Jupiter Pluto Aspects: Vision and Leadership

jupiter conjunct square opposite pluto“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. Your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” – James Allen


  • Natal Jupiter Pluto conjunction, square or opposition and their potentials
  • Transit or solar arc Pluto Jupiter aspect
  • Jupiter/Pluto midpoint as a possible indicator of wealth and success
  • How to unlock the potentials of Jupiter Pluto aspects in your life

Natal Jupiter conjunct square opposite Pluto

In your natal chart, Jupiter represents faith as well as the reward hoped for.  Jupiter is your capacity to see (and believe in) the big picture – he is the motivational speaker in your psyche.

Pluto deepens and empowers what it touches to the nth degree.  When Pluto forms a dynamic aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) with Jupiter, your beliefs become powerful and your dreams larger than life.

Jupiter Pluto aspects tend to manifest strongly if your Sun, Moon or an inner planet (Mercury, Venus or Mars) is also involved with the aspect.  Here are some possible expressions of this aspect:


Jupiter moves the mind toward positive, uplifting expression – except when you’re caught up in ego struggles (in which case, a king-complex might emerge.)  Pluto can amplify Jupiter’s positive outlook so that you develop a powerful optimism that says ‘no problem is insurmountable.’

Fueled by the power of such belief, you are able to tackle large issues and find solutions to them more often than not.  After a while, people may begin to say “If anyone can solve this issue, it’s you,” which will bring you to the position of…


Faith is magnetic.  Great leaders have such faith in themselves and their vision of what is right, that they cannot help but attract others.  If you have Jupiter conjunct square or opposite Pluto, your belief in yourself could be strong enough to lead an army (in fact, General Norman Schwarzkopf did. He had Jupiter square Pluto.)

Using their powerful leadership, a Jupiter-Pluto person could lead people toward good or evil.  Think Mohandas Gandhi (Jupiter conjunct Pluto) who led his country to freedom, or cult leader Jim Jones (Jupiter conjunct Pluto) who led nearly 1000 people including himself to a mass suicide.  Same aspect, vastly different results.


Noel Tyl said Pluto is the adverb of the horoscope – answering the question of “how much, how far.”  In relation to Jupiter, Pluto asks “How far do you want to go in life?  How much do you want to achieve?”  Jupiter-Pluto person seems to have an attitude of “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

Examples of Natal Jupiter Pluto Aspects

Here are some examples of visionaries and super-achievers with a Jupiter Pluto aspect:

  • Mohandas Gandhi (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)
  • Bill Gates (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)
  • Nelson Mandela (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Jupiter square Pluto)
  • Steven Spielberg (Jupiter square Pluto)
  • Margaret Thatcher (Jupiter opposite Pluto)

Transit Pluto conjunct square opposite Jupiter

When transit or solar arc Pluto forms a conjunction, square or opposition with Jupiter, you may feel a strong sense of optimism and personal power similar to the natal Pluto Jupiter aspect described above.  Similar possibility exists for solar arc Jupiter conjunct, square or opposite natal Pluto (whereas transit Jupiter tends to pass too quickly, although it still has the same potential.)

During this time period, you may be challenged to enlarge your vision and seek bigger (or deeper) goals than what you’ve previously imagined.  Perhaps it’s time to raise your own expectation of what you can achieve.

Jupiter/Pluto Midpoint: Potential for Wealth and Success

It has been noted that emphasis of Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in a horoscope (i.e. you have a planet in hard aspect with the midpoint of Jupiter/Pluto) can signal potentials for success and wealth.  Similarly, a transit or solar arc activating the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint could suggest a period of success and financial gain.

Example: Steven Spielberg listed above has Mars=Jupiter/Pluto on the Aries Point (AP), reflecting his mega-success.  Schwarzenegger similarly has AP=Jupiter/Pluto.

Even in “normal” people’s horoscopes, planets or angles highlighting the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint tends to suggest financially successful people (or people on the way to becoming successful.)

In Closing: How to Unlock the Potential of Jupiter Pluto Aspects

If you have a natal Jupiter Pluto aspect but are not expressing the powerful quality discussed in this article, chances are you have yet to uncover your true potential.  The question is, what is getting in the way of your potential?  The answer will usually be apparent in other parts of your horoscope.

Pluto aspects sometimes carry a theme of reclaiming your power from oppressing circumstance. In the case of Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Jupiter, you may need to let go of unhealed resentment or even rage before you can reclaim the sense of faith in life and yourself.

If the above does not seem to apply to you, then perhaps what you need is a goal or a dream big enough to unlock the potential of Jupiter Pluto aspects.  If you didn’t have to settle, what goals would you be aiming for right now?  Consider your answer carefully, and see if you can begin moving toward it starting today.


Do You Have a natal or transit Pluto-Jupiter aspect?  How did you experience it?  Feel free to share your experience and insights in the comment section.


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About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki@hniizato.com or schedule a consultation.


  1. Hello Hiroki,
    Very happy to have found this article. I recently discovered my Jupiter Pluto midpoint is exactly my Midheaven – 29 Libra. I can agree I have been successful at every job I worked at, always felt lucky as I have always done well enough to support myself and live well. However, I experienced issues at my last job that could be considered a personality clash with my boss. Although I have done well financially during my time there, I did lose my job as my boss did not like me and I now have concerns I will not be able to find work again. With Jupiter Pluto on my Midheaven, can I assume I will always find work and do relatively well? Pluto transit is also squaring my Midheaven and will be for a while, which is causing me concern. Finding your website has given me some hope :) Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Colin,

      MC=Jupiter/Pluto is pretty powerful! I am glad to hear you’ve experienced a good deal of success in your career. Regarding your recent challenges, there might be some other factors at play, such as a particular planetary cycle. For a full analysis please consider scheduling a private session. However, in general this is a very positive placement regarding your career, so I would encourage you to remain optimistic.

  2. Hi! A question about hard aspects, Would a 135 degrees be enough to consider for natal or Solar arcs or midpoints or is that too weak?
    Love your articles.

  3. Thank you for this article sir. Interestingly, I have Jupiter-Moon conjunction trine Pluto. And my Midheaven-Neptune conjunction sits on my Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. Orbs are less than 1 degree for every single aspect mentioned here. I will admit that I have always been “lucky” in the financial department… but I’ll have to seriously consider what blocks I have in place that are limiting the level of enormous wealth suggested in this natal promise. Seriously, any hints, suggestions or secrets are welcomed ;).

  4. Sanjay Desai says

    Lovely article, Hiroki. Thank you. Your article resonated a lot with my circumstances and tendencies. I am an amateur into astrology and came across these aspects through my Human Design. Human Design integrates Design/Unconscious planets (88 days before birth) with Natal. My design Pluto (Virgo) is opposite Natal Jupiter (in Pisces). My natal Pluto is therefore also in Virgo, but not exactly 180 degrees. Can you throw light on how many degrees apart would a significant opposition be ? Best.

    • Hi Sanjay, aspect orbs (how many degrees apart planets can be from an exact aspect and still be considered valid) are never meant to be thought of as an exact boundary. With that said, a lot of people consider somewhere between 5 – 8 degrees orb.

  5. Great article. I had a Solar arc conjunction and it was a time of succcess, yes. I have a grand cross in zažalio with these two and moon and Venus.
    A question, Would you consider progressed aspects to this midpoint as well? As you speak only about Solar arc.

    • Hi Maja, I personally do not use secondary progression except for the Moon at this point, as the slower progressed planets (Jupiter onward) tend to move too slowly for it to act as a reliable indicator.

  6. oceangirl says

    Dear Hiroki,
    I’m just looking at Pluto in my chart; it seems Sun Trine Pluto, Neptune Sextile Pluto along with Jupiter Opposition Pluto has reaffirmed what I’ve always known. Pluto Sextiles Ascendent Scorpio, too, (where Neptune sits) so there is deep stuff going on and has been reaffirmed through your article so thank you! I did release serious rage during my Chiron Return and have been focused ever since on my mission for the planet.

  7. Hi Hiroki,
    Finally a full article about this theme that actually makes sense. I have myself pluto conjuncting jupiter right at my nadir which means both also conjunct my IC so they oppose my MC, funny enough I have a lot of tension going on in my 10th because of my 12th/1st stellium making squares to my jupiter and my MC so I was putting more the attention there than in this placement alone. I wonder if you have any advice for my pluto jupiter conjuction knowing its opposing my MC.
    Thanks for your work

    • Hi Ana, Pluto Jupiter conjunction opposing MC would suggest huge potential for career success. If something is getting in the way of that potential, that’s where the work needs to be done…

  8. Hi Hiroki,
    Thank you for the article. In my birth chart I have a Jupiter square Pluto aspect. Jupiter is in the 3rd house having the sign Pisces and Pluto is in the 1st house having the sign of Sagittarius. My Sun is in the 3rd house having the sign Pisces and my ascendant is Sagittarius which conjuncts with Pluto. I can see a repetition of the houses and perhaps a relation between the planets/ the ruler of the signs etc. I can feel the willpower and the energy to focus on a goal, but, it is hard to know which subjects that I can be more effective to use this energy. I’m very interested to hear your comment about this aspect.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Beren, knowing which path or skill to focus on developing is vital…And the clue needs to come from within you, ultimately. Your birth chart can give you hints of a direction, as well as the best way for you to express it – but after that it comes down to your intuitive knowing. For important discussion please consider scheduling a private consultation.

    • Aizen The Alchemist says

      We relatively share birthdays! Or at least very close..
      My sun and Jupiter are in pisces 5th house.
      Jupiter is Square Pluto 2nd House Sagittarius.
      Jupiter is Conjunct my South Node.
      While Pluto is Square to both Nodes.
      Any insights you receive in regards to your personal activation, do share! Im curious to know what insights i could gain from your experiences.

  9. Hi Hiroki,
    Thank you very much for the article.
    I think its most down to the point, clear and simple to understand article.
    I will, however, need to see why is this energy not reflecting so with me.
    Jupiter 28 in 1st (Aries 28 asc), opposing Pluto 7 (Scorpio) 7th house squaring Sun 1 in Leo, 4th (Moon, Venus, Mercury also there).
    I’ve read somewhere that T squares should be remedied with the opposing (missing house), in my case empty (10th in capricon).
    Would you have any thoughts on this, when you have a chance?

    Thank you!

  10. Since the beginning of the year I have my progressed Jupiter sextile pluto and trine moon under 1 degree in 4th house ( natal moon is exact opposite natal pluto at 0 degree) does this have any effect similar to solar arc Jupiter pluto aspects ? The article was really interesting thank you 😊

    • Hi Luna, I wouldn’t recommend considering those measurements in relation to this topic. First, you want to work with hard aspects, as they tend to have more energies for change. Another thing is, with secondary progression, Jupiter and other slower planets move too slowly for them to matter. So your progressed Jupiter will stay in that position for not just this year, but for many, many years – which is not too helpful when you’re trying to discover the changes that are possible this year.

  11. I have a t square: pluto opposition jupiter, square the sun. Libra pluto in the 5th, aries jupiter in the 11th, square capricorn sun in the 8th. Any thoughts? Thank you for your article.

  12. Hi Hiroki,
    Lovely article, my friend was wondering how to unlock her Jupiter (Aries) in 12th house opposite Pluto (conjunct mercury -Libra) in 6th house?
    I myself have Pluto (3rd, Libra) trine Jupiter (7th, Aquarius) – any thoughts/advice how to fulfill/live this aspect?

  13. Bernadette Thomas says

    Jupiter conjuncts pluto in 3rd house birth chart. Any guidance? Meaning?

    • Hi Bernadette, the 3rd house is a zone that has to do with the development of mental patterns. Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the 3rd house suggests the necessity to develop a deep, expansive mindset through increasing your knowledge and insight.

  14. I have a very rudimentary knowledge/awareness of astrology, but this article resonated as I have Jupiter conjunct Pluto conjunct Uranus conjunct the Sun in my Natal. I think I may be very hampered by a natal Mars square Neptune as well. I would love to read an article about this aspect sometime. Quite a lot going on! I plan to get a relocation reading and reset my life in the near future.

  15. Curtis Price says

    Oh, I forgot to mention they’re both planets are opposite positionally.

  16. Curtis Price says

    I have Pluto in Libra in my 1st house(Virgo Asc) and Retrograde Jupiter in Aries in my 7th House. Can you give me a general understanding of their relationship with each other in the Jupiter Pluto dynamic?

    • Hi Curtis, Pluto Jupiter opposition within the 1st-7th house axis emphasizes development and learning through relationships. When you master the art of successfully handling relationships (whether through leadership, guidance or persuasion), much of the potential of this aspect can blossom for you.

  17. Joshua Velazquez-Lemus says

    I have mars in Scorpio Jupiter in cancer and Pluto in Scorpio. I know I’m capable but I’m stuck because of resentment and anger towards many people who have hurt me… give me your insight in what you see for me…

    • Hi Joshua, resentment keeps many people stuck. I’m not sure if this articles applies to your horoscope, but if you have Jupiter trine Pluto, you can see it as a dormant potential that is available for you, should you choose to use it. To do so, most likely you’ll need to overcome the emotional hurdles that are keeping you from advancing toward your goals via therapies, coaching, etc.

  18. I have Jupiter (and the moon) opposite Pluto, and I have an unshakeable belief in myself. Plus I’m extremely ambitious.

    I’ve never met anyone else who shares my level of faith and optimism

  19. This is interesting! I have Jupiter sandwiched conjunct between moon and sun. Pluto is in opposition with Jupiter and moon! I think my Jupiter/Pluto opposition overpowers my moon/Pluto opposition. I have so much faith, confidence and sense of power, plus openess with relationships and my emotions. I got my natal and solar return chart reading earlier this year. It feels like a big year for me in terms of personal and spiritual growth. I’m just dissecting it more due to my desire to learn more about astrology. Your site is very good!

  20. I really enjoyed this analysis. My progressed sun will conjunct my tight jupiter-pluto-IC conjunction in mid-july. ( Pluto 26.29 leo, IC 26.29 leo, Jupiter 26.35 leo) Natal sun 26.10 gemini, Neptune 27.45 libra & Saturn 27.34 scorpio. I feel like this is the progression that I’ve been anticipating my whole adult life. Pluto & Saturn have been brutally squaring my moon….in preparation for whatever comes next. Wish me luck!

  21. Hi Hiroki, just to share my muse that mid point of Jupiter and Pluto may have characteristics of Centaurs, which ply between Jupiter and Neptune (Pluto crosses inside of Neptune’s orbit). Centaurs as half-human and half-horse can be thought of as hybrid vehicles of both human awareness and collective awareness. The Steven Spielberg example (Mars=Jupiter/Pluto) can be seen as taking action to evoke collective awareness (given his movie genres in space sci-fi, relic adventures etc) in the mind of mass audience. I resonate with this interpretation as I’ve been ruminating on Sun conjunct mid point of Jupiter/Pluto (and also Sun conjunct mid point of Saturn/Uranus, which has clear Chiron characteristics to me) in my personal chart

  22. Hmm- I just found your posting on Jupiter and Pluto and actually wrote down what you said about those of us who have these two conjunct and DON’T always feel the power inherent. Mine are in 6th house Leo, sextile my Sun conjunct Neptune, but also square 8th house Saturn conjunct Moon. I can get to my optimism, can move mountains (have done so many times in work) and tend to bring order to chaos… but the effects of the Saturn moon conjunction bring it back to needing to take care of the emotional intensity that underscores everything. I’ve tempered this as I have aged and am now reconsidering my path, returning to a renewed passion for astrology and my intuitive abilities- all the result of quitting my job in April. An opportunity to rebuild who I think I am in present time.

    • Hi Julie,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Jupiter conjunct Pluto. The square with Saturn-Moon seems powerful, but perhaps in a more spiritual or intuitive way as you mention, rather than purely material success. 6th and 8th house also tend to bring out wanting to help others as the focus.

  23. Hi Hiroki!
    I don’t have any planets in Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, since it is at 27° Virgo (in 12th). Should I consider its ruler?
    Mercury is in the 7th House (square to Mars in 10th and square to Neptune in 4th).
    Oportunity of communicating or organize, build a career working from home?
    Am I right? :)

  24. Hi Hiroki

    Great article. I always refer to this page for the Jupiter Pluto midpoint. I have this myself. Ascendant=Jupiter/Pluto, 0.09 mins away. The ascendant is opposite the midpoint, also on Aries point AP=Jupiter/Pluto. How does this manifest? How do I tap into this?

    • Hi there, I would like to ask you the same question – how does this manifest for you? Do you see the leadership potential expressed in your life?

    • Hi,
      I’m surprised to read this description of Jupiter and Pluto! Because I never looked for it’s meaning and because I have had a very strong life experience of what you’ve described. I have Pluto conjunct Jupiter ( 3° apart ) in the 7th house. I’ve had uncanny belief in myself, confidence, even hair-brained big ideas and willingness to work and the outcomes have been better than I dreamed of. Over and over for more than 30 yrs. I’ve been called lucky since I was a child by everyone I’ve known. All pertaining to business and money but artistic success too.
      I have not been lucky in love. Well, I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to have had so many great loves of my life but death and circumstance disappeared them. Perhaps that’s in the 8th or the other side of my astrological coin. Certainly it’s been an interesting and abundant tragic life ;-)

      Thanks for great information.
      Aloha, Cindy

  25. Hello Hiroki,
    I know a guy with Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo, both squaring Pluto in Scorpio. His father is a wealthy, succesfull business man. He is looking for balance between arrogance and no confidence. Currently his Sun/Jupiter receive an inconjunct from Pluto transit in Capricorn. His confidence is in tatters.

    • Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing. Pluto – Sun combination is a bit tricky, and often requires psychological digging before his own power is unlocked. I plan to write about that combination soon, but the main thing is your friend has a lot of potential waiting to be tapped.

  26. I have jupiter conjuncion pluton, I do not think I have unlocked this powerful aspect

  27. Thank you for your comment x]

    i read stephen arroyo jupiter book. i guess time will tell.

    And your articles are really on point.

  28. Hello i have jupiter conjunct pluto in my natal which is 6orb39min and venus conjunct jupiter 5orb44mins. I want your opinion do you think they matter ? i don’t need advice or explaining just if the conjuctions are ‘legit’. I also have jupiter sextile neptune and uranus and jupiter trine moon. so i think my jupiter is important for me that’s why i’m asking. Its also in the ninth house in scorpio.

    • Hi Shirley, it’s a little wide, but you could make the conjunction work. Orbs are like that – they can expand somewhat if you’re actively using the planets in your life.

  29. Hi Hiroki!

    How is Jupiter Pluto aspect triggered by transit!

    • Hi Birgit, Jupiter transits tend to be more fleeting compared to Pluto transit, so you need to be ready for the opportunity in order to take advantage of them. If you are ready, then some empowering opportunities could be expected.

  30. Paula Paulo says

    I know a person who has Pluto Jupiter in the same degree and minutes in scorpio in the 12 house, he also has sun moon and Mercury in the 12 but he has no ambition at all. He seems depressed most of the time and I never saw him excited about anything but weed. He is waiting for life to happen for him, how is this possible???

    • Hi Paula, the 12th house stellium suggests some tough environment for your friend that most likely led to a major suppression of his will and vitality. Listen to his story and you’ll find the answer.

  31. Hi Hiroki!
    Thanks for your reply. Perhaps in my case a Pluto transit is more relevant especially with my natal Pluto conjunct my natal Jupiter? I have my natal Sun 16 degrees 22 minutes in Capricorn so I have now gone through a monumental transformation in my life with transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Sun ending last year. I am currently experiencing transiting Pluto sextile my progressed Sun.

  32. And Júpiter Trine Pluto???? Where is it?

    • Hi there, the meaning for the planetary combination will be relevant regardless of the aspect. However, hard aspects tend to reflect a greater level of motivation to develop and change, so it’s easier to relate to.

      Trine can be thought of as innate potential you can tap into with some effort – so everything shared in this article can still apply.

  33. Hiroki!
    another oversight! My natal Jupiter is in Virgo.

  34. Hiroki!

    I forgot to mention the transit of Uranus through Scorpio.

    I forgot to mention the transit of Uranus through Scorpio!

  35. Hi Hiroki!
    What an optimistic article for someone like me! I have my natal Pluto 28 degrees 15 minutes conjunct my natal Jupiter 0 degrees 50 minutes in my 10th house, I have Leo 21 degrees 44 minutes on my MC. You think I would have achieved something in my life by now? I am a Capricorn with my natal sun in the 2nd house. Why not? Because I have a stellium of my natal Moon, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, 12th house. My natal Pluto also squares my natal Mars. So most of my life I’ve had to endure the transits of Neptune and Pluto through Scorpio. I am optimistic I will soon turn 62 and I look forward to the benefits of a natal Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in my 10th house!

  36. Hi Hiroki,

    What about natal Dsc=Jupiter/Pluto?


  37. Hello :)

    So if you asking i can say: i have a PLUTO (scorpio 2nd house) square SUN AND JUPITER in LEO 11th HOUSE.

    Pluto make a TRINE to MC, sextile to mars, sextile to neptune.

    CRISIS totally build me up, i literally died (my soul) in my life and i bourn again like fenix, now im not scare of anything, im extreme visionary ang goal focused. What is my big dream? I Will be rich. Not like 10 000$ per month, i know that i will achive multimilionere level.

    People follow me, im so strong and powerful that other people respect me a lot. What is the price for that power? Sex. My first sex i had when i was about 5 year old… I have a lot times with darkness when i had to go do the hell. Im addicted to sex and many times i used my power and manipulation for that. Now, for about 1 year im learning to use my power for OTHER people not against them. Its so hard…. because i like to DESTROY people, destroy my life.. im studying my pluto for so many years that no one know better thoose aspect than be.. but you know.. i really wanna stay on the good side of life with this power and money but the willing to dominate woman and destroy something is so big.. anyway, for 1 year i almost finish with that, i know that WHERE IM GOING, THERE IS NO PLACE FOR this low octave of pluto.

    I can speak about pluto for 2 days :) hope you will answer me and we can share our knowledge. Im veryyy stron pluto person and if i can say what is my obssesion it is SEX, MONEY and DEATH. Death is my motivation, sex is my addiction, money is my dream.

    • Hi Dan, thank you for sharing your experience with Pluto square Sun-Jupiter. This is quite an experience you have, and coming up from the depth of (for the lack of a better word) Plutonian hell to change yourself is like a hero’s journey in itself. Much of this journey is expressed by Pluto square Sun, but Jupiter’s presence adds this over-the-top (things need to be done big or not at all) quality.

      Deciding to move away from the destructive use of power into constructive empowerment (maybe to heal and rebuild yourself and others) seems to be the big theme here.

  38. Michele Kirwin says

    Hi..i have pluto 26°47 conjunct jupiter 28°55 in 11 house taurus. They Are almost perfectly square to Saturn 26°49 in 2nd house scorpio.. Would that be the reason my life is quite the opposite as you described above. I am never lucky .my self esteem is low..i work extremely hard to keep my head above water (grateful that I able to do that. What can i do to make my life a little easier..feel more secure with this aspect in my natal chart

    • Hi Michele, to connect your experience to the Saturn in 2nd house, you may want to consider why the self-worth is challenged. Once you can get past it, you may find new possibilities for self-expression. For a serious discussion of this nature, please consider having a private consultation.

      • Hi… I have Neptune in Aquarius (1°) in second house exactly conjunct my Jupiter/Pluto midpoint… How is this going to work out? cos Neptune doesn’t seem like a power planet. I also have Venus in 6th house trine Neptune, Jupiter(4th) and Pluto sextile Neptune and Saturn 5th house square Neptune, The Jupiter/Pluto trine is a wide one…

        • Hi Mike, the key is in knowing what’s important among the 5 measurements you listed (hint: always focus on where the tension is). I will answer it this way:

          Neptune can be a weakening influence if there isn’t a clear vision. Neptune=Jupiter/Pluto could suggest power and success attained through inspirational vision. However, it can also imply dilution of power through confusion and even (self) deception, if you lack clarity in your goals and values. Knowing where you are in the clarity spectrum requires experience and wisdom, which is what Saturn requires.

  39. PS re your last point, I notice that in my 2018/19 Solar Return I have Sun conjunct Asc opposite Jupiter Retrograde (I. e. conjunct Desc).
    How would you interpret this and is the Rx a negative factor?


  40. Hi Hiroki

    I presently have a Jupiter-Pluto SA opposition on the 2nd (Jup)/8th (Pluto) axis.
    What does this mean? Natally, I have a Jup-PL opposition (Pl in 11th/12th depending on the house system used and Jup in 5th/6th, also system-related).
    Thank you.

    PS if the house position of the planets change depending on the house system used, how can you accurately interpret a transit?

    • Hi Susan, transits to intermediate house cusps aren’t very important for this reason – they change based on the house system you use. The key is when the transiting planets cross the Ascendant-DSC or the Midheaven-IC axes. ASC and MC axes do not change no matter what house systems you use.

  41. Hallo Hiroki
    May I ask you what you think about the opposition between Pluto in 6th house and Jupiter in 12th?
    I seem to be very good in psychology but is this related to health issues too (as i have them..)?
    Thank you

    • Hi Sophie, health is a complex area that involves the entire horoscope. Just having the Jupiter Pluto opposition in the 6-12th house isn’t a major indicator of health issues.

      • Thank you.
        I don’t know what is related to this opposition then. I can understand it in every house but not between 6 and 12 as to me here is just all about my misfortune and ill health.

        • Wow, those are scary words! I suggest ideas such as service or spirituality in relation to the 6-12th house axis.

          • Yes, basically is the explanation of the cage I’m living in.
            Spiritual yes ,I am, but it seems like i can’t survive by being spiritual. In my case it seems connected to a daily nightmare (pluto 6) and my escape in spirituality (jup 12), but also too many hospitalizations distress loneliness sadness and not finding an escape because there’s always something or someone dragging me down.
            Thank you

  42. Osk Ingado says

    Thank you for this article.
    I was looking up informations about Jupiter conjunct Pluto. I really love the part about how to reclaim ones power:) and, to see that it was one more thing that I have in common with Gandhi.
    We are both Libra rising Libra with Mercury in first house, moon in Leo 10 house and Venus in Scorpio. We also both have Chiron in Aries he 1 degree 22’59r and I, 0 degree in Aries 6′ 21r and now Jupiter Pluto conjunction. (mine conjunction is Jupiter 24 Virgo and Pluto 23 Virgo.)
    Maybe I have to face that my path in life (from now on ( due to extreme upset in my life)) is going to be little bit similar as his was. Not that I’m going to lead a nation lol I do not have north node in Leo:) mine is in Aries….. it’s a long story.
    Thanks and a have a great day

  43. So Do You think jupiter conjunct pluto in 12th house in scorpio can become billionaires. As 12th house is house of spirituality and scorpio is for research so what do you think as i am confused about my profession.

  44. Hi Mike!

    I have a stellium – Venus in late Virgo on 9th, (), Jupiter at 0 Libra on 9th, then Saturn, then Pluto very close to MC in late 9th. 10th has Sun, MerRx and Uranus.

    Is this one or two stelliums? I’m not sure if I really care for power and prestige but I’d like to influence positive change.

    Thank you.

    • You probably have me confused with someone (Hiroki is the name)…anyway, stelllium definition usually involves 4 or more planets in the same sign or a same house. Regardless of technical definition (1 or 2) you can think of the configuration as concentration of energy in one or two areas.

  45. Hi Hiroki
    I have a question. If you have a natal Jupiter-Pluto opposition, how do the energies change if Pluto is retrograde?

    • Hi Grace,

      The potential of the Jupiter Pluto aspect will remain the same regardless of Pluto (or Jupiter) retrogradation. The only thought here is that retrogradation may imply an inward expression of the energy – eventually to be expressed outward.

  46. So glad I found your website, started to read about mid-points and solar arcs. I am more aware of Vedic astrology. Based on your article which is so great to follow, I have Plutor at 25’05 Virgo, Uranus 4deg libra and Jupiter 5deg41. I will say Pluto Uranus is large degree but my midpoint is at AS=j/p +0’56’ is it valid. I need to book a session with yourself

  47. hi, hiroki
    i have jupiter trine pluto, can you describe it ?
    Jupiter Trine Pluto Orb 7°47′


  48. Thanks Hiroki.
    I might add, POF in Aqu is conjunct Mc in Pics. mmm maybe something might come my way, if I don’t shy away from it!

  49. Hello Hiroki.
    Thank you for the post.

    My Pluto in Virgo 4th H conjunct Mercury/ Uranus in the 3rd /opps to Jupiter conjunct Chiron 9/10 H Also both conjunct MC. Jupiter trine Neptune as well and NN Leo 2nd.
    I have worked has a professional psychic for 23 years. I also love Astrology but I do find it difficult to learn on my own.
    After lets say, lots shocks and surprises in my life and lack of education. I think I may of found my forte. Last year I joined art class and the teacher was very surprised at my paintings and the lovely colours. Next year I may do a fine arts degree (at 54, god wiling) Who knows I may even get famous. The main thing is, to get a message out there….. I have worked has a professional psychic for 23 years but it is rather tiring.

    • Hi Amanda, good for you….Louise Hay has a similar story about learning painting at a later age and going on to sell lots of paintings. Enjoy getting your creativity out there.

  50. Hi Hiroki

    I have solar arc Pluto on the cusp of my 2nd house and solar arc Jupiter (conjunct SA Chiron) on the cusp of my 8th house at the moment. What does this mean?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Susan, solar arcs to internal house cusps (e.g. 2nd and 8th house) typically are not considered, as they can change depending on which house system you use. When your solar arc Jupiter-Pluto form a hard aspect to a natal planet, you can expect some activity.

      • Thank you Hiroki. Which is your favoured house system? I know this is a much-debated subject but I would be very interested to hear your opinion and why you hold it.

  51. Transiting Jupiter will conjunct my Natal North Node in few days and Jupiter will conjunct next month with my natal Pluto in House 8 (Placidus). This transit will happen 3 times in November 2016, then in April 2017(when Jupiter is retrograde) and then in July 2017. In the same time my transiting pluto is square natal pluto, transiting pluto is sextile natal Midheaven. Also transiting Pluto is conjunct with Ascendant.

    Can this create wealth?

    • Hi Tim, I removed your birth data, as this is a public forum. With a few exceptions, Jupiter transits are too fleeting to create lasting change. Also, from your question, it doesn’t sound like you have a clear idea on how to create ‘wealth.’ Jupiter encourages gambling of all sorts (including some not-so-obvious ways), so be careful if you had intention to take risks based on this transit.

      • Thank you very much for your response. I am online marketer and I want to expand my endeavor in online marketing gambling/financial industries. Jupiter will conjunct my natal North Node in less then 2 days, so I am searching for my life direction for next 12 years. Last 3 years was miserable career/money. Pluto crossing Ascendant and Pluto sextile MC, Jupiter conjunct Pluto can help me to get real wealth? Is there future aspects that can indicate that? Help me and there will be a time when Will be rewarded.

        • Hi Tim, there is no magic transit which guarantees a creation of wealth. Wishful thinking is a poor companion for any student of astrology…

          • Wealth is not written in my chart?

          • It’s more like the level of accomplishments cannot be determined from a birth chart, since so many factors (as simple as which country you’re born) affect social level. That’s part of the reason an astrologer needs to see someone individually in a consultation to assess their current situation.

  52. Hi Hiroki,

    My jupiter in pieces is in the 11th house opposite my pluto in virgo in the 6th. any thoughts regarding career and wealth?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Tracy, since 6th and 11th house both have to do with working with others, I’d be interested to hear what your experience has been so far with regard to teamwork and collaboration (a positive manifestation here would be most encouraging for your prospect). To assess your full potential with regard to career direction and success, I’d need to look at your entire chart. If you’re interested in this kind of discussion, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  53. Hiroki,
    I would also like to add (in addition to my response on Court’s post), that what you say about dealing with rage and resentment with the Pluto/Jupiter square is so true for me. You are right. For many years, I knew I wanted to do something big, but my rage (stemming from childhood abuse and extreme control) was a major block. Because I have done a lot of deep inner consciousness work around my rage (monsters in the closet), I have been able to reorient my energy towards optimism and greater good. I am so happy to read your article today because you have helped me to come full circle in self-acceptance and acceptance of my painful journey and what it all means in the grand scope of life! Blessings….

  54. Hello, I have an exact Jupiter-Pluto opposition in cardinal signs which simultaneously squares a close Moon-Saturn conjunction, so this T-square is the central element of my chart. I have always taken keen interest in what goes on in the world and have felt strongly about various kinds of injustice and oppression. I teach history at a college and enjoy the exchange of views with students on political and social developments. Students have reported being inspired by me and some have even gone on to become actively involved in causes such as anti-globalization etc. I have tried to let go of my preoccupation with politics in order to focus on ligther (and less depressing!) topics, but it always pulls me back. I guess with Saturn involved, there’s a heavy feeling of responsibility.

  55. Margaret Thatcher first female Prime Minister of Great Britain had Jupiter opposing Pluto. The descriptions you gave certainly fit her personality and leadership style.

  56. CARLA bERRY says

    Hi Hiroki, I have always enjoyed learning about astrology and more about aspects themselves. My Pluto is in the first house in Virgo opposing a Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Pisces in the 7th. In addition, I also have a fixed grand cross involving oppositions and squares by a 6th house Sun/Saturn conjunction, a 12th house Mars in Leo, a 9th house Taurus Moon on the Midheaven & Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd. I’ve read that having trines, which I do: Jupiter trine to Neptune and Capricorn Mercury Trine the Moon/midheaven provide outlets for the cross. But, one of many questions I have concerns how important the Pluto/Jupiter opposition is in your opinion? The fixed cross planets have always been the focus of my studies. But reading your info has made me think that I’ve overlooked an important aspect between two powerful planets. With Pluto in the first, am always striving to be a better person and want to help improve the lives of others too somehow. Do you view Jupiter/Pluto oppositions as motivators or more stressful?

  57. Hi Hiroki, I was wondering about the jupiter opposite pluto aspect in synastry. To me anything that crosses pluto in a hard aspect only spells danger coming from the pluto person on some level, so my immediate interpretation of this aspect is the pluto person wanting in a deep intense way to do harm to the jupiter person. But from what little I’ve been able to find there isn’t a very concise explanation of this aspect. In fact it tends to describe the jupiter person challenging the pluto person and being a cause of misery for them which is completely different from the usual role of the planets.

    I’d like a point of view from you. Could these interpretations be shallow? Could the pluto person be a danger to the jupiter person?

    • Hi Fingal, I wouldn’t read too much into synastry aspects between slower planets, as they’re sub-generational and less personal. They can be important in relationship analysis, but not in the way you’re suggesting – it’s a little more subtle.

  58. Louis declerck says

    Hi Hiroki,

    I have a question.

    A little background: I am 26 years old, graduated last year from med school and whas granted to specialise in neurosurgery. however I changed my course and started to study civil engineer to work on medical technology. I had a lot of faith in the future, but now that I am swimming in unknown waters, i feel scared sometimes that I won’t make it.

    When I look at my natal chart, I see a trine from my jupiter in cancer to my ‘stellium’ of mercury-sun-pluto in scorpio (mercury trine jupiter 1 degree off, pluto 3 degrees off and my sun in the middle) I can’t find any literature about these aspects all combined. How can I interpret this in respect to my study/carreer and my chance to succeed? By the way I also have a Mars=jupiter/pluto 1 degree off.

    This is a rather difficult question, sorry for that!

    Sincere regards,


  59. Hello Hiroki,

    Thank you for your article. My chart shows a stellium of planets across Libra-Scorpio, tenth-eleventh houses. The chain of planets includes a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and a Jupiter-Venus conjunction with a wide orb. Mercury= Jupiter/Pluto.

    What would be the best manifestation to achieve wealth with this configuration?

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    • Hi Joann,

      I removed your birth data because this is a public page visited by quite a few people. Although Jupiter/Pluto does not always imply wealth, the potential for success is suggested when they’re involved. Mercury=Jupiter/Pluto midpoint suggests the importance of communication to achieve success, and possibly the houses ruled by Mercury will also give you a few hints. For a more complete look at your whole chart, please consider scheduling a personal consultation so that we can discuss other factors that suggest your potential.

  60. I got pluto|moon semi-square Jupiter at 0.34 degrees, jupter|mars semi-square Pluto at 1.08 degrees, and jupter|pluto sesqui-square ascendant at .45 degrees. I’m brand new to the mid-point thing, do you think these aspects make enough energy to have any reference to this article. I can relate to this article a lot.

  61. hi sir its nice knowing that what jupiter-pluto conjunction can do
    mine is in 12th house of Scorpio which makes me strong in psychology and mind research but I do have rahu in 11th house which pushes me to earn money and have a huge network

  62. Hi, Hiroki
    First of all thank you very much for your article on Jupiter/Pluto. I’ve been looking for something on Jupiter square Pluto for a long time but didn’t have any luck until now.
    I have this placement (Jupiter square Pluto) and right now I’m going to one of the death/rebirth cycles of Pluto (I also have it in scorpio in the 8th house, so those moments are really big for me) and I wanted to know how Jupiter’s energy can affect it. Sometimes I feel like my luck is dependent on my cycle phase, so if I’m scared of change or rebirth the luck is postponed, but when I accep that in my life and take the first step to grown and empowerment suddenly I’m lucky in a lot of things and everything shines and gets bigger and better. This makes sense?
    Thank you for your help!!

  63. Hi Hiroki,

    I’m fairly new to Astrology and would love to hear your input on this occurrence in my natal chart. I’m not sure how to interpret it correctly, what do you think?

    Mars Square Jupiter 1°24
    Mars Square Pluto 3°41
    Jupiter Opposition Pluto 2°17

    Thank you :)

  64. cancer girl says

    Hi Hiroki,
    Interesting article about Jupiter/Pluto aspect. My Pluto is very strong in 11 house on 28 degree (Pluto sextile Sun,trine Neptune and Uranus, sextile Mars,semi square MC , square Moon and conj. Jupiter on 6 degree in 12 house). I read that in my situation conj. isn’t good aspect and I can’t find on ‘net why… What is your opinion?

  65. Hallo Hiroki,
    interesting article,as usual. I have Jupiter (in XII house)opposite Pluto(in VI house) but to me it seems to be referred to health issues,especially since Pluto passed to Capricorn as mine is in Libra. My life seems to be a cage,some hell,since I was born but starting from 2007 I really came into a nightmare. Been litterally trapped in a house,I can’t leave,I have no job, no love since 2007. the thing is I’m (as they say)attractive,beautiful (been working as a model while I was studying at the university)and not that stupid(very good at university,psychology)by the way I couldn’t find anyone I really liked anymore.But ,as I said I’ve been trapped.I can’t finish univesity and get my phD because of this and then my health,never been that good,got worse and spent the last 3 years in hospitals. Sometimes I think there’s no escape.My sun is also at the end of VIII house . I’ve also been told Jupiter opp Pluto is the aspect of people dying by cancer.

    • Sorry to hear about your health issues – I do not feel we can attribute it fully to this Jupiter Pluto opposition (and the astrologer that told you that it’s a “cancer-death” aspect has to stop spouting such nonsense…He/she has no idea what they are talking about.) There is probably a better explanation, but it would be too much to try to guess at it here. Please schedule a one on one session if you’d like to discuss your horoscope in more depth.

  66. Hi Hiroki!
    I am a long time student and read a lot online and I must say you have the clearest, wisest and also deep but simple way to explain aspects! Thank you for sharing :)
    I am a past life therapist and already published 4 books which sell very well. I love one on one appointments but I resist talking to groups. I have been trying to understand this since it’s preventing me to go further as you mentioned above.

    I have pluto 24º virgo (4th) conjunct Jupiter Libra 0º56 (5th) and Uranus 2º. Pluto and jupiter are sextile Sun 29º which is conjunct Neptune 26º and Mercury 20º all in Scorpio 6th house. Sun is trinning Quiron at 29º Pisces (11th).
    South node 5th libra
    The tough issue I feel always makes me feel insecure talking to groups is Mercury 20º 150º from saturn 19º Aries (11th).
    I have been looking for information that can help me understand this and overcome it and wud be so happy if you can say something about it.. It wud be a lovely Xmas gift ;)
    Merry Xmas to you and keep up the good work! Vera

    • Hi Vera, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Your Jupiter Pluto conjunction is a tad wide (almost 7 degrees) so I wouldn’t consider it a strong statement unless it’s reinforced by a midpoint picture, etc.

      Regarding your question about speaking to large groups, if you must connect it to the inconjunct aspect between Mercury and Saturn, consider it in terms of service, so that it takes the issue out of the realm of ego concerns. For a more detailed look into your horoscope, please schedule a private consultation.

      • Hi Hiroki! Thank you so much for your insight! It makes total sense! If I over prepare myself for the “perfect” presentation my nerves kill me and when I surrender and trust in my intuition, everything flows wonderfully..
        Thank you for reminding me and Happy New Year to You! Vera

  67. Hi Hiroki. Thank you so much for your wonderfully clear articles. They’ve taught me a lot about astrology.
    I’m currently studying the midpoints in my chart.
    I have Sun / Jupiter exactly conjunct natal Pluto in 10th [Any idea whether this expresses the same way as above?]

    I also have Uranus / MC exactly conjunct natal Pluto
    North node / POF are conjunct Pluto
    Jupiter / Pluto are in a 2’40 degree conjunction to natal POF [Which is in an exact trine to Moon conjunct MC]

    I’m not quite sure what to make of it, but something is definitely going on with Pluto!

  68. I have a stellium in Taurus including Mercury 18’02, Juno 17’50, Midheaven 15’15, Jupiter 11’41, Sun 8’40 with Pluto opposite in Scorpio 11’16. I relate very much to this article. I am mostly very positive and I like to hold the faith that I will always be taken care of somehow! I am not financially successful yet, but that is something I know will come my way eventually. Currently I am a radio personality and although I am not paid much for this, it has brought me a bit of local stardom because of my unique style and eccentric flare. This to me feels like an example of my personal power and faith in magic. I knew when I first started that I would be someone people talked about, recognized, remembered and liked. Everyday I see my dreams manifest into reality. I always felt that Jupiter was my Guardian Angel and I am now feeling extra lucky to know his blessings are amplified by Pluto!

  69. i am pluto leo house 4 opposition jupiter aquarius house 1
    transit pluto trine jupiter now
    i have fealing,that something large are happening soon
    i dont know,what is it-good and bad
    i hope.that good
    3 years it is so hard,that now it is my time ,that i hope,that is coming somethin very good
    thanks yous wonderful astrologia sides

  70. The mid-point is catch between Head of dragon (III) and FC. AS moon is exactly conjunct FC (and i have to move house) while current transit Pluto is squaring. On the same time jupiter as is transiting part of fortune so I hope it will be better time ahead…

  71. jennifer says

    Hi Hiroki

    I just absolutely love the way you write about astrology – so refreshingingly clear. What does Sun conjunct Jupiter/Pluto midpoint say and is a 3 degree orb still affective (this takes place in my 11th house)?

    I would really welcome a thought on this as I do tend to be a ‘if you can dream it, you can make it happen’ type of person. I always say I am wealthy in mind and spirit – just can’t seem to get wealthy in the physical …. YET!! Lol
    Many thanks for your steer.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for commenting. Sun=Jupiter/Pluto is powerful, as it boosts your personality with the energy of Jupiter/Pluto discussed in this article. However, 3 degree orb is a bit too wide – we usually stay within 1.5 degree orb with midpoints…But this is not to say the 2 points are completely unrelated. Watch for solar arcs and slow transits that come around this midpoint, as it’ll eventually connect with the Sun afterwards (3 years later in solar arc), possibly suggesting a multiyear development toward profitable personal expression.

  72. Hi Hiroki,
    I have Jupiter conjunct Pluto (also conjunct Saturn and Mars creating a stellium). I certainly have an intensity and seriousness that others always seem to notice, and I can be incredibly focused, which allowed me to do well in school—I am currently finishing advanced graduate work in psychology. My graduate work plus my self-education in astrology (Aqua rising and Uranus on the MC) is bringing me to a very powerful awareness of my self, belief systems, intentionality, etc. I am hoping to use my skills to help others navigate their paths towards self-understanding. What gets in the way for me is exemplified by the t-square formed with this powerful stellium— My Cancer Sun worries about security and the future (my ability to be successful in my career while not liking being in the spotlight) while my Aries Moon (opposite the stellium and square Cancer Sun) reacts very quickly to hurt and gets defensive when I perhaps say the wrong thing or wear my emotions on my sleeve. Sometimes I come off as too intense and serious to others—I feel I can hardly have a “normal” conversation!

    • Hi Court, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Jupiter conjunct Pluto can be expressed as empowered academic achievement, leading to publishing papers etc. In your horoscope, a lot of your ego energy is tied to this powerful aspect, so getting respect and being perceived as the leader in your field is important for you to find fulfillment (and security, too.)

    • OMG….I have similar issues. First, I want say that I am grateful for your article on Pluto aspect to Jupiter. All articles give negative images that make me feel bad, and this one is inspirational. But like, Court, I have Jup Cap (H6) square Pluto Libra (H3) and Cancer ASC and I come off as being to intense as well, and wear my emotions on my sleeve. I am learning to pull back from focusing on aiding others in personal growth (sun in AQ in 8th House) so much, and learning to lighten up the conversation so that others can taste a bit of the good with a little sugar. I’m accepting that I can carry heavy energy loads and others do not have this capacity….so I must give to them in bits. I worry about security and the limelight also….silly because I am creating an innovative business in the arts…lol. But my inner self won’t leave me alone on the topic, so I am taking baby steps towards letting my light shine and keeping the day job while running the part-time business…..baby steps–until I am comfortable enough to run! You must let yourself shine so that others can have access to your work easily. If you keep yourself behind closed doors, no one will benefit from your work. Whenever my ego gets inflated, I stop (sometimes for days), and get myself synced back with the intention to benefit humanity and serve others. This is also part of my path with AQ NN and Leo SN. I hope my response has added to the conversation. Thank you both very much for sharing!

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