Transit Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant: Expand Your Self-Image

jupiter conjunct ascendant

Jupiter symbolizes expansion, reward and success.  Ascendant represents your self-image.  Jupiter conjunct Ascendant invites you to begin a new course of action in order to grow as the person you’d like to become.

Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant: a New Cycle of Personal Growth

In movies, success comes at the end of the story, and people live happily ever after. In life, success almost always is a beginning of a new journey.  Jupiter crossing your Ascendant is sometimes accompanied by success. Whether it does so or not, you’ll benefit from this time period through sowing new seeds of intention for your personal growth.

Examples of Success and New Beginning During Transit Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant

Jupiter’s orbit is 12 years, so the “planet of reward” conjoins each planet and Angle in your horoscope once every 12 years. While not all Jupiter transit to the Ascendant will coincide with breakthroughs and huge successes, they often suggest a beginning of the success to come.  See these well known examples:

1) In October 2009, president Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Transiting Jupiter was conjunct his Ascendant exactly within 1 degree.  Many people including the president himself saw the award as a “call to action” in the upcoming future, rather than the reward of past achievements.

2) When Oprah Winfrey first began hosting a low-rated morning show called AM Chicago, transiting Jupiter was about to conjoin her Ascendant. Within a matter of months, AM Chicago became the number one rated morning show in America, and later was renamed Oprah Winfrey show.  For Oprah, transit Jupiter conjunct Ascendant marked a relatively humble beginning for an avalanche of success to come.

3) Pamela Anderson was discovered during a football game in the Summer of 1989. Within a few months she was selected as the cover model for October 1989 issue of Playboy magazine. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct her Ascendant in June 1989, and then went on to conjoin her Sun in September of ’89.  Again, transiting Jupiter crossing Ascendant was marking a beginning of a new career, which would give her a brand new self-image.


Sowing a New Intention for Growth: How to Work with Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant

When transiting Jupiter crosses your natal Ascendant, you may find it useful to ask yourself “What new path is opening before me? What kind of person do I want to become? Looking back at the past 12 years, what old habits and thought patterns can I leave behind?”

Asking yourself these questions during this transit can help you respond positively to the opportunities and reward that are present in your life.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Hi Hiroki,
    I have an upcoming Jupiter conjunct Asc in a few months, and my natal Jupiter is opposed to my ASC at 1 degree, so there’ll also be a Jupiter opp Jupiter accompanying it. Jupiter is also the ruler of my ASC. What should I make of it?

    • Hi Elena, much of the ideas discussed in this article will apply to you. Jupiter on the Descendant is relationship oriented (the energy is projected to others), so the idea is to share your (newly expanded) self with confidence to all the world.

  2. Kathy Hanlon says

    People, have many times had problems with “how I come across.” (natal Uranus inconjunct the ASC). I’ve had to look into this over the years. Now transiting Jupiter has crossed my ASC with transiting Uranus stationing and squaring my ASC. Interesting things have happened in small ways: a staff person I work with told me I have a good effect on the people I work with, they are more calm and happy when I am on the job. Then a resident told me she wrote a letter to the director saying she always feels safe when I am on the job. So change does happen.

  3. Jupiter and Saturn both conjunct my natal ascendant in Aquarius at 00’28 degrees. I can’t find the meaning for it other than the great 2020 conjunction.

    I’m wondering what it means. I did have some sort of epiphany and completely changed my career around the conjunction (mid/end of december 2020).

    I think that because jupiter went first and then saturn that there is a lot of joy and then restrictions. Like saturn will have to clean up jupiters mess?

    • Hi Laurelle,

      This is especially powerful, since the transiting Jupiter Saturn conjunction happened exactly on your Ascendant. Transit Jupiter conjunct Ascendant is expansion of identity. Saturn is the Realist, so this combination will require that your expanded vision be practical. So the realization had you had about your career might be exactly what you needed.

  4. Thank you for your many articles! I’ve been following you for a few years.

    By the end of November of 2020, transiting Saturn will sit on my ascendant. A month later, by mid December, Jupiter will be there as well. I’m a sun Capricorn. I’m about to complete my Masters in a new country (I’ve moved twice around the world in 4 years..) I am also 54 years old… Curious about what your thoughts… :)

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Angeline, congratulations on completing a Masters degree! These transits to your Ascendant is reflecting the new identity and life direction you’ll have as a result of this accomplishment. Best wishes!

      • Fingers and toes crossed my new identity and life direction will be bright and positive! Thank you for your response.

        All the best…

  5. COnfused says

    Hi Hiroki,
    In April 2022 transiting Jupiter will conjunct transiting Neptune slam bang on my natal Ascendant at 24 degrees Pisces. Having both these energies are somewhat hard to decipher. There are planned moves around this date for the subsidiary I work at to move back to the parent company. I am hoping to secure a role at either the parent or stay with the subsidiary and Jupiter on it’s own is good but throw in Neptune and it makes me very nervous!
    Any thoughts on this?

    • Hi there, it seems a bit far out in the future (almost 3 years) to try to determine this. You’ll probably have more opportunities to prove yourself between now and then to give you a better feel on how they’ll choose to handle your position.

  6. What is the significance of Jupiter crossing my ascendant, retrograding back into my 12th, and then crossing my ascendant again? (My ASC is 21 degree Sag). When it crossed over several weeks ago I was given the news that my job was being outsourced. 🙄 I was a bit surprised. My ASC trines my Sun and natal Saturn in a grand trine. I thought grand trines were fortunate. What happened??

  7. Hello,

    Does having transit Jupiter along with transit Saturn conjunct ascendant a good or bad thing ? I have Capricorn Ascendant at 26 degrees- Does Saturn transiting here better or worse or the same? I also have transit Pluto and transit Mars crossing my natal ascendant also at this time, though transit Pluto is only within 3 degrees of my natal ascendant and won’t be transiting it exactly until a few years later. Could you tell me what this all means?

    I suppose I should check my progressed chart, solar return and solar arc charts for this time too.

  8. Dawuan Weatherspoon says

    Hello Hiroki I have an up coming Jupiter conjunction my natal ascendanct. At 11”14 I feel as though something big things is going happen in my life. and I want to be ready for this profound change in my life by becoming a better person.

  9. Hi there! Thanks for the article! I am having progressed ascendant conjunct progressed Jupiter, asc or is now at 2’03 and jup pr at 3,21. The aspect will be exact at end of 2018. Does it give same results as you are explaining above? Is the conjunction of progressed planets same as transits to natal planets? Thanks

    • Hi Claudia, it depends on what techniques you use.. I personally don’t relate progressed bodies with each other, only with the natal chart.

      • Sorry I just saw this now…then progressed Jupiter is now at 3’16 in cancer trying my natal sun at 3’06 in Scorpio…. will this aspect get stronger once pr JUP (which is going retro as my natal JUP is retro) is exact at 3’06, or should it not make a lot of difference?
        Thanks so much

        • Hi Claudia, the secondary progressed Jupiter will stay there for quite a long time (possibly years). I don’t consider this type of measurements in my work, as slower planets become almost meaningless when they’re static for over 10 years.

  10. Kelsey McConville says

    Hi there! I hope you are still reading these! Jupiter is about to return to my sun sign, scorpio. it will also be conjuncting my ascendent in scorpio as well. i also have saturn and pluto in scorpio. what kind of changes can i expect in the next coming year?

    • Hi Kelsey, transit Jupiter conjunct Sun is a major opportunity period. Having transit Jupiter conjunct Ascendant around the same period emphasizes the Jupiter energy. Think in terms of expansion, based on your current career/relationship trajectory. For a full analysis of upcoming time period, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  11. Jennifer Lisette adam says

    I have another question, if you don’t mind. I am pretty new to astrology and trying to understand my natal chart. When we look at outer planets like Neptune & Pluto – my natal Neptune is in Sagittarius while natal Pluto in Libra and my Sun in Sagittarius. In my natal chart, I have Neptune sextile Pluto. Can I therefore say that right now my 4th house sextile my 2nd house from a solar point of view? If yes, so in a nutshell wherever Neptune or Pluto is transiting, there will be a sextile? What about a planet like the moon which changes sign quickly, I have Moon sextile Jupiter. Natal Moon in Scorpio and Natal Jupiter in Capricorn, please explain how do I interpret this. Much appreciated.

    • Hi Jennifer, from what you wrote, Neptune sextiles Pluto in your natal chart. The next 2 questions do not make sense (you might be confused as to the difference between natal and transit positions of planets), but the answer is “no” to both. Next I think you’re asking how to interpret Jupiter sextile Moon, which is a relatively weak aspect that might elevate curiosity and the will to acquire knowledge or faith.

      In general, a good beginner’s book will resolve most of these questions.

  12. Jennifer Lisette adam says

    Hi Hiroki,

    My ascendant is in Libra at 24 deg……I suppose I will not see the effect until the later part of next year…..roughly around July 2017 onwards would you say?

  13. What if it’s retrograde conjunct ascendant?

    • If you’re referring to transit Jupiter being retrograde, you consider the entire period of Jupiter’s passage over Ascendant (from the first contact to the last exit after retrogradation.) For natal Jupiter this adds a bit of twist (retrogradation tends to subdue Jupiter’s enthusiasm by pointing it inward) – but the idea still stands.

      • What if in your natal chart Jupiter is retrograde?
        (Transit Jupiter is on my ascendant, 15°33′ in Scorpio, and transit Jupiter is on 16°) 😊 What should I expect?

        • Hi Suzie, natal Jupiter retrograde suggests someone that can find joy within solitude easier than others. This tendency modifies the expression of Jupiter transits somewhat.

  14. Hi…Jupiter will be conj my 10th house MC 16 Virgo 35 on my birthday on October 27th. So will Venus and Mars within 1 degree. Also there is a crisis full moon in my 5th house Aries. I will be 62. Unfortunately Saturn is conj my Scorpio ascendant on 9-12-15. On 8-16-15 I was at a retirement party for friends (?) who worked at the local jail. I spent the night in jail from excessive drinking which I do not do. I remember nothing after a certain point but pics were taken of my behavior. I’m devastated over this and not looking forward to being thrust more into the negative limelight coming up around my birthday. ?

  15. Bonnie Sayers says

    Jupiter just hit my Ascendant at 4’17 Virgo. Looking forward to this time period. Transiting Sun is also in my first house and soon Mars and Venus will follow.

  16. Hello Hiroki!
    About three years ago, when Jupiter was at my MH, I established on online presence for my art career and was invited to join an art gallery. Soon I sold several paintings. I have not made much money selling art yet, especially since I have to pay a significant amount yearly to the gallery for dues, but it has been enjoyable to sell my art. Soon Jupiter will be at my Asc, so it would be good for me to concentrate on expanding my presence as an artist and in other aspects of life.

    • Hello Craig,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your story! A good example of transit Jupiter conjunct MC – best wishes for the upcoming transit to the Ascendant.

  17. Very interesting.
    Right now, Jupiter is conjunct my midheaven in leo.
    I have a job now that is a great salary, but nothing i’d like to make as a career.
    I’m using this job to pay for the acting classes, college and new apartment I intend to use as a future career.

    Great relief with this transit, since the last months, I’ve been hit hard with Saturn conjunct my moon in first house (I’ve been in the process of moving away from family)
    A new chapter and growth in my life indeed.

  18. that was intriguing, especially given transiting jupiter is approaching my natal ascendant. but did i miss your follow-up report regarding jupiter’s pass over your pisces ascendant “next spring”?

    thank you very much.

  19. 12th house virgo says

    When Jupiter last transited my Midheaven, I started my career in earnest – got a great job and doubled my salary. When it transited my AC, I was pregnant with my first/only child. How’s that for expansion of self, lol? Its approaching my MH again, so time to think about what path is opening for me now. Thanks for the great article.

  20. ah, thank you. i shall go and ponder that now. :)

  21. oh, i hope its not too late to comment; i am just finding this particular post. could you relate some pointers on what it means for jupiter to be crossing one’s DC? (my t.jupiter is now just inside my 7th and my natal is just inside the last degrees of its home in the 9th ruled by cancer.)

  22. Cool post as for me. It would be great to read more about this topic. Thnx for giving this information.
    Joan Stepsen
    Pharmaceutical tech

  23. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Antonio,

    Thank you! Appreciate the B Day wish…Hope you're well.

    Take Care,

  24. António Rosa says

    Dear Hiroki,

    Happy birthay. Happy solar return.

    Tudo de bom.


  25. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Marilyn,

    This is excellent! Thank you so much for sharing your experience of the Jupiter cycles over the years…True to 9th house Jupiter we see clearly the themes of spirituality, publication, academia and internationalism.

    Very impressive (both the measurements and your accomplishments)! And illuminating too…

    Much appreciated,

  26. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Chinatsu,

    No big plans at the moment :)


  27. My 2nd comment. Your article stimulated my mental juices and I wondered what each return meant for me over the years (I'm up there in years), sort of a personal journey of Jupiter returns. Thought it might be a great example of useful for other astrologers, particularly students.
    I was born with Jup 22 Aqu 38 in my 9th. I will be 71 years old on Halloween, with the finish of my 6th Jupiter return occurring Dec 12. (Jupiter’s orbit is 11.88 years, not quite an even 12 and that does add up over time.)
    Age 12 1950: On stage, singing and dancing my way as a 40s to 50s Hollywood child star hopeful. I was reasonably good and won a lot of contests during this transit.
    Age 24 1962: Wife, mother of three, major move of household,
    Age 36 1974: Single mother of four, working, trade school to better our circumstance.
    Age 48 1986: Head of metaphysical/astrological school, church, teacher, national speaker, writer.
    Age 60 1998: Business manager for daughter’s international sports magazine, associate editor, columnist, worked with writers, photographers, coaches, athletes world-wide plus international competition venues.
    Age 71 I have just published my first book as this Jup/Nep conj transits my natal Jupiter: Presidents of Hope and Change. My natal Jupiter is conjunct the USA Moon within 2 minutes. I have four other books in production.
    Now, does that sound like an active Jupiter?
    Marilyn Muir

  28. Dear Hiroki
    Thank you so much for your fascinating blog. I am enjoying to read it.
    I suppose that Transiting Jupiter will conjunct your Ascendant in April 2010… How do you think.. and what kinds of plans do you have?


  29. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Hans,

    Thank you for sharing your Jupiter experience. It may be that a productive use of these periods would be to set some positive goals and intentions related to your work (which must yield their rewards later on at the right time.)

    Best regards,

  30. Hi,

    Having jupiter in capricorn, luck doesn't seem to "arrive" for that jupiterian boost others experience. When it crosses my asc in capricorn nothing seems different than before. It's all about work, no luck no matter where jupiter shows up.

    Would like to feel a real jupiter hit one day. Thank you for the post.


  31. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thank you Lise,

    Let me know what you find out!

    It sounds like this could potentially be a time of sowing some powerful intentions.

    Along with Pluto, you would also consider the significance of any heavier transit that is going on at the same time.

    Best wishes,

  32. Hiroki, loved this uplifting article. I like yourself have Pisces Ascendant so I am almost waiting with baited breathe to see what transpires next year (its 7 deg and it will opp Pluto which sits on my Desc) in Jan. Would be interested knowing how different a transit is when it just sails on by your degree vs if you have a degree it goes back & forwards over, wonder if it has a different effect? Cheers Lise :^)

  33. Hiroki Niizato says

    Dear Marilyn,

    Thank you very much for your kind words, and congratulations for publishing a very impressive work! The brief look I took showed me that it is written with care and insights, and is a major contribution to the astrology of political development in USA – great job!

    How perfect it is that it's happening along with the 9th house Jupiter return…

    Wishing you the best success for your book,

  34. Hiroki…Excellent article, well written, easy to understand, great application of principles. I plan to read more of your articles because I like the way you apply/write. Jupiter/Neptune are conjunct my natal Jupiter in my 9th. I am a 35-year Florida astrologer as well and have recently published a book and invite you to visit my own book website for a free sample:
    Highest regards, Marilyn Muir

  35. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thank you for sharing your experience! What happens is that transiting Jupiter often acts as a "trigger" to release the heavier transit that's going on at the same time, thereby releasing its potential (in your case, tr Saturn conjunct Pluto, which certainly fits your description of the new job.) All the same this was a good time to set a new intention about your work.

    Much appreciated,

  36. Hi Hiroki
    Thank you for another great blog.
    In January this year Jupiter crossed my early Aquarius midheaven and I started a new job.
    I concur 100% with your comment that this was the start of something, not my final 'reward'.
    I had to find a new job out of necessity rather than desire, due to being laid off from my former job. I was also having Tr. Saturn conj Pluto and it turns out that my boss has this conjunction in his natal chart. The job is some sense feels like a prison sentence rather than a reward!

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