Relocation Astrology: What You Can Learn from Where You Live

relocation astrology

Basics of Relocation Astrology 

Your natal chart is a map of the sky at the time of your birth, at the location of your birth. Relocation chart is your horoscope created for the time of your birth, but at a different location.

Relocated charts reflect experiences and lessons you tend to attract in a given location. Rather than your natal chart being activated through passage of time, relocation astrology studies how it’s activated through movement in space (i.e. location).


How to Create a Relocation Chart

You can create a relocated horoscope by setting the “birth location” to a city of your choice, but keeping the birth time accurate (i.e. input your actual birth time adjusted for the local time zone of the new location).


Interpreting a Relocation Chart

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Lunar Eclipse April 4th 2015 – One More Step Toward Awakening

lunar eclipse April 4th

15-16 Cardinal Signs: Awakening & Shift of Perspective Continues

The lunar eclipse (full moon) on April 4th occurs on 14 Aries-Libra axis, highlighting the now separating Pluto-Uranus square in the 15-16 cardinal signs one last time.

If your horoscope has planets or angles within 15-16 degrees of Cardinal signs, this lunar eclipse may trigger you to take one more step forward within the ongoing process of awakening and shift of perspective necessitated by Uranus and Pluto.


Libra Lunar Eclipse: Cooperation, Objectivity and Self-Awareness

The Libra Full Moon also brings awareness of relationships in opposition to the self-directed energy of Aries Sun. At this time the cooperation and feedback from other people may become an essential catalyst for you to adjust your direction (although with Uranus and Pluto in the background, you may see fireworks and temper tantrums before cooperation starts.)

Although the energy of the background Uranus Pluto transit remain similar, this time you may have more objectivity and self-awareness with which to make decisions.


How have you been responding to these signals of change? What is awakening or changing in the areas of life triggered by these eclipses and the Uranus Pluto transits? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.


PS: Many of us in North America will get to see at least some of the Lunar Eclipse in the early morning on the western horizon. This link has the observable time based on US time zones.


Photo: Darron Birgen Heier

2015 Blog Survey (Closed)

Update: 2015 Survey is Closed

Thank you for all who responded to the survey – great feedback and topic requests!

It was good to see the topics you were interested in reading about, and to hear common concerns that many people voiced.  It definitely helped me set my course for 2015 – so thanks again!

I’ve turned the survey off, as the number of responses blew through the limit within 1 day.  If you’re coming late to this post, you’re welcome to leave a topic request in the comment section below.  I make no promises, but if it’s a subject that others have been interested in, it’ll give me additional encouragement to write about it.



Noel Tyl in Japan

Noel Tyl in JapanI’m currently in Japan, serving as the interpreter for Noel Tyl during his public seminars and private consultations. It’s a privilege and a great learning experience to witness the master astrologer at work so closely – I’ll be interpreting 24 private consultations and 3 days of public seminar.

I’ll be back in US after September 25th, and will resume consultations on the 28th – I won’t have access to voicemail but will be checking emails at least every few days.  Thank you for your patience!




How to Print Your Birth Chart & Midpoints List in Less Than 5 Minutes

Printing Astrological ChartFor the benefit of those new to astrology, I’ll share how to print out your horoscope (also called natal chart) online for free.  For more advanced students, I’ll also cover how to print out your natal midpoints online.

5 Steps to Obtaining Your Birth Chart

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Aries Point: Potential for Public Recognition

Aries Point in your natal chart reveals the potential for how you might become recognized in the world.  While this does not necessarily mean you become a celebrity, expressing your strengths and talents through the Aries Point can lead to a solid reputation in your career field among your peers, clients and fans.

What is an Aries Point?
Aries Point is the 0 degree of Cardinal Signs: 0 Aries, 0 Cancer, 0 Libra, and 0 Capricorn. Using a 2 degree orb, we can include 28-29 degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) as well as up to 2 degrees of Cardinal signs.

The Sun is at an Aries Point at the beginning of each new season (i.e. Spring equinox, Summer solstice, Autumnal equinox, Winter solstice.) True to this symbolism of ushering in of the new season, Aries Point is associated with creating visible changes in the outer world.  Thus your Aries Point measurements suggests how you can impact (or become known in) the larger world using the quality of the planet or midpoint placed there.  Keep Reading >>

Taurus New Moon: Creative Ideas for Practical Success

Taurus New Moon occurs on May 3, 2011 at 1:50AM EDT

Taurus archetype offers a path of growing through achieving tangible results.  Hence it is frequently associated with the creation of material wealth in all forms, including money, possessions and fine arts.

In today’s New Moon chart, we see that the New Moon conjunction in Taurus forms an exact quintile (72 degrees) aspect from Neptune in Pisces, suggesting a birth of new intention (New Moon) toward peace and financial stability (Taurus) through creativity and inspiration (quintile, Neptune in Pisces.)

We note that the tension forming T-square consisting of Pluto, Saturn and the Aries stellium is still in force, albeit looser than last month.  The New Moon conjunction trines Pluto in Capricorn, which also suggests an opportunity for solid material empowerment.

A List of Several Possibilities for This New Moon

1) If there is a lot of interpersonal tension in your work or home life, there may be a way to channel the energy into a new, more inspiring direction through the use of creative visualization (i.e. sharing of ideal vision for the future, working on creative projects, introducing aesthetic elements in work or home life.)

2) In your work or business, there could be a lot of built-up energy that is waiting to be channeled creatively, leading to productive initiative and increased sales.

3) You could simply come up with creative ways to make extra money.

4) Because Neptune in Pisces is involved, we could also think in terms of increased compassion toward others somehow releasing the built up tension in relationships.


If you’re an entrepreneur, writer, artist, etc, this New Moon seems to offer a good opportunity for coming up with creative ideas and putting them into action.  For me I’m working on a few projects right now, and feel inspiration bubbling up from my subconscious.  How about you?  Do you have any creative projects you’re about to begin in your work or at home?  Feel free to share through emails or comments!

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***PS: I’m very excited that my post on 6th house just got picked up by Donna Cunningham’s Sky Writer blog.  For those of you that haven’t visited there yet, it’s easily one of the best astrology blogs out there in terms of content and discussion.  Please check it out:

Astrological Meditation: On the Quality of the Moment

“Anything born in the moment of time carries the quality of that moment” 
Carl Jung (1875-1971), famous Swiss psychologist who privately used astrology for over 25 years.

This famous quote illustrates the basis of why we cast a horoscope for the birth of our body, relationship, business, nation, etc.  The beginning of each significant event carries myriads of potentials that are reflected in the horoscope of that time.  Through the study of the birth chart of any event, we gain insights into the “quality of that moment” in human terms.

Consider the moment when a significant event or a relationship began in your life (e.g. a move, a new position, a birth of a child, etc.)  Did it coincide with an important transit or Solar Arc measurement?  This question is important, not to prove astrology, but to help you consider the significance of that particular event or relationship in terms of that transit or Solar Arc.

If we follow the line of thought provided by Jung’s quote, we can infer that such event or relationship would carry the quality of the transit or Solar Arc you were experiencing at that time.  Consider the following case example:

A Case of a Sudden Job Loss – Where Astrology Told a Different Story

A man suddenly lost his job while experiencing transiting Uranus quindecile Pluto.  At that time he said something like “I don’t know what happened.  I was having the best month ever in my career.  It was so unfair!”

While such reaction is completely understandable, the astrology of the moment (illustrated by the powerful transit of Uranus quindecile Pluto, along with a couple of other measurements) suggested  that there was a quality of intensified independence, coupled with demand for empowerment to this significant event.

What happened was that the job loss led this man to throw all of his energy into his then-part-time business that was his passion.  After a couple of months of hard work, he was able to increase his income to where it was before the layoff, only this time he was doing what he loved full-time, working for himself.

Consider the level of independence and empowerment he must feel from undergoing such transformation!  Astrology clearly suggested this possibility at the moment the transition began, in the guise of a job loss.  He took the opportunity with courage, and made it happen.  What a story, eh?

Summary: Astrological Meditation of the Current Moment

Even when an event looks one way from a “normal” perspective, it’s worth contemplating if the astrological symbolism of that event is suggesting a rather different possibility.  Are you going through an important change in your life right now?  Is there a corresponding astrological transit or Solar Arc that would provide a supporting, or alternative, perspective?  Please feel free to share through emails or comments.

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Noel Tyl on Japan’s Crisis

Dear Holistic Astrologer Blog Readers,
I was greatly comforted and uplifted to read the following magnificent essay from Noel Tyl, addressing the recent calamity in Japan due to earthquake, tsunami and now nuclear threat.  While this essay is due to be published in Japan’s astrological communities shortly, he graciously gave me permission to share it here.  Please read, enjoy, and discuss…

Hiroki Niizato

What’s Happening Now?

Oh, the upheaval of Nature!  Inscrutable; unpredictable.

And an embarrassment for Astrology: while it can deeply appreciate the human being in society and life-development time, it can not understand or grasp the positioning of Earthquakes, Floods, giant Fires, or plagues in the scheme of human existence.  For reasons unknown, we can not harness knowledge of natural eruption and horror upon the planet.  Perhaps the reason is because Astrology is a human, phenomenological art-science evolving out of human behavior not natural cataclysm.

It is almost as if we are not yet supposed to have such  knowledge of Nature. And perhaps that teaches us something: perhaps it is not to study the calamity but the people within it.  –Of course, pre-warning of explosion can help us lessen impact on our life, but the fact remains that the explosion will take place, regardless, and it is for the people to grow through it, for populations to  be adjusted, for nations to recover in their individualistic style.  –Throughout history, it has been so.

Horoscope of Japan [Presentation of Post WWII Constitution]

We think we know the horoscope of modern Japan [The focusing of the Constitution, November 3, 1946 at 8:30 AM in Tokyo].  The national image shown in the horoscope speaks eloquently of the noble discipline of the Japanese people living within a highly focused  idealistic sense of purpose. Above all, modern Japan needs to be helpful to the world –technologically inventive and relating it all to social progress. This is Japan’s identity.

When the massive earthquake occurred, the planet Uranus was dramatically involved with a synthesis point of the Japan Sun and Moon.  This is a simple but powerful astrological glimpse of the tragedy. It suggests enormous, sudden upheaval, much like a divorce in a marriage; on a national level, we can expect chaos.

The astrological signature also brings forward the dramatic energies of individualism, the Japanese people dealing with awesome difficulty with innovation and improvements.

So easily, people can question –or even blame– their God for the horrors of loss, the wreckage of life.  Someone or something must be behind it all for some purpose!  But this question of intent or plan is equally inscrutable with reference to the causes of the calamity.  It helps us not.

Perhaps a better view is this: through this chaos, we  see dramatic intensification of our awareness of the human condition, fragile and strong at the same time.  This is what rescues us and this is what we already see active throughout the Japanese population hard at work upon recovery.

And we see how the ever-maturing national image and new energies of resurrection in Japan are attracting the loving, empathic care of the rest of the world.  –The answer to the Why? of this terrible happening is transcended by acknowledgement, collectively and individually, of the Goodness of Spirit.  This keeps us alive.  This tells us all who we are.

Bless you, Japan!

Noel Tyl