon). The emotional tone of the transit is serious, perhaps focused on ambition and purpose (if this is important in your life), but can also suggest tough times in relationships. Only you know what is going on in these two areas of your life (home/family/relationships vs work/career perhaps involving communication)…

      Please consider scheduling a personal consultation to discuss the potential of upcoming times in more depth.

  84. I have natal moon, saturn and uranus conjunct in the 12th house . Opposition my natal venus in the 6th house. Im 28 and coming up to my saturn return soon , im always feeling intense emotions internally its very uncomfotable. Im wondering how things will play out . What themes does saturn hold in the 12th house?
    What can i expect to happen?

    • Hi Shauna,

      Regardless of natal house position, Saturn always has to do with work and social status (including family status), and Saturn return tends to affect your direction or level in one or both areas. It being in the 12th house will typically not affect the nature of Saturn return, unless you happen to have a strongly 12th house related pursuit like spirituality or art, in which case your expression in those areas may also go up one level.

  85. Hi Hiroki,

    I have a strong, tough Saturn in Aquarius in my natal 8th house. It opposes my Leo Sun in the 2nd, and squares my Scorpio Neptune at the end of house 4.

    Saturn is transiting square my Pisces Moon in the 9th, conjunct Chiron and is also transiting square my 3rd house Pluto, which opposes my Moon in a zero degree orb. This is the last square transit from Saturn, but unfortunately it stays in a perfect square straight thru Nov. 2016. I thought surviving Saturn square Saturn was tough last year!

    So far, this final phase has resulted in the death of my older sister who was very motherly toward me before and after we lost our mother, and a freak medical scare where I was hospitalized suddenly and received a life saving surgery on my stomach due to a rare and deadly hernia. I have never had a medical emergency before and I am so grateful for my new lease on life.

    Thank you for your wonderful posts, Hiroki.

    • Hi Sherry, thank you for sharing your experience with the Saturn Moon transit. That’s quite a dramatic experience, I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your sister and the medical emergency. Not all transits are so literal (mother figure, stomach, etc) but sometimes astrology of such major events is uncanny…

  86. Interesting article. Is it always true what I´ve read about this aspect, which means death of husband in case the natal aspect belongs to a woman?

  87. A sincere thanks, Hiroki !
    I have Saturn closely conjunct Moon in 2nd house in the sign of libra. I’m battling depression and self esteem issues since the past many years. What’s worse is that I don’t have any friends and could also never emotionally connect to any of my family members especially mother as she always remained cold and indifferent towards me. I don’t know if even at this age of 32 I’ve emotionally matured because I’m still quite fearful and sensitive about things but I feel my emotions have sort of ‘dried up’ leading me to be a bit stoical…’Loneliness’ is my best friend ! I’m female and think Saturn-Moon association is particularly difficult for females and especially if one’s going through Saturn return or Saturn’s major period. Is it true that things change a bit once Saturn matures at the age of 35-36 ?

    • Hello Tanya, thank you for sharing your experience. Maturity does tend to make things better with Saturn aspect, but many times it takes conscious effort to retrain your emotional pattern…Sometimes it’s beneficial to ask for help from an expert (coach, counselor, etc) so that you have extra support in making these changes happen.

  88. Wow this is so fascinating to read. I have Saturn squaring my 4th house/Gemini Moon. I definitely grew up fast – especially after my first Saturn square when my parents divorced and my father moved in with another woman. I was devastated. We became very distant after that and he basically did not support me at all growing up – other than telling me he was proud of me. But no other financial support whatsoever. I became my mothers companion in a lot of ways as well. She was emotionally supportive but had to work all the time to support us. Every 7 years after their divorce I experienced some type of trigger to this abandonment wound and during my Saturn Return I became the abandoner and left my husband because he was emotionally distant and emotionally abusive. When I divorced him, I also felt like I divorced my mother because her dream for my life was crushed. We mended things since but now at 35 I am approaching my Saturn opposite Moon transit and I’m freaking out about what it will be like. My new loving and supportive husband just recently went on a mission trip with his school and it completely triggered my abandonment wound. This time, however, I have more awareness to bring to it so I can work with it. I’m also feeling the call to motherhood and fearing my parents’ death. I’m worried about what this transit will bring, but I’m hoping just a greater sense of maturity in terms of my emotional life.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Thank you for commenting and adding your experience – beautifully expressed. Yes, these abandonment wounds are resurfacing for a reason, and usually it means you’re ready to feel the pain, embrace it and release it, so that they can be healed. Good for you!

  89. I find so much insight and as a result, comfort from your wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  90. I have sun capricorn in 10th house, aries ascendant and scorpio moon in 7th house square saturn in 11th house.

    I can say that is a important with me, moon in 7th house and square in saturn. Whenever i read a topic about moon square saturn i always cry, because it so fill with me. “have to grown up too early, take care yourself, dont have much affection between family member,…”. All is right for me!.

    And you know that have the moon in 7th house, i used to read in somewhere that the person have moon in 7th house is a emotional person, they always need the help from another person, they scared if they have to be alone,… All is right with me.
    My moon in scorpio, that is a fix sign, i really throughout ups and downs emotional with this. Sometime, i asked myself that if the moon in 7th house can help me in desendant the intense of scopio or not. The moon in 7th house is a elegent person, most is the woman. I’m a girl and seriously sometime i have to thanks for this gift, it so…easy to broken up by the little things, always have to care about person around me, care about atmosphere in enviroment.

  91. Saturn directly on my descendant has been squaring my Virgo moon in my fourth house. It’s also my Saturn return. I had my first child this year, and have had a huge rift with my mother. I envisioned this experience would bring my family together, my mother and I were always close and she’s always said how Much she loves babies and is naturally very maternal and a caretaker, but as soon as I had my son she disappeared. It’s been almost 9 months, and I’ve even told her how much it hurts, and she is completely removed and doesn’t care. I have dealt with feeling unloveable and rejected, and like I need to restructure where I find comfort and my home life, but at the same time embracing the solitude and pace of my life right now, just reminding myself I won’t be this lonely forever and that I have to create the life I want. I’ve always been very emotionally independent and strong, but I’m being challenged to not hide behind suppressing my feelings and sucking it up to protect my ego, and to allow myself to experience these feelings and realize why they shouldn’t be hurting my ego and If they Are then I should tangibly do something to build genuine confidence and not identify myself by an inner personal relationship.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience – Although this is a dramatic and sad example, your story seems to embody the symbolism of Transiting Saturn conjunct Descendant and square Moon in the 4th (which contains multiple reference to the issue of home and mothering). As you mention, it looks like this is a true test of emotional independence.

      • Hi Hiroki, please if the conjuction happen at distance of 13 degrees, its still considered as conjuction? mine is in cancer 8Th house Thank you!

  92. Hi Hiroki,
    Thank you for your article! I am currently experiencing transit Saturn conjunct my natal moon in the 1st house also conjunct the ascendent. I already have natal Saturn trine my natal moon in my natal chart so I am already pretty well adjusted emotionally speaking. I also meditate daily and choose to spend most of my time alone when not working! I wanted to ask since my natal Saturn is in my 8th house, would this transit be connected to my 8th house in anyway? If so, what should I be paying more attention to etc ?

    • Hi, the natal Saturn position could come into play sometimes, but most often Saturn is just Saturn – so thinking in terms of work, responsibility and emotional growth (Saturn conjunct Moon) would most likely be on target. Moon-Ascendant conjunction is very emphatic, so my suggestion would be to think in terms of 1st house themes like developing your self-image and self expression.

    • I have quite similar transit going on. Last year Saturn was on my ascendant and it was hardest year in my life. Now it’s nearing my Moon in couple of days time and with me it has worked very deep. My mother has been very sick last 2,5 years and now we are close to the end, she knows it’s soon her time to go and we are talking very deep. I cry a LOT. I’ve never been close to my mother, but during these difficult years I’ve found the compassion and love for her. Today I told her that she has been a good mother and that I love her and that she can go if she wants to. I’m so grateful of these hard years and the lessons I’m learning.

      Natally Saturn is also in my 8th house and I’m now my mother’s legal guardian and take care of her finances.

      I’m also very lonely, meaning my father passed away 4 yrs ago and my brother lives abroad. I don’t have a family of my own or a partner. I’ve learned to stand on my own 2 feet, that has been a big lesson. I know now I’m stronger than ever before and that I can manage and will do just fine after mum is gone. At this time I’m not depressed, just very sad (but same time happy), depression was on when Saturn conjuncted my Asc.

      I feel Saturn has opened my heart, has forced me to be a responsible adult, who takes care of her mum. First I did it because I thought I have to do it, now I WANT to do it. That’s the difference.

      At this point I don’t think about the future, my life revolves around my work and mum, but I hope after Saturn (& mum) have moved on, I’ll figure out which way I want to go. There’s going to be a whole new chapter in my book and I’m curious to see what rewards Saturn will bring. :)

  93. Last month I had my first Saturn return and its complete now. Next year Saturn will conjunct my natal Moon and Uranus (natal conjunction). This is all happening in my 4th house in Sagittarius. I have to say my Saturn return phase was tough. I lost/let go of a lot of situations, patterns, people, etc. Now awaiting these two conjunctions is making me feel a bit scared, but also a bit excited. Is there anyone who went through a similar experience? If so, I would love to hear what it was like, and what were your outcomes after these transits.
    I forgot to mention that after Saturn conjuncts my natal Moon and Uranus, pretty much right after it will conjunct my natal Neptune (I guess this is in the next two and a half years or so!). Saturn conjunct Mars will also happen maybe a year after Neptune conjunction.
    Is this insane or what? I hope someone has some insight to share on this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Much love.

  94. Nice to see a different interpretation where the father is viewed as the Saturn figure, being emotionally unresponsive as this has been my experience. My parents divorced when I was young and my mom tried so hard to make everything perfect for us kids but I know it was hard for her. I remember my Dad being a bit tidy with feelings, like they didn’t matter much and we had to suck it up and get on with it. As I’ve grown older, I’ve seen the gift with this aspect. Hope others do too at some stage.

  95. Great post! You are really accurate. Everything read here is a reflection of what I feel and lived at home when I was a kid. My moon is in Aquarius opposite Saturn, and even though you say it is better in a air or earth sign than water or fire, I just feel this opposition like hell in my life. It does not help my sun being opposite this wounded moon. I´m in my 40s and single and I think this situation will remain forever lol. It is not easy to make my moon feel supported and loved.

  96. Natal saturn in Virgo opposite moon in pisces.
    Continually crushed by mother. Absent father, grew up fast and took responsibility beyond my years. Self esteem issues.
    Sought refuge in spritual communities. Worked tirelessly for them for little pay and with out boundaries. Burnt out 4 years ago when just too much was piled onto me. I was traumatized by the experience and the trauma symptoms popped up here and there. But this year as saturn squared saturn and moon and as I found myself in a job with another abusive employer and plenty of triggers, developed a more concentrated PTSD plus complete exhaustion, and was forced to stop and address the issues of boundaries, self esteem and my long long neglected moon. Lots of solitude and feeling completely unsupported by anyone. I know ultimately I can only support myself. Just hope the PTSD passes with the transit. Not fun at all. Oh yes the transit is happening in the 5th ☺

  97. Thanks for this detailed info which is strikingly true esp. speaking of the difficult childhood and the relationship with the father. I have Saturn opposes moon and interestingly I found myself a lot through different phases of my life alone and isolated from the people literally. Whether through far traveling, ill of parents, deep depression, loss of a job, the result is the same. I find myself alone and I’m kinda forced to be with myself exploring all my inner world with its good and dark side. This was scary at the beginning of my life, and I got used to these phases which now I see it as a blessing time to find inner peace without any disturbance from the outside world. I think Saturn’s great lesson is surrender to the will of God to work on your psyche like you mentioned and it’s truly rewarding and you discover your gifts as you come out stronger and richer to the world after these phases. The most important message here to apply whatever you learned and don’t pity yourself and consider life is harsh.
    Thanks for your deep insight sincerely!

  98. wow! This article really struck home for me ! I have my Libra Moon in the 10th house, squaring my Capricorn Saturn in my 1rst house. I grew up under difficult circumstances, I pretty much was on my own throughout my life. My Father was a Libra too ! I also have depression. What a great article !

    • Hello Sandra,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience of natal Moon square Saturn. With maturity this aspect can transform into a sense of responsibility, competence and self-confidence.

  99. Excellent page. I have moon sq Saturn. Saturn in 9th house cap 11 deg, and moon in libra 6th house 11 deg. My dad didnt say very much, didnt teach me much and looked down the end of his nose at me. Mom was full of hugs and cookies, a cancer sun. She was neglected as a child, I often think Im here healing past neglects from ancetors, but I dont know…..I was the 3rd child, all girls, I know there was disapointments because I wasnt born a boy…..

    • Hi Karen, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience about natal Saturn square Moon. Often, a well placed Saturn (in Capricorn like yours) softens the expression of this aspect somewhat. It seems this has been the case for you, as it sounds like your mother was nurturing. This is a good thing!

  100. My two small nephews both have Moon square Saturn in close orb
    One also has Pluto conjunct DC & the other has Pluto on the 9th cusp exactly conjunct Moon & also square Saturn

    Their Father adored them & was a superb parent, but was killed in an accident when the boys were 4 & 6.
    He was killed when trying to end the relationship with the boys controlling Mother & reach a custody agreement.
    It seems to be an aspect for losing a parent early as well

    These boys are now being raised by a very spartan & strict parent who is the embodiment of a Saturn / Pluto type
    I look at theses boys charts & think it will be one of the fundamental patterns that shape their lives
    I think your analysis is very good. Thank you!

    • Hi nav, thank you for your comment, and sharing a quite dramatic example of Moon square Saturn.

    • Nav, your story sounds very similar to my son who passed away leaving his 3 year old son (my 1st grandchild). My son and his girlfriend were estranged with lots of fighting between them; I even think there was domestic abuse towards my son but it never was documented most likely because of my son’s pride. My son lost his life after catching on fire at 4:30 one morning when his girlfriend told him to go on their back porch to move a gas can because she said their fireplace was on fire and she was afraid the gas can would cause the house to catch on fire. That was her story but I don’t believe it.
      My grandson is being raised by his maternal grandparents because his mother isn’t very responsible; I haven’t seen my grandson since my son’s funeral 7 years ago, sad to say that they don’t allow any contact with me or any of our family.
      I’ll have to look at my grandson’s chart but I imagine it has some sort of Saturn/moon connection after reading this blog post.

  101. I have the Moon in Taurus at 28 degrees in the 10th House. Having transit Saturn oppose my Moon has been the first time I have ever paid attentions to feelings of safety and even feeling like an infant. It has been the hardest transit I have ever experienced and has forced me to focus on the simple nature of life. Having a Moon in the 10th house is hard because safety seems to be on top of the world, when really the true safety is the world on top of you. This is why we like covers over us in our sleep, etc. I have realized I only felt comfortable on top of the world and not having the world on top of me. Trippy….

  102. Hi, Mr. Niizato,
    Yes to all the above, too. Saturn in Scorpio 4th house: squaring Moon and Venus Aquarius 7th house, opposing Mars Taurus 10th house, squaring Pluto Leo 1st house, loosely trining Sun Pisces 8th house, and trining Jupiter and Uranus Cancer 12th house. Saturn is my major life influence. He holds the keys. Luckily I had a spiritual teacher for many years who was said to be a Saturn teacher. I still have him through the veil. Thanks for the reminder to take time for solitude! If my life is indicative of other people’s with major Saturnine influences, it doesn’t get easier, but it does get more rewarding. In a way, despite continuing difficult circumstances, it does get easier because in maturity, I’m not rebelling anymore, lol…

    • Hi Satsatnam,

      Thank you for your comment and the beautiful example about your teacher. With your therapeutic work, you are probably now taking on the Saturn role for the people you help, which is another dimension of Saturn moon aspect.

      • Im nervous! I have transit saturn in the 10th sag, square my natal 1st house pieces moon. Is this career demands? My natal saturn is in the 5th house in gemini. Any suggestions on how to prepare? How long does this go on? Thank you for any advice.

        • Hello Kay,

          Usually transits like this will express its potential on multiple levels – both work and personal-emotional. Going back to basic Saturnian values such as integrity and responsibility would be the best way to prepare for it.

          Please schedule a consultation if you’d like me to take a closer look at your horoscope.

    • Hello,

      My daughter is 1.5 yo. I am looking at her natal chart and her moon is in 0 degrees cancer in the 8th house opposing saturn in capricorn in her 3rd house. I am getting scared reading all of these post because most articles talk about one of the parents being emotionally unavailable. I struggle on and off with stress and mood swings but I am seeking counseling. I love my daughter so much and seeing this in her natal chart scares me. Her father and I are engaged and I’m afraid looking at this placement makes me nervous for the future. Any advice.

      • Hi Keyera, the intent of this article is to describe the growth process. One thing you could consider is to try teaching your daughter about responsibility and integrity from early on (preferably with her parents acting as good examples.) That would be a positive influence on her Saturn Moon aspect.

  103. Mary streets says

    Natal Grand Cross Saturn conjunct Mars in Sag opposition Moon in Gemini…Venus in Pisces opposition Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Leo

    Yes to everything in your post. Transiting Saturn Return Transiting Pluto conjunct ascendant. Interesting year so far…

    • Hello Mary,

      Thank you for the comment. That’s quite a powerful configuration – sounds like this will be a major year of change for you.

    • I have a mutable grand cross in my chart too!!! Also experiencing a Saturn Return now too!!!!!!!!! lol It’s been heavy psychologically.

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