Cancer through the 12 Houses: Quest for Emotional Security

Cancer represents the feeling of deep security of the womb, which we try to create in our home and family. Whether physical, emotional or financial, the feeling of security can be elusive (witness the current economic shakeup and its effect on the sense of financial security held by many.)

When a person’s Moon or 4th house is under heavy tension through aspect, most likely such security wasn’t available (or was disrupted) at home. This may lead such a person to seek the security in quite another way – through money, career, friends.

Here we’ll look at Cancer through the 12 houses. There are at least two ways to look at the house that contains the sign on its cusp:

1) We’ll try to seek emotional security through the activities represented by that house.
2) We’ll behave in Cancer-like ways (e.g. private, intuitive, security conscious) with regard to the activities represented by that house.

  • On Ascendant (i.e. Cancer rising), the security concern becomes a large part of the identity: you need that intimate emotional connections shared with your “family” – the word used in the widest sense – so you try to create it by showing caring and empathy wherever you go.
  • On 2nd house we can naturally expect the need for financial security to be great – wanting to save in order to protect the family, retirement, etc. A great deal of money may be spent on creating and taking care of a home one lives in.
  • On 3rd house we can expect thoughts of caring, especially for the family, to be great. There is a security oriented mindset, befitting a Taurus Ascendant (commonly expected with Cancer on the 3rd.)
  • On 4th house, the family and one’s home become the haven of emotional safety.
  • On 5th house, emotional security may be sought through playing (creative expression), connecting with the child within (or without) – or perhaps sex and romance may become the substitute for family security.
  • On 6th house, the work environment has to offer a family-like feeling of emotional empathy.
  • On 7th house, the partner is expected to provide emotional security (the implication is that one has to be mature enough not to make his/her partner a substitute parent.)
  • On 8th house, the emotional security may be sought through (again) sexual intimacy, or a healing encounter with others (such as nurturing the self esteem of others.)
  • On 9th house, interestingly, emotional security might be sought through higher thoughts (spirituality, philosophy, academics) or a journey overseas, somehow pertaining to family or the feeling of security.
  • On 10th house, your career might become the source of emotional security (this can include full-time mothers, of course). Another possibility is that one’s vocation somehow evokes the feeling of emotional security (i.e. helping others feel cared for, fed, protected, or secure.)
  • On 11th house, friends may become the source of emotional security – one exists to help and care for others (Virgo rising is commonly expected.)
  • On 12th house, emotional security may be found only by going deeply within oneself, as in meditation.

In all cases, the idea to explore is how the need for security and private space plays a part in the activities represented by the Cancerian house. If you relate to the Cancer placement within your own horoscope, please feel free to share your experience via email or comment.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. I enjoy your insights Hiroki. I have Cancer @ MC/10th hs. I am a prenatal yoga teacher, a trained doula, fertility coach and created Green Womb Living. Mothering occupies the heart of my life. I homeschool my teenage son and am learning how to self-parent myself in the process. Cap 4th house Sun conjunct IC. :-)
    Thank you.

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