Mercury Uranus Aspect: Innovative Ideas

Mercury conjunct square opposite Uranus


mercury uranus aspect


Mercury rules ideas, communication and information.  Mercury isn’t necessarily “the way you think and talk”, but its position and aspect in your natal chart suggests how you need to think and communicate in order to be effective.

Aspects to Mercury can modify what your mind needs in order to feel confident (e.g. Saturn aspecting Mercury suggests a need for practical, structured thought).  No planet is inherently negative or positive, so it helps to explore both possibilities when looking at your Mercury aspect.

uranus mercury aspect


Uranus rules technology, revolution and humanitarian movement.  Uranus is a symbol of future unfolding in front of us.

Uranus disrupts the stagnant status quo by encouraging progress.  When your planet is touched by Uranus, it tends to become highly active (‘electrified’) within your psyche.

What happens when Mercury and Uranus meet?



Mercury is naturally curious and enjoys new information, but Uranus brings its tendency to a new level.  Uranus conjunct, square or opposite Mercury fires up the mind’s drive for learning and discovering novel ideas.

At the positive end of the spectrum, Mercury Uranus aspect can suggest that you have the mind of an inspired scientist that loves experimenting with new ideas and come up with new ways of doing things.

The tendency to experiment with new ideas can be applied to any field.  Here are some examples:

  • Martha Graham, a pioneer in modern dance “whose influence to dance was compared to that of Picasso on visual arts and Stravinsky on music (Wikipedia)” had her Mercury opposite Uranus.
  • Jimi Hendrix, one of the most original and influential instrumentalists in the history of rock music, had Mercury Uranus opposition.  On a similar vein, Curt Cobain also had Mercury opposite Uranus.
  • Actor Leonard Nimoy, who ‘invented’ the character Spock in the original Star Trek series had Mercury conjunct Uranus.
  • Writer Franz Kafka had Mercury square Uranus.
  • Mathematician John Nash (featured in the movie Beautiful Mind) had Mercury square Uranus.

You can see that these people made unique contributions to their fields using their ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Going back to “how” you need to think, Uranus Mercury aspect would suggest that you need to keep experimenting with new ideas in order to fully express your potential.


On a more ‘normal’ level, Mercury Uranus aspect may indicate a mind which constantly hungers for new information.  In this case, your mind races very fast to consume information, but you may not direct it toward any specific goal like the people in above examples.

Even without having a major goal, Mercury Uranus people may exhibit their talent through quickness of thoughts and ability to learn new things fast.  When grounded with patience and experience, such intelligence can be used to help others ‘catch up’ in assimilating new information.


To have a hard Mercury Uranus aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition) is like being a driver of the fastest car in the world: Increased speed comes with danger.

Instead of being directed to find innovative solutions, your powerful mind may intensify the negative thought patterns you’ve collected in the past.

This means that if your mental pattern is to worry, then you worry harder than 20 people combined.  If your pattern is criticize or resent others, then this tendency can become out of control within your mind, until these thoughts turn into destructive words and hurt relationships.

If you suspect that there are such negative mental patterns operating within you, then some perspective is needed so you can observe your mind when it goes overdrive on these negative programming.


A practice such as meditation might be helpful in honing your skills for such observation.  The aim is to eventually reprogram your mind so that its horsepower can be directed toward productive goals.

Affirmations can also prove effective in retraining your mind to think positive thoughts of self-acceptance, rather than the old criticisms you may have received in the past.  For instance, Louise Hay recommends that you mentally repeat “I approve of myself” throughout the day if you have issues with self-criticism or self-confidence.




When transit Uranus forms a conjunction, square or opposition with your Mercury, your mental activity is intensified.  This may suggest that you are about to tackle a huge project that requires a lot of mental energy.

Would this be a useful transit if you’re about to take on a challenging course of study?  You bet.  What if you’re about to launch a major campaign for your career or your business?  You definitely could use the intense mental focus of this transit to pull it off.

EXAMPLE: John F Kennedy had transiting Uranus conjunct Mercury during the year of his presidential campaign.  His charismatic communication was instrumental in his winning the election.


Uranus breaks with the traditional status quo, and you may channel some of that energy during transit Uranus Mercury period.  During this transit, your unconventional words and ideas might electrify and inspire some people, while shocking others.

EXAMPLE: Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) electrified the media world when she debuted her new, female name and image on June 2015.  Transit Uranus was exactly on her Mercury.  Her unconventional announcement was met with huge social media success.


In theory, Uranus Mercury transit would activate the houses ruled by Mercury, suggesting a great deal of mental activity in the areas those houses represent.

In practice, most likely such intensified mental energy will be directed to fulfill your main life goals or needs at that moment in your life (which may involve your Moon.)  If you don’t have any particular goals, then the energy might be directed toward hobbies, entertainment or social activities.


Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself during a Uranus Mercury transit:

  • Where do I feel stagnant and in need of a fresh idea?
  • What patterns in my life am I fed up with that I keep repeating over and over?
  • What thought patterns keep me trapped?
  • What are some new thought patterns that I’m willing to experiment with?
  • What area of my life am I willing to change, through seeking out new ideas?
  • Who is most likely to give me the fresh ideas that I need?
  • If I open myself to a new idea in that part of my life, what could be the result?


Do you have a natal Mercury Uranus aspect?  Or are you going through a transit Uranus conjunct, square or opposite your Mercury?  How is that reflected in the way you think and communicate?  Feel free to share your experience and insights in the comment section.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I enjoy your site! I have virgo mercury in an exact square with uranus, among other aspects to mercury, as well as gemini rising. I learn very quickly and forget very quickly. I’m restless and struggle with feeling grounded. I have repeatedly been acknowledged as a brilliant writer and highly intelligent, but I write only in inspired spurts and struggle to make good use of this supposed talent. in school I scored in the top percentile according to standardized testing but I was a horrible student and nearly flunked high school. my views on life are very divergent from the mainstream, and I lived on the fringe of society for many years. now as a mother I am struggling to adapt to society and find my place in the economy to provide for my son. i want to empower this square and wonder how that can be done.

    • Hi Raquel, thank you for sharing your experience with Virgo Mercury square Uranus. This aspect reflects a highly active mind, and needs practical goals that ground it with purpose.

  2. Hi!
    I have mercury conjunct uranus 26/27 degrees Libra 11th house! I must say and have been told i just know things or say things almost mediumistic or open channelled at times for things to talk thru me, or blurt out things that have precicse timing to them! I love the internet and still get annoyed at the speed and computer slowness, i keep telling my daughter hope they have this all figured out by the time you are older! Always had a god source voice or guidance in my head, strong intuition i guess, i claim to hear peoples thoughts or know what theyre thinking! Tend to finish peoples sentances when talking to slow, annoying some with my tactlessness and impatience, husband hates it! I am going thru the loss of friends faze, and def realized i attract the mentally brilliant but scitzophrenic types! Attracting the wierdest ones in the room but also the most interesting like a moth to a flame. All my mental issue friends have fallen wayside and attacted me even in the past 4 years! Saturn and pluto square my merc uranus past 8-3 years! Trying to reinvent self as a mother of a 3 year old, an Artist as career, needs a reboot or more focus on gain and stability. Thanks for the article it is spot on and resonates deeply! H

  3. Hi Hiroki!
    Another interesting and helpful website. Can I apply your analysis to a progressed Mercury opposite natal Uranus, which I am now experiencing? My progressed Mercury is 29 degrees, Aquarius, 4th house is now opposite my natal Uranus, 53 minutes, Leo, 9th house. There is a lot of activity going on in my 4th house which tells me that in 2-3 years I will need to change my residence and move away from where I currently live. I have progressed Moon, Mercury and Sun all in my 4th house. From mid March transiting Neptune, Pisces, 4th house will trine my natal Moon, 17 degrees, Scorpio, 12th house. I feel that I would be better of living near the sea and I would need to move before my progressed Sun moves into my 5th house in another 3-4 years time. Your article is relevant to me because I have my natal Mercury, Aquarius, 3rd house and Gemini rules my 7th house, where I should also expect great changes in relationships. In your article you state that with a Uranus Mercury transit such intense energy will fulfill one’s main life goal or needs at the moment, which may involve the Moon? Surely with my progressed Moon in the 4th house if I don’t make the effort to move then it would be forced upon me? You end your article with a section of questions to ask during a Uranus Mercury transit – the questions you have listed are exactly what I am asking myself now! The need for change is now paramount within me. I have lived with the conditioning of natal Saturn, Scorpio, 12th house for far too long, and fears, limitations and restrictions have lead me to live a secluded life. It is now time to change!

  4. Sandra Lynn Crossan says

    I have Mercury opposite Uranus, and I was labeled Talented and Gifted as a child. I also am left handed, but was encourages to use my right, which resulted in me, writing from the right side of my paper in reverse to the left side, or backwards! Don’t feel to bad for me though, because this encouragement, has resulted in strange tale ts that my brain can do without much thought! My ha d eye coordination is through the roof! The other thing, which I had never really understood, is my brain a d probably my unconscious brain more then the conscious part, works so fast, that I know the answers to things, without knowing how I know. Or not even having to think about the question. I also notice minute changes in my enviroment, and can recall things I don’t actually remember noticing in the first place. My friends wi call me after I have been to there houses and ask if I had seen this or that. And everytime I can tell them exactly where the thing is, and I don’t actually ever consciously remember seeing it, but so.epart of my brain does and will give me the info if asked! I have had loads of theories throughout my life, that were 10 or even 15 years ahead of the science comminity, but I just write it down, in my gazillions of notebooks a d forget it until, someone else discovers it years later and it goes public. I have never made money with this skill, I am sorta weirded out by it, because it almost sounds made up?! But it isnt, it’s my life! I feel like I dumb myself down alot, and or block myself from asking myself questions, because I feel like people think I’m weird enough as it is! Anyway, just thought I would throw out my experience with this aspect a d see if a tone else can relate! Thanks.

  5. Hi! I’m currently going through a 3-yr long transit of Uranus square Mercury. My Mercury is in the 9th House in Aquarius. My natal Uranus is in my 8th in Capricorn. I feel like I’m the Flash how he quickly speeds reads through books and articles. I can’t seem to not stop myself from researching something new every minute. I am also not good a meditation, calming my mind or turning my mind off. I also have insomnia due to thinking 24/7. It’s like a computer in overdrive that I simply cannot shut down. I can’t seem to take my time and just stick to focusing on 1 to 2 things it’s more like 50 things at one. I do want to focus my attention on only a few subjects and channel that energy into something productive. I have also been fed up with some stagnation in my life that desperately needs some new energy & structure. Connecting and talking to people over the internet has been extremely helpful in discovering new ways to reinvent myself & renew my life, like the idea of Quantum Shifting using Parallel Realities. I have also been having random moments of speaking aloud as if I’m giving a TEDx presentation it’s ridiculous lol. Thank you for your info and knowledge on this transit I’m going through.

  6. Hello Hiroki,
    I have delved into astrology just this week, so know very little. It’s all so fascinating.
    I have Uranus 26° conjunct Mercury 27° Libra in my 11th House and have to say I absolutely love the speed at which the internet lets us communicate. I thrived in the early chat room days because I was able to communicate with quick wit and devastating speed. I miss those days. I can’t quite take to Twitter and Facebook or Instagram- but no doubt I’ll find something to exercise my mind again. It was addictive fun.
    I look forward to discovering more on your site.
    Thank you!

  7. I love your interpretation. My Mercury is in Taurus 12th house conjunct asc square 10th house Aqua Uranus and 9th house Cap Neptune conjunct mc. The thing is, I tend to keep my thoughts and ideas to myself, and I kind of have sleeping problem bc my brain is restless all the time. I love these aspect, but it’s tough. I’m a planologist. Merc/ura aspect makes me a fast learner, currently speak 8 languages, and currently dig deeper to find information in countries that use those languages. My friends called me a moving google/dictionary. And bc of my 10th house uranus conj mc, people around me don’t understand me, sometimes I feel like an outsider. Even when I was in elementary, my classmates called me weirdo. Oh right, I also have 3rd house leo moon conj ic opposite mc, uranus and neptune. Well, we can’t have all things in the world. Great aspect comes with challenges.

  8. Elisabeth says

    Hi! I have mercury trine Uranus, and quick innovative thinking does come very easily, especially when I’m learning extremely new things, and now particularly in my current fashion tech course which involves a lot of new daily techniques and rather strange foreign concepts that don’t make any sense at first glance.

    Needless to say, this aspect really comes in handy for holistically processing all the bizarre things one must do and master (technologically) in order to create a particular garment effect, or of how to combine all the info in creative unthought-of ways, etc. I also find myself always helping classmates to assimilate the info because I’ve managed to absorb it all at almost osmosis-like lightening-speed. But I’ve always been that way at school, pleasantly zooming ahead of the curve because of the quick processing. Sometimes my teachers hated it because it meant I would be just sitting around and they’d have to find extra work for me to do lol.

    It’s also handy at home for random repairs or for catching hard to reach bugs/things as weird inventive methods come to me so naturally.

    Anyway, thought I’d share. :)

  9. Hi Hiroki

    I have discovered your website recently and must say that your descriptions of planetary aspects help me gain clarity in my own understanding, which is invaluable for somebody who is rather new to astrology. As for Mercury-Uranus, I don’t have any of the major aspects but have a very tight (orb 0.01) quintile b/w my Mercury in the 3rd house and Uranus in the 1st. Is it worth taking into account and if so, what does it indicate? My Mercury is also in a tight square to Pluto – can this intensity be counteracted a bit by the quintile which I understand is a harmonious aspect?

    • Hi Th, quintile aspect suggests creative connections (in this case, intellectual innovations), so I’d be interested to find out how this is expressed in your life. If the aspect is well supported by other factors in your natal chart, this can suggest proficiency with mathematics, science and inventions.

      • Thank you! I work in academia (not in sciences though) and have been told once or twice that my thinking is pretty avant-garde :) Although I have been told just as often that I am too cautious! I have a grand air trine with Saturn, Moon and Uranus – I guess this should be pretty supportive as far as anything intellectual is concerned? My Uranus has at least loose aspects with pretty much every other planet, but Mercury only has the two aspects I mentioned earlier.

    • accelnano says

      I have Mercury in Libra (2nd house) quintile Uranus in Sagittarius (end of 4th house). The degree is 0deg30″. What does it suggests about this placement?

  10. Hi Mike, thanks for your great insights!

    My uranus is conjunct MerRx in 10th house Scorpio. My pluto is also on my MC (9th house).

    I guess I have always elicited strong responses but never really understood why / always felt there was something wrong with me. Also now understand why my failures and little things I do became ‘public’ so easily. It was painful when I didn’t understand any of it. I take a while to learn something new but I am thorough and deep. But being quiet about it in the beginning has brought alot of unpleasant responses to me like a domineering father accusing me of laziness when I was growing up, and authority figures dis missing me before I got to ‘prove’ myself. I think I also had difficulty speaking when it mattered. Speaking and speaking up. So much misunderstanding, feeling alone, unsupported, unheard, and somehow like I had to accept being wrong about it all. Thankfully there are things in my chart that have helped; things are really good now after what feels like 2000 years. My chiron is rx and only chiron and moon are in the inner houses (1-7). Now I am learning to trust my own insight and views and share it like it is ok.

    • I also have Uranus in the 10th opposite mercury in the 4th-when I first started school I was TERRIFIED of people, not just shy, as I was labled! I was terrified of people, so I didnt speak, to anyone except my family. For probably the first 3 years of school, they thought I was retarded or slow, and started to give me tests, when I was finished, they called my mom in and told her I was reading at a 12th grade level and I was at that time a second grader. They wanted to skip me to 4th or 5th grade that year, and my mom said no way. Because of course i was so scared, or shy what ever you wwant to call it-I still fight this fear/shy thing to this day, but I Fake it fabulously when neccesary. I also feel like I speak in some weird language or that people dont understand what im trying to communicate, leading to all sorts of problems through the years. I really had to force myself to really slow my thoughts down and think through things before i said them out loud, and I am pretty good at saying things in a way that people are not offended as much. I am just a weird bird, and I kinda have grown to like me!

  11. Jeanette Han says

    Hello Hiroki, and thank you for your website, which I have only recently discovered and think it’s the best one I’ve read!

    To add to your other readers’ comments; I also have natal Mercury (conjunct Sun) square Uranus (conjunct Jupiter). In addition, my natal Mercury is in opposition to natal Neptune (no, I’m not a deceitful person as one astrologer once suggested!) I find that, yes, I do get confused but also have been gullible in my life (I’m 61 now). Nevertheless, sporadic writing has been my saviour, and getting published in unusual and surprising ways have benefited me (not financially, but spiritually).

    Recently, I have felt the urge to learn and / or write again, but without anything specific in mind. I am a ‘serious hobbyist’ when it comes to astrology, and 2017 will see Uranus transit conjunct my natal Mercury in the 11th house. Saturn transit will also be sending a trine from my 6th house to Mercury in the 11th (and, of course, to my natal Sun). I have been considering working towards my astrology exams, although a bit nervous about it all. At the same time I would like to write something again. It’s been too long. Your remarks about ‘worrying’ and negative self talk are spot on. Despite having a easy-going nature, people would never know how my mind rattles on. I meditate most days, even when it’s difficult. And I have just read Louise Hay’s book again, You Can Heal Your Life’, and was delighted to read that you also mention her suggestion of ‘self approval’ and affirmations! I don’t know what 2017 will bring, but that’s the wonder of Uranus. Many thanks for providing such a fantastic astrology website! :)

  12. Michael nunn says

    Hi Hiroki

    Yes, it does anchor me greatly, as I really don’t feel connected to this world. I’m not sure if that’s because of the Mercury/Uranus issue or a mixture of different aspects, but that discipline has had a very grounding effect on me emotionally, and the strange thing is I feel like it has come to me, or has been given to me as a kind of spiritual lifebouy by the universe. I’m not sure what will happen to me if I ever lose a leg, though.

    I reread my message today and I realised how much I wandered off topic, so again, I’m sorry if the content was a bit vague or irrelevant. You say here to ‘Speak Your Mind’ and that’s exactly what I did, so at least you’ve got a true lyrical portrait of a Mercury square Uranus mind to scratch your head over.

    Good luck

  13. Michael nunn says

    Hi Hiroki

    My name is Mike. You may remember I wrote to you recently on your Mars Square Saturn page. Hi again, and I hope life is being kind to you. When I read your newsletter today you were writing about Mercury/Uranus aspects and I felt compelled to share some insight into this as I have a very close (6th house Gemini) Mercury – (8th house Virgo) Uranus square.

    What triggered me to write this was the part where you mentioned that John Nash from the movie A Beautiful Mind had this same aspect. Well, interestingly, I have been diagnosed by two psychiatrists as being delusional. The first one said I was suffering from Fixed Paranoid Delusions, and the second one said that I was suffering from Delusional Behaviour (which is why I’m not working and, unfortunately, can’t afford a Personal Consultation, at the moment). You may think, “Cripes! That sounds awful”, but, to be honest, I just think they’re out to get me. They’re obviously diagnosing me from a psychiatric viewpoint and not from an astrological one, so they are missing the 6th house Mercury in Gemini being sextiled quite nicely (thank you, God) from both sides by Saturn and Jupiter. I feel that this little planetary revelry has the ability to slice through to the core of any delusional behaviour and separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. But that’s just my own opinion…which, under the circumstances, may not be that reliable.

    My younger years were pretty difficult socially and I kind of bluffed my way through for the most part. I spoke very quickly and stumbled over my words all the time, but I have slowed down as I’ve aged, and rounded off my rather haphazard behaviour (flitting from one thing to another and never sticking at anything) – to a point.

    Digressing slightly for a moment, but still with the theme, my progessed Mercury, which was retrograde for most of my life, turned direct about eight years ago at the same time as Pluto crossed my Acendent. Well, I’ll tell you what, it feels like I’ve been possessed by some kind of infernally driven spiritual entity. My life circumstances have taken on a kind of detached, serendipitous flow and I have practiced Taichi everyday, now, for nearly ten years (so it maybe the spirit of an old Taichi Master). About three years ago my body went through a profound and dramatic change internally (my internal body-energy, down to what feels like the cellular level, has turned into a thick treacle-like substance), which my teacher has informed me is because I’m now working at level two. I seem to have an unquenchable thirst to learn more and more about Taichi and I do find that my mind and body assimilates these movements and subject knowledge very quickly.

    Another little quirk that I’ve had for the last eight years is that I’ve read a passage from the Tao De Ching and The Hua Hu Ching consistently, and chronologically (and probably obsessive-compulsively) every three days, so I have read through these books completely five or six times, now, and still ongoing today (8th house Uranus?). I think that Pluto crossing my Acendent and my progressed Mercury changing direction have had an incredible effect on me giving me the drive, patience and perseverance you were speaking of in your newsletter that would help someone to channel and harness the raging energy of a Mercury/Uranus square.

    I have tried to be as open and honest about myself as possible here in order to give you a true insight into this aspect, but if I’ve learned anything from this challenging placement it’s that it sometimes leaves people scratching their heads thinking, “What the hell is he on?” So I’m sorry if this wasn’t quite what you were looking for, but if you have any other questions about my behaviour that may give you more clarity, then please feel free to ask. I’m not worried about this being a public forum as it may give others some insight into this aspect, too.

    Best wishes, Hiroki

    • Hi Mike, thank you for sharing your experience having natal Mercury Uranus square. Interesting to hear you talk about tai chi – I’m sure it helps to ground the intense mental energy into the physical body and help you find balance.

  14. Mercury is in my 10th house but it rules my 7th. I’m bored by my partner, will I seek a new and exciting partner. Uranus will oppose my Mercury from 2017 to 2019.

  15. Sherry Hanson says

    Hello Hiroki,

    I have Uranus/Mercury/Pluto conjunct in Virgo, in the 2nd and 3rd house.
    Uranus Mercury at 4 and 6 degrees. I read very fast, always elicits a surprise reaction in others. I love to scan information from the web.

  16. I have 3rd house Mercury (and Sun) opposite Uranus and I’m an information junkie! I always have to be learning new things, new skills, new languages (Japanese, right now :)))) … but the problem is I sometimes feel like a jack of all trades but master of none. I often feel like I’m drifting from one fascinating topic to another but there is no focus … this one-pointedness talked about by Buddhists. Right now, Uranus is on my Mercury by transit and approaching Sun. I feel myself drawn more and more into politics, social justice issues, etc. … I’m exploring authors who have spoken out against the powerful of this world, from Orwell to Assange, and people are coming into my life who seem to be sharing the same outlook. It’s like we’re being pulled together at a fast speed, sharing our ideas and, of course, discussing endlessly. Will it grow into something more enduring or is it just a phase …? We shall see. And yes, one more thing … I need to meditate from time to time. Without it, my mind would go into complete overdrive :)

    • Hi Alice, thank you for sharing your experience (for both natal and transit Mercury Uranus aspect!) It’s interesting how many others with this aspect are mentioning this feeling of having multiple focus.

  17. I love to read your articles. very clear and concise. This last article didn’t touch on Uranus rising 27 ,12th house trine Jupiter in Aquarius. sounds good but Uranus rising?? nervous wreak all the time.
    What do you know?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Nancy, thank you for the kind words. This article deals with Uranus Mercury aspects, but looks like you want to ask about Uranus on the Ascendant that trines Jupiter. Briefly, it’s an accentuation of the Uranian need for independence and innovative self-expression.

  18. Hi Hiroki, another insightful and clear post.

    I send you this comment because I do have some natal connection between Mercury and Uranus: they are both in Libra and, even if the orb is wide, 10 degrees, maybe because Mercury is conjunct the Sun and also because Uranus lies in/at the midpoint between Mercury and Mars; I feel this connection. Right now, I have Jupiter just “over/on” Uranus! Also, right now Uranus is opposing Mercury…just wanted to let you know your post has helped me a lot in understanding the archetypal dynamics of both energetic principles. I do tend to disconnect from the mundane (a lot) with this configuration, going to a promised land mental place (and escape)…I am starting to ground this energy – entering and engaging Aries and Taurus. As for the transit, it feels difficult to concentrate in just one thing, as if I had many threads that open up and no mind and body being able to catch up and ground them. Maybe engaging in this Libra_Aries axis and communicating and sharing could help in coping with this tendency?



    • Breath slowly and deeply. Feel your feet and love the aspects.

    • Hi Iratxe, thank you for sharing your experience as you go through transit Uranus opposite Mercury. ‘Difficulty concentrating’ is definitely understandable, as the mind races from one thing to the next, looking for exciting and new information. The practical focus and grounding will need to come from other parts of your personality.

  19. I have natal Mercury trine Uranus and I definitely feel like I need to think holistically and I have a scientific bent to how I think.

    • Hi Boa, thank you for sharing your experience! You can see that the trine aspect also benefits from similar tendency (although it tends to be more sedate compared to hard aspects).

  20. Why there’s no Mercury Trine Uranus?

    • Hi Greg, Mercury trine Uranus tends to be much more sedate (‘stable’) compared to hard aspects, so you can think of it as innate potential you can tap into with conscious effort.

    • “…innate potential you can tap into….” Yes, I find that to be very true, with Uranus trine Mercury in my natal chart. It’s also full of surprises, shocks, unexpected things. I never understood that part, but from what you say, I’d guess that it is what stirs the imagination and prods the creative streak into showing itself. Does that sound close to what you meant?

  21. I have Uranus square my Mercury in natal chart (Sun square Uranus as well).
    What I noticed about myself is that I have a dispersed focus, it’s difficult for me to concentrate on one thing only (unless it’s absolutely necessary but that’s not often). There are hundreds of things I think about in the space of one day and so many I’d like to put into action but forget or don’t have time to.
    I see you didn’t mention the “good” aspects in your post – at the moment Uranus in Aries is sextiling my Sun and Mercury in Aquarius.

    • Hi Ines, thank you for sharing your experience with natal Mercury Uranus square! Dispersed focus is definitely understandable, as the mind races to find the new exciting information one after another.

      Regarding sextiles and trines, they’re much more sedate compared to the hard aspects, so you can think of it as innate potentials to tap into with conscious effort. In this case, not much may happen without some clear goals to direct your mental energy.

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