Mars Pluto Aspect: Empowered Action

mars pluto aspect square conjunct opposition

This article is relevant if you have natal Mars Pluto aspect, or are experiencing transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Mars.

The Meaning of Mars Pluto Aspect
Mars represents action and application of energy. The placement of natal Mars in your horoscope suggests how you need to act and apply your energy in order to fulfill your purpose in life.

Pluto represents empowerment to the nth degree. Pluto in conjunction, square or opposition with Mars will give massive oomph to your energy application.


Natal Mars conjunct square opposition Pluto: An Overachiever

Whether it’s increasing sales or losing excess weight, most people have no problem identifying the actions they need to take in order to accomplish their goals. However, many people fall short of achieving their desired outcome, simply because they don’t take enough of that necessary action (example: in sales, instead of calling 10 prospects a day, they may stop at 5.)

If you have natal Mars conjunct, square or opposite Pluto, you most likely do not have this problem. In fact, you’re more likely to take too much action than not enough! Pluto Mars aspects tend to suggest an overachiever that always does more than what’s expected.

Take a look at the following list of overachievers who have natal Pluto Mars aspects:

  • Oprah Winfrey has Mars square Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto empowers the scope of purposeful, transformative energy application of her Mars in Scorpio.
  • Muhammad Ali has Mars square Pluto in 9th house, with Mars ruling the 9th house of religion. Pluto empowered not only his fighting prowess, but of his religious conviction, which was strong enough to cause him to convert to Islam and adopt a Muslim name.
  • General Norman Schwarzkopf had Mars conjunct Pluto in the 12th house of government institution, opposing his Moon in the 6th house of (military) service.
  • Mahatma Gandhi has natal Mars opposite Pluto in Scorpio. The opposition aspect implies “full awareness” of the potential consequence of violence (Mars). Pluto empowered the deep transformative drive of his Mars in Scorpio, reflecting his decision to eschew violence while taking necessary actions to accomplish his massive aim.


Transit Pluto Conjunct Square Opposite Mars: Empowered Action

Transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Mars will provide you with more firepower to accomplish your goals. It could be a dramatic increase of motivation followed by some event, or a change of circumstance that forces you to act differently than before.  As a result, your style of action and energy application may change dramatically.

As with the natal Pluto Mars aspect, this transit carries a potential for overkill through excessive action. Although overdoing to the point of harm or injury needs to be avoided, most likely you will go through this transit at a time when you need to be taking more action in order to reach important goals in life.

Your natal Mars’ placement has much to do regarding how this transit will play out. Example: Mars in Gemini may respond to this transit with increased communication, or a different kind of communication (e.g. writing a book, teaching a new course, or studying new subjects in depth.)

By taking massive action toward the goals you cherish, you’ll have made the best use of this time period.


Do you have a natal Pluto Mars aspect? Or have you been experiencing transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Mars? How did it affect the way you act and apply your energy? Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.



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About Hiroki Niizato

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  1. Hiroki

    thanks for the post about Pluto aspects to natal mars. I’m studying classical astrology now. Mars is my chart ruler (scorpio rising) and is located at 29.40 of cancer. I have moon at 0 cap and Saturn at 0 pisces (retro). I went through a lot last year when Saturn and Jupiter hit 29 Capricorn and opposed my natal mars–if you use Yods, you’d say that hit the midpoint and set off the Yod. My impulsive mars did seem to mature a bit as well after the transiting mars was in aries for 6 months squaring Saturn last year. I’m curious and a bit concerned about how the upcoming Pluto opposition will manifest for me and my impulsive anoretic Mars. I have quite an intense personality with Uranus conjunct my MC and a mercury Uranus Pluto sun stellium in my 11th, so I tend to be the one who can bring explosive truth to the collective/groups. If I think of it, I’ll check back in a couple of years and let you know what happened:) If you have any additional thoughts about how to work with this intense aspect, let me know. my own tendency is to try to accept some of what comes as karma and work with the fallout, if any, as a learning experience. that is all after the fact though and I’m wondering if there is some ways to remediate in advance or an idea I might meditate on as I move through this. thanks.

    • Hi Cathy, since the transiting Jupiter-Saturn activated your natal Mars at the end of 2020, remember the development that caused the maturity you mentioned. As transiting Pluto opposes Mars, a similar lesson might be presented. The end goal is for you to feel more fully empowered, being able to assert yourself and protect what is important to you.

  2. Hi Hiroki,
    I have pluto in scorpio which happens to be in 8th house position, which is square mars in capricorn 11th house.
    Additionally I have saturn conjunct sun in scorpio, 9th house. (No stranger to scorpio energy).
    I definitely relate to intense, raw, aggressive energies which I have learnt to manage and channel in my life, but what I am trying to understand more intricately is how the 8th and 11th house positions play out, or which part of my life I need to channel this energy to feel more at ease with the tension they create.


  3. I have mars conjunct Pluto in my fourth house, with Uranus in the 3rd house conjunct 4th house cusp. My maternal grandmother died tragically in a car accident when I was 5 years. We were very close. I was molested by my maternal grandfather a few years later. My mother was verbally, physically and mentally abusive. She is a control freak. My maternal uncles and aunts were violent. I feel I was the keeper of secrets most of my life. Afraid of repercussions. At 14 I confronted my grandfather and became the protector of my sisters. I have a strong determination to succeed once I set my mind. I am a keeper of many secrets but can use them in a harmful way after years of provocation. When I speak it can be harsh and devastating. I am a cancer. I can transform a house into a place of beauty and comfort. There’s so much more but that is the big picture of mars conjunct Pluto in my chart.

    • Hi Dina, thank you for sharing your experience with Mars conjunct Pluto in the 4th house. I see there was quite a bit of violence and other, darker expressions of Pluto within your family. As you create your own home and family, the expression of this aspect will hopefully change into that of healing and emotional courage…

  4. Dear Hiroki – thanks for the nice read. I have a T-square of Saturn in the 2nd house of Cancer opposing Mars on the 7th/8th house cusp in Capricorn while squaring Pluto in the 5th house of Libra coming up in my Progressed chart beginning in the year 2022. The T-square is projected to run its course for 12 years, which also happens to coincide with my Jupiter return in the year 2022. Not to mention that my upcoming Jupiter return is very optimistic as it has a stellium of 5 planets in the 2nd house of resources, with Jupiter making a sextile to Uranus. Most people would freak out with that type of T-square forming in their progressed chart – not me – I hold more of a “bring it on” attitude. With Saturn involved I’m thinking maybe some sort of new business enterprise, or being that I’m already in government law perhaps I’ll redirect in a more political aspect as I also have Uranus also in the 5th house but in Scorpio forming a trine to Venus in the 10th of Pisces during this time; then right before the T-square separates, Jupiter conjuncts Venus in the 10th house while my Moon is exact to the MC. Either way, I figure I’m going to be very busy for those 12 years, so just taking it easy in the meantime trying to learn as much about Astrology and what to look for so I can take full advantage of all transiting opportunities- that’s my natal Jupiter in Pisces by the way. Oh did I mention that my Sun sign is Sagittarius and my natal Asc is Aries, so my Asc ruler (Mars) guarantees my success; or at least that’s the way I look at – I cannot say I can’t fail, but I will say I won’t fail – probably my Asc ruler attitude also.

  5. Yanling Pinko♡ says

    Hi hiroki, thank you for the valuable posts on astrology! Insightful indeed!

    Something I never understood, I am actually someone who desires to take a lot of action but never does. It’s funny as my chart reveals lots of Mars and aries and action oriented energy yet i am not like that in real life. Maybe so in my mind and imagination but not in real life.

    I do have my natal Neptune trine Mars, however I also have my Mars oppos. To Pluto and then Pluto squaring north node. Mars and sun also squaring north node. I’m still on the verge of learning astrology. In fact I’m almost a mess, learning from different sources tryna understand it in my own language Haha. I remember thinking astrology was too difficult for me to ever comprehend.

    My Mars is also in Gemini 2nd house, sun in Gemini 2nd house, they are near each other but also very near to the start of the 3rd house. Maybe you could share in your posts up to what degrees will the sign or house be affected by the next one? Not a lot of people touch on that. I wonder if it will have the double effect like a cusp. Oh and my Pluto is in the 8th house but is in sagittarius. I can’t see myself being religious or philosophical in that aggressive manner. In fact, most of my anger is directed to me being in power. The moment I have responsibilities or have to be a leader/superior, for some reason my anger gets explosive and I get easily irritated at everything. I am that way when my parents don’t step up to be parents, I am that way when I feel disrespected by my siblings cause I’m older than them. I don’t see any of this in Mars in Gemini. I feel like my chart is so different from what others tell me. Of course I understand the uniqueness of every chart since everything affects everything. However I don’t quite understand this point. I am not asking for a reading. Just a better understanding on what can that possibly mean for me. If the opposition meaning and the Mars in Gemini meaning you gave all doesn’t seem to apply to me? Or my chart or my actual life?:/ thank you, there is no need to respond if not needed though. Genuinely curious. Thanks! Oh and one last thing, I never or hardly ever get angry with friends. My Neptune is in aquarius 10th house… very near to 11th house… again, it would be nice for you to explain the very near degrees if it might mean something different if the degree is so near to the next sign or house! Thanks!

    • Hi Yanling, you can typically consider the planet to be “rushing into the next house” if it’s within 2 degrees of the next house’s cusp. This kind of interpretation is more of an art than science, so you can certainly look at this a few different ways (some suggest as much as 5 degrees from the next house cusp to be effective). For a full analysis of your horoscope, please consider scheduling a private session.

  6. I always find your articles very interesting! I will have an operation on the exact day mars is in opposition with pluto and though i am a doctor myself i got a little bit anxious!My natal mars is in virgo and 3rd House and my natal pluto in libra and 4th House.This period of time mars is transiting my 10th House and pluto my 6th.Hope everything will be ok!!

    • Hi Persefoni, Mars represent surgery, so this is just a reflection of what’s happening that day. I wouldn’t worry about it, and encourage you to see everything going well.

  7. Thank you for all the great information Hiroki! It is fascinating! I have Pluto (Scorpio) square to Mars (Leo) and the moon (Leo), and keep reading it is not OK, but I love the way you explain, so clear. Would you say it is unfavorable? THANK YOU!

    • Hi Alicia, Moon’s involvement with the Mars Pluto square reflects the kind of experience you had relating with her. Aside from that, it’s a decidedly power and control oriented pattern, so it’s important to claim and use the energy well.

  8. Hello there, thank you for your blog. My natal Mars is at 20 Cancer so Pluto will be opposite it in January 2018. It will be really tight in orb when the lunar eclipse in Leo will be conjunct my ascendant on Jan 31.

    But there’s nothing going on in my life right now. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty bored. I always put out tremendous effort in whatever I do, so that’s not a problem. I just seem to lack opportunities, or things just don’t seem to click.

    I definitely need some kind of event to get the ball rolling because I’ve tried initiating things but that hasn’t worked.

    You mentioned Mars in Gemini writing a book, as an example of expressing that sign, but Cancer seems neither here nor there as far as expression goes, or how that would play out. Mars rules my Aries 9th house and Scorpio 4th house.

    Is there any way you could give an example of Mars in Cancer responding to the Pluto opposition transit?

    • Hi Scott,

      While the sign Cancer definitely has its requisite needs, Mars is Mars before it is in any sign or house.

      In other words, you don’t need to feel limited to Cancerian expressions like caring for others (especially your family). Your goals and the actions necessary to achieve them may originate from entirely different places in your horoscope. Mars is the energy you use to make things you desire happen, but the desire may come from other planets you have occupying other signs.

      For a more specific discussion, please consider scheduling a private session.

  9. I will have by solar return: Jupiter conjunct Mars In scorpio first house, on top my third natal house, mars sextile my sun (5th house natal ) square a my venus (6th house natal) sextile mars ( first house natal ) Jupiter ( sextile sun 5th house natal ) square to my venus (6th house natal Aquarius ) also a Cazzimi sun to venus ( 2nd house solar ) the cusp of my second will be Sagittarius but my sun, venus, Pluto and Saturn will be in the second under Capricorn sign all falling in my 5th natal …mercury will be in the second too but under Sagittarius

  10. Hi Hiroki, i have mars conjunct pluto conjunct ac in virgo …squaring my gemini moon on mc. Always trying to perfect myself …Not a easy position…is like a battle inside my heart.

  11. Hello!
    Congratulations for your clear explanations.
    Do you know what does it mean having Mars in pisces square Pluto in sagittarius?
    Pluto is in eight house while Mars with ‘Placidus’ system in twelfth house and with ‘Equal Houses’ and ‘Koch’ systems in eleventh house. My younger brother seems very brave and determined despite his Mars in pisces. Moreover he hates bullying.

  12. Hi, interesting reading regarding Pluto/Mars. My daughter will soon (age 7-8) experience Pluto transit conjunct her native Mars, 6st house in Capricorn. At same time Pluto will be:
    opposite my Desc,
    opposite my mothes sun (she lives partly with us)
    and conjunct/opposite our two close family’s descendants.
    I do understand this is a time for extra cautioness; do you have any suggestions what specific to be aware of and how to make use of this upcoming transit in a more controllable /positive way for a child?

    • Hi Marion, since it’s not going to be easy for a small child to experience the full intensity of this transit, the energy of the transit might be expressed through her parents or her grandmother especially considering the Pluto transits both of you will be experiencing. What you do have control over is to observe how anger gets handled within the family (by the adults), since your daughter may be sensitive to that energy and unconsciously express it for all of the family.

      The positive expression of this aspect is gaining a physical sense of power, so anything involving physical movement is another constructive avenue to explore.

  13. I have Mars conjunct Pluto in the sign Scorpio, in the 2nd house and both planets are sextile neptune. I have allot of self disipline and have been successfull in endurance based sports. My issue has been commiting that energy to a specific task for the long term, I know that I have power but I’m reluctant to use it. Sometimes it seems that my drive conflicts with what I really want.

    • Hi Wren, thank you for sharing your experience with Mars conjunct Pluto. Endurance sports sounds fitting (fixed sign, maybe). The intense drive needs to be directed by higher purpose, probably coming from elsewhere in the horoscope.

  14. I have Mars square Pluto. I have a very high threshold of pain, but once it is breached I react offensively. I won’t stop until the offending party is put down. I’m currently battling city hall… and it’s personal.

  15. Sun, Mars and Pluto – in Scorpio, all in 1st house can be considered as a triple conjunction or a stellium? How could this be interpreted?

  16. Hi Hiroki..

    I have natal Mars square Pluto. But I also have Venus conjunct Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, so people don’t realize I have anger issues, because acquaintances simply got fooled by my sweet appearance.
    But those who know me personally get the anger impact. I like to compete, and take out whoever is in my way..but I do it without letting people know.
    Career wise I’m ambitious, although I do have a lazy streak, but when it comes to the things I care about, I switch to my full-throttle mode. I push people and things and I have little patience. But I get better now as I grow up, and I pray.
    I’m also seeing a counselor about this anger/explosion issue soon.

  17. how would a transit pluto in Capricorn play out when it conjuncts my Mars in Capricorn at 21 degrees (in my 5th house). I am concerned as planning to get pregnant and worry that the mars conjunction could be around the time I am giving birth next year (with my first child I haemorrhaged at the birth).

    • Hi Yasmin, I would consider transit Pluto conjunct Mars in 5th house to reflect childbirth itself. If your Mars is natally under heavy tension there might be an additional concern, but I would not worry unduly.

  18. I have Mars-Sun-Pluto conjunct at Scorpio in VI house. This article just straight to the point. I can be overachiever no matter what I do. Sometimes I give away paintings, because i cant stop finishing them. I see no end when perfecting something so I had to get rid of works I do or run away. It’s not an obsessive-compulsive behavior, but close enough. I went through eating disorders. had anorexia, just because i liked losing weight like in competition, then the other side of bulimia, I didin;t knew how to stop… Later I droped this and gave to sports like crazy, stoped when I got pregnant :)

  19. Hello,
    I have mars in Sagittarius in 1 degree conjunct pluto in scorpio in 21 degrees.
    I also have my sun in Sagittarius 8 degrees conjunct my mars in Sagittarius in 1 degree.

    • Hi Vanessa, your Mars and Pluto are a little too far to be considered a conjunction. Generally the orb is no more than 6-7 degrees.

      • In my natal chart it said that I have a conjunction because the degrees that the website uses are from 1 to 29 and my pluto in scorpio conjunct my mars in Sagittarius , do u have an explanation for this conjunction please ?

      • And sorry I meant my pluto at 29 degrees
        Thank u

  20. Hi Hiroki,
    plz help im really afraid … airs asc 4 …sun in cancer 10 july … moon pisces 7 degree mars satrun in 7 close cunj satrun 15 degree mars 17 degree… i already facing uranus transit from 2 years those will end in 2016 Feb/27/2016 Uranus Square Sun
    Feb/10/2016 Uranus Opposite Mars (mars in 7 house with satrun ) and
    than starts these transits
    Jan/26/2016 Pluto Square Saturn
    Apr/08/2016 Pluto Square Mars
    Apr/28/2016 Pluto Square Mars
    Jul/20/2016 Pluto Square Saturn
    Nov/29/2016 Pluto Square Saturn
    Jan/16/2017 Pluto Square Mars
    Feb/06/2017 Pluto Opposite Sun
    Jul/09/2017 Pluto Opposite Sun
    Aug/07/2017 Pluto Square Mars
    Nov/17/2017 Pluto Square Mars
    Dec/13/2017 Pluto Opposite Sun

    • Hi Lisa,

      Often what you fear is worse than what actually will be…Unless there is a realistic cause to be worried. To give you a responsible answer, I can’t say anything more without hearing the full story. Please schedule a consultation to discuss these transits in relations to your horoscope.

  21. Hello!! I was born on 15/8/1970 01.30 my ascendant is on the last degree of gemini. Right now transit pluto in my 7th house is in inconjunction with my natal mars in the 3rd house. Today transit mercury ends the retrograde motion on this very point. My life is full of changes. Changes in the way I think/approach situations and I’m preparing for major exams in spanish dance. Wow! Do I run!

  22. sorry in scorpio

  23. hi
    I have mars pluto and saturn in saturn in the third house
    what does that mean ??

    • Hi Ola, those are powerful planets in a powerful sign occupying the house of your mindset and communication. Think how you can direct that powerful mental energy constructively in terms of learning and communicating what you know to influence & impact the lives of others.

  24. Hi Hiroki,
    Thought you might find this interesting. I have my Sun conjunct Mars conjunct Pluto, all in 8th house. Most of the time I am your average girl next door, although inside I am torn apart by passions that I am sometimes struggling to understand. The intensity of experiencing things can be overwhelming. My ups are often ecstasy, and my downs are the deepest pits of depression one can imagine. In a way, I feel that every of my transformations is extremely painful.
    Once or twice in my life I got angry enough (both times when facing injustice) to experience blind rage that even I got scared of.

    • I forgot to say they are all in Scorpio.

    • Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience of Pluto Mars conjunction in Scorpio (in 8th house, too!) Here the theme is that of deep transformation through healing emotional trauma, and that would be the productive focus for this intense energy.

  25. I have mars conjunct pluto both in scorpio and both in the first house natally.. what would u make out of this placement?? Yes intense for sure and aiding to that im capricorn sun with cancer moon and libra rising which are all three cardinal signs.. well.

    • Hi Adi,

      Mars conjunct Pluto in the 1st house suggests a potential for passionate projection of personal power – either physically or mentally/emotionally. People might sense your powerful presence and respond to it strongly.

  26. Thank you. This article made me smile, especially the bit about losing weight etc.

    I have mars exactly (by few minutes) conjunct pluto in Libra in my 5th house of self expression. And it is a part of a power packed stellium of six planets + Vertex spanning from late virgo to late libra. Note that Sun and chart ruler Venus are in meticulous Virgo at the start of the stellium.

    So say when i set a goal to lose weight, i work out the number of grams to be lost each day in order to lose X kgs within Y number of days. (yes very virgo there). Then i hit the gym and Mars/pluto takes over.

    I would actually check the weight several times daily to ensure that i have lost those exact number of grams (or more) that day by bed time! I’d be in the gym losing those grams daily, come high fever or heavy rain!.

    On my last weight loss program, i had to achieve a weight goal before getting on a flight to somewhere. On the last day just before the flight I actually walked more than necessary at the airport, before i got onto the baggage weight scale to ensure that i had done it! Indeed i had overachieved…:)

    But the down side; This combo in 5H can have the tendency to be over aggressive (and passionate) toward romantic partners. That is the one to watch out.

    • And oh i forgot to mention.

      When transiting pluto in capricorn (transiting in my 8th house) squared my natal mars/pluto of Libra 5th house, about 6 years ago, i did do something so dramatically overkill. I had a baby with a ‘glorified sperm donor’. Pulled off a show of a marriage with a willing accomplice of a ‘spouse’, just to get a baby. That is Mars/pluto action in the house of drama + babies courtesy transiting Pluto in the house of sex/sperm?.

      • Hi Mary, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience with Pluto conjunct Mars in the 5th house – it’s quite a dramatic illustration of the intensity of Mars Pluto aspect. Thanks!

  27. aleksandra says

    Hi. :)
    I have Mars conjunct Pluto in Sco in 5th house (Pluto at 11 and Mars at 13 degree) and Stellium of four planet in Sag in 6th house, Chiron in 12th house. :)
    And, I’m happy. :)

  28. Hi, I am experience a transit Pluto conjunction with Mars, my Sun(11 Capricorn) conjuncts with Mars(15 Capricorn) in the 12th house, Pluto 19Libra squares them from 8th house in my natal chart. This transit has 5 touches, on the first touch 4 weeks ago I cut my finger really bad, on the 2nd touch yesterday I fell down the stairs(20 stairs) in a shop&rolled down, hitting my head badly-I’ve never had such incidents in my life. I am afraid what’s going to happen until November next year when the aspect finishes. I also have a transit Uranus conducting my Mars which I thought was responsible for the cut but now on the falling was Pluto- my Mars is 15 42′ Capricorn, I fell when pluto turned retrograde 12′ from My Mars making the second touch of the aspect. Mars is in sextile with my Uranus in my chart so I don’t understand why this aspect had to end bad badly for me. Please tell me if there is more danger and how can I turn the things around. I am born at 9:00 A.M. on the 2nd of January 1979 in Burgas Bulgaria.

    • Hi Teodora,

      Your Mars at 15 degree Capricorn has been the focal point of major planetary activities since March, including transiting Pluto conjunct Mars and 2 eclipses which can trigger such volatile expressions as you’ve experienced. However, I associate the experience of being cut or hitting your head as relating to the volatile energy within your emotional body. The accidents you had may be alerting you to the fact that there are some emotions that you need to be paying attention to (symbolically, Pluto Mars aspect can manifest as strong anger or even rage, so it may be worth exploring.)

      • Thanks for the advise, right now I am trying to recover losses I made on the stock market which takes a lot of my focus and at the same time I am trying to evaluate if I should stay in a long term relationship which is not going where I want it to. Would you say it is the relationship emotional issues I am ignoring & this is what ended up as accidents? Should I try to let it go and stop trying to recover the losses or maybe end the relationship which makes me unhappy in order to deal with these energies? Both issues upset me& I want to change them. I feel like I am fighting to achieve everything I want since the Pluto aspects started, is that what I should be doing or that’s the problem?

  29. Hi Hiroki ~ My retrograde 9H Gemini Mars (ruler of my 8H SN in Aries) is square my 12H Pluto in Virgo; both my Mars and Pluto form helpful aspects with other placements.

    I think in placing so much importance on my own individual efforts (will and action – Mars), I’d failed to allow for and acknowledge the role of grace in my life (12H Pluto). It was a limited world view (r. 9H Mars), based on messages I received in childhood about proving my worth and having to earn love and anything else I received (Libra NN-Venus-Sun, 2H).

    During my Nodal-Return, I discovered a book which led to another and then another. Right now I’m reading one about how effort and grace work together. It’s made it a lot easier to make the effort and then surrender the outcome, without feeling as if everything depends solely on me or that I’ve somehow failed if things don’t go as planned.

    In the past, I’ve often made the mistake of thinking it was all up to me, so I kept on pushing past the point of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exhaustion. None of us *earns* grace, though we can allow it to flow through us whenever we extend it to others without expecting anything in return.:)

    • Hello LB,

      Thank you for your comment – very insightful! 9th and 12th house elevate the spiritual, and I can see how the mutable Pluto-Mars square within these houses necessitate a shift in thinking to allow for an action that incorporates the element of grace.

      • Thanks, Hiroki.:) After I left my comment, I checked the ephemeris for when transiting Pluto opposed my natal Mars. The opposition coincided with my marrying my husband, which stirred up all kinds of issues for me, some of which *seemed* unrelated to him (there were other transits going on at the same time, including the end of my Nodal Return). For one thing, I began dreaming about a past-life in which I was an accomplished artist ‘married’ to a man who stole my art and took credit for it. I’d never painted before, but the dreams prompted me to pick up a paintbrush and discover a talent I didn’t know I had. People liked my art and wanted to buy prints.

        Since then, I’ve had still more dreams about this life as well as other lifetimes, some with a similar theme. Last year (during an Eclipse), I received more information during dream states (12H Pluto widely conjunct my Ascendant) which led me to discover the actual person whose life I’ve been dreaming of in bits and pieces for the past 30 years. Because one of her siblings (a pedantic teacher – 9H Gemini Mars) saved this artist’s letters, her artistic contributions were finally recognized by historians a few years ago, many decades after her death.

        Before then it was commonly believed someone else (her employer) was responsible for many of this artist’s most famous designs and creations. This ambitious artist -along with other artists she supervised, worked with and advocated for- worked very hard behind the scenes, hoping someday to be recognized. None of them, not her or any of the artists she (I?) worked with received credit or reasonable financial compensation for their artistic contributions during their lifetimes (12H Pluto in Virgo square r. Mars, ruler of my 8H SN).

        In this lifetime, I think it’s why I care so much about social justice, truth, compassion and rising above my own selfish (or superficial) concerns ~ even more than art or fame. I also don’t believe anyone should have to *earn* their worth as a human being. My husband commented yesterday how there’s an ‘art’ to caring about such things and in presenting my thoughts in a way that speaks truthfully, without being overly aggressive, hypocritical or attached to my own views or ego. I believe my retrograde Mars is meant to teach me that lesson in humility. I still fail all the time, but at least I’m working on it and on knowing myself.

        Even if my message is different, I still have a lot to say! In that respect, not much has changed since my previous lifetime.:)

        • Hi LB,

          Wow, that’s quite a story of a past life memory tied to the Nodal return! Thank you for sharing this.

          • Funny how transiting Pluto’s opposition to my natal Mars tied in as well (at least during the previous Nodal Return). I was on a long hiatus from astrology at the time and only noticed it because of what you’d written. Very interesting post!

  30. Hi Hiroki

    Mars in Cancer Retrograde at 14 degrees in my 11th house and Oppose Mercury, Uranus , Neptune in the 5th house. Currently right know Pluto is Opposing my Mars really tight and also squaring my jupiter in libra in the 3rd house as well. I’m definitely feeling the pressure this year to the point I decided to join a Women self defense class , which is a class I’ve been interested in taking for a year but this year I was motivated to applying for the class. I have all this aggression and action build up that I found it to be a great motivation to take a self defense class.

  31. Hi
    I have Sun conjuct pluto, conjunct mars in the 12th in virgo (Sun in the middle) also moon in Virgo in the 12th conjunct Virgo ascendent and conjunct 1st house mercury in Virgo. Then closely followed by Venus and Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Scorpio, also in the 1st .
    A wide ‘bundle’ pattern I think (Saturn in the 3rd) and Uranus on cusp of 12th. Certainly my life has been been more Scorpionic/Piscean than Virgo like , of course the virgo is really strong also. I have an incredible strong mental energy when I decide to focus on someone/something…………….also had very strong physical energy (in my youth) when I 1st saw my chart I laughed – multiple personality!

    • Hi Nita,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. With Sun-Pluto-Mars triple conjunction I can imagine the strong mental focus!

      • Hi,

        I have a tight Sun-Pluto-Mars conjunction in Scorpio, in the 8th house. However, I can focus strongly only under huge stress. Most of the time I am just floating around on the wings of my Piscean moon…

  32. Your writing is so clear and affirming. Thank you. Your description of this aspect is the first that I have read that has a positive, toward – wholeness quality and wonder if those ideas could be applied to a composite chart.

    • Hello Gem, thank you for your comment. In a relationship analysis my approach is to begin with understanding the 2 individual charts deeply as well as tune into several key synastry contacts – I found this to yield more insight than a composite chart. With that said, in synastry Pluto-Mars contact could be an interesting point of renewal and change for those involved – creating opportunities for a new style of action.

  33. Hi Hiroki…
    Mars in Capricorn at 14 degrees 9th house (opposed Moon Cancer 10 degrees).
    I had Pluto opposition Moon and Uranus square Moon….. Yes, I did move and fast!!!
    Pluto over natal Mars…..I still don’t feel that firepower…:) I did immerse my self in politics and conspiracy theories and learned a lot on how the world works . I would say Pluto’s influence has been mostly on a philosophical level…very 9th house matter.
    Lets see what Mars will ad to the equation!
    I like your astrology Hiroki…thanks for it!!!
    (I also have Venus 13 Taurus and Mercury 13 Pisces)

    • Hello Isabella,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. I can see how Mars in 9th is being channeled into deepening your worldview. Mars in Capricorn is a “make things happen” Mars, so you might be able to begin producing something from what you’re learning. Or the urge to expand your worldview may propel you into another direction of study and exploration. We’ll see!

  34. I have a natal triple conjunction Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo… And I certainly am an “avid analyst”, with a 24/7 brain at work. Yet, as this conjunction is tightly opposed by Saturn R, I often sense a tremendous opposition, due to circumstances of life or people, etc… in the conquest of my goals.
    I am expecting an imminent Plu=Mar SA… As I’m currently working on a very important project for me. I wonder how this SA will traduce in life events (Mars is the last planet of the conjunction, so I already experienced PLU= SA and PLU=URA in the last three years!).

    • Hi Laurent,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience of natal Mars-Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. As an aside, I’m a bit puzzled how you could have Solar Arc Pluto = Mars if they are conjunct in your natal chart (maybe you’re counting the 45 degree semisquare solar arc, which is fine.) Anyhow that’s a powerful series of solar arcs you’ve been going through, even if they are semisquares! As long as your energy and will to refine your project remain strong, this time period should give you the extra push you need.

      • Hello Hiroki,
        Thanks for your reply. Yes I do count the 45 and 135% arc – especially if the planets are in contact at birth. And yes, you’re right, it’s been quite a show, since I had Saturn doing pretty much the same thing with a sesqui-quadrate at the same time!

      • Hello pls I have mars conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th house this 2016.

        • Hi Aisha, I’ve deleted your birth data as this is a public forum. Remember that Mars circles around your entire horoscope every 2 years, so you’ve already experienced this transit numerous times. Mars transit usually helps you to evolve the way you use your energy. Please consider scheduling a private consultation to look at all the important transits in your horoscope.

  35. Dear Hiroki – This post is SO timely for me. I have my natal Mars in 4th house in Libra (14º 58′ 03″) conjunt natal Uranus in 5th house in Libra (19º 27′ 52″). I currently have four transits through my natal Mars:
    1) Pluto square natal Mars;
    2) Uranus opposite natal Mars;
    3) Jupiter sextile natal Mars;
    4) Mercury trine natal Mars;

    I have been experiencing a lot of desire to explore my past and change current job. And I have been doing a lot in that regard, with more self-confidence and being assertive.

    The question that I have for you is how all these four transits together are / will be affecting the way I act and apply my energy?


    • Hi Pablo,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Pluto square Mars and Uranus opposing Mars are the key transit for you at this time, especially this month around the 20th. These transits suggest tremendous motivation for change and action, so doing what you can to direct the energy constructively will help a lot. Sounds like you’re already doing that.

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