Sun Pluto Aspect: The Power to Make a Difference

Sun Pluto conjunction square opposition



On Natal Sun Pluto hard aspect, Noel Tyl often said:

“There’s a blanket over your hand grenade.”

This image portrays explosive potential, hidden from view.

What does Sun Pluto aspect’s “explosive potential” look like and what is the “blanket” that’s hiding it?

Better yet, how do you “take off the blanket?” 

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Moon Pluto Aspect: Emotional Transformation

Moon Pluto conjunction square opposition


This article is relevant if you have a natal Moon Pluto aspect, or are going through a transit Pluto Moon aspect. It’s also for mothers who have a child with natal Moon Pluto conjunction, square or opposition.


Moon Pluto aspect mother relationship


If your natal Moon conjuncts, squares or opposes Pluto, then Plutonian qualities will enter into your lunar bonds (e.g. your relationship with your parents, spouse and children). Let’s look at a few examples, both positive and negative, of how this can look like in a mother-child relationship:


Pluto’s lesson is in learning how to wield power and influence over others. During childhood, this lesson often involves seeing a shadow form (a negative expression) of the use of power in your parents (the mother in this case).

A Moon Pluto aspect may suggest that your mother was very controlling, and didn’t honor your emotional needs. The control could have been overt (e.g. a dominant, smothering mother), or subtle (e.g. control through guilt or manipulation).

Growing up with such a mother could be taxing for your confidence, as you may feel powerless against her will.

If this applies to you, it’s possible that your mother still wields a great deal of power over you. Then your lesson might be to start honoring your own emotional needs, despite how your mother may react.

However, it’s important to note that not all Plutonian mothers are like this.


There are many mothers who embody positive Plutonian qualities, such as self awareness and psychological insights.

These mothers learned how to wield their own power without having to control others. They influence their children through sharing of knowledge and insights, rather than through criticism.

If this describes your mother, then you’ve seen the positive potential of your Moon Pluto aspect.



When someone with a powerful Moon walks into a room, it changes the mood of everyone. This dynamic works in both directions (positive and uplifting, or tense and depressing). If you have Moon conjunct, square or opposition Pluto, you have the potential to wield this kind of emotional influence. The question is, how consciously will you be able to use it?Keep Reading >>

Venus Pluto Aspect: Transformation through Relationships

Venus Pluto conjunct square opposition


In astrology Pluto symbolizes depth, transformation and empowerment.  Pluto’s location in your natal chart can represent an entrance into the unconscious, where repressed psychic materials (the Jungian shadow) are stored.

Venus represents relationships and aesthetic needs.  Its placement in your horoscope suggests how you need to relate to others in order to be socially effective.

An aspect between Venus and Pluto (especially conjunction, square or opposition) brings these two archetypes together. If you have a natal Venus Pluto aspect, or you’re experiencing a Pluto Venus transit, your relationship may unearth powerful emotions that have been buried inside you for a long, long time.

In what possible ways can Venus Pluto aspect manifest, and what are some constructive ways to utilize it?

Venus Conjunct Square Opposition Pluto – Possible Manifestations

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Jupiter Pluto Aspects: Vision and Leadership

jupiter conjunct square opposite pluto“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. Your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” – James Allen


  • Natal Jupiter Pluto conjunction, square or opposition and their potentials
  • Transit or solar arc Pluto Jupiter aspect
  • Jupiter/Pluto midpoint as a possible indicator of wealth and success
  • How to unlock the potentials of Jupiter Pluto aspects in your life

Natal Jupiter conjunct square opposite Pluto

In your natal chart, Jupiter represents faith as well as the reward hoped for.  Jupiter is your capacity to see (and believe in) the big picture – he is the motivational speaker in your psyche.

Pluto deepens and empowers what it touches to the nth degree.  When Pluto forms a dynamic aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) with Jupiter, your beliefs become powerful and your dreams larger than life.

Jupiter Pluto aspects tend to manifest strongly if your Sun, Moon or an inner planet (Mercury, Venus or Mars) is also involved with the aspect.  Here are some possible expressions of this aspect:


Jupiter moves the mind toward positive, uplifting expression – except when you’re caught up in ego struggles (in which case, a king-complex might emerge.)  Pluto can amplify Jupiter’s positive outlook so that you develop a powerful optimism that says ‘no problem is insurmountable.’

Fueled by the power of such belief, you are able to tackle large issues and find solutions to them more often than not.  After a while, people may begin to say “If anyone can solve this issue, it’s you,” which will bring you to the position of…


Faith is magnetic.  Great leaders have such faith in themselves and their vision of what is right, that they cannot help but attract others.  If you have Jupiter conjunct square or opposite Pluto, your belief in yourself could be strong enough to lead an army (in fact, General Norman Schwarzkopf did. He had Jupiter square Pluto.)

Using their powerful leadership, a Jupiter-Pluto person could lead people toward good or evil.  Think Mohandas Gandhi (Jupiter conjunct Pluto) who led his country to freedom, or cult leader Jim Jones (Jupiter conjunct Pluto) who led nearly 1000 people including himself to a mass suicide.  Same aspect, vastly different results.


Noel Tyl said Pluto is the adverb of the horoscope – answering the question of “how much, how far.”  In relation to Jupiter, Pluto asks “How far do you want to go in life?  How much do you want to achieve?”  Jupiter-Pluto person seems to have an attitude of “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

Examples of Natal Jupiter Pluto Aspects

Here are some examples of visionaries and super-achievers with a Jupiter Pluto aspect:

  • Mohandas Gandhi (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)
  • Bill Gates (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)
  • Nelson Mandela (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Jupiter square Pluto)
  • Steven Spielberg (Jupiter square Pluto)
  • Margaret Thatcher (Jupiter opposite Pluto)

Transit Pluto conjunct square opposite Jupiter

When transit or solar arc Pluto forms a conjunction, square or opposition with Jupiter, you may feel a strong sense of optimism and personal power similar to the natal Pluto Jupiter aspect described above.  Similar possibility exists for solar arc Jupiter conjunct, square or opposite natal Pluto (whereas transit Jupiter tends to pass too quickly, although it still has the same potential.)

During this time period, you may be challenged to enlarge your vision and seek bigger (or deeper) goals than what you’ve previously imagined.  Perhaps it’s time to raise your own expectation of what you can achieve.

Jupiter/Pluto Midpoint: Potential for Wealth and Success

It has been noted that emphasis of Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in a horoscope (i.e. you have a planet in hard aspect with the midpoint of Jupiter/Pluto) can signal potentials for success and wealth.  Similarly, a transit or solar arc activating the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint could suggest a period of success and financial gain.

Example: Steven Spielberg listed above has Mars=Jupiter/Pluto on the Aries Point (AP), reflecting his mega-success.  Schwarzenegger similarly has AP=Jupiter/Pluto.

Even in “normal” people’s horoscopes, planets or angles highlighting the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint tends to suggest financially successful people (or people on the way to becoming successful.)

In Closing: How to Unlock the Potential of Jupiter Pluto Aspects

If you have a natal Jupiter Pluto aspect but are not expressing the powerful quality discussed in this article, chances are you have yet to uncover your true potential.  The question is, what is getting in the way of your potential?  The answer will usually be apparent in other parts of your horoscope.

Pluto aspects sometimes carry a theme of reclaiming your power from oppressing circumstance. In the case of Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Jupiter, you may need to let go of unhealed resentment or even rage before you can reclaim the sense of faith in life and yourself.

If the above does not seem to apply to you, then perhaps what you need is a goal or a dream big enough to unlock the potential of Jupiter Pluto aspects.  If you didn’t have to settle, what goals would you be aiming for right now?  Consider your answer carefully, and see if you can begin moving toward it starting today.


Do You Have a natal or transit Pluto-Jupiter aspect?  How did you experience it?  Feel free to share your experience and insights in the comment section.


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Pluto Ascendant Aspect: Becoming A Different Person

Pluto Ascendant Aspect

Pluto is the god of underworld. As the governor of hidden depth in all things, Pluto represents hidden potentials, extreme passions (which are often repressed by society), and a perception that penetrates the darkness in all things – solving mysteries and unlocking new powers (think psychology and molecular physics).

Ascendant is your persona – the mask your wear and show to the world. Your name and all that it represents to you. Because it always opposes the Descendant (the 7th house cusp), Ascendant represents what others (your partner, friends, the public) will see and identify as your unique personality.

Transit or Natal Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant can suggest the need for the mask to break at one point, so that a different identity can emerge, perhaps one that reflects more of your inner truth.


Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant: Emergence of the Hidden Self

Natal Pluto in aspect with Ascendant can suggest hidden depth within your personality. At a certain point in life, you might startle everyone by going against the flow to become someone almost unrecognizable from your former self. In relation to the Pluto archetype, such change is often called transformation or empowerment of the personality.

Natal Pluto-Ascendant Aspect: Potential for Prominence

The transformational potential of Natal Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant can manifest as a rise to prominence and fame, as well as a dramatic change of socioeconomic level. Examples include:

  • Sir Richard Branson (Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant) is famously known for being dyslexic and a high school drop out, but he ended up founding the Virgin Group, became a billionaire and even got knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Kurt Cobain (Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant), the lead singer of Nirvana known for his rise to fame and tragic death – he had extreme difficulty coping with his fame and public image (a new ‘mask’ thrust upon him by the public).
  • Christopher Reeve (Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant), rose to fame through his performance in Superman films. After the fateful accident that made him quadriplegic, he founded Christopher Reeve Foundation and contributed to finding treatments and cures for paralysis.


Transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant: Empowerment of Identity

Similar to natal Pluto-Ascendant aspect, transiting Pluto in hard aspect with the Ascendant might suggest a time when your identity goes through an empowering transformation, in effect making you a different person. Here are some examples:

  • Tony Blair: In May 1997, Tony Blair won a landslide victory to become the youngest Prime Minister of UK – receiving 97% public approval rating by September of 1997. Transit Pluto was opposing his Ascendant throughout 1997, marking a time of extraordinary empowerment.
  • Monica Lewinsky: In her TED talk given in March 2015, Monica Lewinsky reemerged into the public eye, but this time as an empowered woman speaking up against cyber bullying. Her TED talk has gone viral, and it’s clear she reclaimed her identity after years of silence. Transiting Pluto was exactly square her Ascendant.


Conclusion: Pluto-Ascendant Aspect and Potential for Identity Transformation

All of these examples involve dramatic changes of identity. Even in a ‘normal’ person’s horoscope, natal or transit Pluto-Ascendant aspect can suggest important potentials for radical changes of personality in one’s lifetime.

While not everyone with natal or transit Pluto-Ascendant aspect will be famous, this aspect still carries much potential for rise in social status, and/or a significant deepening of character through powerful life experiences.


Do you have natal or transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant in your horoscope? In what way did your identity go through transformation? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.


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Mars Pluto Aspect: Empowered Action

mars pluto aspect square conjunct opposition

This article is relevant if you have natal Mars Pluto aspect, or are experiencing transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Mars.

The Meaning of Mars Pluto Aspect
Mars represents action and application of energy. The placement of natal Mars in your horoscope suggests how you need to act and apply your energy in order to fulfill your purpose in life.

Pluto represents empowerment to the nth degree. Pluto in conjunction, square or opposition with Mars will give massive oomph to your energy application.


Natal Mars conjunct square opposition Pluto: An Overachiever

Whether it’s increasing sales or losing excess weight, most people have no problem identifying the actions they need to take in order to accomplish their goals. However, many people fall short of achieving their desired outcome, simply because they don’t take enough of that necessary action (example: in sales, instead of calling 10 prospects a day, they may stop at 5.)

If you have natal Mars conjunct, square or opposite Pluto, you most likely do not have this problem. In fact, you’re more likely to take too much action than not enough! Pluto Mars aspects tend to suggest an overachiever that always does more than what’s expected.

Take a look at the following list of overachievers who have natal Pluto Mars aspects:

  • Oprah Winfrey has Mars square Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto empowers the scope of purposeful, transformative energy application of her Mars in Scorpio.
  • Muhammad Ali has Mars square Pluto in 9th house, with Mars ruling the 9th house of religion. Pluto empowered not only his fighting prowess, but of his religious conviction, which was strong enough to cause him to convert to Islam and adopt a Muslim name.
  • General Norman Schwarzkopf had Mars conjunct Pluto in the 12th house of government institution, opposing his Moon in the 6th house of (military) service.
  • Mahatma Gandhi has natal Mars opposite Pluto in Scorpio. The opposition aspect implies “full awareness” of the potential consequence of violence (Mars). Pluto empowered the deep transformative drive of his Mars in Scorpio, reflecting his decision to eschew violence while taking necessary actions to accomplish his massive aim.


Transit Pluto Conjunct Square Opposite Mars: Empowered Action

Transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Mars will provide you with more firepower to accomplish your goals. It could be a dramatic increase of motivation followed by some event, or a change of circumstance that forces you to act differently than before.  As a result, your style of action and energy application may change dramatically.

As with the natal Pluto Mars aspect, this transit carries a potential for overkill through excessive action. Although overdoing to the point of harm or injury needs to be avoided, most likely you will go through this transit at a time when you need to be taking more action in order to reach important goals in life.

Your natal Mars’ placement has much to do regarding how this transit will play out. Example: Mars in Gemini may respond to this transit with increased communication, or a different kind of communication (e.g. writing a book, teaching a new course, or studying new subjects in depth.)

By taking massive action toward the goals you cherish, you’ll have made the best use of this time period.


Do you have a natal Pluto Mars aspect? Or have you been experiencing transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Mars? How did it affect the way you act and apply your energy? Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.



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Pluto Says An Opposite of Depth is Nothingness

Pluto aspectsPluto is the symbols of depth, as befitting his title “god of the underworld.” Depth, as in deep knowledge, emotions and beliefs.

The opposite of depth is not height, but shallowness. Pluto is the symbol of extremes, and it can represent the height of ecstasy as well as the depth of despair. Its opposite is simply nothingness.

Nothingness, in the sense that “nothing happens.” No ecstasy or despair, no wild success or failure, no risk and no reward. Like a flat line in EKG that symbolizes death.

Pluto Aspects Demand Depth…Or Nothingness

Whatever Pluto touches in your horoscope will have this quality of “all or nothing” extreme.  Consider the following Pluto aspects:

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Venus (also, Pluto in 7th house) will assure that relationships will be accompanied by extreme emotions. So much is expected in terms of intimacy – there needs to be absolute honesty and depth of sharing. It’s either that, or ‘nothingness’ of shallow relationships which are unsatisfying.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Mars will necessitate intense burst of energy, a show of force. Action must be taken to fulfill desire. Energy must be exercised to the limit of one’s capacity. Otherwise, the energy might implode unto oneself in the form of weight gain or depression – a common yet tragic result from the decision to do nothing.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Mercury will demand Herculean exertion of the mind. Mind must acquire power to know, speak and influence to the n-th degree. Alternative is the shallow stream of daily conversations about nothing – which creates deep inner anxiety and frustration.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Sun will necessitate deeply authentic personal expression. Shallowness means denial of one’s deeply seated problems. Nothing happens until honest confrontation with oneself has been achieved.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Moon will similarly suggest the necessity for authentic emotional expression. As a child, one’s emotions might have been hijacked by a powerful adult (most likely the mother.) Emotional patterns inherited from parental figures might need to be examined and discarded if necessary.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Jupiter suggests depth of faith in oneself or a higher power that is needed in order to function well.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Saturn requires depth of commitment, effort and integrity that is required to succeed. A choice to avoid depth in these areas leads to underachievement.

A Hint About Depth

Usually a prominent Pluto placement suggests a trauma, a wound of some sort that needs to be healed. If there are no such personal issues to be solved, most likely there will be other issues that will take us deeper – like confronting the injustice that abound in the outside world. Either way, it’s heavy stuff.

With Pluto, the awareness of wounds or injustice already exists, at least subconsciously. So the choice to do nothing equals denial, which drains our power and deadens our emotions.

Wherever Pluto is found in the horoscope, we may need to bravely confront what is wrong within ourselves or our immediate environment. The alternative is stultifying, frustrating nothingness…

Are you a Plutonian? How do you deal with this need for depth, and an aversion to shallowness in the area touched by Pluto?

Pluto Saturn Aspect: Empowerment of Ambition

pluto saturn aspectPluto is the adverb of the horoscope – it empowers whatever it touches, adding extreme range of depth and height in expression.

Saturn represents ambition, effort, and accomplishments that require time to achieve.

Natal Pluto Saturn Aspect: Empowering Ambition

In a natal chart, Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Saturn is sometimes associated with major accomplishments, even fame.  Pluto empowers Saturnian structure, discipline and ambition to the extreme, making record-breaking feats possible.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Saturn: Building a Skyscraper

I’ve read that in order to build a skyscraper, you have to dig about 1/3 of the height of the building into the ground in order to establish the necessary foundation. That’s a great metaphor for the Plutonian process – to plumb depth in order to reach height. It also conveys the sense of heavy, massive structure that can be built through deeply committed effort.

Famous People with Pluto Saturn Aspect

Massive structure can be a metaphor of lasting wealth, ambition, fame or a strong body: Apple founder Steve Jobs’ horoscope has Pluto square Saturn, and so does rock star Eddie Van Helen’s natal chart.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s horoscope has Pluto conjunct Saturn in Leo, and so does film maestro Steven Spielberg’s natal chart.  These are extremely motivated individuals that attained prominence through massive accomplishments of their ambitions – the living examples of Pluto-Saturn aspect potential.

If you have Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Saturn in your natal chart, you probably sense this potential for massive accomplishment within yourself. This energy needs a constructive outlet and a goal tough enough to challenge it.

Transit Pluto Conjunct, Square, Opposition Saturn: Threat of Loss, or a Period of Hard Work 

Transit or solar arc Pluto conjunct, square or opposite natal Saturn is often associated with a threat of loss in any area of life. It could be a creative destruction in that it opens the way for a new beginning, but nevertheless it feels formidable.

Still, this transit carries potential for extreme empowerment of ambition.  At the very least, this is a period that demands hard, hard work to achieve one’s goals.

If Pluto-Saturn transit results in an actual loss or a threat of loss, consider whether this period is forcing you to dig deeper to find your internal resources, so that you’ll gain enough power to accomplish your life goals later on.


Do you have natal Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Saturn?  Are you going through a Pluto-Saturn transit?  Do you identify with this sense of empowered goals, discipline and ambition?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.



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