Moon Uranus Aspect: Reinventing Yourself

Moon Uranus conjunct square opposition


In astrology, Moon represents your innermost needs and feelings. Some astrologers think of the Moon as the soul, containing all your memories, desires, and your primal connection with your mother and the home.

Natal Moon aspects are highly personal – you tend to feel the energy of the aspecting planets deeply from a young age.  You get attuned to the energy of the planet aspecting the Moon – it becomes familiar, like the comfort you may feel from your mother and your childhood home.

In many ways, Moon represents the comfort of your roots, of your past.  Knowing your emotional roots helps you to know who you are.

In contrast to Moon’s sense of rootedness in one’s past, Uranus archetype contains the energy of tomorrow.  Not tomorrow as a continuation of yesterday and today, but as a threshold that opens into the unexpected, the unknown.  It represents endless possibilities for change and new ideas, but also threatens to disrupt the comfortable patterns and routines established in the past.

How do these two vastly different archetypes interact, both natally and in transit?


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Venus Pluto Aspect: Transformation through Relationships

Venus Pluto conjunct square opposition


In astrology Pluto symbolizes depth, transformation and empowerment.  Pluto’s location in your natal chart can represent an entrance into the unconscious, where repressed psychic materials (the Jungian shadow) are stored.

Venus represents relationships and aesthetic needs.  Its placement in your horoscope suggests how you need to relate to others in order to be socially effective.

An aspect between Venus and Pluto (especially conjunction, square or opposition) brings these two archetypes together. If you have a natal Venus Pluto aspect, or you’re experiencing a Pluto Venus transit, your relationship may unearth powerful emotions that have been buried inside you for a long, long time.

In what possible ways can Venus Pluto aspect manifest, and what are some constructive ways to utilize it?

Venus Conjunct Square Opposition Pluto – Possible Manifestations

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Mercury Saturn Aspects: Mastering Your Thoughts

Mercury Saturn conjunct square opposition

Mercury conjunct square opposition Saturn: Necessary Control of Thoughts

Saturn in hard aspect with your inner planet almost always represents a major growth theme in your life. Whereas a soft aspect from Saturn may suggest a sense of assumed reality (“this is the way things are, they always have been”), a hard aspect can feel like an ultimatum to ‘grow or suffer.’

If Saturn conjoins, squares or opposes Mercury in your natal chart, a major challenge – and thus, an opportunity – in your life includes mastering the process of formulating and expressing your thoughts.

Mastery implies acquiring necessary control – for those with natal Mercury-Saturn aspects, there are several important areas where this kind of control and mastery is essential:


1) Controlling Depressive Tendencies

Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Saturn frequently suggests a serious turn of mind and, if mixed with stressful or traumatic early home circumstance, it could even escalate into a tendency for a chronically depressed outlook.

To save the mind from being crushed by the weight of harsh reality, it may be necessary to pay attention to your thoughts when they are being overly (dare we say, unrealistically) negative or despairing. You may even need to resort to listing all of your assets starting from your health, if only to prove things are never as bad as it seems.


2) Gaining a Deep Understanding of Your Chosen Field

In some cases (Albert Einstein comes to mind), Mercury Saturn individuals are somehow thought to be “slow” or not as bright as others when they are young. This may just be an indication of a deep thinker that needs to understand things more thoroughly.

Instead of feeling handicapped intellectually, you might need to buckle down and really work on understanding your chosen subject. Then, you might be able to express your understanding with a level of skill and mastery that may surprise others, regardless of your chosen field of work: writing, sports, acting or business.


3) Realizing & Giving Substance to Your Ideas

Whether it’s creating a piece of orchestral music, a 1500 page trilogy or an engineering masterpiece, Mercury-Saturn people have the potential to excel at handling complex ideas and giving them substance.

Giving form to your ideas might feel threatening at first, especially if you’re afraid of failure or criticism. By doing so, however, you also gain the precious opportunity to test, improve and ultimately perfect your ideas in the real world.



Summary: Mercury Saturn Aspects and Necessary Control of Thoughts

Whether your goal in life is to form supportive relationships or to create a successful business, Saturn represents necessary controls that you must acquire in order to realize your aims and ambition.

Like all Saturn aspects, Mercury Saturn conjunction, square or opposition suggests strong potential for growth and achievement – in this case, through the development of your ideas, perception and intellectual expression.


Do you have a natal Mercury Saturn aspect? How do you experience it in your life? Feel free to share your experience and insights in the comment section.




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Mars Neptune Aspects: Taking Inspired Action

Mars Neptune conjunct square opposition

‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.’
– Helen Keller


Mars represents how you need to apply your energy in order to be effective.  When functioning well, Mars is like a star salesman that brings business and success to his company – he can effectively bring you the result you want.

Neptune represents your capacity for creative visualization.  You get in touch with it whenever you envision a better future for yourself or for others.  A positively functioning Neptune adds a quality of vision and inspiration to your personality.

Natal Mars Conjunct Square Opposition Neptune


Let’s make a movie and sell it.  Or something like that – Mars Neptune aspects have a quality of promoting (Mars) your creative vision (Neptune) to others.  Your vision could be grand, beautiful, or merely entertaining – so long as you apply your creativity and imagination to make something happen, you’re utilizing this aspect.

Do you want to create music or film?  Have an idea that can help improve people’s lives?    The gift and the opportunity of Mars Neptune aspect (especially conjunction, square or opposition) is that you are able to bring what you envision in your mind into the physical realm through action (Mars).


They become magnetic.  Charismatic leaders have this quality of making others “see” the vision they hold. By speaking out (Mars) about their vision of a better future (Neptune), these leaders impact and inspire others.  If you have Mars Neptune aspect, you have a kind of magic about your personality (or at least the potential for it) that attracts people to you.


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Sun Uranus Aspect: Freedom and Anxiety

Sun conjunct square opposition Uranus

The more original a human being is, the deeper is his anxiety.
 – Søren Kierkegaard

Natal Sun Conjunct Square Opposition Uranus


Uranus represents qualities such as independence, freedom and out-of-the-box thinking.  It’s the planet associated with outliers, geniuses and revolutionaries.

Sun represents your core energy and life purpose.  Just like how a plant grows toward Sun’s light, you tend to grow in the direction suggested by your natal Sun’s placement.

With natal Sun conjunct, square or opposite Uranus, the pathway of your growth points toward individuation.  It means you won’t be satisfied until you truly tasted the freedom to be yourself.


Intensity. Drive. Ingenuity.

With Uranus guiding your life direction, you tend to have a lot of energy – both physically and mentally – toward self expression and ego development.

While others may be bound by traditional cultural expectations thrust upon them by their family and friends, you are somehow freer to pursue your own path.  It could be said that you have nothing holding you back from doing what interests you, which can be exciting and scary at the same time.


Anxiety.  While others may complain about boredom of predictive routines, they at least have the security of “doing what they’re supposed to be doing” with their life.

You, on the other hand, somehow do not or cannot walk on the same path as everyone.  Maybe you chose to step off the rail, or something forced you to.  You may feel as if there is no guidebook to where you are going – and you’re probably right.


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Jupiter Pluto Aspects: Vision and Leadership

jupiter conjunct square opposite pluto“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. Your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” – James Allen


  • Natal Jupiter Pluto conjunction, square or opposition and their potentials
  • Transit or solar arc Pluto Jupiter aspect
  • Jupiter/Pluto midpoint as a possible indicator of wealth and success
  • How to unlock the potentials of Jupiter Pluto aspects in your life

Natal Jupiter conjunct square opposite Pluto

In your natal chart, Jupiter represents faith as well as the reward hoped for.  Jupiter is your capacity to see (and believe in) the big picture – he is the motivational speaker in your psyche.

Pluto deepens and empowers what it touches to the nth degree.  When Pluto forms a dynamic aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) with Jupiter, your beliefs become powerful and your dreams larger than life.

Jupiter Pluto aspects tend to manifest strongly if your Sun, Moon or an inner planet (Mercury, Venus or Mars) is also involved with the aspect.  Here are some possible expressions of this aspect:


Jupiter moves the mind toward positive, uplifting expression – except when you’re caught up in ego struggles (in which case, a king-complex might emerge.)  Pluto can amplify Jupiter’s positive outlook so that you develop a powerful optimism that says ‘no problem is insurmountable.’

Fueled by the power of such belief, you are able to tackle large issues and find solutions to them more often than not.  After a while, people may begin to say “If anyone can solve this issue, it’s you,” which will bring you to the position of…


Faith is magnetic.  Great leaders have such faith in themselves and their vision of what is right, that they cannot help but attract others.  If you have Jupiter conjunct square or opposite Pluto, your belief in yourself could be strong enough to lead an army (in fact, General Norman Schwarzkopf did. He had Jupiter square Pluto.)

Using their powerful leadership, a Jupiter-Pluto person could lead people toward good or evil.  Think Mohandas Gandhi (Jupiter conjunct Pluto) who led his country to freedom, or cult leader Jim Jones (Jupiter conjunct Pluto) who led nearly 1000 people including himself to a mass suicide.  Same aspect, vastly different results.


Noel Tyl said Pluto is the adverb of the horoscope – answering the question of “how much, how far.”  In relation to Jupiter, Pluto asks “How far do you want to go in life?  How much do you want to achieve?”  Jupiter-Pluto person seems to have an attitude of “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

Examples of Natal Jupiter Pluto Aspects

Here are some examples of visionaries and super-achievers with a Jupiter Pluto aspect:

  • Mohandas Gandhi (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)
  • Bill Gates (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)
  • Nelson Mandela (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Jupiter square Pluto)
  • Steven Spielberg (Jupiter square Pluto)
  • Margaret Thatcher (Jupiter opposite Pluto)

Transit Pluto conjunct square opposite Jupiter

When transit or solar arc Pluto forms a conjunction, square or opposition with Jupiter, you may feel a strong sense of optimism and personal power similar to the natal Pluto Jupiter aspect described above.  Similar possibility exists for solar arc Jupiter conjunct, square or opposite natal Pluto (whereas transit Jupiter tends to pass too quickly, although it still has the same potential.)

During this time period, you may be challenged to enlarge your vision and seek bigger (or deeper) goals than what you’ve previously imagined.  Perhaps it’s time to raise your own expectation of what you can achieve.

Jupiter/Pluto Midpoint: Potential for Wealth and Success

It has been noted that emphasis of Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in a horoscope (i.e. you have a planet in hard aspect with the midpoint of Jupiter/Pluto) can signal potentials for success and wealth.  Similarly, a transit or solar arc activating the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint could suggest a period of success and financial gain.

Example: Steven Spielberg listed above has Mars=Jupiter/Pluto on the Aries Point (AP), reflecting his mega-success.  Schwarzenegger similarly has AP=Jupiter/Pluto.

Even in “normal” people’s horoscopes, planets or angles highlighting the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint tends to suggest financially successful people (or people on the way to becoming successful.)

In Closing: How to Unlock the Potential of Jupiter Pluto Aspects

If you have a natal Jupiter Pluto aspect but are not expressing the powerful quality discussed in this article, chances are you have yet to uncover your true potential.  The question is, what is getting in the way of your potential?  The answer will usually be apparent in other parts of your horoscope.

Pluto aspects sometimes carry a theme of reclaiming your power from oppressing circumstance. In the case of Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Jupiter, you may need to let go of unhealed resentment or even rage before you can reclaim the sense of faith in life and yourself.

If the above does not seem to apply to you, then perhaps what you need is a goal or a dream big enough to unlock the potential of Jupiter Pluto aspects.  If you didn’t have to settle, what goals would you be aiming for right now?  Consider your answer carefully, and see if you can begin moving toward it starting today.


Do You Have a natal or transit Pluto-Jupiter aspect?  How did you experience it?  Feel free to share your experience and insights in the comment section.


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Mars Saturn Aspects: Shadow vs Conscious Expression

Mars conjunct square opposition Saturn

Hot and Cold: The Archetype of Mars Saturn Aspect

Mars is your inner warrior. If you have a healthy Mars, you’re able to assert yourself in relationships, speak up in order to persuade others, and take action to achieve your goals.

Saturn (when developed) acts as your inner “wise old man.” At other times, Saturn is your inner giant that swallows your creativity and positive motivation (recall the myth of Cronus eating his children.) In early life, Saturn most often represents the father.

Mars and Saturn do not always get along, because Mars is hot and Saturn is cold (in a psychological sense).  When you have these two planets in hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition), you’ll most likely experience challenges in integrating both energies successfully.  In this article, we’ll explore the dark side of Mars Saturn aspects (especially conjunction, square or opposition) and then look at ways to unlock their constructive expression.


Mars conjunct square opposition Saturn: The Father Wound


The Shadow Side of Masculinity

Unless your natal Mars or Saturn happens to be well placed (in Capricorn, for example), hard aspects between them tend to be experienced in their shadow form, at least in the beginning.

In their shadow form, Saturn suppresses Mars, and Mars wounds Saturn.  As a result, Mars conjunct, square or opposition Saturn could be experienced as negative expressions of masculine principle. In early life, this tends to manifest as father wounds.

What’s a father wound?

As a young child, your father was the model of masculine authority – he was possibly the highest authority in your world.  If your emotional bond with your father was strong and supportive, you were able to grow with confidence in your ability to assert yourself and assume responsibility in the world.

If your father was emotionally absent, excessively angry or irresponsible, you may have grown up with a father wound that resulted in underdeveloped masculinity (regardless of your gender.)  Until you get to the root of the father wound, you may feel a sense of weakness or even futility when trying to assert yourself or to accomplish your goals in the world.

What people do when they feel weak…

Is they overcompensate and try to act strong.  Mars-Saturn aspects’ reputation for ruthless, controlling and even brutal behaviors could actually be originating from a deep feeling of powerlessness.  Such dominant behaviors are usually a repeat of the father’s pattern (who in turn may have been overcompensating for his own sense of powerlessness.)

What doesn’t go out, must go in

The alternative manifestation of Mars conjunct, square or opposition Saturn is “suppressed anger.”  If expressing anger against your father was not safe, then you may have had to hold the anger inside, learning not to assert yourself while seething with resentment on the inside.

It’s easy to imagine how either of the above patterns could create problems in later life.


Working Toward Resolution: Healing the Father Wound

These shadow manifestations are indeed challenging, and quite common among people with a highly stressed or retrograde Saturn.  With Saturn Mars aspect in particular, there seems to be difficulty with the emotions of anger as well as constructive self-assertion.

While there are no quick fixes, recognizing the father wound and accepting its pain is certainly the beginning of healing.  By separating from the dysfunctional patterns modeled by your father, you’ll be able to choose a different, wiser application of your energy.

Now we’ll look at more positive expressions of Mars Saturn aspects.


Mars conjunct square opposition Saturn: Constructive Paths


Wisdom guides Force

In a constructive scenario, Saturn sets a positive direction for Mars, and Mars acts to realize Saturn’s long range goals.

Necessary Control of Anger

From experience, you learn how to work with anger in relationships.  You’ve learned that dominating or controlling others do not work, and neither did suppressing anger.

What you’ve learned is a middle path – a conscious restraint of the anger that you fully feel.  This is zen territory, and monks talk about it.  One book I highly recommend in this regard is Robert Bly’s A little book on the human shadow, where the poet discusses this very process.

Ambition and Effort

 Once Mars’ energy is released from suppression and resentment, Mars-Saturn combination acquires clarity of purpose and disciplined, patient action.  In short, they tend to become unstoppable, especially if aided by boosters such as Jupiter or Pluto.

Noel Tyl uses phrases like “Resourcefulness” and “Indomitable Will” to describe Mars Saturn aspect.  Once the emotional stoppage is removed, your doors to achievements open.  You can direct this energy in any arena – physical, intellectual, spiritual or organizational.


Recap: Mars Saturn Aspect Interpretation – Shadow vs Wisdom

To recap the discussion of Mars Saturn conjunction, square or opposition, we’ll consider each aspect separately and explore their shadow side vs conscious expression.  Note that, although some subtle differences exist based on the type of aspect, many qualities will be interchangeable between all 3 aspects.


Mars Conjunct Saturn

Core Theme: Identification with father’s values.  Focused energy.

Shadow Manifestation: If your father held negative views about you and/or himself, you might have accepted the limiting perception about yourself as truth.  As a result, you may be repeating much of the disempowering, frustrated patterns your father exhibited.

Conscious Expression: Once you’re able to separate from your identification with your father’s destructive patterns (or, if you are able to identify with his positive patterns), you’ll gain a stronger sense of self, able to achieve new heights in life through focused effort.


Mars Square Saturn

Core Theme: Tension and Development.

Shadow Manifestation:  Your father may have displayed much of the negative masculine traits discussed in this article.  As a result you might repeat the pattern of dominance and overcompensation, or let your frustration and resentment implode within.

Conscious Expression: Once you begin healing the father wounds and let go of stored resentment, there will be considerable energy available for long term development.  This aspect suggests indomitable will.


Mars Opposition Saturn

Core Theme: Awareness and Projection.

Shadow Manifestation:  You project a lot of the negative masculine quality in others – especially your boss (authority figure) or your spouse.  As a result you keep blaming others for your frustration in life, feeling powerless.

Conscious Expression: Once you are able to withdraw the projection of angry, dominant behaviors from others, you recognize these qualities inside of you and can integrate them.  Afterwards you act with conscious awareness of the power of anger within, no longer a victim.  You learn to assert yourself successfully, with patience and wisdom.


Do you have Mars Saturn aspect?  How do you experience it?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.


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Moon Saturn Aspects: Emotional Growth through Time

Saturn conjunct square opposite Moon

Moon Saturn conjunction, square or opposition

Saturn represents time, structure, necessary control and authority figures.  Moon represents our core emotional needs.

Natal or transit Saturn conjunct, square or opposite Moon is a deeply felt aspect that, over time, provides opportunity for emotional enrichment and growth (those with Saturn sextile or trine Moon may experience similar processes of growth we’ll cover in this article, but perhaps less intensely.)

In this article we’ll discuss some of the common phases of emotional growth associated with Saturn Moon hard aspect.  First we’ll discuss the natal Saturn-Moon aspect, and then transit Saturn in hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) with the natal Moon.

Natal Moon-Saturn Aspects:Phases of Emotional Growth

Phase #1: Suppressed Emotional Needs

Moon’s primary symbolism has to do with home, mothering and emotional nourishment.  Saturn in hard aspect with the Moon can suppress Moon’s natural need for nurturing.

If you have natal Moon-Saturn conjunction, square or opposition, you may have grown up in a home where there weren’t a lot of affectionate interactions between family members.

Another possibility is that parental approval and affection were heavily mixed with Saturnian element of work and responsibility.  As a result, you may have grown up too early, learning to act like an adult before you were able to get your basic emotional needs met.

Moon signs matter

Although such pattern can be present in any child born with Saturn-Moon aspect, your Moon sign could alter the experience somewhat.  Those with Moon in Earth or Air signs may feel more comfortable having Saturn conjunction, square or opposition Moon, since they tend to have more aptitude for emotional detachment compared to people with Fire or Water sign Moons.

Phase #2: Father Relationship affecting Later Emotional Patterns

Saturn represents authority figures, specifically the father in early home environment. With Saturn conjunct Moon there could be deep identification with the father’s emotional values, perhaps too much so.

Saturn square or opposite Moon may suggest a more tense relationship, wherein the father unconsciously squashed your Moon’s need complex through his actions.  Example: For those with natal Moon in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, Saturn square or opposite Moon might suggest a relationship with the father where he didn’t make you feel important enough to matter, either through criticism or neglect.

A developmental tension between Saturn and Moon also suggest a formative influence, which is to say your childhood dynamic with the father shaped your emotional patterns that continue into adulthood.

Moon-Saturn father relationship enacted in marriage

In a woman’s horoscope, a difficult relationship with the father during formative years as suggested by Saturn conjunct, square or opposite Moon could become a recurrent theme in later relationship (especially marriage), often played out through her husband.  Marriage then becomes a fertile ground for conscious reworking of your emotional patterns.

#3: Acquiring Guidance & Long Term Goals

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Pluto Ascendant Aspect: Becoming A Different Person

Pluto Ascendant Aspect

Pluto is the god of underworld. As the governor of hidden depth in all things, Pluto represents hidden potentials, extreme passions (which are often repressed by society), and a perception that penetrates the darkness in all things – solving mysteries and unlocking new powers (think psychology and molecular physics).

Ascendant is your persona – the mask your wear and show to the world. Your name and all that it represents to you. Because it always opposes the Descendant (the 7th house cusp), Ascendant represents what others (your partner, friends, the public) will see and identify as your unique personality.

Transit or Natal Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant can suggest the need for the mask to break at one point, so that a different identity can emerge, perhaps one that reflects more of your inner truth.


Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant: Emergence of the Hidden Self

Natal Pluto in aspect with Ascendant can suggest hidden depth within your personality. At a certain point in life, you might startle everyone by going against the flow to become someone almost unrecognizable from your former self. In relation to the Pluto archetype, such change is often called transformation or empowerment of the personality.

Natal Pluto-Ascendant Aspect: Potential for Prominence

The transformational potential of Natal Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant can manifest as a rise to prominence and fame, as well as a dramatic change of socioeconomic level. Examples include:

  • Sir Richard Branson (Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant) is famously known for being dyslexic and a high school drop out, but he ended up founding the Virgin Group, became a billionaire and even got knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Kurt Cobain (Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant), the lead singer of Nirvana known for his rise to fame and tragic death – he had extreme difficulty coping with his fame and public image (a new ‘mask’ thrust upon him by the public).
  • Christopher Reeve (Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant), rose to fame through his performance in Superman films. After the fateful accident that made him quadriplegic, he founded Christopher Reeve Foundation and contributed to finding treatments and cures for paralysis.


Transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant: Empowerment of Identity

Similar to natal Pluto-Ascendant aspect, transiting Pluto in hard aspect with the Ascendant might suggest a time when your identity goes through an empowering transformation, in effect making you a different person. Here are some examples:

  • Tony Blair: In May 1997, Tony Blair won a landslide victory to become the youngest Prime Minister of UK – receiving 97% public approval rating by September of 1997. Transit Pluto was opposing his Ascendant throughout 1997, marking a time of extraordinary empowerment.
  • Monica Lewinsky: In her TED talk given in March 2015, Monica Lewinsky reemerged into the public eye, but this time as an empowered woman speaking up against cyber bullying. Her TED talk has gone viral, and it’s clear she reclaimed her identity after years of silence. Transiting Pluto was exactly square her Ascendant.


Conclusion: Pluto-Ascendant Aspect and Potential for Identity Transformation

All of these examples involve dramatic changes of identity. Even in a ‘normal’ person’s horoscope, natal or transit Pluto-Ascendant aspect can suggest important potentials for radical changes of personality in one’s lifetime.

While not everyone with natal or transit Pluto-Ascendant aspect will be famous, this aspect still carries much potential for rise in social status, and/or a significant deepening of character through powerful life experiences.


Do you have natal or transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Ascendant in your horoscope? In what way did your identity go through transformation? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.


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