The Solution Exists Within the Problem

Einstein said that “significant problems” in life cannot be solved by using the same level of consciousness that created them.

In astrological terms, “significant problems” are usually denoted by hard aspects from Saturn and the outer planets that are not integrated very well in our psyche, whether in natal chart or in transit/Solar Arcs.

List of Potential Issues For Each Planetary Symbol
Here are some of the issues related to each planetary archetype when it is under developmental tension (i.e. hard aspects from the heavier planets):

  • Sun – issues of identity (think self doubt and lack of confidence)
  • Moon – issues of needs and emotions (loneliness, self-abandonment)
  • Mercury – issues with thoughts (depression, anxiety, negativity)
  • Venus – issues of emotions and relationships (dysfunctional social patterns)
  • Mars – issues of anger and its various expression (rage, passive-aggressive behavior)
  • Jupiter – issues of excess (too much drama, too much food, too much pride)
  • Saturn – issues of fear, delay and blockage (authority problem, lack of responsibility)
  • Uranus – issues of isolation and exile (feeling wrong about self for being different)
  • Neptune – issues of loss of self (giving away of self, escaping from self, suppression)
  • Pluto – issues of extremism (Add “extreme” to any of the above problems)

Archetypes manifest differently for different levels of consciousness. The “significant problem” that we have today is a result of our choosing to stay on the same level of thinking that caused the problem in the first place. The thing to do, then, is raise the level of consciousness in terms of the planets that are involved.

List of Potential Solutions (or Gifts) from Each Planetary Symbol
In shifting our consciousness, the archetype offers its own gifts and resources:

  • Sun – the gift of self expression (think: ‘I am unafraid to show my talents and creativity’)
  • Moon – the gift of nurturing the self and others (‘I love myself and therefore I will take care of myself and those I love’)
  • Mercury – the gift of thinking and communicating effectively (‘There is another way to look at this situation’)
  • Venus – the gift of love for self and others; the gift of aesthetic perception (‘I love and like myself because of such and such qualities – I value myself and others for who we are – I appreciate the beauty that is around me’)
  • Mars – the gift of effective action and self assertion (‘I act in ways that support rather than sabotage my goals in life’)
  • Jupiter – the gift of generous giving and enthusiasm (‘I give out what I want to receive’)
  • Saturn – the gift of discipline, integrity and necessary self control (‘I have the power to make a difference in my life. I choose to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. I act with honor.’)
  • Uranus – the gift of independent, innovative thinking (‘I don’t have to follow the herd. Who I am is just as valid as anybody else’s identity – I have a special gift to offer for the world.’)
  • Neptune – the gift of creative inspiration, and total absorption in the moment (‘I am more than my ego. I am this peaceful presence that witnesses all my experiences right now.’)
  • Pluto – the gift of empowerment (‘I am deeply in alignment with my purpose for being on this Earth.’)

Neptune in conjunction, square or opposition to Venus may first manifest as “losing the self in relationships” (combine the key words in the first set. But if we shift our consciousness, it becomes a gift to “create beautiful things (as in art or music); to be absorbed in the contemplation of beauty; or relating to others inspirationally, with self love”

Pluto in hard aspect to Mars can suggest a problem with “extreme anger”, but if we choose to, it becomes a gift of “empowered action and self assertion”

Saturn in hard aspect to Mercury can suggest “fearful or depressed mind” but can also become the “disciplined thought and communication” (which is what you need if you want to write a book or a dissertation, etc.)

Summary: Meditation on Symbols
Contemplating the challenging measurements in your natal chart (along with their corresponding real-life difficulty) may yield surprising shift of awareness, when you ask the question “What are the gifts (and the solution) within this problem that I haven’t noticed yet?”  Such thoughtful meditation could yield many fruitful insights.

Do you have a particularly difficult measurement in your horoscope that you’ve been aware of for a long time?  Can you shift the meaning of the planets involved in order to appreciate the gift within the situation?  Was there a solution that came from within the same symbolism?   Please feel free to share your experience through emails or comments.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Hi Hiroki

    I found your website when I searched : Neptune issues and how to solve them.

    Can you tell me more about Neptune, it feels like it is trying to destroy me, figuratively speaking of course. It passed over my Ascendant around 12 years ago, and it seems to have changed me irrevocably, and not for the better. Going from a confident, self-directed and integrated person to a person who lives with grief, loss, low self-esteem and a lack of focus that is frightening. Not many astrologers talk about how hard Neptune is, they always go on about Pluto. At least Pluto is there, it acts, it doesn’t just drift into nothingness. Anyway, I thought I would mention how horrible Neptune is. Thanks.

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