Mars Jupiter Aspect: Fortune Favors the Bold

mars conjunct square opposite jupiter


In astrology, Mars represents how you need to act in order to be effective.  Your Mars reveals the style that best suits you in achieving your goals.  If you’re a fighter (just to give you a metaphor), then your Mars determines your fighting style (e.g. frontal assault or psychological tactics.)

Jupiter represents enthusiasm, expansion and reward.  Mythologically, Jupiter is the king among gods.  In your psyche, it’s the part of you that is bold, proud and unafraid to be in the spotlight.

If your Jupiter forms an aspect with Mars (especially conjunction, square or opposition), then you need to act boldly and enthusiastically, while constantly expanding into new fields.



Timidity and pessimism kill Jupiter’s fire.  You may have other factors in your horoscope that suggests inhibition or insecurity.  If so, you might not feel the hope and enthusiasm typical of Mars-Jupiter aspect.

If you have Mars or Jupiter retrograde, the straightforward “bold warrior” approach suggested by the Mars Jupiter combo may not be for you.  Retrogradation suggests  interiority, so perhaps much of the enthusiasm will be self-contained rather than openly expressed.

In such cases, you could be prone to negative thinking that weakens Jupiter’s hope and faith.  To counter such tendency requires time and conscious effort.


One way to stoke Jupiter’s enthusiasm is to envision – and write down – big goals.  If you don’t feel excitement about your current goals, perhaps your vision isn’t big enough.  The Jupiter part of your psyche isn’t content just to get by – it wants expansion and grand success.

Consider how you wish your life could be expanding (materially, mentally and spiritually), and write them down as goals.  Rather than playing it safe, write down what excites you.  A goal doesn’t always have to be materially oriented – it could be a new subject you want to learn, or a new place you want to visit.  The aim is to feel the sense of expansive enthusiasm that propels you into action.

(by the way, they say written down goals are much more likely to be realized than goals that aren’t written down).


Most often, Mars Jupiter aspect suggests an “act first, think later” type of approach (except when other inhibiting factors are involved).  This can lead to rash actions that don’t contribute to your overall success.  Therefore, some wise planning (think Saturn) can be beneficial in directing your energy productively.


Jupiter is often associated with various kinds of excess. In the case of Mars conjunct, square or opposition Jupiter, this may manifest as overconfidence or excessive aggression.


Donald Trump has a midpoint picture Sun=Moon=Mars/Jupiter, which makes Mars-Jupiter energy central to his personal expression.  Trump definitely seems to express the various strengths and excess of Mars-Jupiter energy.

Trump received many criticism through his overly aggressive stance, but he still managed to succeed through his bold and confident style.  His career exemplifies the continuous expansion that Mars Jupiter energy suggests.

Although things seemed to have worked out well for Trump, we can easily envision other scenarios where such aggression can backfire.  Without grounded planning and solid foundation, the overconfident expression of Mars-Jupiter energy may end up costing you instead.


Transiting Jupiter aspecting your Mars (especially the hard aspect) suggests a time to enlarge your plan of action.  Think how you may act on a larger scale, e.g. expanding into international market, or publishing new materials to expand your audience.

Transiting Jupiter moves relatively fast, so this will be a fleeting aspect.  Therefore, you could plan for this period ahead of time and schedule big activities (e.g. public presentation or a big sales pitch).  It could also be a great time to form new strategies or envision new business goals.

Solar Arc Jupiter=Mars lasts longer (6-12 months depending on orb), and this period can suggest major expansion of your activity.  Jupiter also suggests learning, so this could also be a good time to study something new.



Both natally and in transit, Mars Jupiter aspect signals opportunity to enlarge your vision and plan new activities.  This aspect suggests that, as long as your goals are big enough to excite you, you’ll have enough enthusiasm and courage to make things happen.


Do you have a natal Mars Jupiter aspect, or are you experiencing transit Jupiter aspect to Mars?  Feel free to share your insights and experiences in the comment section.


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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I’m inspired by your article. Thank you for your sensibleness, Hiroki! Your knowledge is inspiring. :)

    I’m a Scorpio rising, Mars in the final degrees of Libra (29th degree, 12th house). Jupiter is placed in the first degrees of Taurus, 6th house. Being native to this aspect makes me feel like sometimes I am sure of what I’m trying to grasp and at other times it makes me feel like I’m trying too much to be thorough before acting and at fewer times I’m just acting before I think. Man, living feels like a rollercoaster! But, I have faith that I know where I’m standing and that there are multiple ways to thrive in life. One of them is by reading your articles! Haha

  2. Anastasia says

    Hiroki, your article is just super! everything is very clear and understandable!
    I’m from Russia and it’s nice to read you!)

  3. Anastasia says

    Hi, Hiroki ! In my natal chart,
    Mars in the libra in 12 opposition Jupiter in the aries 6! I do not know how to work this aspect out? what to do with him ?

  4. Thank you for this article, Hiroki! I have always believed fortune favored the brave and even as a small child, I was fearless in facing tough, adult situations because I understood them with great wisdom and clarity beyond my years. People always seem to seek me out to share shameful or grave news, especially in areas of abuse and violence. I find that I can be quite bold in really tough situations, even intense times of death, destruction, or upheaval–the saddest or darkest of times. I just have to watch my intensity because it can be very fierce and destructive in both relationships and expansive efforts.

    Natal Mars Conjunct Jupiter in the 8th, Sextile Venus and Trine Neptune
    Mars 1″ 49′ Virgo
    Jupiter 0″ 32′ Virgo

  5. Thank you for very informative article, Hiroki, I really enjoyed reading it and it does resonate with me to large extent. I have Jupiter Mars conjunction in Leo, 4th house (Taurus Asc). But it’s opposite to Saturn in 10th house, unfortunately, which is why I feel my actions are often inhibited. I also believe that this conjunction will describe my marital situation/husband, since Mars is the lord of the 7th house. Would you agree on that?

  6. David Crago says

    And before you say it, yes, I’m definitely going to purchase and schedule a consultation with you as soon as I can afford to do so because I absolutely love your style of interpreting astrology and how you perceive & talk about everything astrology is outstanding with how you put such a genuinely POSITIVE(and very intelligently written) spin on all the different topics. Look forward to visiting this site regularly! Have a great one! ~David

  7. David Crago says

    Hello again…
    My natal Mars is in 5° Cancer/3rd house and forms an exact square to Jupiter at 5° Libra/6th house and everything you mentioned in this article rings entirely true for me personally regarding your Mars/Jupiter interpretations, especially since Mars is my chart ruler…BUT, 5°Libra Jupiter in my chart is also exactly conjunct my 5°Libra Saturn/6th house – so my Mars in Cancer squares the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction(those 3 planets are all at 5° so those aspects’ all have a 0° orb which I’m guessing just exacerbates the effects of the aspects). So I really never have known how or what to make of the conjunction of Jup/Sat since those 2 planets have totally opposite core meanings, and that fact further confuses me about HOW I should interpret the squares that my Mars makes to them both(all 3 are also a part of a few T-squares as well, phew!)…while I DO relate a lot to what you said in this article about what Mars/Jupiter aspects can be indicative of, but sometimes I feel the exact opposite of what you described, probably because of the Mars square Saturn aspect, it feels like a constant tug-of-war effect, enthusiastic optimism & sporadic actions mixed with hesitant-to-act feelings of limitation & careful precise planning for everything…hence me not being able to understand what the squares from Mars to the Jup/Sat conjunction. So, since Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct would you say that would kind of cancel each other’s attributes out? My 3°Leo Sun forms sextile aspects to the Jup/Sat conjunction, so I suppose that might be “the key” to figuring out what to make of the Mars square to Jup/Sat conjunction….

    • Hi David, thank you for all your comments (I had to delete the super long one based on my editorial criteria).

      Regarding your question, rather than Saturn cancelling Jupiter, consider that you have 2 qualities in need of development: Realism and experience coupled with bold optimism. This is a powerful combination responsible for many major achievements.

  8. Lucas Laranjo Jaques says

    Hello, Mister Niizato ! I’m in love with your texts and your way of getting in touch with things ! That’s a master degree in Astrology !
    I’m wondering if you can tell us something more about the planning methods ( Saturn) that you mentioned before ! I’m a jupiter/mars conjunction in Leo/12th house , and i’m not shure how can I plan , as my Saturn is Aquarius/6th ! I had experienced some need for reclusion and lack of planning because of that aspect , and now i’m thinking about beeing as excentric as I can ! I’m feeling excited about it , and not shure how Saturn will react !

  9. I have Mars Oppo Saturn (and uranus) and this is so frustrating, making me to not wanna budge before I have a good plan and feel ready. But I also have a Mars sextile Jupiter. Now, sextile is not that a strong of an aspect so mostly Mars-Saturn wins. BUT I have realised, whenever I plan something and feel hesitant, but then I just go for it, it often ends well and makes me happy since it happened because I was determined and also curageous. This often applies to relationships for me, as I’m not a business woman, yet.

  10. I’m really glad to find this site, such amazing articles!
    I have my Mars conjunct Jupiter (and Venus) in Leo and just like you said, I’ve always achieved my goals when I acted a little bit reckless, but I’ve always had a back-up plan too… Sadly (?) Saturn opposes this 3 hand-in-hand buddies, so I have periods when I deeply feel the urgent need to go-and-get-it-all, but questions of responsibility or even fear hold me back. 2016 was the best year of my life so far. 2017 is a disaster in these matters, so I guess, it has to be some hard transit influence that gives more power of Saturn lately.

    Thank you for your articles, I like that you offer good solutions for dealing with the hard aspects. Actually, this is what I am searching for right now and not only for plain descriptions : )

  11. Speak your mind? Oh trust me, I will that! Donald Trump is a poor example of the Mars/Jupiter aspect. He is capable of stirring others emotions to their detriment via ideology, materialism and fear. He has the Sun, Uranus, Rahu in Gemini, 10th in Taurus. He is centered on status… Mind on the money. For some reason, I feel the need to fight this man to the limit. My Jupiter is in Aries 12th. My mars is in Taurus 12th. Ketu in 12th Taurus conjunct ascendant. 10th in Aquarius… I will never accept this man as president. I will not accept this superficial, egoistical man!

    • Hi Focus, the spectrum of potentials suggested by the horoscope and what someone chooses to do with them are two separate things. Trump’s behaviors and choices express the Mars/Jupiter energy extremely clearly.

  12. I have Jupiter conjunct Mercury, opposite Mars. It manifests as exaggerated or expansive speaking, writing as a passion, impulsive quick talking and action. Thankfully (?) I have a strong Saturn, and the Mercury & Jupiter are in Taurus, which provides some steadying! I am VERY receptive to Mars transits, whether to natal Mars, or from Mars to other natal planets.

    • Hi Star, thank you for sharing your experience with Jupiter opposite Mars. It makes sense that you’re receptive to Mars transits, as that would activate your mental and physical drive.

  13. JOÃO Luis Saraiva says

    Hello Hiroki Niizato.
    I’m João Saraiva.
    I have Mars/Chiron in Virgo 6th house with Quintil Jupiter in Sagitarius 8/9th house. What does this mean?
    I would love to get a full reading from you, if you want to travel to Portugal I can house you with no problems :)

  14. Hi
    Mars 24 Virgo ( 11th house ) square Jupiter 26 Gemini (retro) ( 8th house). Mars also sextile Mercury 23 Scorpio in 1st, Uranus 24 Cancer in 9th. Jupiter trines Sun/Saturn/Neptune in 12th and sextiles Pluto in 10th…..feel that Mars /Jupiter in mutable is a great gatherer and fritterer of information and perhaps wisdom but lacks follow through.

    • Hi AK, thank you for sharing your experience with Mars square Jupiter in mutable signs – it makes sense that this combination will be big on information gathering and sharing – with a bit of structure this talent really becomes your strength!

  15. When Jupiter happened, I used the Jupiter transit conjunct natal Mars to get rid of things. Purging is not what I expected from Jupiter. Also, the Jupiter transit squared natal Mercury at the same time. There was energy to make things look better. Your website is very informative.

  16. Indigo isle says

    Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider!

  17. Interesting article mr. Niizato. I personaly have mars in cancer squaring jupiter in virgo. Would you say that this square could represent classic clash between cold rationality and raw emotions?

  18. I have not only mars jupiter opposition but it is the heart of a boomerang yod with neptune saturn sextile and mars in apex. Unfortunately jupiter is not only retrograde it is in the first degré of sagitarius now on zero by progression. Not an happy ending….

    • Hi Sophie, I wouldn’t worry too much about Jupiter retrogradation. Also, there is no practical relevance to Jupiter changing position in secondary progression, as it moves too slowly. These and other measurements you mention do not signify anything negative by themselves, so only your interpretation is the problem.

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