Forget About Planning

It doesn’t matter what planet is coming your way: you can’t time your spiritual progress in advance.

The sudden expansion of awareness that occurs at key moments in your life – they weren’t planned in advance, and you can’t get it through goal setting and striving for it. Because planning, goal setting and striving works only for material goals, such as your career achievement or retirement planning. It doesn’t work for spiritual practice.

It has been noted even in earlier astrologer’s writings that Pluto transit doesn’t always bring the deepening of consciousness that it seem to suggest. Yet we keep reading about how Pluto will force you to go to the “underworld of psyche”, or that Neptune will help you experience your spirituality, or that Uranus “the awakener” will come and, well, awaken you.

If those books were true, we’d all be yogis by the time we are 60; it obviously doesn’t work that way for most people.

Transformation of consciousness happens spontaneously, out of nowhere, but always in the present. If you walk in the path of transformation, you know that life is spiritual no matter where Neptune or Pluto happens to be, and the opportunity for learning is always here in the present.

So how do we interpret the outer planet transit then? One way is to see it as a settling of accounts – whatever you sowed through the consistent quality of your consciousness, you will reap. Another way is to see it as an invitation for action, in terms of the planetary symbolism (i.e. sowing new seeds with a new awareness.) Studying about Pluto symbolism in advance can put you into the Underworld when Pluto comes around your way – but that is because your soul wants to heal and grow, and the transit gives you the perfect excuse to do the work (“Planets are great placebos,” Noel Tyl said one time.)

Planning your spiritual progress through transits etc is often a head game for the ego – it usually doesn’t bring any fruit. The opportunity to change the quality of your consciousness doesn’t lie in some distant future, it always resides in the present moment; the clues are everywhere.

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