Ascendant and Identity (8) Libra Rising – The Courageous Diplomacy

Element: Air – Social and intellectual activities strengthen the self image.
Mode: Cardinal – Need to be proactively initiating projects and relationships in order to feel right about oneself.

Libra Ascendant automatically implies Aries on the Descendant. This suggests that in order for us to present ourselves boldly and assertively out into the public (i.e. Aries on the 7th cusp), we must first learn to act with diplomacy.

Diplomacy isn’t about saying nice things about others despite how you feel – that’s dishonesty. It is an art of being truly considerate of others: mature Libra personality develops an awareness of how his/her words and actions affect the energy of the whole interaction (whether in one-on-one relationship or a room full of colleagues.) This means you can stay quiet in order to save someone from embarrassment; or to acknowledge someone that you notice is feeling a little left out.

Once Libra rising masters the art of diplomacy, he is then able to assert his views courageously, because he knows how to speak well without unnecessarily offending other people’s feelings. This is a formidable resource.

Bill Clinton has used his Libran energy to the fullest in winning over American public – even after the sex scandal, he still remains very popular and well respected – a magic of diplomacy! Not only does he have a Libra rising, he also has FOUR planets in Libra in his 1st house, including Mars-Neptune (charisma) conjunct Ascendant, and Venus and Jupiter! This makes Clinton a veritable powerhouse of diplomacy and social charm, and he is still a force to be reckoned with in today’s political landscape.

Comedian, TV host and political commentator Bill Maher also has Libra rising – I believe this gives him enough social savvy to make his bold, controversial views (He has Mars in Sagittarius, meaning super-strong opinions) somehow more acceptable by the public – otherwise he might not have enjoyed the level of success that he has.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and the placement of Venus is important in shaping the self image of Libra Ascendant person: Maher has Venus square Mars-Saturn in Sagittarius, hence the need to blend his combative political (Saturn) opinionation with social poise and intelligence. Clinton has his Venus in Libra (its own sign), conjunct Mars-Neptune, so again, charisma and social charms all the way.

For those wanting to work on honing their Libran skill, I recommend reading a series of delightful Diplomacy Quotes. Enjoy!

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  1. I definitely try to be diplomatic but also with an 8th house stellium i feel a lot like a scorpio rising, but I do feel a lot of guilt for what gets said, i mull over it but it feels a lot of others just don’t care to see the whole picture, just what’s easily seen, cuz i have a very spy like personality too plus I have asperger’s syndrome, but I still hate to not be diplomatic, i regret it later, not being that way

  2. Pluto on libra ascendant also i definitely have strong plutonian scorpio vibes since I started reading the charts a couple years ago I’ve noticed the Pluto energy is very strong with my secretive side that I’ve tried to repress then it comes out, i pursue everything very actively like a mars really, i have mars in libra also, as well as saturn, and then jupiter also conjuncting my ascendant at 0° scorpio, both pluto and ascendant are libra 24 °

  3. Great write-up about Libra rising, Hiroki! I completely agree… as a Libra ascendant diplomacy is therapeutic. I recently read the book ‘Negotiation for Dummies’ by Michael C. Donaldson (himself a Libran) and it resonated with me like nothing else.

    Can you please discuss more about the aspects made by natal Venus for Libra rising people (like you have done for other rising signs)…. Also, I would love to know what happens when a planet ruling the AC is also aspected to it. For example, Venus (ruling my AC) is conjunct my IC and square my AC. What would this mean to you?

  4. Pretty Pisces says

    Hi, Thank you for the article!!

    I have LIBRA RISING (8 degrees) with Saturn/Jupiter conjunction (7deg)

    SUN 23 Libra (1st house) quincunx SUN

    BML is 9deg. Libra too!!

    My VENUS in PISCES (H6) CONJUNCT *sun & mars* (ALL squaring moon & Neptune). An astrologertold me that Neptune is the MOST aspected PLANET in my chart *6 times*

    Anger is something that is VERY difficult for me to display or even acept in my personality. Evenif someone HURTS/OFFENDS me, I wan to be (play) Miss NICE. It might also be a my STRONG PIsces/Neptune influence. I am SO empathetic that it worries me that others view me as a complete door mat…I will ALWAYS standup forthe UNDER DOG, however.

    Very few people know the BITCHY side of me. Like everyone else, I DO have a breaking point but it takes a VERY long timefor it to surface.

    Anyways, thank you for writing this. very helpful.

  5. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Evan,

    You seem to have a good handle on understanding the two energies – I know synthesizing them can be a challenge!

    Give me a little time, and I might be able to write a post on this.


    • Hi Evan,

      This obviously an old post, but it doesn’t change the fact that we both have Pluto conjunct Libra rising and perhaps you are still looking for a dialogue.

      I can certainly empathize with you. This is definitely a tough one and I don’t know that there are any easy answers. For me, sun sign cancer, I try to be very sensitive and cautious about leveraging the pluto intensity, but I just can’t help it. If I tame my energy and strength, I tend to get underestimated at first, even if it is in a likable manner. When my intensity and strength does come through, which it always does, people really get spooked. They don’t know what to make of me, but they know they better be cautious cause this guys knows what he is doing and has the skills and drive to plow right over me.

      In 2013, I joined a company as part a software acquisition the company made. After a two year roller coaster ride in corporate culture, I am dead set on never returning to a daily routine where it is more important to play nice than make really important and transformative things happen.

      I also carry some insecurities of my Cancer sign, which exacerbates the friction with my Libra rising conjunct Pluto. I am so thankful that I have discovered a bit of understanding around my astrological makeup and have a renewed sense of optimism on my future endeavors.

      I’m in the process of co-founding a new venture and am pretty sure that I will surround myself with small teams who know me and have a collective mission to something difficult and meaningful. This is the environment that I am setting up for myself, knowing who I am and also what is possible when working in harmony with others. I believe this is key to success in all aspects of life, especially for people with pluto on the ascendant.

      It would great to hear more on this topic. Evan, Heroki or anyone else with more insight into Pluto/Libra/Ascendant challenges or strategies, please share…


  6. wow, thanks Hiroki! this is truly one of my favourite blogs.

    I can see how I have a tendency to act just that way, where I dont really mean to intimidate people but more to..entertain them? (for lack of a better word), I have a last question if you dont mind; like I said before my Pluto conj Ascendant (plus being in the 1st house as well..) somehow opposes to my inclination of expressing the pure Libra rising qualities. Ive tried to find a compromise to deal with both energies but it sometimes feels as if I have the choice to act upon ONLY one of them at a time, for instance if I choose to act “totally” Libra rising when meeting people I’ll be feeling bad afterwards because the experience will feel as fake (which the Pluto doesnt want) and if I choose to be secretive, quiet and mysterious when around other people, then I’ll feel bad afterwards as well because I basically just want to get along. Sorry for making this so long btw, but do you understand my dillema? could you please enlighten me in ways to deal with both energies so I dont feel guilty afterwards? anything you want do add, I’d love hearing it. Thank you very much in advance.


  7. Hiroki Niizato says

    Hi Evan,

    Thanks for the comment. The challenge will be to refine the expression of theatrical, emotional power that you have, so that it will be expressed in a pleasant way that makes other people feel good. This way you won’t have to be intimidating or threatening to others.

    Hope it helps,

  8. Hello Hiroki,

    Thanks for the great insight on how to make the best of your Libra rising, I have that placement as well. I do have a little of an inner conflict with it because of my Pluto conjunct ascendant and my Venus being in Leo, could you please shed some light into what it would mean for the Libra rising to have Venus in Leo and in the 11th house?

    Thanks in advance!


  9. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thanks Antonio,

    You’re most welcome…Although I can’t read your blog I see the sense of humor in the photos :)


  10. António Rosa says

    Hi Hiroki

    Nice texto about diplomacy’s Libra. I have my Libra in 6th cusp. The diplomacy in working place with my authos. I am publisher of books for new age.

    Many thanks for my link in your blog. What a surprise. I apeciate so much.

    Tudo de bom


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