Earth Element in Astrology: Tips & Observations

Earth Element - HarvestFollowing the discussion on the Fire element in astrology,  I’ll share a few tips & observations for working with the earth element in your horoscope.

Identifying the Earth Energy in Your Natal Chart

In your horoscope, take a mental note of houses whose cusps are on the earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.  If you have natal planets in the earth signs, then also note the houses they occupy.

Tips & Observations Regarding the Earth Element in Your Horoscope

1) Focus on Solid Result & Improvement: In sharp contrast to other elements, earth represents tangible results in the material world (Fire is more about excitement and the vision of “what could be”. Water is more about how things make you feel inside, and air is more about knowledge & entertainment.)

Wherever earth element is emphasized in your horoscope, ask yourself “Am I happy with what I see?  What can I do to change it or make it better?  What do I have to show for my efforts?”  In other words, there needs to be visible results for the energy you spend in this area of your life.

In the 1st house, this may have to do with wanting to improve your appearance.  While it may sound superficial, the earth part of us knows that there is a practical benefit to getting healthier, losing weight, dressing better and taking care of our appearance.

In the 4th house, making your home more beautiful and comfortable may become an ongoing project.  In the 5th house, you may want to make your hobby into something that produces an income, or provide other tangible benefits.

In the 9th house, interestingly, there may be a desire to express your philosophy, worldview and spiritual belief in a tangible way (watch for symbolic items placed prominently at home, or worn/tattooed on the body.)

2) Slow, Steady & Careful: Of the 4 elements, earth is the slowest moving element: It’s less given to fickle changes of mind, or the excited, spur-of-the-moment decision.  Earth prefers to develop things slowly and steadily, carefully weighing the value of each decision.  This suggests that you may need to be more patient and willing to take your time developing things in the life areas governed by the Earth element.

In 3rd, 7th or 11th house (areas traditionally associated with the Air signs), relationships may take time to build.  Because earth isn’t as “exciting” or “interesting” as fire or air element when it comes to social occasions, this placement may not be suited to making fast friends with many people (especially if this placement is accompanied with the introverted water Ascendant.)  In a truly earth fashion, you may need to develop reliable and enduring friendships slowly over time, weighing carefully who is trustworthy or valuable as friends.

3) Taking Responsibility: As earth tends to be the most reliable element of all, you may end up shouldering more responsibilities in the life areas governed by this element.  Being able to able handle such responsibility could be an important factor for your success, while taking on more than you could manage can lead to overwork.

In 8th or 12th house, you may feel responsible to help others feel better, and feel motivated to improve their situation somehow.  For people in the “helping” professions such as counselors or therapists, taking too much responsibilities for others’ well being could lead to burnout.

4) Humility: Earth element represents our ability to focus on what needs to be done.  While fire eagerly looks up at the sky seeking glory and significance, earth calmly looks down at the task at hand, thinking how best to produce the necessary result.  There is a natural, craftsman like humility associated with the earth element: the reward is in doing the work well, and not in being acknowledged by others.

If you feel frustrated in the life areas governed by the earth element, consider if your ego is getting in the way of doing your best.  Focusing on what needs to be done, and on producing the best results for all involved – that is the essence of earth element’s work ethic.


Earth element provides the necessary stability and competence to be effective in the world.  It is an essential component of a successful adult personality.  Look for where earth is emphasized in your horoscope to find the necessary grounding and opportunity for improvement.

How is your earth energy distributed in your own horoscope?  Please feel free to share your experience through emails or comments.

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