Moon Neptune Aspect: Managing Your Sensitivity

moon neptune conjunct square opposition

Moon Conjunct Square Opposite Neptune: Special Sensitivity

Moon represents instincts and emotions.  Neptune refines everything it touches. When Moon and Neptune form an aspect, your emotional receptors become much more refined and sensitive compared to others.

Natal Moon Neptune aspect suggests “special sensitivity,” which often comes with vivid imagination and intuition.

Here we’ll explore the various potential of Moon Neptune aspect and how to channel its sensitivity in a constructive way:

Moon Neptune Aspect: Sensitivity and Imagination as Talent

Moon Neptune aspect often appears in horoscopes of poets, writers and musicians.   But you also find successful athletes, doctors and entrepreneurs with this aspect.  Successful Moon-Neptune people tend to share certain traits:

  • In their chosen subject, they grasp subtle nuances that others may miss.
  • In work, they use empathy, imagination and vision to accomplish goals.
  • Moon Neptune people are able to visualize the “right picture” in their mind, which helps them perform better than others in their chosen field (be it sports, medicine, or science, etc).

Well Known People with Natal Moon Neptune Aspect

Here are some well known people with natal Moon Neptune aspect:

  • Financial legend and philanthropist Warren Buffett (Moon square Neptune) is venerated for his refined understanding of business and investment.
  • David Packard (Moon conjunct Neptune), who famously founded Hewlett Packard in his garage, is known for creating a company culture that value imagination and creativity.
  • Other well known executives such as Jack Welch (Moon conjunct Neptune) and Lee Iacocca (Moon square Neptune) also share strong charisma and visionary leadership.
  • Aviator, inventor and environmental activist Charles Lindbergh had Moon opposite Neptune.
  • TV show host and animal rights activist Bob Barker has Moon opposite Neptune.
  • Composer Beethoven had Moon square Neptune.
  • Author Charles Dickens had Moon conjunct Neptune.  Emily Dickinson had Moon square Neptune.


Moon Neptune Aspect: Sensitivity as Vulnerability

Refined sensitivity can be either ecstatic or painful.  Having a natal Moon Neptune aspect usually means magnified feeling sensations.

Your feeling of love can be felt as a blissful, swooning infatuation.  On the other hand, the pain of abandonment can be devastating.  Happiness is experienced as pure joy, whereas depression can be crushing.

Unless grounded by other factors (earth, Saturn) in your horoscope, such sensitivity can easily turn into vulnerability.


Numbness and Escapism: Moon Neptune Trap

Growing up with special sensitivity isn’t easy, for others may label you oversensitive.  Exposure to harshness or abandonment can shock your psyche into numbness.

Being numb is a defense mechanism, and many Neptunians actually choose to be numb in order to avoid experiencing the intensity of their emotional pain.  Escapism, then, becomes the norm.

While escapism is a common reaction to the overwhelming sensitivity of Moon Neptune aspect, there is an alternative: To choose to be alive by feeling everything.


Sensitivity with Courage becomes Clear Vision

Fully feeling your emotions takes courage, especially if you have the sensitivity of a Moon Neptune aspect.  However, actually feeling the pain of disappointment, sadness or separation will be healing to your sensitivity.

By opening yourself to accept the painful emotions, you’re also opening to the joyful emotions within.  When you choose to feel instead of escape, numbness gradually fades, and the feeling of joy returns.

When you have the courage to feel, your sensitivity will allow you to see things more clearly, rather than less.  Your imagination turns into vision, aided by your intuitive understanding of all things.


Conclusion: Managing (and Embracing) Your Sensitivity

Rich, colorful emotions.  Moon Neptune aspect reflects a poet’s sensitivity and imagination.  When balanced by other parts of your psyche, it becomes a unique asset.

Managing the strong sensitivity isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve had a rough upbringing with unstable emotional foundation.  Like most Moon related tension in the horoscope, the answer lies in fully feeling the emotions rather than avoid them.


Do you have a natal Moon Neptune aspect?  How do you experience it’s strengths and challenges?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I have moon opposite neptune and I was very surprised to realize that my five closest people also have moon opposite/square neptune! I definitely get along best with very compassionate people.

    Another effect of this aspect is that when I meet a potential partner I start fantasizing about them too easily and then I fall too hard. I think people with this aspect should only date the kindest people and get to know them as friends first. Much love to others of our sweet kind! 🙂

  2. Hi Hiroki,
    I’m a triple Leo with moon sextile Neptune. You didn’t include the sextile in your analysis, but what you said definitely fits with me. I am very artistic and creative. I’m a designer, former dancer and choreographer, filmmaker, writer, costume designer, and actress. I am able to express different styles in my designs and costume work, as I’m very observant. I express subtleties of emotions in my creative work. I can read people intuitively within a few seconds On the other side of the coin, I have suffered much throughout my life with hurt feelings from people’s anger, harshness, and cruelty to the point where I would become ill or depressed or both.

  3. Hi
    I have moon conjunct Neptune within 1 degree and a wider range conjunction with my sun and rising. As a child I felt overwhelmed by the energies of people around me to the point of me questioning my own existence. I was afraid of things I could not understand about people but I strongly felt. I could feel the contempt my father felt for my mother by just watching him look at her. I remember how much it scared me and how I longed to protect her from something I didn’t understand. I learned quickly to put people, especially adults, into two categories: the safe to be around and the unsafe to be around. I have a deep appreciation for those of us who can feel another’s insecurities and go out of our way to make them feel comfortable and safe. It’s a gift. My grandmother was the only adult in my life who did not scare me; who taught me what kindness and love look and feel like. I try to emulate her.

  4. I have a Sagittarius Moon conjunct Neptune in my second house. It was harder to manage when I was younger, as I was incredibly sensitive and not able to form healthy boundaries with others. Now that I have a nice variety of life experiences under my belt, I am able to know myself and my own values (second house theme) and form boundaries to maintain them. I emotionally escaped on a daily basis while growing up so I’m glad I don’t have to live that reality anymore. I can take time for myself, shed what I don’t need and renew myself. Fortunately I have positive aspects from this conjunction to Pluto, my north node, and my Midheaven which has helped in the long run.

  5. Dale Howell says

    Thank you for another great article, Hiroki! I have a grand fire trine- Saturn in Leo, Mercury Sun cazimi (four minutes) in Aries and Neptune conjunct Vesta in Sagittarius. My Gemini moon conjunct Aldebaran is opposite Neptune conjunct Vesta. (And Pluto opposes my cazimi!) My mom is emotionally uncoupled and hated my sensitivity – she tried very hard to make me “tougher.” My body is also extremely sensitive – I couldn’t physically tolerate pierced ears, an IUD or orthodontic braces!

    And of course, Neptune conjunct Vesta in the 5th Opposite moon I believe helped me become mother to two amazing magical children.

    Thank you.

  6. GiGi Nadal says

    I have Virgo moon square Neptune in Sagittarius. Reading this description from Hiroki made me cry because it’s so compassionate & my sensitivities have been a real burden. I grew up on a farm where my family slaughtered animals for food and according to my parents, as a toddler, I would scream when this happened until I turned blue & passed out. I remember the pain & terror I felt.
    My father eventually stopped killing farm animals and even stopped hunting deer because my sensitivities to animals “woke him up.” I’ve always been hyper sensitive to artificial lighting in stores, perfumes and noise in general. I can “feel” a car coming before I can hear it. As well, I’ve had very vivid dreams about people who recently died with messages for their loved ones that they are not dead but just no longer in a body & to lighten up about death. I relay these messages because they are so clear, vivid & uplifting.

    • I have Virgo Moon Square Neptune in Sagitarius as well.
      It’s scary how accurate you are.
      People will think I’m crazy if I were to elaborate, but YES to everything you’ve said.
      The dreams are really the worst.
      I used to look forward to them when I was young, but over the years they’ve gotten darker and harder to understand…and a lot more dead people.
      P.s. I went vegan for the similiar reasons…

    • SAME to everything you said. The problem with me though is, my parents were not supportive of my sensitivity and I got punished for it instead. And put on ALOT of medication, which did not work, by the way. I honestly don’t see why people think being highly sensitive is such a gift. Maybe to them, because being highly creative and having extra sensory capabilities seems neat, but living with it is a different story.

  7. I have an Earth Grand Trine with Sun, Moon, and Neptune. Its not a hard aspect. I have Neptune in Capricorn in the 6th so I guess I have to put in the work to awaken my deep powerful psychic abilities – which I am. What do you think? I also have mercury square neptune.

  8. Great article, thx for sharing!!! I have moon trine neptune in my chart + sun conjunct neptune 2 orbe, and neptune conjunct mercury. I feel to deeply, everything around me, I need to isolate myself once a day to clean up myself from all the energies and just be with myself. I have learned that in order to go in the right direction I must follow my intuition and listen to my feelings, and shutdown the mind. <3 P.S. My sun/neptune & mercury is in sagittarius!

  9. You make me question my entire life with this article. In a good way though. This is exactly what happened to me in highschool. For some reason i don’t know why i always told myself i hated school. I found some friends pushed them to skip school with me. Of course we all liked to skip and go indulge in alcohol among other things but what i realize now is i was bullied in school.

    And i never dealt with it :/ . I am no longer an alcoholic so thats nice. I’m pisces rising so i guess this aspect was extra sensitive for me because it rules my chart ? (plus my moon is cancer ugh) orb is 2

    Is there something similar with uranus if i may ask ? A theme ? like with this one is special sensitivity.

    • Hi Emma, thank you for sharing your experience with Moon Neptune. Pisces Ascendant definitely adds to the sensitivity. Uranus adds the need for being independent, especially of other people’s opinions.

  10. Hi, I have my moon conjunct to my neptune in zero degrees in Sagittarius. Personally, I feel like i can absorb all the emotions from other person (especially the sadness ones) in one moment. I can feel what that persons is feeling, i have the sensation of the pain and the frustration when I listening to them. It is like nothing matters beside the feelings of the other person. After the conversation is finish, i can spend days feeling the pain. It is worse if the other person is a guy that I feel a crush, I can feel that I am in his body, remembering his feelings and emotions about other situations in the past provoke by other people, family o previous relationships. Sometimes, if this connection between me and the other person it is very strong (connection I mean the capacity to feel their feelings), it is very difficult to me to recognize if what I am feeling is coming from me or from the experience of the other person.

    Sometimes i have the urge for healing the other person, try to give some advice, love, kiss or something to make the person feel better. Also, i feel when i telling my personal stories about why i feel sad, i realize that my life or my feelings are not that tragic or sad as other people, and I dont deserve to be listened. And and few occasions i feel that I explain or express entirely my feelings how they really are. Usually I minimize them, i try to speak very fast and i don’t want to sped too much time because i feel the other person is getting bored or my feelings are not so important, becuase there is more pain in the hart of other people.

    I also am a very detached person, i can out with the same people for some time, but not for a long time, i get tired and exhausted, I like to change my circles of friends.

    When i am alone i feel in peace. I need to be alone every day for some hours, and during the weekend more. When I have been with myself for a lot of time and I am in my center again, i am able to go out and have fun with friends.

    Something that I don’t agree with neptune conjunct with moon it the scape thing by using drugs. Using drugs or alcohol, make us to feel more and increasing the feelings. We feel more devastating, exhausted and sad that usual. That is the reason that drugs are not common in this aspect, there have to be other aspect to become addictive to substance, the own aspect by itself is not enough.

    Something that I agree is to victimization process that we tend to fall in. I don’t like to recognize that I am responsible about my own inner balance, and it is very easy to blame other people. But the truth is, part of this issues is because I don’t put boundaries to other people; some people are very respectful other are not, because that is how life is. However we can not always blame other people because we are not capable to put limits, maybe we need more strong boundaries than other people without this aspect, but we need to put it.

    I think the placement of the moon is very important, because the zodiac sign will tell you how to make the moon more strong and separate from neptune.


    • Hi Ranmarch, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with your Moon conjunct Neptune. Well said.

    • Hi Ranmarch!
      You sound like someone very dear to me, who also has Moon in Sagittarius very tightly conj Neptune.

      They are also detached. Do you have Venus or Mars in Aquarius? I’m trying to understand my friend’s sensitivity and your response would be helpful 😊

  11. Curiouser and curiouser says

    Moon 5th trine Neptune 12th (3: 39-degree orb)
    Water kite (Cancer, Pisces, Neptune) opposed by Pluto in Virgo

    I avoid emotional people like the plague. Their emotion is water and I’m a sponge. If I stay away from emotional people, I feel fantastic. Emotional people are like a 5 hurricane or deadly tsunami.

    Emotional people disrupt my thought processes, energy, and equilibrium. I can manage small, measured, doses of emotional people. Any more than that is torture.

    I’m like a glass of water that’s full to the top with a piece of saran wrap on top. An emotional person is like dropping a water balloon on top of the saran wrap and splashing the glass out of my hand where it shatters into pieces on the ground. Once my water is on the ground, I have to figure out how to gather it up and put it in a new cup. I’m a sponge for other people’s emotions, but sopping up my own emotion is very difficult.

    Being around emotional people makes me feel like a hurricane-ravaged beach town after a category 5 hurricane. All the garbage and debris needs to be cleaned up. The sand needs to be swept back to the beach. The water needs to be sopped up. The tree branches cut and disposed of. It’s exhausting.

    My emotion and creativity are fed by analysis and data. I’m data-driven. I love coming in, turning a business around, and putting processes in place. Then, I want to leave and start over again at another company. This brings me joy. It’s like a romantic crush. Turning it around is like the early stages of romance. Fixing, turning around, a business feels like a perfect romantic relationship.

    I feel other people’s emotions as if they were talking about their feelings without words. My emotion flows through other people. My eyes sometimes well up with tears when I feel another person hurting.

    I don’t cry about my own problems or concerns. I’m not emotional. I’m detached. I’m generally very confused about how I feel. I have to focus, think very hard and for a long time, to understand how I feel. Then, I have to analyze why I feel the way that I think I might be feeling. Then I’m bored, get distracted, and then forget what I was thinking about until someone asks a question about my feelings again. Analyzing my own emotion and feeling is a boring and laborious task.

    The creativity and nuances I feel, see, and sense are about business, business processes, and finding new ways to make more money, increase efficiency or use data to expose ways to make more money for a business.

  12. Moonbeam says

    Beautifully and empathically written!

    Would the sensitivity you describe here be the same if someone had a Pisces Moon in the 1st house, but not in hard aspect to Neptune?

    Thank you

  13. Anya Tikka says

    How about moon conjunct Neptune conjunct Saturn… Been living with it all my life of course. I prefer to think of it now as being able to bring my vision and imagination to reality, instead of the wet blanket I’ve experienced. In Libra btw and I’m a writer and astrologer.

  14. I was googling “separating self from others moon neptune” then bumped into this great article – and timely too, thanks google and Hiroki :)

    I have always taken the impressions from others – what they say and do – very personally, and it hasn’t always been a pleasant emotion, as it registers as something like “Why couldn’t you do this or that instead (like how I would do if I were you)” in my mind. E.g. in buffet, if I see some customer greedily piling up food but end up not finishing the food, you can count on me passing a scornful judgement mentally.

    It seems that I have been a recluse (or misanthrope) to avoid the barrage of painful emotions that may come from dealing with other people. So when you wrote “By opening yourself to accept the painful emotions, you’re also opening to the joyful emotions within”, it perfectly narrates the self-healing journey I have embarked on recently.

    I have t-square involving Neptune (2nd, the apex), Moon (5th) and Mars (11th), within a bowl pattern chart, where planets are predominantly in 1st (Saturn on Asc) and 2nd house.

  15. Hi. Great article! I have my Moon and Neptune in the 7th house, Sagittarius. A lot of what I’ve read so far are spot on. Since childhood, I had a near clairvoyance-like sensibility, protecting me from dangers, accidents, giving me the ability to tell when tests came up in school, where somebody else was hurting (physically and psychologically).

    Due to this special sensitiveness there also a lot of scars that left me more shattered than it was good for me (Neptune square Sun and Saturn and Jupiter).
    Numbness and escapism were survival tools for me. I often felt like facing a flash flood of my and other people’s emotions invading me. Like a lightning-rod for feelings, I always had the idea that I was a superconductor for a lot of different things.

    I started therapy for my c-PTSD, and I’m approaching my feelings and my words again. Not fully there yet, but I hope I’ll have that clear vision you talked about.

  16. Florence Crum says

    Escapism, having a very tough give no f’s exterior and pretending like I don’t notice everything. Even the slightest thing hurts me and people are not ever aware of how deeply the slight things they do affect me. I often get “is that all?” Laughs, and I get looks like… “I’m still trying to find the problem!” even from people totally not having anything to do with the problem. To me it’s deep and it’s real. To others it’s nothing to be upset about or let affect me. So I avoid, become a brick wall, or disappear into my fave places to be in the whole world… my wonderful home which is my sanctuary and my other wonderful home which is my imagination! I am very artistic and psychic and empathic and so everything I do has that aspect in it. My moon Neptune aspects are in watery signs so I think this is even more pronounced. Art is my escape, especially music. I can find myself blissfully in impossible situations when listening to music. My imaginations is so real and I often find solutions to problems or clues to ‘who I really am’ out of my daydreams. So they are very essential to my state of well-being!

  17. Your article is accurate! My 10th house Aries moon is opposite Neptune in Libra, I believe it’s called intercepted. I also have a Grand Fire Trine which involves Neptune in a Kite, Cancer ascendant and no Earth planets! As a soul, what was I thinking!!?? I’m grateful for Saturn to ground me and for Yoga/meditation which have strengthened me. I feel everything, including the planets! In meditation I met a woman on Venus and she says she was the spirit guide for Elizabeth Barrett Browning; she says we’ll write books. I don’t think I even fully landed in my body (especially after early sexual abuse by alcoholic father) until 40! I’ve healed that mostly along with traumas in other life streams like being burned at the stake. I’m pretty visual, wrote a book entitled “I Forgive You Daddy–Yoga and the Angels Healed Me! – Along with Astrology, Channeling, Dreams, Past-Life Recall, Psychicism, Telepathy, Walk-ins and the Whales” but these are things I think only a spiritually oriented astrologer would understand! But even that gives me more permission to experience the depths and bring through more spiritual energy. I channel it when I teach Yoga and now I’ve started a blog as an outlet for its expression. Thank you for your article, I look forward to reading more! :) —Michelle Star

  18. Thank you, Hiroki. You are kind! And you will find your place in the world. You will own a place with many jeweleries and luxury watches, maybe people will deposit them there. However, with the money, you will help many social causes. You will also have a daughter, maybe you have her already, time is never clear for me. However, she will be a true warrior, and will fight for a great and noble cause, to help restore some equilibrium on earth. Wish you all the best :)

  19. I have moon in Cancer, in the 12th house, opposite Neptune. I often feel that I don’t exist. It’s really frustrating. I try to find a reality of my own and who I really am, and I can’t. I shift rapidly between perspectives, ideas, personalities. I can be anything and everyoane, but I don’t know who I am. My libra sun and libra mars square Neptune also don’t help me. I do have strong Pluto contacts, Mercury and Venus conjunct Pluto in the 4th house, which maybe help me to try to find my inner power. Not knowing who I am makes me hate everything and everyone around me, although I love them so much, everybody unconditionally. It’s sad not knowing who you are. But, maybe, that is just it: We are nothing and nobody.

    • Hi Iris, thank you for sharing your experience. Your special sensitivity shines through – learning how to manage it is definitely work.

    • Gabrielle Lopes says

      I also have a cancer moon in 12th house, opposite neptune, with mars in libra squaring neptune, just like you. Pluto is also very strong in my chart. I am impressed on how similar our charts are. If you want to talk about them, my email is gabrielle.c.lopes

  20. Spot on! Thank you. This energy dominates my chart…..I have Stationary Neptune in the 12th house almost exactly square Moon conjunct MC. Neptune is also the apex of a T-square between Mercury / Moon / Neptune. In addition i have Sun, Mercury & Venus in Pisces…..Luckily i also have hefty Saturn in my chart & a Grand trine of Venus/ Mercury /Uranus / Mars.
    What you say about Moon Neptune people being able to visualize the “right picture” in their mind is precisely how i’ve always been. I visualize the potential of everything first in complex detail, rearranging in my head in different patterns, then work backwards to achieve the practical steps. I’m also extremely sensitive and empathetic, with all the positive & negative manifestations. It feels like feeling everything by a kind of 3 dimensional antenae. Keeping any kind of clear personal boundaries is a lifelong challenge, that i was hopeless at when i was younger

  21. I have Neptune in 12th squaring Moon in 1st. I either feel too much or too little, it’s very hard to find the balance between two. The same happens with imagination.

  22. This is very accurate. I have Moon (in the 8th) inconjunct/quincunx Neptune (in the 3rd).

  23. Glad to come across this article, Hiroki! I frequently have fears of people manipulating me for being too transparent with my feelings without even intending to reveal them, so learning to have courage in doing so on my own terms is mandatory. My moon, besides Neptune, also conjuncts Uranus and my MC in Capricorn, and is part of a t-square between my ASC and Venus. With time I’ve found the more I attempt to cloak my feelings for fear of being unjustly exposed, the less responsibility I’m actually taking; these feelings are meant to be channeled in some way. It isn’t easy, though, I still fail at controlling my way to respond instead of react, but at least it feels more doable than years ago. Thank you, this perspective you’ve offered here has been valuable to consider with further contemplation.

  24. Thank you for this beautiful article, Hiroki,you gave me a reason to be more courageous. I have Moon conjunct Neptune in Capricorn (3H,cusp 4H),after a hard childhood I’ve decided not to let myself feel anything, it was to much for me,and it felt better for a while,but after so many years,I’m a 28 y old now,i feel so empty,have no joy or grief inside of me i feel like I’ve lost so much,and i want it back no matter how painfull it can be,thanks again for giving me another perspective.

  25. Great article. I have the trine. Apart from a great sensitivity which I find most of the time annoying, can´t see the good part of this aspect. Maybe because Neptune for me is the worst planet to handle.

  26. Hi, I have Moon/Neltune conjunct in Scorpio and an 8th house Sun/Venus. I’m an astrologer with medium/psychic abilities which work through all my readings and I am a recluse, relationships are way too sensitve for me although I’ve tried them. I ‘feel’ everything

  27. hi Hiroki,
    I have a Yod configuration with the moon in Pisces (6th H), Pluto in Leo (11th H)and Neptune in Libra (1st H). Moon also squares Mars conjunct Chiron in Sagittarius (3rd H). I have always been super-sensitive to other peoples’ moods and feel uncomfortable in large crowds. I tend to keep my thoughts to myself unless provoked or asked for my opinion. I have poetic and artistic leanings and prefer one on one discussions or debates. Neptune is also conjunct Venus. Yet with all these loner tendencies, I would be devastated to be without a significant other in my life. I have spiritual leanings, yet my practical side always gets in the way… any thoughts on the Yod and Chiron/Mars configurations?

    • Hi Liz, thank you for sharing your experience. Yod is a midpoint configuration, so in this case it’s Moon = Neptune/Pluto (probably). This suggests intrusion of the spiritual elements in life, so that would add to the discussion about special sensitivity. For a more in-depth discussion on your horoscope, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  28. Hi Hiroki ~ Thank you for your beautiful words about learning to accept and see as blessings our unique sensitivities, perceptions and feelings. With my 4H Saturn in Sagittarius at the midpoint of my close Moon/Neptune square (in Aquarius/Scorpio, respectively) understanding myself and finding a large enough spiritual container to hold and support all of my emotions (as well as my perceptions) has been key.

    The rulers of my Aquarius Moon (Uranus) and Scorpio Neptune-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction and 3rd house Scorpio cusp (Pluto) are both placed in the 12th, so throughout my life I’ve been sensitive to unspoken elements and unconscious forces. I’ve also come to realize how comfortable I am communicating in the symbolic language of the unconscious, using my ever-expanding psychological awareness, spiritual faith and connection to Source, as my larger container and foundation. At least I try to make them my container.

    Remaining open to synchronicities is part of it too. Just yesterday, and with only minutes left on my husband’s parking meter, I entered a small used bookstore hoping to find a book by a particular Jungian author. Instead, I immediately spotted another book, one I’d just read about in a random post the day before, “The Highly Sensitive Person” by Elaine Aron. I purchased it on impulse and then spent all last night reading, amazed and overwhelmed at how well it captured some of my earlier experiences and instinctive reactions to the world and collective (and personal) unconscious.

    I was pleased to read the author finds value in many of Carl Jung’s thoughts, and even recommends Jungian psychotherapy for some sensitive individuals (who, she makes a point, can sometimes be extraverts). Exploring Jungian ideas about ego, persona, shadow, projection and the archetypes ~in relation to God/Source/higher “self”~ has opened up a whole other way of being for me and has helped me to become more self-aware and ‘intuitive, also more creative (using collage to express dreams and feelings). I’m learning not to chase after happiness and how to sit with my joys and sorrows, even in the midst of my darkest nights of unknowing. I admit it’s a struggle sometimes, hard to speak wisely and forgive and especially hard not to fall back on the belief that I’m somehow ‘flawed’ or broken . . . maybe that’s okay too. It keeps me humble and compassionate.

    During this second Saturn-Return (which naturally has triggered my natal Moon/Neptune square), I’ve increasingly recognized the important role of solitude in my life, how something I once saw as being socially isolating (4H Saturn), is really my friend. My time alone allows me the freedom to read, think, create, and to know myself and my thoughts independent of the collective. Then when I re-enter the world (as I frequently do) it’s somewhat easier to hold onto what matters and to let go of what doesn’t, to “be in the world but not of it.” Always a challenge.

    • Adding how in addition to being sensitive to psychological, emotional, and spiritual undercurrents (something Laura has also commented on), I’ve had to give up coffee, alcohol, most sugar, certain foods and many of the trappings and illusions of popular culture. In situations where choice is involved, what I take in as nourishment is a reflection of how and what it is I choose to nourish.

    • Hi LB, thank you for sharing your experience. Very well put!

  29. I guess fully feelling its kind of hard to me because i have pretty unemotional position – Saturn in 1st house and conjucting Aquarius ascendant. At the same time i have moon in 1st house squaring neptune in 12th house. I wonder whenever these positions could be responsible for intense mood swings.

  30. Laura politzki says

    This was a very enlightening article. Thank you so much Hiroki. I have Jupiter at 28 degrees Scorpio, Neptune at 0 degrees Sag and the Moon at 2 degrees Sag all in my 12th House, not to mention the aspects of my Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Virgo in the 9th House and Saturn in Gemini in the 6th House. Since I can remember, people have always been aghast at how sensitive I am, often telling me I’m overly sensitive or too sensitive, finding it unnerving when I pick up on things about them that they aren’t even aware of yet or are trying to suppress. I’ve worked in many high volume customer service jobs where I have been able to uncannily intuit a customer needs but at the same time those jobs took an extreme toll on the well-being of my entire system, as has most of the relationships I’ve had throughout my life. As I’ve gotten older, I have become a recluse almost to the point of dysfunction. I have gained so much weight in order to numb out and insulate myself from feeling things so intensely. I haven’t been able to hold onto a job within the last five years due to being a well-tuned antennae on the thoughts and emotions flying around and surrounding me. The last few years I’ve been in healing mode, learning techniques and methods of releasing and protection but it is a serious struggle. I’ve been trying to find the right work for me to be able to function and thrive in, which has been hard to. But I think I’m getting somewhere with it all. It’s an excruciatingly slow process. I would love to be able to completely feel things again instead of this numbness, detachment and apathy that has engulfed me in my efforts to preserve my self. To feel emotions so deeply again feels scary and painful. Your article has given me a different perspective and much to think about. Thank you again.

  31. Veronica says

    My 6yo daughter has this aspect and she is a very emotional little girl who feel everything more than other people. For instance, her teacher scolded her for yelling at a friend in class and b/c of this she wants to never go to school again or go to another school. She also has an 8th house sun (Taurus) so her intution and sensitivites go father tha the moon neptune aspect. I feel she will be some sort of artist or performer as her neptune is in the 5th house (albeit conjunct chiron). Im excited to watch her grow!

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