Ascendant and Identity (7) Virgo Rising

Element: Earth – mastering of practical skills and knowledge helps in forming a confident self image.
Mode: Mutable – the process of learning, adapting, and communicating help to form a complex identity.

A horoscope with a Virgo Ascendant usually comes with a Gemini Midheaven, implying strong emphasis of intellectual and communicative faculties (both signs are ruled by Mercury.) There seems to be an ability to grasp and control things skillfully to a minute detail, whether it is in writing, teaching, fixing things, singing/acting, or playing sports. The other way to say it might be: a thorough mastery of details lead to greater confidence and thus a strong identity.

As in Gemini ASC horoscopes, placement and aspect of Mercury becomes extremely important in defining the path of identity development.

  • Opera singer Andrea Bocelli has Mercury-Venus conjunction right on his ASC. Mercury also squares Saturn, ruler of his 5th (performance, entertainment.) Saturn may suggest seriousness and discipline for this classical singer.
  • Walt Disney has Mercury sextile Venus in the entertainment 5th, ruling his 9th (publishing.)
  • Writer/Actor/Film Director Woody Allen has Mercury conjunct Sun, Jupiter (leadership, writing, performing), and square Saturn, ruler of the entertainment 5th. His sense of humor is said to be of the self deprecating kind.
  • Auto entrepreneur Henry Ford has Mercury conj Sun (leadership), sextile Saturn in 2nd and trine Neptune in 8th (2-8 financial axis.) His mechanical ability was apparent since childhood (engineering requires a practical, detail oriented intellect.)

Because of the strong mental orientation, Virgo ASC may become especially vulnerable to nervousness or neurotic thoughts during times of stress – the self criticism may be intense, and the sense of guilt or perfectionism may threaten the identity to the core. The balance is usually restored by paying attention to one’s emotions and physical sensations (discussed here).

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