Mars Neptune Aspects: Taking Inspired Action

Mars Neptune conjunct square opposition

‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.’
– Helen Keller


Mars represents how you need to apply your energy in order to be effective.  When functioning well, Mars is like a star salesman that brings business and success to his company – he can effectively bring you the result you want.

Neptune represents your capacity for creative visualization.  You get in touch with it whenever you envision a better future for yourself or for others.  A positively functioning Neptune adds a quality of vision and inspiration to your personality.

Natal Mars Conjunct Square Opposition Neptune


Let’s make a movie and sell it.  Or something like that – Mars Neptune aspects have a quality of promoting (Mars) your creative vision (Neptune) to others.  Your vision could be grand, beautiful, or merely entertaining – so long as you apply your creativity and imagination to make something happen, you’re utilizing this aspect.

Do you want to create music or film?  Have an idea that can help improve people’s lives?    The gift and the opportunity of Mars Neptune aspect (especially conjunction, square or opposition) is that you are able to bring what you envision in your mind into the physical realm through action (Mars).


They become magnetic.  Charismatic leaders have this quality of making others “see” the vision they hold. By speaking out (Mars) about their vision of a better future (Neptune), these leaders impact and inspire others.  If you have Mars Neptune aspect, you have a kind of magic about your personality (or at least the potential for it) that attracts people to you.


Let’s think of two scenarios which may apply if this is the case:

  1. You have great ideas, but haven’t taken any action to bring them into reality.  The question why this is so is probably reflected elsewhere in the horoscope, but the main message is clear: You need to exercise your courage (Mars) to begin asserting yourself so that you have the freedom to pursue and realize your vision.  Maybe it’s as simple as giving yourself permission to fail while on the path to your dream (unrealistic expectations can discourage you to act).
  2. You feel lethargic and apathetic about your life direction, and find yourself engaged in escapist behaviors.  This is a negative manifestation of Neptune which can often result from not taking enough action (see #1 above.)  Unless it’s a full-blown case of addiction, you can most likely improve the situation through increasing the amount of action you take toward realizing your vision (more stories written, more sales calls made, more auditions attended, etc.)



Take a look at these examples:

  • Sir Richard Branson has Mars conjunct Neptune – he founded the Virgin Group which started as a music store but now includes over 400 companies across multiple industries.  He also broke several world records sailing or flying across the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.  His is a fine example of “if you can imagine it (Neptune), you can achieve it (Mars).”
  • Music legend Quincy Jones has Mars conjunct Neptune.  He produced (Mars) music, film and TV shows (all ruled by Neptune) for over 60 years and has won numerous awards.
  • Leo Tolstoy had Mars conjunct Neptune. Regarded as one of the greatest Russian novelists of all time, he was also well known for his passionate (Mars) spirituality (Neptune).
  • Michael Jordan has Mars square Neptune.  His quote: “You have to expect (Neptune) things of yourself before you can do (Mars) them.”
  • Helen Keller had Mars square Neptune (see her quote above.)
  • Motivational guru Anthony Robbins has Mars square Neptune.
  • Apple founder Steve Jobs had Mars opposition Neptune.
  • Actress Elizabeth Taylor had Mars opposition Neptune.

Each person in the above list utilized their vision, creativity or inspiration (Neptune) in their unique way to make things happen (Mars) in the real world.



Faith and Optimism.  These are the qualities associated with Jupiter, who co-rules the sign Pisces with Neptune, and they go well together with Neptune’s process of creative visualization.  Just picture the opposite scenario – fearful pessimism applied to your imagination – and you’ll see why these are so important!


Transit Neptune Conjunct Square Opposition Mars


At best, Neptune Mars transit is a time for discovering or rediscovering your authentic vision.  If your current lifestyle does not reflect your own ideals fully, the hard transits of Neptune can bring up inconvenient truths in order to nudge you to “change your ways.”

If you’re doing a reasonably good job of trying to live in sync with your creative, authentic self, this transit can flood you with inspiration and motivation for your next project.  This period can be very fruitful if you work to bring some of these inspiration down to reality.



During Neptune’s transit or solar arc to Mars, you could choose to hear the inspirational call of Neptune and act creatively, or choose to drown it out through more mind-numbing escapist activities (in which case you will likely experience the negative side of this transit as “confused, bewildered action”.)

It’s always best to exert your energy toward your goals (Mars), rather than merely wishing things were different (a classic Neptune dysfunction).


Do you have natal Mars conjunct, square or opposition Neptune?  Or are you experiencing transit Neptune Mars aspect?  How are you experiencing the meeting of these two energies?  Feel free to share your insights in the comment section.


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About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Well, is there a possibility to overcome a natal Mars (11th) square natal Neptune (2nd) when transiting Neptune (5th) is opposing natal Mars?

  2. Thank you for the inspired interpretation of Mars square Neptune and the beautiful quote by Helen Keller. I have this aspect and really appreciate your solution to this challenge: optimism is the faith I need.
    Neptune also is prominent in my chart. It trines my ascendant in Aquarius and is opposite to my venus in Pisces (as well as being in mutual reception with this venus). Neptune is also bi-quintile Mercury. I am a writer but I have had challenges with manifesting my dream. I have manifested other dreams but this one is more confusing for me. I need to utilize my courage. In the midst of all this Neptunian mystical stuff I am an Aries so I should be able to do that!
    Great article. Again, many thanks!

  3. Today mars was sq.venue nept. I am senior. I feel I ve finished life processes somewhat. Its a puzzle what comes next. So I took my guitar and went to see what a pd lesson would reveal. He wanted to be creative. No structure.
    It seemed we were not on same page.
    During the morning I was a couch potatoe but I didn t mind the low drive as it seemed more freedom to look at my life again. I think he was low energy but didn t realize it. He had no light and mine was mixed with emotional tears wanting to spill over. Still I actually played and sang and he found it acceptable – almost made it to play time. Felt like I missed the boat abit.
    But I went where so many people were active in musical dreams. No regret.

  4. Anna Denisova says

    Thank you for this inspiring article! It has made me fully aware of the impact of my neptune transit to mars. I am haunted by visions but struggling to act on them as my natal mars is hindered by a close saturn conjunction. There is a lot of insecurity and escapism and lethargy as you put it. On top of that my mars saturn conjunction is in virgo which in my case means getting bogged in detail before even embarking on any project! I gather this opposition and conjunction manists itself in me being so eager to express these energies and so stuck !

    • Hi Anna, thank you for sharing your experience with transit Neptune opposing Mars. Mars Saturn can be powerful as well – the challenge is that everything requires practical planning and action.

  5. A latent aspect to “inspired action” from Mars-Neptune is that there is a keener awareness of an action’s (Mars) impact to the collective (Neptune). For example, when I was a teenager I decided not to bother with having any children, as I reasoned the world was already suffering from over-population and social ills. Now while the decision still stays, it’s increasingly grounded on the growing acceptance of sufferings in the world rather than aversion.

    I think a balanced manifestation of “inspired action” is best encapsulated by what Abraham Lincoln once said, “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true; I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the light I have.”

  6. Hi Hiroki,
    I have Neptune conjunct Mars in the 7th house. I have never had a happy successful relationship and am extremely bitter. I can’t even tolerate music anymore. What should I do?

  7. Hi Hiroki,

    I always enjoy your articles. The Neptune square Mars transit seems to get a really bad rap.

    I have natal Neptune conjunct Mars in my 10th house, Mars ruling my third and tenth house. Personally I hate to be that guy who asks random information mining questions. Next month I’m going to begin my one year Neptune square Mars transit. I like what you are saying about the positive potential. As up until now you are the only person I’ve read who suggests that possibility.

    So rather than try and gleam free astrological info from you, this is what I’m wondering. Have you worked with people who have had a positive or productive experience with this transit, or is it merely a hypothetical possibility? I’m trying to discern how pessimistic I should be about this, “framed” transit for 2018.

    Thank you for writing such excellent articles

  8. Esmeralda Miguel says

    Thanks for this amazing article you’ve made me see reality a little clearer! I have mars conjunct Neptune in aqaurius both planets in the 11th house! I’m not sure what it means but I have been doing some research and I still can’t fully understand it until I came upon your article it has made it clearer for me on what to do and how I shouldn’t be afraid of the outcome! I also have mars sextile my sun and my sun conjunct pluto both in the 9th house Sagittarius. Although I lost my creativity and visions as a teen due to being taken advantage of from helping toxic people… I lost myself and I’m trying to focus on myself more but it’s a little rough when you have a over protective narcissistic mother. I can’t really focus on myself and I tend to want to escape alot. However, once I graduate from High school my biggest change I want to do is move out and study abroad! Hopefully this I can do and make it happen! I think moving away will make me work on myself and give strength and clarity for my visions and artistic abilities I lost while growing up. Thanks again!

  9. (I Reposted due to typo’s)

    Thanks for the article. I have a transit coming up of Neptune opposite natal Mars. My Mars is in the 5th house. Everything else I read says I’ll lose energy, be susceptible to illness etc. I am an artist that plans on releasing material all year. Will these creative efforts counter the negative effects of the transit? Along with also doing positive affirmation and visualizations?


  10. not only i have mars conjunct neptune in capricorn, I also have venus opposite pluto in scorpio (pluto in scorpio) and a yod that involves moon, mars (neptune) and pluto. I always feel like I’m trapped. Like I have ideas but no resources to make them come true.

    • Hello Mars, taking productive action is an acquired habit, and you usually learn it from someone else first (i.e. father/mentor figure). If you didn’t have the benefit of a mentor up til this point, it’s worth considering getting such help from an expert in your field of choice.

  11. Hello, I want to share my Mars Neptun opposition with you. I have no followers or charisma. Neptun is in 4#, Mars in 10#. I have a lot of ideas and a lot of big squares all over natal chart so I have no path for that. For the two next years from now on I will be experiencing transit Mars square natal Neptune( to 2019). I am pretty ill and my immunity is so low, I have problems to heal my body infections etc. What should be the best outlet for this transit? I am desperate…

  12. I have natal neptune Conj. Mars in cap. Both retrograde in my 5th. Transiting pluto recently unglued itself from tight conj to my natal Mars In5th. Aries rules my 9th house occupied by natal north node ( higher education)So itz been very much activated. Before this transit, I always had alot of varied interests/goals. My focus always scattered & dispersed. I’d start something w/ every intention to see it all the way thru then my enthusiasm would dissipate. When pluto transited this conj. Hitting natal neptune 1st i practiced music/guitar obsessively for hours on end everyday especially Bach. When pluto hit my Mars I ended up in physical danger romantically I left the relationship & became very physically determined on a path of martial arts pushing myself so far I became a combat machine. This took over my focus from the dreamy world of music to a very physical new realization of self thru the “sport”. In both cases a teacher came to guide me & a teaching position/job was offered to me (natal mars& transiting Pluto trine my midheaven @15’taurus). Thru all of this I firmly believe my higher vision I gained of my philosophy of my life experience helped to guide me thru(aries rules my 9th) next my vertex@20′ cap will be activated. So I’m sure the ride is not yet over

  13. charlotte marie says

    What does means ‘her Neptune Mars fall in his 8th’ in a synastry?

    • Hi Charlotte, in synastry, an activation of your partner’s 8th house can suggest a deeply emotional reaction from him. Mars Neptune conjunction, depending on how you’re using it, could suggest an inspiration toward healing, or arising of confusing emotions. Please consider scheduling a private appointment if you’d like to go into further discussion about your relationship.

  14. I have this natally: Neptune 22″ Sagg Trine Mars 25″ Leo

    I am very self conscious almost in every aspect of my life, Virgo Asc 25″, you know… but dancing is the only thing of my life that I do completely channelling the rhythms and musical energy to my movements, without paying attention to anyone or anything, just losing my self in the dance. Thanks Mars trine Neptune!

    Anyone else feels that way?


  15. Olá HIROKI NIIZATO eu amei muito seu texto , passou muitas informações para mim , agora consegui entender e ficar mais feliz com esse aspecto de marte neptuno , muito obrigada pela explicação . Tenho uma pergunta , sou canceriana do 3 decanato e tenho 6 aspectos de neptuno com meus planetas pessoais , uma quadratura com o meu rising e uma conjunção de neptuno com o meu meio do céu sem contar mais 5 aspectos que neptuno fez com kíron, plutão , nodo lo norte dentre outros . Bem eu me sinto muito uma pessoa de peixes é por causa destes aspectos? poderia me responder por favor?

  16. I have natal neptune trine mars. Neptune in 1st and mars in 9 house. This aspect is “guilty” why I studied on Maritime faculty haha… Im also daydreamer and song “To the moon and back” describes me at all. One more thing about this aspect is “political idealism”, maybe because of Mars in 9…

    • Thank you for sharing your experience! Mars trine Neptune gives a cozy feeling of support between ideals and action (although not necessarily leading to action) – daydreaming makes sense!

  17. Gabriela caia says

    Hi Hiroki,
    Congratulation on your articles! Some of the info that I read here I haven’t found anywhere else. I do have Mars conjunct Neptune (5 degrees away) in Sagitarius but they square my Pisces Moon(11 house). I definetely don’t live according with my true self. I am a daydreamer. At least I used to write but I don’t even do that now. I feel lost and confused about my life direction.

    • I can completely relate. Read Isabel Hickey s book on soul centered astrology. One of my favs. This conj.As a sag. Tends to send you down a path but you get very distracted along the way. You need new inspiration which the sign sag. Can provide as it is a path that can offer a taste of many worlds especially thru philosophy’s of many different cultures. However, you need the grounding focuse of the next sign Capricorn the goat. The highest manifestation of the goat transforms into the “ONE POINTEd unicorn” meaning an unrelenting determination toward one singular goal/path perhaps the synthesis of all the multi paths into ur own unique singular expression. Look to your house w/ cap. On the cusp & see what planets are within to help guide ur Sagittarian vision.

    • This is written for Daydreamer

      • Sorry automatic typing the message was intended for Gabriela Caia I appologize

        • Also your Pisces moon squaring this conj. Is pulling you in two or more differnt directions. Being a square aspect I can see where it causes a fog of uncertainty, unsuredness & confusion. Virgo the opposite of Pisces can help give you order she works very harmoniously with Capricorns one pointed focus. Just don’t let her Criticism or need for perfect hinder ur Sagittarian vision

  18. Hi Hiroko :) thank you for writing about that aspect . I have mars conjuct Neptune in the 8th house . In Capricorn both :) I envision great things , but they never get real , because i am too down to earth .
    I do a drama group . I am 30 in April , I would love to be famous , but it wont happen , too much to risk. I am too old also to being famous . I accepted it , so I only doing it locally . I have so much visions but they never get real . I don’t even get it , why did I decided that I want to do acting as a hobby at 29 . When I was a child , I could never do it , never had the courage . I come from a family , where I pretty much was invisible . My mum was always thinking of her , and she was busy with her career , she could not cope , and my education was messed up because of it , because early on in my school life , I did not get any encouragement . School was difficult , parents got divorced , and I had to help myself . 12th house sun and Venus , if the birth of my time is right . So anyways , pretty pessimistic , I know . There is no such a thing as luck . You must work hard for everything , but you can get support from the outside , but than , I feel bad , because I did not achieve it all by myself . Anyways , Mars Neptune , I always thought it was a difficult aspect in my birth chart by the way :)

  19. PiscesPersonifieD says

    Hi Hiroki:

    I’m also an astrologer (Mars (26 Pisces) square Neptune (24Sag) with Moon (21 Gemini) opposite Neptune).

    There is a lot of charisma, magnetism tinged with a martyr complex (subconsciously of course)…although I attract “followers” easily. My Mars also trines Uranus (0 Sag) out of sign. Makes my actions more independent. I actually do not seek to create a cult simply to inspire those less fortunate.

    My birth chart is interesting ( so I’ve been told) Mainly air (grand trine kite with Neptune at the pinnacle) & water with a bit of earth & fire thrown in for good measure….my Sun is 22Pisces, FYI. Neptune rules!! Thanks for the posts, just discovered your page. Cheers!!

  20. Would this describe Mars trine Neptune..I have 1st house Cancer Mars 21dgs on my 2nd house cusp trine H5 Scorpi Nep 28dgs..I am very vulnerable t my children’s needs (esp my eldest and first born) & spoil them all (4) rotten.Pisces is contained within my 9th house joined by early Aries MC so somehow this aspect has something to do with my higher purpose and public reputation.I have sacrificed alot for my kids as any mother does..but I often wonder if Im meant to be doing more (NN in Pisces 3dgs).My escapist tendencies revolve around food and comfort eating too..Im hopeful Saturn’s 2yr transit in Sag (6th house..natal Libra Jup 4th house) will help me out there?

    • Hello MM,

      Yes, Mars trine Neptune has similar potential, but it’s less intense in it’s motivation to act. Trine tends toward stability, and require tension elsewhere in the horoscope for its potential to be mobilized. Without action Mars trine Neptune becomes more of a spiritual rationalization of the status quo tinged with frustration…So increasing activity becomes an important key.

  21. So beautifully explained and expressed Hiroki, thank you. I have Mars conjunct Neptune and MC in Scorpio (charismatic cult leader perhaps?!). It’s powerful, but undermined by much else that has happened in my early life. All of which is reflected elsewhere in my horoscope. Age and wisdom are helping greatly. Courage is the key. It’s manifestation in my life is that I can turn on the charm when I need to, and I have. Although trying always to use my powers for good not evil. I joke, but I am acutely aware of the capacity for manipulation in these energies and can thank a loving family and spiritual practice (Nep) for the perspective I need to be kind with them.

  22. Hi Hiroki,

    Kim Davis, the infamous Rowan Co. Ky. clerk who was jailed for refusing to obey the new Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage has Mars in Scorpio closely conjunct Neptune. Her dob is Sept. 17th, 1965 in Morehead, Ky.

    Very interesting chart, even without the known ascendant…..

    • Hi Sherry,

      That’s an interesting example of Mars conjunct Neptune. Acting (Mars) on one’s spiritual conviction (Neptune) can make someone seem out of touch with reality (a Neptunian dysfunction). Scorpio adds emotional intensity and depth to the conviction. Too bad it was directed in this way.

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