Money & Value Cycle of 2nd-8th House

2nd house is money and value. 8th house is other people’s money and value. The mistake is to think you only have a fixed amount to go around between these two houses (which necessitates you taking away from others what they need – a classic poverty mindset.)

The reality happens more like this: you add value to others’ lives (i.e. add to 8th house), and they will give you money in exchange for the value. Or others will give you something of value (i.e. add to 2nd house), so you will pay them in exchange for that value. The funny (or amazing) thing is, at the end of the transaction, you both end up richer than before.

How? You may ask, Isn’t life a zero-sum game? Here are some examples:

  • You borrow from the bank in order to purchase a home (read: money goes from 8th to 2nd). You make monthly payments to the bank (money goes from 2nd to 8th) for the mortgage, which in the long run makes money for the bank (i.e. 8th house gets a positive return of investment) – so the 8th house gets richer than before. But you didn’t lose – you bought a house, an appreciating asset, and after 30 years when the loans are paid off, your equity for the house should be a lot more than the original amount you borrowed (read: positive return of investment again for the 2nd house). So both you and the bank end up enriched from this transaction.
  • You sell people investment vehicles (i.e. stocks, bonds, franchise and other businesses), in effect enabling them to become wealthier, adding value to the 8th house. In the course of doing so, people pay you money, allowing you to be wealthy (stockbrokers do exactly this, and hedge fund managers manage other people’s money, being rewarded for increasing their wealth.)

These are easy examples, because for both parties, the return of investment is easily quantifiable. But the same dynamic works for an artist who sells her paintings that add value to the buyers’ lives, or a writer whose ideas add valuable information and insight to millions of people’s lives.

When the flow is working smoothly between 2nd and 8th house, the result is a virtuous cycle of mutually increased wealth. It seems like the smooth flow of energy exchange between these two houses act like a magnet to attract more and more wealth to flow between these two poles.

This means it’s impossible for you to get rich without making other people rich (or enriched, somehow). You will note that in this model, you want the other party to be successful: The bank wishes the home buyer success because they really do not look forward to foreclosures.

Stockbroker wants his clients to make a lot of money, because otherwise he will not get a return business. Investor wants his money manager to wildly succeed, because that by definition ensures his wild success.

A life coach wants you to succeed, and you should wish her success too, because that means you’re hiring the person who knows the right method to being successful (which is what you signed up for in the first place!)

I offer two ideas for activating this virtuous cycle:
1)See how you can add value to others’ lives.
2)Wish success to every customer, client and boss you have.

For those of you that read the post this far, I wish all of you success. :)

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Jamaar rashaad says


    Great post.

    I have an 8th house stellium. Venus(14degrees), Saturn(12degrees),and Pluto(1degrees) in Scorpio. With Mars(8degrees) in Libra all in the 8th house. I’ve been in the financial industry for over a decade as a banker and currently looking to expand my horizons. I’m looking into life insurance agent which leads to a financial planner, or starting my own investment fund for private equity. Based on my planetary placements in the 8th house. Which do you think is more suitable for me? Any feedback is appreciated.


  2. Elizabeth says

    I have Neptune in my 2nd house, with transits Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto .. Mars and NN in 8th… Next solar return has stelliums in 2/8 axis; and progressed Asc is the start of my 2nd house. The theme is loud and clear. Here’s hoping I make the most of it. With having neptune in 2nd my head was stuck in the clouds til age 30 easily. 😬😂 Thank you for this post. It’s most helpful.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I have Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius in my 2nd house opposing my Venus in Gemini. I have been trying to find the meaning of this opposition in relation to my love/financial life and this helps. Thank you

  4. I have Venus in 2nd house in Scorpio and Mars in 8th house in Taurus. I intend to do forex, not broker. Do you think that doing forex add value to the 8th house ?

  5. I have a most unhappy 2nd house Virgo Uranus and a very strong Aquarius Saturn in the 8th house. Both opposing Moon and Sun.

    Debt…..ugh. I have a student loan that I will never be able to pay off, it sits in purgatory year after year. I have not been to school since the 1990’s and I never graduated. I use credit very sparingly, and pay the balance off in full every month. I am self employed and I price my services reasonably but my
    Saturnian clientelle always tries to play the poverty card with me when they get comfortable. When I was raising a child, I accepted a very meager child support check because I knew my 8th house Saturn opposed Sun was going to bring me a cheapskate partner. I had the last laugh when our child received a full ride scholarship and graduated with honors. After all, I raised him all on my own.

    I have become much more accepting of my 2nd house Virgo Uranus opposed Moon. I learned to let go and trust my needs will be met if I am responsible. I have been self employed for 7 yrs. and with that I must accept that I will never have a steady income. I also learned to let go of so much, that it was so liberating. I found a cute little house that is about the size of a large apartment after selling a house that was much too large and expensive for me. In the process of learning the letting go lesson, I was being threatened with foreclosure. Uranus was transit my Midhaven, shaking up my IC.

  6. hey this is such an great post!!!

    Whats your take on a very strong 8th with venus and ketu in scorpio.

    Is have a very good offer to finance real estate. But a lot of astrologers told me to be carefull with credits because of ketu in 8th house.

    best wishes


    • Hi David, Nodal axis placement shouldn’t be part of your business decision – I would say what you heard from other astrologers regarding Ketu is terribly old fashioned and unreliable.

  7. Hey Hiroki,

    In your opinion, when discussing a person’s finances examining their 2nd-8th axis, generally which planets generate finances? In observation, the 2nd house ruler generates money for me, and in line with your principles, value for the other; while the the 8th house ruler generates value for me and money for the other. My uncertainty lies in the fact that the ruler of the 2nd, while it is the generator of money for me, as the ‘detriment’ lord of the 8th, is the de-generator of money for another. Not a bad thing, as this is part of the flow of abundance. Still, my confusion is that many astrologers talk about Sun in the 2nd and Sun in the 8th as the same, and I am not quite sure what the distinction is between the two as far as money. What do you think?


    • Hi Aaron, 2nd – 8th house axis often does have to do with business (exchange of resources). It may help to see them as one house with 2 polarities.

      You cannot help but prosper through positive exchange of value with others (you enrich others’ lives and become enriched in return), so it’s not a “I vs thou” conflict, unless you really have a dysfunction in the 8th house (i.e. jealousy and miserly tendencies).

      In the same way, 3rd-9th house cycle typically makes you smarter and more informed as long as you’re open to the flow of information (learning and sharing) with others.

      So the answer to your question is, probably you need to consider both 2nd and 8th houses.

  8. Hello,

    First I would like to say how insightful are your blog posts and so different from the usual descriptions of planet placements and aspects!
    And I want to share about 8th house – 2nd house axis: I have sun in 8th house and truthfully to the popular opinion that sun in female natal chart represents significant male in her life I did add value to my husband personality and life and he gave me money :)
    But I wonder about someone else’s moon falling in my 2nd house opposing my sun – what would be the exchange of values in this case?

    • Hello,

      Thanks for the kind words. Regarding your question, it’s a little difficult to say based just on that specific, but generally you’d expect a positive reinforcement on your self worth coming from the other person.

  9. Hi Hiroki,
    I wanted you to know that I have been lurking on your blog for a while, and I decided I needed to give you encouragement and gratitude. These are wonderful posts, and you are a great teacher, thank you for doing this. Please keep it up. I will be referring several friends here to read. Kathryn

  10. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Leisa,

    How very kind of you! Your words are much appreciated.

    Best regards,

  11. Hi,

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I’m still really loving your posts, and to thank you again for writing. You do so well at combining astrology with unique insights drawn from elsewhere, and remembering that we are dealing with the experience of being alive and not mere abstractions. Your perspectives frequently make me see new things about my own chart and life — which doesn’t happen that often after five years of study!
    So thanks again, and know that you are making a difference out there in the blogosphere…

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