Mars, Venus and Family Suppression – Rusted Swords and Broken Mirrors

Most parents can’t be good role models in everything. Family emotional values tend to get passed on through the generations, teaching by example which emotions are acceptable and which aren’t.

For example, take someone with Mars in Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. This position suggests that self-assertion and decisive, masculine powers are strengthened through the awareness and expression of deep emotions. This is the introverted, deep aspect of masculine that is within all men that Robert Bly often talked about.

But so often the family system is built in order to suppress uncomfortable emotions – children expressing anger (Mars) is particularly discouraged in many homes, either through physical punishment or through logical suppression (you learn to detach from uncomfortable emotions through going into your head.)

In this way children learn not to value their emotions – especially that of anger. These children learn to put away their swords early so to speak, and let them rust in the corner of their house. As an adult they feel strangely powerless and out of control against the self assertion of others: getting back in touch with their emotions are difficult – it goes against the family values – but it must be done if we are to feel energetic and empowered again.

We can do this with any of the other planets, but let’s look at Venus’ function of appreciation and mirroring others.

So many people today simply do not know how to give and receive compliments, which suggests poor parental modeling of appreciating the good qualities in others and ourselves. Children who rarely receive encouragements for their strengths and talents simply do not know how to appreciate the values within themselves or others: their mirrors are broken. Abandonment, abuse or constant criticism can do that. Learning to be aware of the good qualities in themselves and then others would prove tough – again, it goes against the traditional family values – but it must be done if we are to restore our self worth and contribute to others’ lives.

This isn’t about blaming the parents (who also are the victims of the inherited family values.) It’s about stopping the unconscious traditional patterns.

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