Ascendant and Physical Traits

Your Sun or Ascendant sign can reflect your physical traits. It’s not an exact science, but the more you practice observing people, the more you get a “feel” about each person’s Sun and Ascendant energy.

Physical Traits and Other Characteristics Associated with Each Ascendant

These are traditional physical traits associated with each Ascendant, as well as some other observable characteristics:

Aries rising: Longer and/or pointed jaw; favors the color red.

Taurus rising: Stocky build.

Gemini rising: Nervous energy – watch for biting of nails, wiggling/tapping of foot (these characteristics can also be observed with strong Uranian energy, e.g. Uranus square Sun.)

Cancer rising: Round face, the pot belly, emotional caring. Color preference: silver and/or white.

Leo rising: Hairline is forward (like Scorpio); grandeur of expression; loves to be in the Sun.

Virgo rising: The distance between the eyes are close together (in order to focus on the minute details, I suppose.)

Libra rising: Carrying a mirror all the time (literally or figuratively); narcissistic look (e.g. John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton.)

Scorpio rising: Hairline is forward; hairy arms.

Sagittarius rising: Large feet; outdoor, rangy look.

Capricorn rising: Oval face, receding hairline. Color preference: black (definitely not pink.)

Aquarius rising: Prominent forehead. Color preference: Sunset color (rust, orange.)

Pisces rising: Dreaminess; wistfulness. Color preference: dark blue.


How do these description of your Ascendant fit you?  Feel free to share your observation in the comment section!


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  1. michaelamorgan says

    well, you know , aspects to the ascendant must always be considered. i have uranus right on top of my cancer rising absolutely square saturn in libra and also within one degree square mercury in aries. also the ascendant is part of a very close grand water trine with mars and midheaven.. i should have been tall, genetically but saturn took care of that. skin problems that devil saturn…. regarded as highly unusual, thank you uranus.. so many things. loner poet self sufficient humanist nature lover, oh animals!!! waiting for the next world passionate romantic intense need for self expression. verbose.

    • michaelamorgan says

      well, you know , i forgot to mention, my lovely lusty moon in scorpio is part of that grand water trine …. what i could say about that conjunct my mars oh it’s only for my poetry. thank you

  2. Virgo doesn’t fit me at all! :D
    I am nearsighted though… tend to cross my eyes when I don’t have my glasses on, lol. Does that count?

    I found that the bound lord of my ascendant (Mercury) is a closer description to what I look like — i.e. Mercury’s traditional characteristics for appearance.

    I think William Lily had a spot-on description: “… high stature and straight thin spare body, an high forehead … long arms, fingers and hands; his complexion like an olive or Chestnut colour.” (from Christian Astrology)

    When I ignore the parts that pertain to men, it’s almost eerie how close his description is to what I look like :D Probably because Mercury is the bound lord of nearly all of my natal planets.

  3. Hiroki Niizato says

    Interesting…Thank you for corroborating!

  4. Hi, this is a cool post.:-)

    I have Gemini rising and mercury on 5th/6th house cusp and quincunx my ascendant along with Uranus trine Ascendant wide orb 9 degrees….I have a lot of nervous energy…I'm always chewing my nails, tapping my foot…unless I'm able to be completely mentally focused end even then. I also have anxiety…
    I love the sun and warmth even though my eyes are light sensitive.

  5. mispoke..heath ledgers sun was in the 11th house

  6. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thanks Quinn,

    Appreciate the comment on Heath Ledger – that's interesting!

    Libra rising with Venus in Taurus accentuates the love of peace, which will be evident in the way you relate to others.

    Best regards,

  7. I am a libra rising with venus in taurus conjunct moon in taurus and the stocky build part is correct…I have never seen an interpretation for libra rising with venus in taurus..your thoughts..

    by the way you are correct about gemini rising…heath ledger was a gemini rising..and couldn't sit still all his directors and friends allways joked about it…his aries sun was in the first house with a moon in cancer and jupiter in cancer in the first…his 10 house had a stellium of mercury, venus, mars in pisces….and he had saturn in virgo in the 4th…to think that right at the begining of his saturn return and pluto transiting the 8th house he died of overdose on prescription pills while sleeping..before he left childhood(saturn return had just begun but not returned to exact spot yet and saturn was in the 4th house natally) and he became a martyr(pisces stellium in the 10th)

  8. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Lise,

    Pisces Ascendent is more of a certain aura than any physical characteristics; the sensitive & dreamy or wistful expression often comes out (Gwyneth Paltrow etc.)

    I'd say turquoise blue is 100% Piscean…

  9. Hiroki, I'm a Pisces Ascendant too but I don't see it that much. They say we can be pudgy and over indulgent but I'm tall, slim-mish (drat the 40s to put on weight!) and more Gemini, though its more in my personality than looks I think, I'm very Piscean prob also coz my Sun is conj Neptune. I'm a bit higgeldypiggledy! I love turquoise blue more than dark blue!Lise x

  10. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thanks Nikki,

    So we see it doesn't always work…Sometimes there is a look of focus, or concentration that show in the eyes and brow.

  11. I have Virgo rising but I don't think my eyes are too close together, lol! Actually people often guess me as an Aquarius rising but I have sun/Venus in Aquarius trine Uranus and have the nervous energy which I do work on controlling and gets less noticeable as I get older, I think.

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