Mercury Saturn Aspects: Mastering Your Thoughts

Mercury Saturn conjunct square opposition

Mercury conjunct square opposition Saturn: Necessary Control of Thoughts

Saturn in hard aspect with your inner planet almost always represents a major growth theme in your life. Whereas a soft aspect from Saturn may suggest a sense of assumed reality (“this is the way things are, they always have been”), a hard aspect can feel like an ultimatum to ‘grow or suffer.’

If Saturn conjoins, squares or opposes Mercury in your natal chart, a major challenge – and thus, an opportunity – in your life includes mastering the process of formulating and expressing your thoughts.

Mastery implies acquiring necessary control – for those with natal Mercury-Saturn aspects, there are several important areas where this kind of control and mastery is essential:


1) Controlling Depressive Tendencies

Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Saturn frequently suggests a serious turn of mind and, if mixed with stressful or traumatic early home circumstance, it could even escalate into a tendency for a chronically depressed outlook.

To save the mind from being crushed by the weight of harsh reality, it may be necessary to pay attention to your thoughts when they are being overly (dare we say, unrealistically) negative or despairing. You may even need to resort to listing all of your assets starting from your health, if only to prove things are never as bad as it seems.


2) Gaining a Deep Understanding of Your Chosen Field

In some cases (Albert Einstein comes to mind), Mercury Saturn individuals are somehow thought to be “slow” or not as bright as others when they are young. This may just be an indication of a deep thinker that needs to understand things more thoroughly.

Instead of feeling handicapped intellectually, you might need to buckle down and really work on understanding your chosen subject. Then, you might be able to express your understanding with a level of skill and mastery that may surprise others, regardless of your chosen field of work: writing, sports, acting or business.


3) Realizing & Giving Substance to Your Ideas

Whether it’s creating a piece of orchestral music, a 1500 page trilogy or an engineering masterpiece, Mercury-Saturn people have the potential to excel at handling complex ideas and giving them substance.

Giving form to your ideas might feel threatening at first, especially if you’re afraid of failure or criticism. By doing so, however, you also gain the precious opportunity to test, improve and ultimately perfect your ideas in the real world.



Summary: Mercury Saturn Aspects and Necessary Control of Thoughts

Whether your goal in life is to form supportive relationships or to create a successful business, Saturn represents necessary controls that you must acquire in order to realize your aims and ambition.

Like all Saturn aspects, Mercury Saturn conjunction, square or opposition suggests strong potential for growth and achievement – in this case, through the development of your ideas, perception and intellectual expression.


Do you have a natal Mercury Saturn aspect? How do you experience it in your life? Feel free to share your experience and insights in the comment section.




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  1. Hi
    Mercury (Sag 19°A)conjunct Saturn (Sag 29°) House 5 (also containing chart ruler Sun)
    ASC Leo conjunct Uranus sextile N Node, sextile Moon, Trine Mercury
    Saturn Quintile both North Node and Moon
    Uranus Sesquiquadrature Saturn
    Mars H10 in Taurus MC at 0° inconjunct Moon, Mercury, North Node and squaring Uranus.
    H3 contains a few degrees of Virgo
    Have never been able to learn simply by reading
    Have to listen (and concentrate a lot) or be hands on
    Talk fast, write fast, think at the speed of light
    Flashes of inspiration, especially when writing
    Stammered as a child

    Progressed Chart
    Saturn in Capricorn 5° House 4 now squares Mercury in Aries 1° House 7 and Squaring ASC – biquintile Uranus H11 (also containing Pluto)

    No idea what it all means but for me, communication in any form, has often been a challenge and at other times, inspired and inspiring (I’ve been told)…

    • Hi Frida, most of what you’re describing (the speed of thought, the flashes of inspiration) are reflected by the Uranus on the Ascendant trine Mercury. In this case, Saturn and Mercury are a bit too far (10 degrees) for a conjunction – so you need to make a concerted effort to have them work together (disciplined, patient mental effort).

  2. Hi Hiroki!
    Some time back I wrote that I was experiencing progressed Mercury (Aquarius, 4th house) square my natal Saturn (Scorpio, 12th house). Both in fixed signs.
    Now I am experiencing progressed Mercury (Pisces, 4th house) square my progressed Saturn (Sagitariius, 12th house). The square is occurring in mutable signs and the literature says that mutable signs indicate that I know that change is coming and I can prepare myself for the transformation? Does it represent the end of a season and the finality of my changes?

  3. Hi Hiroki

    Is transiting Mercury conjunct natal Saturn experienced in the same way? How would transiting Uranus conjunct Mercury/Saturn and Sun/Saturn midpoints manifest please? I currently have that going on.

    Thanks for response.

  4. Hi Hiroki,

    I have Mercury conjunct Saturn in my 9th house in Pisces. I’ve lived in several countries so far and in all of them feel like a foreigner because my accent has always been slightly different, even though I absorb accents with great ease, it will never sound completely like a native’s. This used to make me feel uncomfortable but as I get older I just don’t care. I’m also really into filmmaking, don’t know if that relates to this pisces vibe, since to communicate ideas to others I am waaay more visual, and have a hard time explaining visual things in words, I also think visually, although really good at improvising with words. It’s confusing ahahha.
    I do use writing to process a lot of my personal feelings and thoughts. With this conjunction squaring my natal Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th, I’ve made it quite a hobby to work on my self-confidence and self-esteem and to attempt to free my ”voice”, and to heal some past traumas that might have led to me blocking my self-expression. As when I was growing up I felt my ideas were not worth someone else’s time, thanks to my brother there, Chiron in Virgo in 3rd house, even though this house begins in Leo.

    • Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing your experience with Mercury conjunct Saturn in the 9th house! Well expressed.

      • Hello! I similarly have a Mercury / Saturn conjunction happening in my 9th house in Pisces. I am only 25, but have already been recognised by many throughout my life as a potential religious leader and as relatively intellectual, though my higher education is dragging out further and further and I am incredibly unsure of what I believe religiously. Should I expect these types of issues to be even more fully unfurled later in life?

        • Hi Timothy, it sounds like issues of religion, philosophy and higher education might be a big theme for you in this lifetime. If this is the case, you may have a lot of work ahead in this area.

  5. Hi Hiroki, My Mercury (Capricorn in 8th) and Saturn (Virgo in 4th) are in mutual reception both at 0 deg. Is it true this is good for writing as a profession?

    • Hi Rachel, Mercury and Saturn in mutual reception can suggest a capacity for focused research, which can then then be formulated into writing. So a more structured approach to writing (research, organize and share) rather than the free flowing poetics of a Neptunian writer might be indicated.

  6. I was born with mercury conjunct uranus in scorpio, 6th house, squared by saturn in leo in 3rd house. Mercury and uranus are in a trine with mars in house 2 in cancer. I was socially insecure as a child and teenager and often depressed, but was never in doubt about my mental abilities. In my adult life (starting in my late twenties, but truely since my thirties), my social and mental communication skills are among my biggest assets. I tend to get impatient with my birth family though – they are very chaotic and inattentive at times, and communication with them can be draining. Love them anyways! ;)

  7. Hello, I have Saturn opposite Sun and Mercury and yep.. all this things are true for me.
    I have trouble with expressing my thoughts verbally and i have odd’s not with words,sometimes is with images,but most of the time is’s just the thought is in my brain-it’s just there,i dont’ know how to explain it. And that frustrates me so much,because during exams i feel really stupid,cuz i cannot express my thoughts and write them down.
    Also, i am super depressing person,and yes-my father is cold. He is very good to me and will do anything for me, but we’ve never had some serious conversations and i’ve never told him about my feelings in general.
    I am super negative and i don’t know how to change it-it’s like something deep down in me is feeding through this negativity and really likes it..

  8. I have Aquarius Mercury conjunct Uranus in 6th house stellium (also Neptune conjunct Sun in it) that is squared by Taurus Saturn in 10th and Scorpio Mars in 4th, as bad it seems Saturn and Mars also square my Leo asc.
    I have low self esteem because i cant express what i feel both verbally and creatively, like sometimes i have crazy ideas in my mind but i cant put them in reality, because i feel “blocked” with anxiety about that “i can’t do it’ and “what others will think about it”. Same with emotions and speaking, i feel “blocked” too. When i try to actually express my thoughts it comes out too awkwardly.
    I have huge problems with organizing myself, like i procastinate when i should study and etc., i acknowledge that and beat myself all the time for it…
    I also heard Mercury is related to handwriting, my handwriting is really erratic and fast.

  9. Unable to past from my notes (to prevent great details from loss!)

    I hope I can edit this; I have this trait.

  10. Hi Hiroki!
    Another interesting article! I currently have progressed Mercury, Aquarius, 4th house squaring with my natal Saturn, 29 degrees Scorpio, 12th house. The literature says that this aspect causes delays, frustrations and hindrances? Can I also apply your interpretation to this transit bearing in mind my natal Mercury is also in Aquarius but the 3rd house and rules my 7th house? I also have my natal Mercury opposite my natal Uranus so you can imagine how saying the wrong thing, on impulse, has always got me in trouble especially in my youth.

    • Hi Peter, you could think of progressed Mercury square Saturn as integrating goals/ambition, responsibility and other serious ideas into your thought/speech patterns. This might work to slow or temper the Uranian energy that you describe.

  11. Thank you for this illuminating article.
    I have Saturn opposing my 9th house Mercury (gemini). It’s also squaring my Mars in Pisces. I grew up with an abusive and strict father and I’ve always felt blocked, muted, suppressed. I find it easier to express myself in music (pisces moon) and writing.

    • Hello BN, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn opposing Mercury in 9th. Considering the strength of Mercury in Gemini and the structure of Saturn (plus the drive of Mars), there is much potential for intellectual development. Writing sounds like a fantastic skill to master.

  12. Thank you for this interpretation. I have natal Saturn in Virgo, my house ruler, opposite Mercury in Pisces. Having what astrologists call a debilated Mercury, I’m saved (if any) by Mercury being in my 3rd house. I process information great although I can get exhausted. It doesn’t help that I’m a librarian. As a child, I learned the art of compartmentalizing or neatly organizing things or thought onto paper. Verbally this is not always so as I occasionally lose my train of thought. But again, I’m saved by decent writing and organizational skills… I’m trying to “take control” of my thoughts. At times, when not mentally stimulated and alone, I have a negative and detrimental thought pattern stemming from inadequency. It causes me to be defensive even when I’m not be attacked….I read and listen to audio on positive thinking. I’m just learning that I am not my thoughts but I’ll need to reach another level of consciousness to take hold of them… I am taking action through counseling, reading, eating better and meditation. I’m at a point now where I can often counter negative thinking (as it happens) with a positive self talk. However, counseling will really help me to get to the root my melancholiness.

    • Hi Ella,

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and experience with Saturn opposite Mercury – they’re very insightful. Through methodically weeding out each negative thought, you may find yourself the master of your own thoughts in the end!

  13. Hi Hiroki, my 14 year old daughter has a mercury square Saturn exact at 6’20 Aries to 6’20 cancer. It is the only square in her chart and the Saturn is in a trine to Uranus in Pisces. She is very smart and very studious, studies hard and loves to learn. Almost the opposite of what I have read about the natal mercury square saturn. My concern is that I have also read that the aspect can mean the death or separation at an early age of the father ….that would be me!

    • Hi Jim, your daughter is strongly expressing the studious, focused mental nature of the Mercury Saturn aspect. I think the exact aspect is quite powerful, and no doubt your support in developing her intellectual skills helped. I wouldn’t pay attention to the death/separation comment – it’s from the dark ages.

  14. I have Mercury opposite Saturn and Sun but I was always in accelerated classes and believed I was smart. I also do not tend to be depressed, however, I can definitely relate to fear of public speaking, feeling insecure or unsure of myself, more so when I was younger. I still have a fear of failing.

    • Hi Sandra, thank you for sharing your experience – sounds like you’ve mastered how to focus your mind from an early age, which is an excellent expression of this aspect.

  15. I have saturn square mars as well and I feel exactly the same. It feels as if I try to communicate before my brain Is finished the thought.
    I also babble.

  16. I’m saturn conjunct mercury at 29deg. in capricorn also conjunct north node at 27 degrees- 6th house.

    My sense of humour took a while to catch up with others, I never really asked teachers in school for help because I always figured I could work it out myself and It wasn’t worth dealing with them and their strange ways of explaining themselves that would just leave me more confused. I never really had to study because I made sure I understood the way somethings worked as well as why it worked that way…understanding the principle behind the rule I guess. I have been told by classmates that I break everything down into manageable pieces so it’s easier to follow/understand. So I often find myself teaching people things. Teaching people about my emotional editing systems and brain hacking techniques to hack that chronic depression and pessimistic outlook on tragic human nature hahaha (important as those planets tightly square my scorpio moon in 3rd) I have a lot of patience and will re read/watch things until I understand completely. I was also obsessed with a Game which tested your IQ and played it over and over to get a better score and get better at the weaknesses.
    I was taught to sing and got a degree in Opera singing, learning very quickly from a young age and winning a few local competitions haha.

    my issue is having confidence to start my own business and follow through on my ideas even though I see where they could fail miserably.

    I really enjoyed this article. Thank you. something to save and digest more and more until I can see all the implications of this. :D

    • Hi Chloe, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn conjunct Mercury – it’s quite insightful. The Nodal axis involvement here suggests a strong mental influence coming from your mother (and other maternal figures).

  17. I have mercury (in leo) square sarurn. I was always consider “smart” but i always had problems with my speach. I feel like my mind and my speach aren’t conected and i feel blocked when i speak.

  18. Esmeralda Miguel says

    Hello I have Saturn in Taurus 2nd house opposite mercury in Scorpio in the 8th house and I also have mercury square Uranus in aqaurius in the 12th house which in the end Saturn squares Uranus. I’m not sure how this plays out but I did and still do struggle in school however in elementary I had alot of help but as I started attending middle school, teachers thought of me as smart and creative but others bullied me espically in math. I resonate alot with Saturn in Gemini even though I have Saturn in Taurus . I have a 9th house stellium it keeps me happy and friendly and espically outgoing! I also have sun in Sagittarius! I make sure I’m always positive around people due to my rising (Pisces) I can easily disguise my self but I do have one person I trust that can understand my feelings and I’m thankful it’s my father. I would love to hear some feedback and advice! Thanks again☺

  19. I have Mercury Conjunct Saturn in 12th house – here are my insights:

    .depression not of an emotional nature, but more of a feeling of some ‘weighty abstraction’

    . wanting to give people step-by-step instructions instead of chatting

    . tendency to believe other people’s ideas are extremely naive and won’t work out in the end

    . wanting certain ‘left-brained’ topics to be completely solidified in one’s mind and watertight, but also struggles in learning at first

    being conscious of this aspect, I don’t have carry myself around like an Eeyore

  20. I am still new to astrology, teaching myself and learning slowly. As i am not focusing solely on it right now. (but maybe i should, it’s one of the few things which has kept my interest for long enough)
    it’s also interesting reading these comments with saturn/mercury aspects with people saying “i feel i communicate better thru writing versus speaking” or “i was so shy i couldn’t ask adults for help” that’s exactly how i’ve always felt thru my life. i have mercury in 3rd house opposite saturn in 9th house. my 3rd house has jupiter and mercury in leo in Cancer. i haven’t totally gotten it down yet but something about my 3rd house in aspect to my moon in 12th. either way i find it very difficult to express myself accurately and it’s quite frustrating. i’m at the point now where i’m looking for ways to speak my mind, because i desperately want to, but something happens from my mind to my mouth and then it becomes jumbled and confused. also i have noticed a seriousness about my thinking, i’m not sure if jupiter has anything to do with it but i tend to freak out over nothing and think things are more serious than they actually are. also i need time to think about things, it’s difficult for me to make a decision right away. yay saturn

    • Hi Becca, thank you for sharing your experience with Mercury opposite Saturn. Seriousness in thinking is definitely part of the Saturn orientation. Serious, deliberate and mature communication tends to be the effective expression of this aspect.

  21. Hi Hiroki, I have had occasional very stressful conflicts with my 37 yr old daughter (and just recently another one). What happens is I make some innocent
    but truthful general observation (eg how western civilisation is on it’s last legs..).and she jumps down my throat rather aggressively to censor me! She has a Saturn opp Mercury in Pisces (plus it’s in a T-square with Neptune near her MC). I always withdraw quickly (my Mars in Pisces) and feel very shocked & hurt & it takes me a few days to recover, which I’ve never told her. She is an Aries (Sun opp Pluto) . I find her very narrow minded & conservative thinker (I am Scorpio Sun & Merc sq Uranus ). She thinks I’m “crazy”, and maybe worries about that(!) I’ve tried to get her interested in Astrology because I think it would really help her. I’ve even more than once offered to pay for a reading for her but she’s always refused my offer.
    (Her father was rather conservative & often critical. We divorced when she was about 8..)

    • Hi Jane, it may be interesting to see the Mercury synastry between your horoscopes, especially if this kind of communication conflict is a frequent occurrence.

      • My mercury is in the 9th conjunct neptune and saturn by a degree in capricorn and opposing jupiter and chiron in cancer the 3rd. Not sure what to say, I’ve felt lost (drugs/alcohol) the majority of my life..then finally get over that and think I’m getting somewhere..a turning point thats good at last–Then, find out I most likely have cancer. Much thanks lol. The pluto and saturn transits have been rough, can’t wait for them to pass.

  22. Hi Hiroki! I came across your article as I’m trying to learn more about Mercury Square Saturn in my chart, Mercury in Aries. What you wrote resonates with me so much it really almost made me cry, (Cancer moon). I have a lot of square/opp in Saturn in my chart and have been through some tough situations but have always found the courage to overcome (Aries Sun). Growing up I had a lot of trouble expressing myself, my father (Capricorn Sun) was very strict and always expecting me to behave in a certain manner, too work hard and always excel at what I did. So for me.. it was rough when he would reject the ways in which I would express myself i.e the way I dressed, the way I talked, he still thinks the way I interact with people is not mature enough haha.. but I’ve learned to not be afraid to express myself just because of what other people might think (criticisms)
    I’ve recently started writing about my experiences and how I have worked towards overcoming emotional traumas and obstacles, a lot of people have been able to resonate and it brings me to joy!!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it’s deeply appreciated.

  23. For me in vedic astrology :

    saturn mercury mars conjunction in aquarius in 3rd house. I hesitate to speak.

    mercury and 3rd house is speech. mercury and 3rd affected by saturn.

  24. i can see myself in your article while reading .
    Each and every point what u said is correct.
    i have Saturn in my first house Scorpio along with moon and Venus and Aspects(3rd aspect) on mercury in Capricorn.

    As u said i don’t do anything or speak until and unless i know everything about particular subject. So i myself dig deep into the subject and achieve wat i want and get appreciation which makes me more confident.

    i am 30yrs old, I got changed my career during first Saturn return and got success in career with lot of hard work and pain.
    But still i am shy and not social, unable to present and express myself, communication skills are poor.
    During 1st Saturn return i feel more pain and I am trying to get rid of it.

    One more thing is still i am Bachler. I am not even getting idea of marriage because of fear of responsibility. But if i take responsibility of anything i give my best, i would say 100%.

    i heard from lot of astrologers and blogs, Saturn delay everything whatever it aspects 1,3,7,10 houses.
    But surely it gives best slowly after age of 30 and some other say 36. Can you please confirm?

    Can you please suggest me any remedies or ideas to get rid of fear, shy and improve skills. I’m trying from myside by practicing.
    Waiting for your reply with great hopes

    • Hi Raghu, career success will help you with just about all areas of your life (including making a good marriage possible), so I would build on your success in your career – that is how you activate the positive blessings of Saturn.

  25. Mr.Hiroki…This article is good, but I don’t have mercury saturn aspect. Instead, mercury is libra in 11st House squaring uranus and neptune in Capricorn 2nd House. Yet, I feel deeply resonated with this article; I’m a real slow deep thinker since I’m young, but produce excellent results when heavily focused, I wonder why? Pardon my stupidity, I’m still learning on limited time. Oh yes, I should include Saturn position as well: saturn is pisces in 4th House squaring ASC in Saggitarius and in opposition to Virgo Midheaven. Any opinions, please?

    • Hi Zoey, your strength can be shown in many different ways. For an in-depth look at your birth chart, please consider scheduling a personal consultation.

      • Alright, thank you for your reply and offer. It’s good to see you take time to answer your readers :) All the best for you Mr.Hiroki. I have some suggestions/advice I wanted to share with you, but I’m afraid of overstepping my boundaries. May I? Maybe via email if you allowed me.
        Feel free to reject me, okay?

  26. Hi everyone,
    I have Mercury conjunct Saturn in Leo in the 8th house. I have found that I tend to struggle with expressing my ideas because I don’t want to appear as a know-it-all to peers and colleagues around me. I do have confidence around those who accept and know my capabilities but find that I tend to struggle with this around new people because I don’t want to speak out of turn, or say the wrong thing or threaten their standing in the group.
    I am now in the midst of changing career and want to be acknowledged for the capabilities I have so I am studying to gain confidence in myself.
    I also find that my confidence goes up when a Superior (at work) praises me.
    I see what others are saying about appearing ‘slow’ as Saturn is inhibiting the quickness of Mercury here. I often find I can’t verbalise or construct my thoughts as quickly as others. But also find that their ideas are not as thought through as they could be sometimes.
    Leo comes into play for me as that ‘arrogant’ aspect that I don’t want to appear.
    I think I just have to not care about what others may feel or think but this is hard with a Cancer Sun and Virgo Moon.
    I hope I am on the right track with this career change.
    Thanks for listening!

  27. JOÃO Luis Saraiva says

    I have Saturn/AC in pisces square my Mercury in Gemini.. I’m building a story for over 8 years now… that i want to draw and animate in the future…. i felt some pressure to go at it… but the slow creative process works best for me… mercury also squares mars, oposes midheaven sagitarius/capricorn, and almost conjuncts venus in gemini/cancer… this forms a square and cross. A lot of potential right ?

    • Hi again, just a little comment to clarify the notation…If you mean Saturn and Ascendant are conjunct, it’s better to write Saturn-ASC (with a dash) instead of Saturn/Asc (which is used for midpoint between Saturn and Ascendant). Best of luck with your creative project!

  28. Thanks for the interesting article! I feel like you’ve summed up this aspect of myself pretty well…
    I have a saturn in the 3rd house opposition mercury in the 9th, both in retrograde, and very close to my midheaven/IC. I’ve always loved writing, and find language very interesting. I feel like I can be perfectly understandable, but only if I put in a huge amount of time and effort, which, of course, isn’t always convenient or even possible at times. When I first get an idea I am usually too excited to not try to share it with others, and express it very messily and subjectively. Often in my original state I feel like I’m incomprehensible. As if I can only be clearly understood if I take this jumbled, complicated idea and format it in a very specific way.

    I haven’t really considered the other side of it, which is that I’ve probably misinterpreted others an equal amount! Understanding other people as clearly as I wish to be understood is definitely something to prioritize, I guess…
    Mercury is also conjunct my north node and chiron, all in libra, with saturn in aries conjuct the south node. Sometimes Its like I only have two modes, either I talk way too much with barely any filter, or I’m too silent and can’t express anything.

    • Hello macncheese, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn opposing Mercury! Retrogradation adds further complexity in that they tend to signal the importance of internal processes before things are expressed. Your thoughts and opinions gain value when they’re allowed to mature and be organized before you speak.

  29. I am a virgo with (retrograde)libra mercury square capricorn saturn. I am a really slow thinker, but deep thinker as well. I almost finished my master at the university, so it cannot be all bad… but I am definitely struggling with everything that has to do with speaking out loud, and I feel that I am much better at writing than talking….
    I do have this wonderful gift of “correcting” myself whenever I am wrong. My mercury squares neptune and jupiter as well, so even though I get many nice ideas all the time, I really need to organise and structure my thoughts for them to make sense at all…. sometimes I make bad choices but when I make good choices it’s also really good and almost genius ;)

  30. Hi Hiroki,

    I love your post!
    I have Neptune conj. Mercury in Sagittarius(6th house) square Saturn in Virgo(3rd house). I am a Gemini moon(12th house) and ascendent. North node in Virgo(4th house). As a child I didn’t talk much and had trouble learning and reading as my thoughts were always scattered. I could feel everything but could never find the proper words to express them. It has been the most frustrating process in my life. Despite feeling inadequate about writing and reading, I was always at it and thought it to be my own haven when the world fell apart around me. I think there was always this inherent pulse to express myself (venus, uranus, sun in 5th house) through writing, even though I struggled to give it life. Around the age of 27-28, I realized I wanted to be a writer. At around 33, I announced “I’m a writer” to the most squarest of people around. Since then I have been working on a novel that will be in the editing stage soon. Last year, I was finally given a writing credit. The feeling was one that was beyond words. Oh, and yes, writing helps me understand and dispel all the negative thoughts I seem to be prone to.

  31. hei
    My grandchild is saturn square mercury natal chart. He is 6 years old and going preschool on autumn.I wait with excitement how he will be doing. He is libra saturn house 2 and Capricorn mercury r house5. He is a little professor he is thinking before answering.

  32. My sister has natal pluto conjunct the mercury/saturn midpoint. Solar arc Neptune will square her pluto and conjunct the mercury/saturn midpoint all next year. I’m worried she may get depressed and have a breakdown how can I help her?

    • Hi LS, if she is in danger of having a breakdown currently, she should seek professional help. However if she is functioning well, then most likely this transit will not happen the way you’re thinking.

  33. hi there, i have Mercury conjunct Saturn both in 7th. i’m really surprised that it’s a hard aspect. i started to notice the things you said like year ago, i’m only 17 though :3 i can’t control my dark thoughts. and i write ALOT! i try to pour my thoughts in the paper. i couldn’t even write when saturn was in Scorpio. it was oppositing my natal sun and saturn. i guess that’s enough :3 thank you for this great article!

  34. Greetings ☺ Saturn is conjunct my descendant which opposes Mercury/ascendant conjunction… Mercury being the focal point of my grand water trine kite…Saturn being the anchor… I was always considered extremely bright from K to College. Excelerated programs and the like. My issues were and still are dealing with insecurity/inferiority. If I could be as positive about my own ideas and creations as I am about everyone else’s…it’s just going to take lots of healing… Being a double Pisces with a grand water trine kite I am equipped to heal everyone else, but the challenge is healing myself. Bless ❤

    • Hello there, thank you for sharing your experience – well said. Mercury Saturn opposition being on the Ascendant-Descendant axis makes your thoughts and communication centrally important in your identity development. It makes sense that this is where your struggle is – eventually, working through the healing journey, your natural intellectual gifts will be allowed expression.

  35. Hello Mr. Niizato,

    i can confirm, what you wrote, indeed, well pictured.
    When I was a teenager, some teachers didn’t consider me as intelligent enough compared to the rest of the class. My verbal cooperation was really bad, I was afraid to speak and shy, though I had much to say.
    Later I got bullied by teachers and classmates alike. I was also ashamed to say I didn’t understand subject matter, rather keeping quiet. I studied more than I had to, because I feared failing.
    I also suffered depression and have dark thoughts, which try to damage my self-confidence.
    Psychologists confirmed to me, that my negativity and fear are way too exaggerated. Today I can say I’m intelligent enough, communicate and write well.
    This aspect is a millstone around the neck, if not overcome (in my case natal Mercury in Aquarius squaring Saturn in Scorpio).

  36. I have a Mercury opposition Saturn aspect; Saturn in my third house in Libra (along with Jupiter and Pluto) opposing my ninth house Mercury (where my sun is also). I was diagnosed with Selective Mutism when I was 7. I battled with a severe fear of speaking to adults (except for my own parents). This resulted in difficulties with school (since I was too afraid to ask teachers for help) and a generally depressive attitude. I *wanted* to speak very badly, had much to say but was simply afraid.

    I believe my fire trine, which includes my Aries sun, Leo ascendant and Sagittarius moon, helped me battle and overcome it. I still struggle with aspects of the SM to this day, but in no way does it affect me the way it did when I was a kid.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience – Saturn Mercury opposition across 3rd and 9th house (the mental axis) suggests how important and challenging these issues were. Glad to hear you’re getting a handle on it.

  37. Hi Hiroki, I really like your article. I also have this aspect, Saturn in the 8th squares Mercury in the 12 which conjuncts my Sun. My mind spins and it is really hard to stop. It always perceives, analyzes, organizes. One thing I can tell: this aspect gives one OCD tendencies. Saturn squares my Sun as well, so this might add to the problem. And right away this tremendous activity makes it hard to express myself. I always had problem in this area an with the help of astrology I came to realize that my problems are because I can’t express myself. ‘There are so many aspects to a thing to consider, which one should I tell? What information is really important from all I think about?’ – these are just some concerns…I can get lost in the details and possibilities. I started to learn on a Univesity at my first Saturn return and my teachers instantly noticed my critical and writing capacities. Writing my first academic paper seemed so easy…I definitely share your idea that working on these skills will help one to become more self-assured. I also liked that you mentioned Einstein in your article, he is my role model. I’ve noticed that I don’t have any photos from my childhood where I would smile, I was mostly grumpy all the time. And it really annoyed me that the ‘grown-ups’ didn’t allowed me to join their talk, haha…

  38. I was born with Mercury/Venus sq Saturn. Have struggled most of my life with ‘not smart enough’. I’ve worked hard to change negative thinking. I love knowing that working w Saturn long and hard produces wonderful results. Now I have minimized the ‘not smart enough’ limiting belief. And, most of the time, affirmative thoughts are my lst defense. Good article, thanks!

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