Chiron in a Natal Chart – a Reader Question

Someone asked me to write about Chiron in a birth chart, so here it goes:

Chiron the Wounded Healer
Chiron is a name given to the comet that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron the Centaur is commonly referred to as the “wounded healer” among astrologers, due to his story (in the Greek myth) that he was a famous healer who was shot by an arrow soaked in hydra’s blood, and had given up his immortality because he was unable to heal his own wounds and could not bear the pain (more here).

Because of this story, the usual thought is to associate some kind of “deep wounds that refuse to go away” to the area Chiron is found in the natal chart. It is also associated with healing and helping of others, often in a self sacrificing manner: in the myth, Chiron sacrifices his life in order to save Prometheus (who was being punished eternally for his sin of stealing fire and giving it to mankind.)

Naturally, Chiron tends to be prominent in the horoscopes of those involved in recovery or healing work of some kind (examples: Bernie Siegel has Chiron trine Midheaven, John Bradshaw has Chiron conjunct Ascendant, Caroline Myss has Chiron square Midheaven.)

Teacher, Mentor and Astrologer

What is not so often mentioned is that Chiron was also a great teacher and an astrologer as well – so we tend to find Chiron emphasized in astrologers’ horoscopes. My guess is it will be somewhat emphasized in a horoscope of people that teach and mentor other people in a healing or empowering way (note that the people sited in above paragraph are all respected teachers as well.)

Chiron and Prometheus: Healing Wounds By Helping Others
I think the message of the myth is not so much that Chiron was a poor fellow who suffered horrible pain & death despite his healing gift (the negative interpretations associated with Chiron’s natal placement suggests the prevalence of this view among some astrologers.)

Rather, another way to see the story is that the only way a Chiron could be freed of the poison of hydra’s blood (representing, perhaps, toxic thoughts, beliefs and hurts that seem to last a lifetime) was to help save Prometheus – who symbolizes creative rebellion and enlightenment (stealing fire from gods for the progress of humanity) as well as cutting off the chains of the limiting past.

The myth suggests that Prometheus would not have been released from the chains that bound him were it not for Chiron, and Chiron would not have been free from his suffering were it not for Prometheus. Both Chiron and Prometheus represent parts of our psyche: So the chains that bind us can be cut by the wisdom of the healer, and healing can only occur by our “giving fire to others”, i.e. helping others to reach the next level.

Benefit of Massaging Your Partner – A Practical Metaphor
In a group experiment, it was found that when one person massages another person, the massaging person actually experienced relief in the areas that he/she was working on in another person’s body – so both the “healer” and the “patient” were helped by their exchange.

What All This Means – A Reader Question
So a reader wrote to me saying that she has Chiron in the 9th house, and from childhood she had a terrible fear of math, which was so bad that she actually did not persue college education because of it (more about 9th house here.) So this is a classic 9th house “wound,” naturally influencing her self image and confidence (she actually described it as “a ball and chain” for her, much like the myth of Prometheus.)

Going with the Chiron myth, it seems to me that the only way for her to be freed of this fear would be to actually help others learn math: the reader even wrote herself: “you know, I used to have this weird fantasy that I would conquer math and go on to teach it in ways that could help people like me! One size teaching does not fit all. (I have been a successful dance and preschool teacher and I know this to be true!)” Sounds great to me (doesn’t it?)

So then I wouldn’t consider it a fantasy at all: I’d look for opportunities to teach math to young children, buying good books on the subject and getting help from friends or tutors herself so that she is able to teach. Remember that we teach what we need to learn.

If my reader is really ambitious, she could go back to college, get her AA degree, and afterwards see if she’d like to pursue an education degree. In the process the chains would be gone (or at least, it will evolve into some other form, to be dealt with at a later time), she’d feel a lot better about herself, and will open herself to a new career opportunity that means a lot for her, i.e. helping children who have the same problem that she used to have.

Conclusion: helping, learning, teaching, and breaking free

Is it going to be easy or comfortable to do these things? Probably not; but hey, it’s better to climb this mountain than keep feeling the pain of hydra’s poison (in her case, a shame about not having gone to college or pursued advanced education of some kind) all of our life. This is not just about math, but about all of the small thinking and limiting beliefs from the past we have about ourselves that bind our lives and cause anxiety and frustration.

Chiron’s challenge is to work on healing the wounds through helping others do the same. By cutting ourselves off from the prison of past negativity, we die to the old, pain-filled identity. Then the wisdom to help others can bloom from the experience. So Chiron is about helping, learning, teaching, and breaking free. We may repeat the cycle several times, but it can only lead to more good, for ourselves and others we serve.

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Good evening,
    Your detailed comment on Chiron is incredible, since I recognized myself almost the main comment .. and for good reason I have Chiron in extreme conjunction with my virgo ascendant .. which refers to my sun in aries in 8, and master ascending in 7 .. that reinforces the idea that my identity depends more on the look of the other, the personal affirmation also ..
    I am 23 years old now, and thanks to astrology and a trip in my subconscious, I learned a lot and evolved .. and I also understood that I was not going to have an ordinary course, I know at deep down I’m going to be a guide for others, a spiritual being (besides being empathized), and I’ve already brought a lot to my family, my help, my vision, my healing side, because deep down I am a psychologist and have a very good intuition, but it is part of me, I am a being of unconditional love ..
    My past shows that i was a inner gagged child, the vital energy buried, I had almost tears in my eyes so it echoed my past because I learned to be an adult before to be a child foremost.. and since my mother left the family home in 2012 that something broke in me (very close link with my mother), I found myself in front of myself, ie the nothingness .. several years later I did anxiety attacks without knowing why etc .. but now I know, it’s me ..
    It started when I decided to reveal my homosexuality to the whole family, a very emotional time because it was a kind of rebirth.
    But still I felt that something was still wrong and I could not put my finger on it until the day I understood .. in fact I felt guilty to live for me, to assert myself as an individual own, to have my own power .. once this awareness I understood that it belonged to the past and that deep down I had to recognize for myself my own existence, basically reborn by myself .. today I am much more serene, I learn to listen to the inner child, starting with small things, discover me, make me happy etc until it becomes natural .. but here, anyway thank you for your article :))

  2. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thank you Michele!


    • I’ve just found that Chiron is right on my Ascendant in Pisces.
      The ‘wounded healer’ is a theme for me and is an even further proof of the truth inherent in Astrology.
      I am-was- an rn until my own chronic cardiac issues prevented me from working. I continue to work with herbs/natural remedies and remain drawn to those who are sick or need help in some way.
      One of my favorite quotes has always been “..Physician, heal thyself..”
      Thank you for the information!

  3. My "friend" (LOL) says that she still isn't QUITE there in regards to going back to school or to work with others in math but she's NOT ruling it out! She knows deep in her heart that's what she SHOULD do and that alone is a step in the right direction as opposed to many years of denying it out of fear! She thanks you so much for including her letter in one of your (as per usual) well written posts! She feels honored!

  4. Ana Cristina says

    Definitely Hiroki, now I'm taking notes plus I need to clear waters :-) you see the actual conjunction; Neptune – Jupiter :-)

  5. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Ana Cristina! Thanks for the kind words. Will you write about your Chiron return sometime? (Hopefully in English?) :)

  6. Ana Cristina says

    Hiroki I really enjoy reading this today very apt as I'm at the Chiron return; always good to be blesses by the opinions from someone we respect his point a view :-)

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