Astrological Perspective of Significant Events In Your Life

What we know about synastry can be applied to key developmental events as well. Take Saturn return for example: Among other things, some women get married or have a child (i.e. become a mother) at that time.

In the case of a childbirth during Saturn return, this suggests that the baby’s Saturn will be conjunct the mother’s natal Saturn – in a way, the birth of the baby becomes the mother’s Saturn, i.e. responsibility, necessary control, hard work and growth in maturity.

In the case of a marriage during Saturn return, this implies that the event chart of the marriage will have a Saturn very close to the natal Saturn of the woman – in effect, making the marriage itself the manifestation of her Saturn. Naturally the marriage will act like Saturn should, to make her mature, grow, and be wise (and frustrated at times!)

There are several insights that can occur from this way of thought:

  • If a new development (e.g. career, marriage, divorce, birth, death etc) occurs during a key Saturnian time in your life (not just Saturn return, but also including Saturn opposition and squares), the implication is that it is going to have a Saturnian impact on you for a long time to come.
  • If a new development occurs during the Uranus opposition around age 42, then (following the same pattern of thought) it will have a Uranian impact – possibly liberating and intensifying the ego. You can do this with Neptune and Pluto also.
  • In the case of Jupiter, think of the Jupiter return that occurs every 12 years. The event that happens at that time will be Jupiter-like, i.e. it may help to expand your mind, give you opportunities to see more of the world, make you feel more confident and optimistic, etc. This is “because” the event chart’s Jupiter will be conjunct your natal Jupiter, affecting your horoscope in the same way.

Thinking about Saturn return and other key times in terms of the event chart and synastry may give you a deeper insight into their meanings. For instance, you may appreciate the implication of your birthday even more if you see that the birthday event’s horoscope (also called a Solar Return chart) will have its Sun conjunct your natal Sun, in effect having a Solar effect, making you feel self-aware, centered and important.

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  1. Hiroki Niizato says

    Very kind Tim,

    Much appreciated…

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  2. Timothy Neilson says


    You say so much in such a small space… Much appreciated… especially in these hectic times where there’s little time for noninstrumentals.

    The castle photo is amazing… Legacies, inheritance, ancestry, sentimentalism for the old, etc. Castles have a strange magnetic pull on our attention as should your concept of charts working outside a vacuum.


  3. Hiroki Niizato says

    Good for you! Thank you…


  4. Yes, that’s right! How cool! your conclusion. Right now I’m experiencing the second Saturn return, and a Jupiter return (an extended one because of the recent retrograde). My life has surely changed, and is changing dramatically.

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