Gemini Through the 12 Houses – Finding Practical Solutions

Problem Solver
Gemini is the part of us that lets us find new, practical solutions to our problems. Planetary aspects to its ruler Mercury modifies the way we think and communicate. Those with several planets in Gemini become naturally curious and eager to learn new information.

When Gemini occupies the cusp of a house, we can expect Geminian behavior and experience in the life area represented by that house, for example:

1) You’ll end up gathering a lot of information about that life-area, out of curiosity or necessity.
2) You’ll be naturally communicative and inquisitive in the life-area represented by the house.
3) You’ll experience diversity or multiple solutions to the problems represented in that life area.
4) You’ll likely become an expert about the life area, able to teach and share information with others about it.

Let’s walk through the 12 houses:

  • Ascendant: Gemini rising suggests that the identity of the savvy, knowledgeable problem solver must dominate the personality. There is an eagerness to learn from others, and generosity with sharing what one knows.
  • 2nd house: Your may end up learning a lot about finances and how to establish material security, achieving practical competence as a result (as befitting a Taurus rising, a most common combination with Gemini on the 2nd.)
  • 3rd house: Here the mind loves diversity and is open to all kinds of interesting information.
  • 4th house: There may be more than one place to call home. Possibly you will be exposed to a great deal of knowledge about houses, real estate, families, or emotional roots.
  • 5th house: You may become knowledgeable about children, sports, romance and sex, and creative expressions of all kind. There may be a diverse interest in any of these subjects.
  • 6th house: Here a person becomes especially knowledgeable about one’s work, and is able to mentor or be mentored by others (this placement accompanies Capricorn rising in most cases.)
  • 7th house: The partner can become the problem solver. Diverse relationships are sought in order to become more informed. Speaking to the public comes naturally. I believe the classic delineation is “more than one marriage” etc, but the real question is: what can you do when one person can’t satisfy your need to experience diversity in relationships?
  • 8th house: You may gather a lot of information about healing, psychology, occult, or taxes and other people’s finances (Scorpio rising is most common with this placement.)
  • 9th house: Learning a lot about other countries and cultures, law, academia, philosophy, spirituality and/or religion. There may be an involvement with publishing, or simple love of books.
  • 10th house: Multiple vocations (pursued simultaneously or one after another). Communication and problem solving becomes the key to career success.
  • 11th house: diverse friends, love of communicating in large & small groups (Leo rising.)
  • 12th house: knowledge about hidden things, perhaps within oneself. The interest toward introverted, self contained activities (Cancer rising.)

If you are experiencing a problem in the house represented by Gemini, this may be the time to start deepening your knowledge, as well as start sharing with others helpful solutions to their problems. May the New Moon awaken the inner problem solver in all of us!

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