Midpoints in Astrology: Gain Deeper Insight from a Natal Chart

What You Will Learn in This Article:

  • Definition of Astrological Midpoints
  • Midpoint Notation and How to Read it
  • Useful Metaphors for Interpreting Midpoints
  • Examples of Some Midpoints
  • Transit or Solar Arc to Midpoints
  • Midpoints in Synastry
  • How to Calculate Midpoints
  • Recommended Books
The study of midpoints can help you gain additional insight into natal chart and transit/solar arc interpretation.  Although it is frequently called an advanced technique, its principle is quite easy to grasp, as you’ll see below.


Definition of Astrological Midpoints

The base premise of midpoint interpretation is this: “A planet located equidistant from two other planets (i.e. midpoint between two planets) has a relationship to both planets.”  In practice we also include the Angles (Ascendant and Midheaven) as well as planets in midpoint interpretation.
Midpoints in Astrology
Standard Midpoint Notation: Above Picture Reads “Mercury equals Saturn Pluto”, which means Mercury makes a hard aspect to the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto.


Midpoint Notation and How to Read It

The midpoint method relates 3 astrological symbols together by way of one planet being in the middle of 2 other planets.  This is written as:

A = B/C

“B/C” is the midpoint of planets B and C.  A is the planet in the middle (midpoint) of B and C.

The equal sign “=” means that planet A makes a hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) to the midpoint of planets B & C.

(We only consider hard aspects for midpoint interpretation, as they energize life development and change.)

Regarding B/C: Slower (i.e. further from the Sun) planet influences the faster (closer to the Sun) planet.

Regarding A (i.e. the planet aspecting the midpoint): it will affect the midpoint, or be affected by the midpoint – again, depending on its apparent speed (see metaphor below.)

Useful Metaphors for Interpreting Midpoints

Picture yourself as a child, and in between your parents.  Being in the middle, you were greatly affected by the quality of their interaction (e.g. were they warm or cold toward each other?  Did they argue a lot or ignore each other? Etc.) In the same way, a planet in the midpoint of two other planets that are more powerful (i.e. that have slower orbits) will be greatly affected by their interaction.

Now consider another metaphor: This time picture yourself as the adult, sitting between your two children.  Just by being in their middle, you affected the quality of their interaction (e.g. they either behaved themselves better, or became more obnoxious toward each other by trying to compete for your attention, etc.)  In the same way, a powerful planet in the midpoint of two lesser planets will strongly affect their interaction.

Example of Some Midpoints

  • Mercury/Jupiter midpoint – Rewarding and Expansive Communication:
    Jupiter (being the slower planet) influences Mercury:  So this midpoint represents the experience of being rewarded (Jupiter) for one’s communication.  Any planet in hard aspect to this midpoint will carry this sense of expansive communication.  This is why MC (midheaven) = Mercury/Jupiter often denotes a professional writer.
  • Venus/Mars midpoint – Passionate Involvement:
    Mars influences Venus: Romance and relationship is heated up, made passionate.  This is the midpoint of sexual and artistic passion.  Saturn placed at this midpoint (Saturn=Venus/Mars) will necessitate restraint on passion, whereas Jupiter or Uranus placed here may intensify the passion to excess.
  • Sun/Moon midpoint – Relationship Fulfillment:
    Sun influences Moon: One’s Reigning Need (Moon) is fueled by  Life Energy (Sun).  This is the strongest point of individual need fulfillment, and thus it has to do with relationships and self-acceptance on a deep level. Neptune placed at this midpoint (Neptune=Sun/Moon) may suggest bewildering experiences in relationships, whereas Saturn placed here will necessitate growth and maturity in relationships.

Transit and Solar Arc to Midpoint

Even without any natal planet or point to occupy it, a particular midpoint can be activated via transit or solar arc.  For instance, a prolonged transit of Uranus to Mercury/Jupiter midpoint could excite the expansion of communication, perhaps resulting in new ideas or fresh business deals.

An outer planet transit or solar arc to your Sun/Moon midpoint can have a deep impact on your relationships and self-image.

Midponts in Synastry

Another person’s planet or an Angle contacting your midpoints could be significant, especially in the case of a Sun/Moon midpoint.  If you’re interested in the synastry interaction of the Sun/Moon midpoint, check out this post on Sun/Moon Midpoint in Synastry.

How to Calculate Midpoints

You could simply calculate the degree difference between 2 planets or points and divide in half.  To obtain a full list of all midpoints in your natal chart, you can follow the steps in this post.

If you have an astrological software that calculates midpoints, you can print a “90 degree sort” table, or “Midpoint Tree” in order to get all midpoint pictures in your natal chart.

Usually an orb of 1.5~2.0 degrees is suggested to calculate midpoints.

Summary and Recommendation for Further Study

Over the last 15 years I’ve studied well-known works on midpoints interpretation by various astrologers, and use them regularly in my consultation practice.  They truly offer a fascinating additional dimension to the interpretation of natal chart and transit & Solar Arc development.

Because study of midpoints is a huge subject, it would take a lot more than this introductory post to cover adequately.  For those of you who’d like to study more, I’d recommend these books:

– Noel Tyl’s midpoint interpretation book is available as an appendix to his popular book “Solar Arcs”, or his 1000 page text “Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology.”

– Don McBroom’s book “Midpoints” also offers an alternative interpretation that is quite helpful to anyone who wants to use midpoints in an empowering way.

There are other well-known works on midpoints, notably by Reinhold Ebertin (Combination of Stellar Influences), but the above mentioned books are more modern and accessible compared to this 60+ year-old text.

Do you have an interesting midpoint picture that gives additional insight into your character and motivation?  Please feel free to share through comments below!

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki@hniizato.com or schedule a consultation.


  1. I have ascendant conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint. My inner planets are all in Earth signs or Scorpio, and my ascendant is Aquarius. Does this intensify my need for relationships ? (I have moon trine venus and Mars so I think this adds to / deepens my need for relationships)

  2. Hi! Since reading this I am discovering that midpoints are fun, looking back they make sense.
    What about midpoints on the same degree? If you have no natal planet on a midpoint but you have another midpoint on the same degree Would that still emphasise the midpoint and planets in question?

    • Hi Maja, a midpoint needs a focal point (a planet or an Angle) to activate it. If you have multiple midpoints on a same degree, then know that they’ll all be activated by the same transit at the same time.

  3. Wendy Blume says

    Thank you for your website Hiroki – I’ve stumbled across your excellent writing several times when researching different topics. You’re knowledgeable and informative and practical and I really appreciate you sharing all of this with us.

    I’d be really keen to hear your views about using the North Node in midpoint work. Ebertin allocates ‘association or alliance’ as its meaning, which I’m struggling to really understand. It seems quite different to current thinking around this natal point. Is this referencing the ‘fated’ quality that many astrologers allocate to the NN? Or something less esoteric, and more about timing? I’m struggling to find a good explanation.

    I’d be really keen to hear what kind of keywords you use when discussing the North Node in midpoint work. Thank you!

    • Hi Wendy, the nodal axis symbolism can suggest associations, meetings, and groups. This is often the more practical (and accurate) way to view the nodes in practice. The other interpretations related to past lives have been popularized due to spiritual/evolutionary astrology schools. Note these two interpretations are not mutually exclusive.

  4. Hi Hiroki, wonderful article. I came to realize that I have a Pluto Conjunction to my ASC/MC midpoint three times this year at 25,46 degrees Capricorn in the 11th house. It looks like a once in a lifetime event, and as ASC/MC midpoint is an important one it got me curious. I would love to hear your opinion. Thank you.

    • Hi Edna, one way to view the ASC/MC midpoint is as a potential integration point of your work and your personality. Pluto transit to this point could be an empowering experience, where you express more of yourself in the work you do.

  5. Hi Hiroki! Are progressed planets and/or progressed+transits midpoints any relevant? Thank you!

    • Hello Morma, I would not consider transit or progressed midpoints to be strong analytical points. Midpoints are ‘grace notes’ in the analysis, and their effects are more subtle compared to planetary aspects. Even natal midpoints need time to be felt and understood by the person. A moving midpoint might not be felt at all by the individual. Usually there are far “louder” influence through the planets themselves in any giving period.

  6. A very well written article, thank you!

    I would love to know your take on a certain natal pattern, if you wouldn’t mind.

    MC = Sun/Moon and Sun/Moon are sextile which sounds great, on its own.
    Then you see MC (Aries) is ruled by Mars conjunct Uranus. This conjunction is in exact trine with the MC. Wonderful!

    The messy part is that it leaves Mars/Uranus in square with the Sun and quincunx the Moon.

    Looking at the whole picture makes me think of a climber who has all the tools and knowledge to make Everest’s peak, but either their temper or fluctuating determination and drive will always stop them.

    • Hi Katie, square aspect does not imply something will “always stop” you. Think more like this: square and opposition aspects confer energy, a tension that leads to action. No mountain climber will tell you they didn’t experience tension while reaching their way to the top! Tension makes you stronger, more skilled, and provides the determination to continue climbing.

  7. Sapphire Anderson says

    Hello Hiroki. I know the composite chart is the midpoints between two charts, but the programs I’ve seen are always the midpoints between’s A & B’s sun or A & B’s moon. Can you do midpoints between A’s sun & B’s moon or A’s Venus & B’s Mars.

    • Hi Sapphire, that would be too abstract to consider, so I wouldn’t advise you going there. The midpoints you could consider is the sun/moon midpoint in each person’s horoscope: If another person’s points form a hard aspect with your sun/moon midpoint (or vice versa), that’s typically an important contact.

  8. Hi Hiroki,

    What about Asc/Mc midpoint at Aries Point (29 degrees Pisces)?

  9. Hi Hiroki,
    I have very contradicting midpoints and I’m very confused I’m hoping you can help me.
    My moon =mars/saturn=venus/neptune
    My descendant = saturn/pluto
    My pluto=venus/mars=venus/jupiter.

    I’m afraid if I get into relationship with someone who touches my moon and asc/dsc because that’d activate my mars/saturn and saturn/pluto midpoint which I’ve read so far are called death midpoint and has to do with brutality, oppression, murders.

    • Hi Kylie, label is a terrible thing, isn’t it? (a death midpoint!) Do yourself a favor and don’t read Ebertin’s book, as it’s full of descriptions like that.

      I can give you so many examples where Mars/Saturn and Saturn/Pluto are being used positively. So these midpoints do not imply a fixed fate toward such macabre endings.

      The key is to understand your own trauma regarding relationships that cause these fears for future relationships. If there is healing to be done, then let it begin with therapeutic support. Once you’re able to heal and release the trauma, you’ll have enough courage and strength to go into relationships with open eyes. For serious discussion, please consider a private session at some point.

  10. Hi Hiroki,
    My partner has his Venus/Pluto midpoint conjunct my natal Moon. I have my Venus/Pluto midpoint on his natal Sun.

    They say that Venus/Pluto is often unrequited love but they also say that it has to do with soul mates. Does this indicate a karmic connection? In our composite we have Pluto conjunct North node.

    • Hi Sarah, this type of double whammy(?) may indeed emphasize a certain relating pattern. Pluto Venus connection is extremely, almost too emotional. A useful question, perhaps, is “what is being triggered in order to be healed/transformed?”

  11. This is an excellent article!

    How would you interpret a woman’s Neptune/Pluto midpoint at 21 Scorpio activated by a man’s Mars at 21 Scorpio?

    Would Mars here have the ability to assert subtly, perhaps in a covert way and, maybe under the guise of extreme idealism, be potentially (but subtly) destructive?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Linda, I think that might be perhaps reading too much into it…In synastry there are usually more obvious signals you want to focus on. Midpoints might reinforce the major statements afterward.

  12. Hello! Is it wrong to focus only on the conjunctions of midpoints or do they really also work with squares and oppositions? I don’t pay attention to sesqui-quadrates and semi-squares. Also, wouldn’t it be ok if the orb was under 1 degree in general and only to go with a 1.5 if the planets are involved into a pattern, like a stellium? I am asking solely for my own understanding, as in to finding a method to work with the midpoints. Of course other people could see it differently. (wider orbs, smaller aspects, etc.) Curious on your opinion. Especially interested if I should value squares and opposition same as conjunctions when it comes to midpoints. Thank you!

    • Hi there, you can definitely work with conjunctions, squares and oppositions. They function similarly for our purposes in this article, so it’s not worth trying to differentiate between them (note the “=” sign used in midpoint pictures instead of individual aspect notation).

      In the midpoints lore, we typically work with a 90 degree sort table. This implies working with 4th harmonic aspects (conjunction, square and opposition). The equal sign “=” is used to indicate any of the 4th harmonic aspect. Many astrologers also work with the 8th harmonic aspects (semisquare and sesquiquadrates) to the midpoints, which can be valid, although I personally consider them a bit less powerful compared to the 4th harmonic aspects.

      Using smaller orb is good – the closer a midpoint picture is to being exact, the more powerful the symbolism. 1.5 is the widest I typically consider, with the exception of Sun/Moon midpoint – for which I might consider a 2 degree orb.

      • Hello again,
        Thank you for your response and for explaining what midpoints orbs and aspects can be used. I will apply these.

  13. Hi Hiroki,

    I love your posts. Two questions:
    A) What is happening when you have more than 12 midpoints (with planets/points). There is a “special” meaning because are so many?
    For example, there are people without cosmic pattern in their charts, there are others with one, there are others with 4 of them. (More things to see and analyze. Also more complex.). I stopped counting mine, midpoints. Are way toooo many.
    B) If Saturn/Pluto midpoint is about Karma, past life & ground zero ( I am thinking like South Node) then which midpoint is “the opposite side”? (North Node is dharma and this life “calling”). What equalise with this life consideration?


    P.S. I loved you post about Mars opp Pluto. Light into the darkness.
    I don’t believe that very, very good aspects are always good, and the same with very bad aspects are always bad.

    • Hi there, most people have quite a lot of midpoint configurations…An easy way to find all of them is through creating a 90 degree sort table, or a midpoint tree (astro.com can do both if you lack the software). Regarding Saturn/Pluto, while it can certainly function as a ground zero, you can build impressive structures on top of it – so I would consider that midpoint to be very much about this life’s potential for achievement.

  14. Tina Arapkiles says

    Hi Hiroki, My daughter has her Sun (8 Leo in 11th House) at the mid point between her Moon (7 Cancer in 11th House) and a powerful conjunction of Mercury (5 Virgo in 12th House), Ascendant (6 Virgo) and Venus (9 Virgo in 1st House). How would you interpret that? Thank you so much! Tina

  15. I loved this article. My Ascendant in 19° Capricorn= Mars (Capricorn 17 °) /Venus (Capricorn 23°) . Also transiting Pluto activates this midpoint. What would be an interpretation for these?

  16. Hi Hiroki! Excellent article! The upcoming solar eclipse happening on July 13th in Cancer will conjunct my Sun/Moon (8th house) almost exactly (1º orb) and square my Venus (3º orb). I don’t really know how to take this but hopefully it doesn’t signal a breakup! What do you think? I guess it’s hard to predict… I’ve only just started to pay attention to transits to my midpoints so I don’t have much experience. My bf has been talking about opening a joint stock portfolio so could be related to that?

    • Hi P, not unless you have a serious cycle going on in the background that suggests breakup.

      • Thank you so much for the answer, Hiroki! I will report back. I’ve never tracked transits to my midpoints so I’m kind of excited! I usually feel full moons very intensely so we’ll see what happens with this eclipse.

  17. HI I have recently started learning about astrology and am now touching upon midpoints – it’s so fascinating! Thank you for the informative article you have written.

    I am looking into pregnancy / conception midpoints specifically so I checked my progressed chart and noticed that my progressed Mars = Mars/Jupiter when I conceived my daughter back in 2009 – wow!

    Currently I noticed my solar arc and progressed Sun = Moon/Venus and I just started fertility treatment with an IUI scheduled within the next few days !

    Are these midpoints relevant on any chart – solar return , lunar return , progressed, solar arc and even just transiting ??

    Thank you :)

    • Hi Riya, I appreciate the enthusiasm! Midpoints can be active in transit or solar arc (although I don’t use the return charts, as I’d like to relate everything to the natal chart). One thing to note: Midpoint picture requires 3 points (A=B/C), so you don’t consider when the same planet is on both sides (so Mars=Mars/Jupiter doesn’t count in this case). There is a lot to learn here, but keep it up and you’ll pick up more relevant measurements!

  18. I believe I’ve already asked you a question regarding midpoints (it was about whether personal planets on midpoints trigger them more strongly or weakly than outer planets). However I have another question that although basic is no less fundemental I think to understanding midpoints.

    I’d like to know, who is it in a synastry connection that ‘expresses’ the midpoint energy?
    What if one persons sun conjuncted another persons mars/pluto midpoint for example? Would they experience that person as intense or forceful or would they wish to express said intensity in a domineering manner toward them?

  19. Hi Hiroki,
    It’s so nice to see an astrologer taking the time to really explain midpoints in a way we lay people can understand. Thank you :) I have a question that you might be able to answer: Do you think that the midpoints in one person’s chart, when tightly conjunct to one or more midpoints in their partner’s chart, cause an interaction between the two conjoined midpoints? And if so, do you think the result is always an harmonious interaction? My wife’s sun/moon conjuncts my venus/mars very closely and I’m wondering if this is significant. Thanks.

    • Hi Mark, synastric conjunction between two midpoints alone lack a catalyst, but they can get activated at the same time when a transiting planet forms a hard aspect to that midpoint. With Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars being both relationship oriented midpoints, such simultaneous activation via transit is bound to energize the relationship (the nature of the activation might be dependent on the overall health of the relationship at the time – nothing is always harmonious.)

  20. Hello Hiroki

    Just came across this page when googling lunar eclipse conjunct mercury/Uranus midpoint which is coming up for me in 2 days.

    Read all your feedback to others and wondered what you would say about Sun = Jupiter/Uranus by 1 degree which I have.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom

  21. Casey Dureau says

    Hi!!! :) Curious….
    Due to the recent Oct 6th Mars/Venus Conjunction 19 VIR – this immediately alerted me to my midpoints … My Natal MA/VE Midpoint is (EXACT 0.00) on my 7th House Natal Jupiter @ 20 VIR.
    I know this is 1 degree off from the Oct 6th Transit, however I am curious as to your thoughts, and if perhaps there is a connection between the two for me personally; Meaning: Based on Oct 6th MA/VE 19 VIR Conjunction (described as a “New Phase” via Evolutionary Astrology) and How this might (IF at all?) affect my personal connection to this via my natal MA/VE=JU Midpoint (exact!) at almost the same degree of this Transit….Any relevance?
    I look forward to hearing your (or others) thoughts on this …. Oh, and not to forget… Much “Thank You” in advance ;)

    • Hi Casey, fast moving transits like Mars and Venus tend to act as action triggers. Since the event occurred almost a month ago, you may want to look back and ask yourself whether there was a noticeable activity taking place on that day in a social/romantic/creative arena. Let me know if you have anything interesting to report!

  22. Hi Hiroki,
    Thank you so much for the website.
    My question is about the midpoints of the Asc/Mc and Asc/Ic. If person A has Venus 1.5 deg from his Asc/Mc midpoint and person B has her Ic exactly on his midpoint + her Asc exactly on his Dsc/Mc midpoint, then could this show some bond? There are no aspects between the main axes, but her main axes are intersecting exactly his respective midpoints (Asc/Mc or Dsc/Ic; Dsc/Mc or Asc/Ic). The geometry looks beautiful.

    • Hi Margit, the midpoint between 2 Angles could be significant for sure, especially if the birth time is accurate. In synastry this could suggest some positive bond. By the way, for practical purposes, all 4 midpoints you mentioned will be expressed as ASC/MC. This is because in midpoint picture, the “=” sign is used to indicate all 4th harmonic aspects (0, 90, 180).

  23. Hello,
    I finished working on online midpoint calculator just recently:
    with several options (midpoints activated by birth planets/midpoints activated by transit planets/adjustable orbs) … so feel free to use it.

  24. Hi Hiroki,

    Thank you for your fleshing out of midpoints, and all of your other posts. If one planet is conjunct a midpoint (say, Saturn=Venus/Mars) and another is semi-square that same midpoint (say, Pluto=Venus/Mars), do we still consider them Saturn=Pluto=Venus/Mars? Also, given your example of Saturn=Venus/Mars and Pluto=Venus/Mars in the comments above, the individual meanings seem to contradict each other, if addressed separately. Just curious how to synthesize something like this in a Natal chart.
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Jess,

      The answer is yes – you consider all planets within the 4th/8th harmonic to be part of the midpoint picture. With more complex pictures that involve multiple planets like the one you mentioned, you’ll need to consider the aspect interaction of the planets (Saturn and Pluto together adds a heavy sense of responsibility, control or suppression. To simplify it, basically you’ll need to let the heavier planet win and consider their influence over other planets and midpoint.

  25. Hello,

    I want to ask about orbs. My Sun/Moon midpoint is 15 degree leo and I have 9 degree Mars in leo. Mars has nothing to do with this midpoint for real? Because I think I have a strong self-acceptance and I show it out in a strong way. So, is there an exact orb for midpoints or is it changeable? Thanks for taking time.

    • Hi Erden, the idea behind orbs is that the more exact an aspect is, the more powerful its significance. Generally Midpoint orbs don’t go more than 1.5 – 2.0 degrees, as you’re trying to relate the middle planet (A) to 2 planets (B and C) by virtue of being in their middle. If you go too far away from the midpoint, you lose connection with those 2 planets (you’re either too close to B or C so the idea of synthesizing the 2 planets’ significance no longer applies).

      So your self acceptance and strong self-expression could be reflected by other factors in your horoscope (I strongly suspect that this will be the case.)

  26. Hi Hiroki,

    I was wondering if you could explain the venus/pluto midpoint to me and how it might contrast with the venus/mars midpoint?

    The reason I’m asking this is because I’ve heard pluto is like mars in a higher octave. So if the veus/mars midpoint is normally considered the point of sez what would that make the venus/pluto midpoint?

    • Hi Fingal, Pluto goes deeper, or acts within a grander scope compared to Mars. Venus/Mars midpoint tends to be about creativity and sexual expression, whereas Venus/Pluto midpoint can suggest a point of emotional upheaval through relationships, sometimes in a cathartic way.

  27. Jodi braun says

    Thank you so much for taking the time!

  28. Jodi braun says

    I very much enjoyed your article. Thank you. I appreciate that you seem to regularly check back to answer questions, too. I’ve learned a lot simply from reading the comments section!

    I have a question too, and if it has been answered elsewhere, I apologize.
    Is it allowable to use antiscia points when looking at Midpoints in synastry?

    I have a friend who’s Mercury = my SU/MO, and I just realized tonight that if I were able to use antiscia points, his Neptune would also = my SU/MO. I’m interested because Neptune is the Dispositor of his Mercury, and it’s also conjunct my 12th House Neptune (and Mars – both in Sagittarius). Mercury is my 7th House Ruler, and our Mercuries are sextile. His Neptune is conjunct mine, so it also falls into my 12th House, conjunct my Mars. Our Mercuries are also conjunct each other’s 3rd House Cusps. I’m finding all the strange little connections between our respective Mercuries, 3rd Houses and Neptunes rather intriguing. The additional tie-in to Pisces/12th House things with my Sagittarius planets made all of this seem to leap out from the synastry, as his Pisces Mercury is the only Pisces either of us has in our charts. It stuck out like a sore thumb! But with all of these connections, it’s starting to look startlingly well-integrated and received, especially if I’m able to make the Neptune connection to my SU/MO via antiscia!
    Thank you so much for your time! I’m very much looking forward to reading your reply.

  29. Hi Hiroki!

    I have 2 questions.
    My sun/venus midpoint conjunct my saturn in 8th house. What does it mean?
    My sun/moon midpoint is libra (13degrees) and my venus/mars midpoint is also in libra (11degrees). Are the midpoints in conjunction?

    • Hi there, Sun/Venus midpoint is a point of self expression within/through relationships and aesthetics. Saturn=Sun/Venus puts a serious statement in that point, perhaps suggesting a lingering influence of your father relationship upon your current relationships. There is another, more artistic potential suggested in this mix, if other things in your horoscope support it.

      Midpoints are not planets, so “conjunction” etc wouldn’t be applied to describe their position.

  30. Ben Crowley says

    Hi Hiroki! I have natal Mercury 17 degrees in Leo, 3rd House – however this planet does not form ANY aspect with other planet, or angles, which I have always thought quite surprising, as I am academically inclined and teach on various science related topics (Sun/Uranus conj. in Leo).

    However, my Mercury is the midpoint for the following:
    Mercury = Sun/Pluto
    Mercury = Jupiter/Uranus

    Once I discovered these midpoints, it became much more evident that I am someone who strives for intellectual development and want to get to the heart of the matter – a strong (almost compulsive) thought process that ‘needs to know’ and who is quite often fortunate in any turn of events that impact on education. It often feels I have a sense of opportunities about to come and can therefore position myself to make the most of them. So, whilst I have an “unaspected” Mercury, paying attention to Midpoints has taught me a great deal about how my mind works – both the good things and less good things. Thanks! Ben

  31. My MC misses my Mercury/Jupiter midpoint by three degrees. Damn. It would have fit well with my Neptune=Sun/Mercury, wouldn’t it?
    My natal shows more midpoints, which I find difficult to grasp:
    Part of Fortune = Venus/Uranus (I don’t use to fall in love frequently or at first sight)

    • Hi Fuchur, I’ll choose one: DC=Sun/Moon is the same as ASC=Sun/Moon. This emphasizes relationships and openness to others (your Ascendant sign’s quality contributing well to the relationships.)

      • I would have said about all three midpoints that they add to emphasizing relationships. But I don’t have very close or frequent or suddenly beginning relationships, so I’m puzzled. What else could emphasizing mean?

        • Hi Fuchur, it’s best to look at the entire horoscope rather than pick those 3 midpoints and try to decipher a relationship pattern. Please schedule an appointment for a consultation if you’d like me to take a closer look at your horoscope.

          By the way, including Part of Fortune (a theoretical point based on 3 symbols) in a midpoint picture (the blend of 3 symbols) does not make sense, and I do not recommend it. Midpoint picture is best understood between planets, Nodes or Angles.

  32. Hi Hiroki!
    I am a capricorn, moon in saggitarius, libra rising, so there is a lot going on in my third and fourth house. Could you please say what you think about this?
    Moon/sun midpoint at 28 saggitarius, at the same degree is my pluto/venus midpoint. Mercury at 27, juno at 29 saggitarius.
    Moon/saturn midpoint at 1,48 capricorn conjuct IC at 1 capricorn. Thank you! :)

  33. Hi Hiroki,
    I have Jupiter on my Sun Moon midpoint in the 5th squaring my nodes across the 8th/2nd houses. So my Sun Moon midpoint is a skipped step. What does this mean? It squares my 8th house Moon, 2nd house Mercury, and forms a quincunx to my Neptune Ascendant and Pluto/Uranus Midheaven. It sextiles my Sun and Mars.
    I would really appreciate your insights especially with it being a skipped step and at the apex of one of my yods.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Sarah,

      Jupiter = Sun/Moon midpoint brings in qualities such as enthusiasm and faith into the core of your personality. I would consider it a strong asset with potential for positive attitude and relationship success. Nodal axis involvement often suggests important meetings and association with groups in the course of your journey.

      Yod (finger of god), by the way, is a fancy name for a midpoint configuration, so if you understand all 3 symbols, you’ll be able to grasp its potential.

      No comment on skipped step, as I’m not a karmic astrologer by default (I’m more of a humanistic astrologer.)

  34. Hi dfarmer,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Neptune=Sun/Moon midpoint. I don’t use Arabic parts (they’re outdated now that midpoint system is available) so can’t comment on that, but it certainly seems you’re undergoing a change period. Sun=Pluto-ASC can be an empowering period of identity transformation once you go through the necessary period of cathartic growth. Feel free to schedule a consultation if you’d like to discuss your chart in more depth.

  35. Hi Hiroki,

    So if AC/MC midpoint is so crucially important and it is ‘where you can express your authentic personality within your career’ then what is DC/IC midpoint (which is the opposite degree from AC/MC midpoint) like? How significant is it? Does it mean something like ‘where you can express your relationship ideals within home/family’?

    • Hi Mary,

      I think your interpretation of DSC/IC midpoint makes sense. Because midpoints will be activated via conjunction, square or opposition (i.e. the 4th harmonic aspects), ASC/MC midpoint and DSC/IC midpoint will be (for practical purposes) the exact same point (this is especially clear if you use the 90 degree sort). This means the same planet will trigger both midpoints. In my practice, I tend to gravitate toward emphasizing the development of Ascendant and Midheaven (which hopefully will positively impact the other 2 areas of life.)

  36. This is a really wonderful article, Hiroki! It’s great to find clear explanations about these concepts online. I’m new to using midpoints in astrology and came across your article while looking for information on how to interpret Mars being at the Sun/Venus midpoint of the Libra Lunar Eclipse on 4/4. As somebody who’s newer to astrology, it’s always a nice confidence boost to see that my interpretations of the midpoints you list are more or less in line with yours.
    What are your thoughts on that midpoint’s function in the upcoming eclipse? I’m excited to explore more of your site! Much gratitude and many blessings.

  37. Hi Hiroki,
    Wonderful insights you offer all of us. There are two midpoints that seem significant in my chart. 1) venus and neptune (8 deg scorpio in 11th)/mars (6 deg cancer in 7th) conjunct pluto at 7 deg virgo. Pluto also conjuncts intercepted 9th house north node. 2) sun (libra 10th)/moon (pisces 3rd) 2 deg capricorn squares MC/IC axis. Thanks :)

  38. HI!
    I have both the sun and moon in aquarius, moon at 8 degrees 7 minutes and sun at 6 degrees 22 minutes using the whole house system, working out to be 7 degrees fifteen minutes as the midpoint. Would looking up the sabien symbolic imagery help in understanding this sensitive point in my psychology? Thank-you for answering our questions, Jenna

  39. Hi Hiroki
    I would be helpfull to know the interpretation of this one..
    Neptune (7 deg cap) / Chiron (7 deg can ) = Mars (7 deg ari)
    Mars is in conj with the Descendant 3 degree orb.

    • Chiron/Neptune midpoint is where you may feel a lot of pain and either choose to drawn it out through escapist behavior, or choose to be inspired to help other hurting people. A spiritual principle may be involved somehow. Having Mars here gives a push in one of these directions. Best case is there may be a healing sort of energy that can be utilized as charisma when helping others.

  40. Today at the GLAC convention in Ann Arbor, MI I found out about what some astrologers call a “talent trine”, just another name for what you’re talking about here. I have one in my chart and would love to hear your interpretation. Planets indicated above, sign, degree and house below.

    Uranus = Mercury/Neptune
    Vir 20 (12) = Can 21 (10)/Sco 21 (2)

    Thanks so much for your time (and talent) :-)

    • Mercury/Neptune is a point of inspiration or confusion (depending on how grounded you are.) Uranus on this midpoint intensifies the dynamic, so you could experience brilliant flashes of creative insight, or get really confused.

  41. Hi Hiroki
    Thanks for all the info you so generously share in your blogs.
    I wondered how you would look at N Node in Capricorn, 3rd Hse at the exact midpoint of both Saturn/Sun & Venus/Neptune and slightly less exact (30’) of Asc/Sun.
    I’m particularly interested since my progessed Moon will hit the N Node in a couple of months.
    I should perhaps add that the SNode is conjunct Uranus, so that planet might be involved with the same midpoints, but with a much wider (2 deg) orb.

    • Hi Matt, we need to go with the heaviest set, which is Node=Sun/Saturn, since it tends to overpower others. Sun/Saturn is a very serious midpoint, where you are forced to face your long terms goals, duty, responsibility and ambition. Nodal axis on this midpoint suggests a meeting that would challenge you and remind you of these things…If you’re facing your goals and responsibilities head on, then it may manifest as a teacher/coach of some sort that could help you along (3rd house.)

  42. Hi! I’d like to ask what you think the influence might be for progressed mars to be squaring the natal sun/moon midpoint.
    Thanks a bunch :)

    • What Mars-like experience do you observe in your own relationships at the moment? Think in terms of “high energy” being introduced into relationships – burst of emotional and/or physical energy. Is there anger being expressed in your relationships? Why not? Etc.

  43. Jomo Heron says

    The “one mid-point” of my question is straddled by Venus/Uranus and Saturn/Neptune on opposite ends of a ~0′ axis. Mars/N.Node is about 8′ off as well. They all form a mesh of 5 quindeciles. Sun squares this mega-axis by less than 81′. Is my sun jus at the mercy of all this tension?

    • If I understand what you’re saying, you have Sun=Venus/Uranus=Saturn/Neptune=Mars/Node all on the Aries Point (Cardinal 0 degrees). You can interpret Venus/Uranus as adding energy and excitement to relationships, and Mars/Node has a similar sense in that it’s energetically engaging or working with groups or the public. Saturn/Neptune midpoint calls for necessity to integrate vision with practicality (this can be great or not so great depending on your natal chart orientation – check other articles on Saturn & Neptune.)

      The Aries Point placement brings all of this forward to help you express yourself publicly and socially. You didn’t tell me what your actual life experience is like, but this is a pretty energetic midpoint picture and I’d consider it to be your asset.

      • Sorry for the confusion. The Aries point is not involved in THIS picture.
        I was emphasizing the exactness of Venus/Uranus=Saturn/Neptune (zero minutes). I’d like to better understand the Aries point for my moon on Saturn solstice point and Mercury on Pluto solstice point. Mercury conjuncts Saturn (5+degrees) and the moon forms a stellium with Uranus and Pluto (5+degrees).

        I think, so far, Saturn/Neptune manifests distrust and Venus/Uranus manifests detachment. Thus, so much for the group energy. When I compose my music, I do notice an internal interplay between structure and creativity.

        Last year, I searched for Saturn/Neptune and found a cosmobiology page that recommends zinc supplementation. Well, I have been taking zinc for over a decade and only recently realized just how healthy it has kept me (i’m a vegan weight-trainer).

        I’ll focus on the Mars/Node=Venus/Uranus more. The 5 interwoven qundeciles will take some navigating.

        Thanks for the delineation.

  44. Thank you for this informative article.

    I’d like to ask what it means to have Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct South Node in the natal chart. That one would have first to pay off some Karmic debts in order to move forward in life?

    Thanks a lot for the help

    • We consider this to mean Nodal axis is on the Sun/Moon midpoint (not just South). I wouldn’t mix it with karmic astrology, but rather consider the Nodal symbolism in terms of working with the public or groups of people – such experience would be important in fulfillment of the Sun’s energy and the Moon’s needs.

  45. malcolm.rennie says

    I have uranus conjunct midheaven with chiron opposition mid-point could please give me some insight into it’s meaning, thanks

  46. What does having Jupiter/pluto midpoint on the Ascendant mean?
    Great article, by the way.
    If I go near your county, I might need to consult you.
    Would you also know what being born on Saros Cycle 121 means? The solar eclipse before my birth was on the 26th of January, 1990.
    Thank you.

    • ASC=Jupiter/Pluto has a lot of potential for increased reward, if you can align your self image to the big potential suggested by this midpoint picture. I will pass on the eclipse question, as it’s not my forte.

  47. Thank you for the informative post! I checked my chart and discovered that my Mercury/Jupiter midpoint is at an AP ( 1°08 of Cancer). This is very reassuring to me as I’m an aspiring writer. I hope you will release more midpoint articles soon.

  48. If the offer is still available I would love to hear your views on my t-square midpoint: Saturn squaring Jupiter/Pluto to the west and Moon to the east – Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. Thanks. Love your blog.

    • Jupiter/Pluto midpoint represents potential for massive reward (success). Saturn here suggests that this is possible through ambition, practical organization and hard work.

      • Hi there,
        I’ve got North Node exactly on Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in the 10th house.

        North Node is 3 degrees away from Saturn though. (Saturn is just out of orb for the midpoint).

        Can you offer an interpretation of this? I get the “hard work” bit with the Saturn in 10th :) the harder I work, the luckier I get, but would North Node make it easier? or compulsory, or something else?

  49. Love this article is well detail , it helped me understand midpoint much better seeing how I’m a beginner in all of this. I checked out my midpoint and found Mercury ,Uranus and Neptune Conjunct my Venus/Pluto in Capricorn. In my natal chart I have Mercury,Uranus and Neptune in my 5th house. I think this aspect means I probably may have a love obsession with things that are probably consider Mercury,Uranus and Neptune like. Then i found this aspect interesting to in my midpoint chart Venus/Uranus in Aquarius square my MC in Taurus, the same with Venus/Neptune and Mercury/Venus in Aquarius squaring my MC. Does that mean i may have a career through Arts, technology?

    • These midpoints suggest the excitation of aesthetics for sure, so “work that uses your creativity” would be the right direction. Venus also rules your Midheaven, which amplifies this indication. Arts, aesthetics, creative communication (if Libra happens to be on your 3rd house cusp etc.) Are you in the field where this is applicable?

  50. Hello Hiroki,

    With all of the attention on the web to the up-coming series of outer planet hard aspects 2012-2015, I have noticed a very tight transit to a natal square I have between Jupiter and Uranus. The configuration climaxes on April 22, 2014 where Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, and finally Mars form a Grand Cross DIRECTLY atop my Jupiter/ Uranus natal square and consequently transit that midpoint by Sesqui-quadrate or semi-square: – Forming midpoint pictures of: Pluto = Jupiter/Uranus ,
    Mars = Jupiter/Uranus, n Jupiter = Jupiter/Uranus, and n Uranus = Jupiter /Uranus. In addition EACH of the four planets involved in the Grand Cross acts as a focal point FOR EACH of the combined midpoints of the other planets as the Grand Cross is so nearly exact at approx. 13 – 35′ of the Cardinal signs. Needless to say.. it’s gonna be a big day for me! The most amazing part of this celestial coincidence is the fact that my natal Jupiter will be transited that day by Uranus, and natal Uranus transited by Jupiter and ALL TRANSITS TO ALL POINTS by ALL PLANETS will be within 2 degrees of exact and most within one! For reference purposes my birth data is August 10, 1951
    1:22 pm CDT Saint Louis, Missouri and the Grand Cross time of nearest exact that I chose was for 10:00 pm in Saint Louis on April 22, 2014 as that would be the official time of the drawing for Mega-millions Lotto…… Just in case. :>)
    Thanks for all you do, and all the info on midpoints.

  51. Hi Hiroki,

    Thank you for your interesting blog. I currently have transiting Uranus = Sun/Moon in my 8th house. Pluto also keeps contacting it so the 2 are back and forth. I have Noel Tyl and Ebertin’s books but would be really interested in what you have to say about these transits. I feel like life and my Self is changing a lot and would appreciate any insight you could offer. Thank you, Zoe

    • Hi Zoe,

      We think in terms of individuation whenever a strong Uranian aspect is in effect. In the case of Uranus=Sun/Moon the arena of individuation will often involve your relationship with others. The relationships will need to be resilient enough to contain your newly emerging patterns of thoughts and behaviors, and you need to be able to do what feels intuitively right instead of pleasing others at the cost of your own joy.

      • Hi Hiroki,

        Thanks for your response., that makes sense. Uranus recently conj. my 8th house Aries Moon and is starting to oppose my 2nd house Libran stellium…interesting times ahead I hope! May be in touch soon for a consultation as I really like your approach to astrology. Thanks again, Zoe

  52. oops. sorry. I meant that I have venus & neptune in conjunct to asc/mc midpoint and neptune is the tighter aspect. venus=neptune=asc/mc. thank you.

    • Ideally, Asc/MC midpoint is the point that merges your authentic expression with your career. In this sense, Venus=Neptune=ASC/MC suggests a strong aesthetic focus in your personal and vocational expression. “Creative profession” is the happy manifestation of this potential.

  53. I have venus & neptune conjunct sun/moon midpoint with neptune being the tighter aspect. I believe you refer to this as: venus=neptune=sun/moon. what does this mean? thank you.

  54. Hello, congrats it’s a very interesting article :)
    If you still accept questions relevant to midpoint interpretations I would be very grateful if you could provide me with an interpretation for the following: My natal Uranus (26′ scorpio) is situated on the Sun /Moon midpoint in the 6th house. The only aspect of natal Uranus is a seperating conjunction with Mercury (28 scorpio) – the ruler of 1st house since I am a II Asc. What does this mean and in which life domain I will be feeling this energy?

    • Sun/Moon midpoint has to do with the integration of our male/female energies, and thus symbolize our relationships. Uranus is a planet that likes to break itself free from limitation of all kinds. The midpoint picture of Uranus=Sun/Moon suggests that your relationship needs to allow a lot of space for you to grow, change and evolve your individual expression. Otherwise you’ll probably feel an urge to break away from it after a while.

      • Thank you very much for your reply :)))
        I would be very grateful if you could also inform what a conjunction of AC/MC midpoint with pallas means. Thank you very much and many congrats for your work!

      • Something also relevant ovvured to me just now….
        since Sun symbolises also the father and Moon symbolises the Mother does this relationship Uranus=Sun/Moon has anything to say about my relationship with then or their personal relationship???
        Thanks again for your answers :)

        • * occurred to me (sorry for the typographical mistakes) :P

        • Considering your parents are the primary models of your later relationships, it sounds reasonable that Uranus=Sun/Moon measurement also signifies how you perceived their relationship with each other. A good way to learn is to see if that fits your own experience, and then you can share it here, and we all learn something.

  55. I have two planets tightly conjunct on my sun/moon midpoint with less than 1 degree orb. The planets are Mars and Uranus and they fall in Virgin in the 4th house. Please could you explain to me the significance of this.

    • This midpoint measurement is written as Mars=Uranus=Sun/Moon. This is one of the most independent and self assertive combination of planets (Mars-Uranus) placed in the midpoint of relationship fulfillment. I’d ask how your need for autonomy and independence challenge your close relationships. How is anger managed within a relationship? The need for individuation is paramount, which suggests you may rather be alone if a relationship gets in your way.

      • Thanks for your reply. To cut a long story short, I was promiscuous in my youth, but changed completely when I married and have remained faithful for 28 years. My husband is a difficult man. Our early years were happy together and I loved his individualism and complex nature. However in recent yeara, he has treated me shockingly and betrayed me in every way possible. He expteases his anger through verbal and emotional abuse, and I never know when he is going to lash out next as it can happen in the middle of a normal conversation. When I am with him I am very withdrawn and quiet, I internalize my own anger completely for fear of escalating his rage. I don’t want to live in a war zone, but I put up with it partly for economic reasons so my kids will get the costly education I want them to have, and partly because I feel I owe him because he was the one wanted me and loved me in spite of my rebellious and misspent youth. I even pretend not to know he is having (another) affair. What I am worried about is that if I leave him I will be attracted to yet another unpredictable and aggressive (mars/uranus) man as this is the type of man I find attractive, almost irresistible. How do I get to integrate mars/uranus into my OWN psyche without projecting these qualities onto my partner or becoming too “unconventional” myself? What would be a healthy way of honouring my need for mars/uranus in a relationship? Or would it be better to avoid it completely?

        • Thank you for sharing your experience. Individuation, as suggested by your Mars-Uranus midpoint, usually requires a strong vocational outlet. Frustration in your own career expression can contaminate relationships – that’s all I can say at this point.

  56. Thank you very much. It’s a puzzlement to me why my chart contains so much repetition, as you say with Chiron. Every lesson seems to need repeating 5 or more times. (Maybe the universe knew I would be stubborn!) Anyway, in spite of the redundancy of the 21 Gem point, it still seemed striking to me that it was exactly opposite the sun/moon midpoint, so I looked them both up in the Sabian Symbols. They both contained so much helpful information. The Gem midpoint is about not repressing emotion, even anger, but putting it to good use. The Sag midpoint is about the early stages of spiritual practice and trying to imitate a guru. It seems to be important to take the lessons of both midpoints at the same time as either could lead to serious harm on its own. (Incidentally, my 3rd child was born just as Pluto was at 21 Sag and that coincided with a major crisis in my marriage, which fortunately we have worked out.) I appreciate these insights so much. Very revelatory.

  57. My sun/moon midpoint is 21 Sag and my Pluto/Saturn midpoint is 21 Gem. I don’t have any planets at either of these points, but they are squared within 2 degrees by Pluto, Chiron, Mars, Saturn, and possibly Uranus. (Uranus is about half a degree off a 2 degree orb.) Saturn and Chiron are in Pisces. Pluto, Mars, and Uranus are in Virgo (November, 1966). What would you make of such a melange? I can see it must be about transformation, but… Thanks so much for your generosity in answering these questions. If the house matters, AC is at 5 Gem.

    • We read this as Mars=Saturn=Pluto=Sun/Moon (The Sat/Plu midpoint is redundant in this case, since you have the actual opposition between Saturn and Pluto. Chiron is an echo of the other three planets there.) This most often suggests a pattern of relationship difficulty due to parental conditioning. The specific will differ according to your individual history, but the main idea is to experience and learn from such challenges so that you can eventually transform internal patterns that disrupt your relationships.

  58. i have much enjoyed your explanation of the mid points, i have read many posts on your site but i personally have failed to leave any comments. I would love to see what you think of one of the midpoints that I have that is conjunct my sun at with 15 degrees Pisces (yes I do have a special sensitive energy i guess) anyway i have Mars / Uranus ( i was thing mars = energy, Uranus = intensification = intensification of energy) but i find this quite interesting because Pisces energy can be so sensitive and sometimes so unworldly ( i mean hard to bring down to earth and find the correct outlet for without getting lost) anyway I would enjoy to hear any comments you have about this.
    Thank You

    • You can think of Mars/Uranus midpoint as where you experience highly charged desire and motivation, especially for independent self expression. This energy then becomes an important part of your identity because of the Sun’s placement on this midpoint. So this midpoint picture suggests someone that can be much more assertive and expressive than a typical Pisces. The desire has to be channeled constructively in order for this to work out – otherwise there may be a tendency for egocentricity (strange to say this of a Pisces, but there it is.)

  59. Are you still answering questions? I am very attracted to a man who’s sun/moon midpoint is the same as my sun/moon midpoint. 2 degrees Leo if you need to know. Is this significant? His sun and moon square our sun/moon midpoints as well so maybe that has more to do with the attraction. We have trining suns and venus/mars conj in Libra as well which is also a big influence. Saturn is sitting at 6 degrees Aquarius in my natal chart and maybe this will put a restraint on anything moving forward…can I ask that or is that another question?

    • I don’t know what’s in the stars but you’re the third person asking me this question in the last week (hope you’re not the same person! :-)) You may want to read this post on synastry, and then read the comment section since someone asked the very same question.

  60. Oh I see, thank you.

    I’ve read through Tyl’s method now, but I just keep running in circles with my chart (and what seems to be the possible outcome)…

    There are other exact midpoints like UR,SA/PL =Mars ; MA/MC=SA ; ME/PL=SA (I think these are rather unpleasant, and scary)
    So it all goes in circles, interconnected. If nothing else, at least interest in occult is something i can clearly see from that. The last one is interesting regarding the career, since Mercury rules my 2nd, 3rd and 6th house, and Saturn the 10th, I belive this is where I will find an answer. Obviously with Mecrury square Pluto i must always be digging for something. With Saturn ruler of MC on the midpoint, I might aswell make that my career! : )

    Thanks again.

  61. Hey Hiroki.

    I have trouble interpreting the Venus/Mars=MC midpoint…

    It is the most exact one in my chart.
    venus pisc 11th Square mars sag 7th; 8th house Saturn rules MC, Saturn conjunct Uranus, Moon, Neptune…

    Passionate about career? Or does it work the same as having Saturn positioned there? Working with relationships is another clue maybe? Pluto in 7th could point out the same.
    Just a word or two would help me greatly on my route to decipher what that stellium of mine is all about.

    From what i’ve seen, midpoints manifest pretty clearly and I have begun using them regulary. I liked the way Don McBroom presented evidence of their significance.

    Great blog you have here!

    • Hi Mike,

      To look at the actual career direction, there is a specific technique developed by Noel Tyl called the Midheaven Extension Method, which is highly reliable but too complex to summarize in a blog format. Most of the time midpoints on the Midheaven can only give you a flavor of the energy you need to experience in your career.

      With that said, MC=Venus/Mars does seem to give a feeling of relating to others with intensity and strong opinions (Sagittarius Mars.) This can be utilized in a number of ways, so I wouldn’t consider it as a key indicator for your career choice.

  62. Thank you for such a clearly written and helpful article.
    I have Chiron (in Taurus) at the midpoint of my Sun and Mercury and Pluto stellium (in Cancer) and Moon (in Pisces). I think I understand how extra lucky I’ve been with this combination but would like to hear what you have to say.

    • Hi Alice,

      Chiron could be thought of in terms of wounds/gift of healing, as well as teaching. Sun/Mercury midpoint is the point of self expression through verbal/written communication, so this combination to me suggests sharing your wounds or gift of healing/teaching with others. Moon/Pluto midpoint is the point of deep, dark emotional experience often related to the maternal – so Chiron here suggests a mother wound, that in turn might give you a deeper emotional insight with which to help others.

  63. Perianne says

    Thank you for this. You explain midpoints very clearly. I have Pluto in tight square to my Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon midpoint in the 8th House. I would love to hear any comments.

    • Perianne,

      Because of the male-female symbolism, Sun/Moon midpoint often defines the quality of your relationship. Pluto here suggests that the relationship will be colored by intensity and deep undercurrent of emotions. Depending on the rest of your horoscope and your own growth, this can manifest as a need for dominance and control in a relationship, or a deep understanding of others.

      • Perianne says

        Both of these apply. I have been in an intense and loving relationship for 33 years which the rest of my chart doesn’t necessarily account for. Pluto on the midpoint does. I also like the explanation of being between the parents. My parents were both Scorpio with an intense relationship and I can see myself experiencing Pluto through their relationship which was the dominant energy whilst growing up. Like a fish in water you may not always be aware of what you are immersed in.
        Thank you

  64. Your articles on midpoints are really informative as I’ve never paid any attention to midpoints before.

    I have Uranus (in the 11th)=ASC/MC & Venus/Nep. And Uranus is square Mercury at 0 Cancer. Mercury (0 Cancer in 8th)= Chiron/Uranus & Jup/Sat.) Not to mention the other midpoints…

    I’ve no idea what it means, but everything seems to be connected! (I secretly think there might be a short-circuit in my chart!) Uranus is one leg of a yod w/Saturn at the point and Neptune on the other side. Lots of inspiration and individuality w/a difficult delivery system.

    • Hi Kerrie,

      If I had to pick one, Uranus=ASC/MC would be the key here for you. ASC/MC midpoint is where you can express your authentic personality within your career. Uranus placed here suggests the necessity to develop your unique strengths and passion to the utmost, so that you can differentiate yourself somehow in your chosen field.

  65. Have the NN on the m.p. between the Asc and the MC, the NN is in the 11th house. what does it mean?

    • ASC/MC Midpoint is crucial, since it represents the successful integration of your individuality and career expression (in other words, it has to do with authentic personal expression in your chosen career.) Having the North Node here suggests two things: 1) Working with groups of people (Nodal axis) would be especially fulfilling and effective. 2) Your main work lies in working to express yourself as fully as possible in your career, without being afraid of criticism from others.

  66. Hands down, this is one of the most well-written overviews on midpoints I’ve read on the web to date. Definitely adding this post to my astrology bookmarks. My question is this: Do the same rules apply when interpreting solar arc measurements, specifically, is it best to only focus on SA measurements where the arcing planet makes major aspects (square, opposition, conjunction) to natal midpoints? Conversely, is there any value in considering solar arc measurements where the progressed planets make minor aspects to natal midpoints? Thank you….

    • Thank you! You can also include 8th harmonic (semisquare and sesquiquadrate) aspects, as well as quindecile (165 degrees) aspect to the midpoint from the SA directed planet.

  67. Hi Hiroki,

    Wonderful post – I just shared it on my fan page.

    My Sun/Venus midpoint opposes Pluto and forms a t-square with Mars within 1 degree.

  68. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Hugo,

    I would agree with Don about these two midpoints. Jupiter/Pluto midpoint represents major reward potential, whereas Saturn/Pluto suggests supreme effort and will to build anew (see comment to LB, who has the same midpoint picture.)

    Ultimately this seems like a very determined combination, with the will to succeed on the face of significant challenge.


  69. Anonymous says

    Hi Hiroki,

    I have sun=jupiter-pluto and sun=saturn-pluto. I recently found Don Mcbroom's book and I think it is very insightful, but stil I would like to ask you what is your oppinion? Are these two midpoints as prominent as Don says they are?
    BTW sun-pisces, jupiter-leo, pluto-scorpio


  70. Anonymous says

    Thanks very much Hiroki! I don't think I've experienced a fateful life changing event yet, I suppose transits, or arcs to this midpoint will be very interesting when they happen!

    The emotional honesty and openness is definitely me…almost to a fault! I've always felt very plutonian, but I felt my 8th house sun was responsiblle for that.

    My jupiter at the sun/moon midpoint doesn't always make me optimistic, so you're probably right about pluto "owning" my chart!!!

    Thanks again,

    Ellie :-)

  71. Thanks so much Hiroki, for your thoughtful interpretation – you worded it so nicely and it all rings very true. Challenging yes, but also so rewarding!

  72. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi LB,

    Saturn/Pluto midpoint is the Ground Zero of the horoscope, symbolizing annihilation of past structures and the resulting transformation. It's "hard, hard work" with a lot of potential for solid results.

    Sun=Saturn/Pluto midpoint focuses this intensity into the expression of your life energy and purpose. In short, it's a massive energy that needs to be focused toward positive self expression in the realm of work (Saturn) and relationships (Libra Sun).

    The 2nd measurement of Sun=Venus/Neptune, seems much more gentle in comparison. Neptune/Venus is a point of divine inspiration which can be channeled into arts or spirituality. Having your Sun here almost guarantees that you need this kind of inspiration in order to be energized.

    These 2 midpoints blend well to build the case for "the necessity for transformation through spirituality or artistic inspiration."

    All the best,

  73. Hi Hiroki,

    My Libra Sun sits at the midpoint of both Saturn/Pluto AND Venus/Neptune – the two midpoints are exactly joined by less than 4 minutes. I have an intuitive sense of what it may mean but since I'm not sure, I'd love to get your take on this.

    It's generous of you to do this, and I do appreciate it! Midpoints are so interesting.

    Thanks again.

  74. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Ellie,

    This sure is a busy midpoint! I'd say Pluto "owns" this picture, and colors the personality and the relationships most strongly.

    One of the many possible expressions of this midpoint is a kind of fateful encounter that touches you very deeply, changing you both.

    It's also important that the Ascendant connects the Sun/Moon midpoint – This suggests that your innermost needs and emotions can be readily seen by others – be they turmoil or joy.

    Putting these together, this midpoint seems to suggest deep emotional honesty and openness with others – or at least an urgent necessity for it in order for you to be fulfilled.

    All the best,

  75. Great article, I like how you explain A=B/C. I have jupiter 5.14 aqua, pluto 4.45 scorpio, mercury 19.58 pisces, uranus 17.45 sag, and ascendant 7 leo all aspecting my sun/moon midpoint at 5.04 taurus. How would you interpret this? Do you think this many slow moving planets would define a person more than their individual sun and/or moon? Thanks :-)

  76. Hiroki Niizato says

    This is a good one…I like Chiron :)

    Mercury/Venus midpoint is a focal point of your idealism, sensitivity and aesthetic thoughts.

    Chiron's placement here suggests a few levels of manifestations:

    1)Being hurt (wounded) as a result of your idealistic nature.

    2)Helping, healing, or teaching others through beautiful thoughts.

    3)A pursuit of aesthetic ideals in order to heal.

    All the best,

  77. tatiana.larina says

    I see. What a pity I don't have anything interesting in the Sum/Moon midpoint :-) I just realized that my astro software shows the conjunctions to midpoints and as far as I can see, it uses as tight orbs as you suggest, or perhaps even tighter. Unfortunately, most of it is between axes, Vertex, North Node and other small fry and I am not sure whether midpoint calculation for them makes any sense. The most interesting one seems to be Chiron in the Mercury/Venus midpoint and I'd like to read your thoughts on that, especially since Chiron is the planet(oid) we are still learning about. (I certainly am!)

  78. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Tatiana,

    I recommend 1.5 degree orb – 2 degrees max.


  79. tatiana.larina says

    Before I ask about my particular midpoints – how tight an orb do you take in conjunctions between midpoints and other elements of the horoscope?

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