Ascendant & Identity (1) Pisces Rising

This post is the first in the series of posts about Ascendant and Identity Strength.

I’ll start with Pisces Ascendant since I have it. A few basics for Pisces are:

Ruler: Neptune (classic ruler being Jupiter)

Element: Water – Sensitivity, vulnerability, deep emotions.

Mode: Mutable – Mental orientation, adaptability.

Pisces ASC seems to create almost invariably a sensitive, gentle exterior. The identity formation will be strengthened through Neptunian experience such as artistic endeavors or a spiritual practice.

In developing our identity, the general process is to achieve complexity and strength over time – this is accomplished through practice and mastery of challenging skills (such as learning how to run a business or talk in front of people); as we pursue our own interests and deepen the chosen skill sets, this makes us unique as we keep growing.

Learning of arts – music, dance, acting, painting etc., seems to be helpful in the formation of Piscean identity: in high school I felt uniquely strengthened through my ability to play piano and guitar – that was my “thing”, and everyone knew and respected it – that’s identity strength. As an adult the music is still an important part of me, but now I’ve incorporated spiritual practice and astrology into my identity, thus increasing in complexity.

Creative imagination is a Neptunian (and therefore Piscean) word. The successful utilization of this energy also seems to be strengthening to the identity – inspired visions, dreams, etc. The misuse of imagination through worry or escapism would hurt the identify formation.

The dark side of Pisces ASC is that identity formation may become difficult because of too much sensitivity and vulnerability – making it a potential target of victimization by others. Frustration in this regard may lead to escapism and even addictions, which further dilutes the self image.

One interesting note from Noel Tyl is that Pisces ASC with Aries intercepted within the 1st house is like “hot poker plunged into cool water”: there will be steam that obstructs the view – the heat is there, but not readily apparent. This may suggest passive aggressive behavior, but also a courage hiding beneath the sensitive exterior.

I have Pisces ASC with Aries intercepted – as I was growing through adolescence, it felt as if I had all the needs of Aries rising to be number one, but was too darn sensitive to keep competing with others. I practiced aikido (Japanese martial art) for a while, and this helped enormously for me to get in touch with the inner warrior*.

I like the phrase “Aries in Pisces’ clothing” to describe this combination, even though it is a bit misleading – the sensitive, empathetic personality seems to be very real, as well as the independent, self assertive drive within. Somebody said it is like having two personalities, and you can use whichever one that is more appropriate for the situation.

*aikido, despite its intensity, is much gentler in spirit compared to many other martial arts, as skilled practitioner can subdue an opponent without hurting him; it is about blending with the opponent’s energy, rather than clashing head on in Aries-karate fashion.

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  1. I think there is several of us with similar configuaration, pisces ascendant with Aries Sun intercepted. I have it myself with important planets in Scorpio and moon in Sag. I just wonder, why? Did you think about the porpose of this configuration? Why the intercepted houses and why they made us so “dificult souls “. I read about that this is a karmic thing we need to pay,but, what kind of path they want us to follow if we are these complicated creatures and if it’s so difficult to see for us? Could you,please, recommend me a good referrecne for reading about intercepted houses.? And about the karmic houses? ( I have intercepted houses and the 4, 8 , 9 , 10 and 12 ocuppied ) … I just want to find some answers, I need to find peace. Thank you very much!!!

    • Hi Tara, Aries interception with Pisces does seem to occur a lot, which might have something to do with the latitude range many of us live in (probably more astronomically savvy people have the answer).

      I plan to write a bit more on intercepted signs in future, but here is an article that came up on google that may give you some info.

      As far as the so called karmic houses, definition tends to be pretty arbitrary (what isn’t karmic?) More often than not, it has to do with having to clear up emotional baggage from early life (not necessary your ‘past life’, although I’m not opposed to that thought.) For a serious discussion, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

      • Thank you for answering me.:) I’m looking forward for your article about intercepted houses… There isn’t much on the internet and, in my opinion, it is a very important subject.

  2. maria harding says

    hi my daughter is a sagg. with 29 deg aquarius rising and a large 1st house which includes all aries. she has saturn in the 1st opp pluto/uranus and square the sun in the 10th. i never know if she is more aquarius or piscis rising. what do you think. her neptune is in scorpio in 9th.

    • Hi Maria, birth time accuracy has to be respected regardless of what’s in her 1st house. If her birth time gives you 29 Aquarius ASC, it is the Ascendant no matter the position of her Neptune or Uranus.

  3. I’m a pisces ASC with an intercepted aries first house. Thanks for elaborating on that possible configuration! It’s doubly reinforced in my chart with an aquarius sun/merc in the 12th, and a moon/mars/NN in aries in the 1st. My aries moon is also square neptune within 1 degree. Integrating these energies, and knowing when to surrender and when to assert myself has been the biggest challenge. I only express my ‘drive’ when provoked/confronted in an aggressive manner, otherwise I’m extremely passive and lack emotional and energetic boundaries when out in the world.

  4. hi my daughter has just started her first relationship with a Pisces asc.He is very damaged and finds it hard to be his true self. His parents are strict ,and have him seeing a psychologist twice a week plus medication as they have no comprehension of his nature and in frustration he self harms amongst other destructive behaviors.Neptune and Jupiter are in the 11th house quincunx his Cancer Sun in the 4th which squares Mars in the 7th which is in opposition to the asc. Some difficult energies to deal with,he is only 15 and we hope we can help him by understanding.I am an astrologer.

  5. I had never fit myself into this reality.

    I have tried being a doctor… But, failed. Not because of not knowing what was being thought to me but because I didn’t want to stay locked in a sad place, because I see too much of death inside of me and didn’t want to see it projected in front of me. So I was drawn into depression, felt my life going away. I was really sad…
    So, I got courage and quitted.

    My childhood was not one of the bests, and, inspite of the deaths through it of some relatives, it was nice. However, my teenager times were a true crap. I was always feeling misplaced, away, too different to fit in. I was happy outside and quite sad and forgotten inside… Forgotten by me to me.

    Well, now… Three years after quitting my university course, I am pretty good. As soon as I got out of that sick hell I found in painting relief, and in teather classes, happiness. Some time later… I was invited to teach, teach languages at private schools. This is what is helping me a lot until now (2 years later.). And, it’s been less than a year that I discovered in music sounds to place among the shadowy spaces in the dephts of my heart which feels constant emptiness (I don’t know why, just know that they are there – and they make me sad.)

    And, nevertheless, while going through the worst hell in my life till now, I found out that I am able to write poetry. And, by what people say, they’re beautiful. (They say ! – It’s more like an EXORCISM RITUAL to me.) But I like, really like, and enjoy arts. All kinds. And so on for mythology and mysticism.

    I plan for now to keep myself this way, but for my distant future I want to live of art. Of paintings, of poetry, of what I trully am.

    By the way.
    I really loved your writings. They inspired me to write a bit about myself. Which helps me in my self-reflections.

  6. Thank you very much for this posting. I too, have Pisces Rising with Aries Intercepted (With my sun in Virgo and Moon in Capricorn). I'm very new to astrology, although I've been reading voraciously on the subject for a few months. I find most descriptions of Pisces Rising to be frustrating as they only apply to me in a very vague way, and I think this has much to Aries being intercepted (also the rulers of Pisces are in fire signs: Neptune is in Sag and Jupiter in Aries). Where might I learn more about intercepted signs and how they affect a rising sign so that I can understand this concept better? Thank you again for the post.

  7. thank you very much. i know that its an old astrologer, but a did a lot of astros on his methodic and they was absolutly correct.
    actualy, by myself i thought that a man with pisces asc has to be a priest or churchman…

  8. Hiroki Niizato says


    Thanks for the comment, but the interpretation you cite is about a few centuries behind…In general, the child mortality rate today depends on where you are born (i.e. developed vs underdeveloped country) and not so much to do with Ascendant…There are plenty of people with Pisces ASC. Check this out.

  9. Hi, i'm learning astrology. i want to ask you to tell me your data, because i never met a human with a pisces asc. i've read in Raphaelis book, that babys with pisces asc often dies in early days. ill be very happy if you agree.
    my email:

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