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Julie Andrews’ (chart) autobiography is supposed to be coming out this year, so I decided to study her life with astrology.

Astro Databank quotes the 6:00AM time from a biography (“about 6:00AM”), and rates the trustworthiness as rank “B” (a “so-so”). From what I’ve tested, 6AM works amazingly well – not 5:55AM or 6:05AM, but 6:00AM.

The rectification work is done in Noel Tyl style, using transits and Solar Arcs. He often says “nothing happens (in transits or Solar Arcs) unless Angles, Sun or Moon are involved.” Here it goes:

1) Parents divorced in 1939. After a brief stay with her father, Julia went to live with her mother, who got remarried to singer/performer Ted Andrews around 1940. Together, her parents made a living performing music/singing in wartime London.

Astrologically, transiting Neptune was crossing the Ascendant (ASC) during 1939-1940. This is typically a lonely time with major status change in the family – which it was for her.

2) In 1945 her family moved back to her birth town. She began to perform on stage with her parents at age 10. Solar Arc Neptune was conjunct her Sun. Neptune and Venus figure prominently in any musical performer’s life events, and this is very pronounced in Julie Andrews’ case as well.

3) First professional solo debut at London Hippodrome: 10/22/1947. Secondary Progressed (SP) Moon was exactly conjunct Uranus, ruler of 5th (entertainment, performance). Solar Arc (SA) Nodal Axis was at the Aries Point (publicity). SA ASC = Sun. Tr Pluto conj Moon in 11-12/1947. Tr Uranus conj MC (a major status change.)

Pretty emphatic! Note how Sun, Moon and Angles are all involved at this breakthrough time period. SP Moon seems to be the “trigger” that activate the background transit (Uranus-MC) and Arcs.

4) On 11/1/1948 Julie Andrews became the youngest solo performer to sing before the Royal Family. SA MC=Sun, tr Pluto conj Moon, tr Jupiter conj 4th cusp (i.e. opposing MC).

5)Broadway debut (playing the role of Polly Browne in “The Boy Friend”) on 9/30/1954.
SA Venus=ASC exact. SA Jup=Mar, SA Plu=Moon; tr Nep conj Sun/Moon midpoint; tr Ura ruling 5th square Sun/Moon.

Again this is pretty emphatic.

6) Married 1st husband (Tony Walton) on 5/5/1959: SA Venus = AP exact! SA Jup=Nep ruling 7th of partnership. SA MC= Nodal axis (connections). tr Saturn sq Sun; tr Nep r.7 conj Ura r.5 (1 degree orb).

7) Divorced Tom Walton on 11/14/1967: tr Nep r.7 (relationship) conj Jupiter;
tr Uranus conj ASC (a major status change – traditionally a break in relationship) exact on Sep 1967. tr Saturn conj Sun exact on Nov 1967 (note the Saturn involvement for both marriage and divorce.) SA Jupitar=MC, SA ASC=Pluto. Again, the angular involvement is strong, suggesting a very reliable trigger point (i.e. accurate birth time.)

8) There is a series of major Awards won between 1964-1966. tr Saturn conj Saturn (aka Saturn return) during 1964-1965. 1965 saw the movie release of the musical The Sound of Music, arguably taking Andrews’ career and popularity into a whole new level (a fitting Saturn return event). SA Venus=Sun during 1966, tr Pluto conj Neptune during 10/64~8/65.

9) Married Blake Edwards, her current husband, in 1969. tr Pluto conj ASC throughout 1969; SA MC=Pluto, SA Sat=Sun (last one is a bit wider than the 30” orb for Solar Arc.)

10) She developed a voice problem and had to quit Broadway in 1997. Tr Plu ruling 3rd (voice) square Saturn throughout 1997; tr Neptune sq Sun/Moon (note that when she debuted on Broadway she had tr Neptune conj Sun/Moon.)

Pluto-Saturn transits suggests a threat of loss, and this is exactly what happened to her here. She never regained her singing voice.

11) Toward the end of 1999 she sued the doctors involved in her operation. In New Year of 2000 she was made Dame Commander of the British Empire. SA Pluto=AP. tr Pluto conj Mars (these suggest aggressive action); tr Uranus sq Moon. SA Jupiter = Sun/Moon (this suggests reward and honor).

12) Her autobiography is scheduled to be published on April 2008: tr Neptune conj Jup; tr Saturn conj Venus ruling 9th (publishing) – this one has 3 degree orb (a bit wide); SA Node=AP; SA Jup=Ura; MC=Ven ruling 9th.

As we can see from the Angular involvement punctuating important events, the 6:00AM time seems to work really well. Corroboration of astrological event is powerful throughout her life.

Here is a Wikipedia link to Julie Andrews.

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