Ascendant and Identity (6) Leo Rising

Element: Fire – Expression of assertiveness, enthusiasm, and confidence strengthen the identity formation.
Mode: Fixed – faithfulness, stability and reliability empowers the self concept.

Leo Ascendant magnifies the importance of our inner King/Queen. To form a strong identity, a person with this Ascendant needs to be able to command the attention and respect of others for his/her creativity, theatricality, and generosity of spirit.

The King/Queen complex of this Ascendant suggests a sense of innate dignity, but also a childlike self-centeredness which could be either endearing or tyrannical, depending on the level of maturity.

As a modifier of the Sun-Moon blend energy, Leo Ascendant could give an aura of theatrical presence that somehow draws the eye, even for the quiet, introverted person dominated by Watery energy. This Ascendant can add warmth and charismatic flair to the intellectualism of the Air element, or the pragmatism of the Earth.

The Untamed King Complex of Muhammad Ali

Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, natal aspect to the Sun should be a lot more visible for Leo ASC.

Take a look at Muhammad Ali’s horoscope. The Capricorn Sun receives a square from Mars (over the sign-line), adding much fire and combativeness to the King Complex of Capricorn-Leo.

This Sun is further fortified through the Grand Trine with Saturn-Uranus and Neptune (a protective mote to ensure emotional and physical self sufficiency) – adding much stability to the grand self image.

Ali’s chart is strikingly absent in Water, reducing psychological vulnerability to attack, we might say – after all, empathy and sensitivity are not so useful in a boxing ring!

The Inspired Queen Complex of Maya Angelou

Writer & poet Maya Angelou is another example of Leo Ascendant (chart). Here there is much inspiration from the Jupiter conjoining Sun, and Neptune conjoining her ASC. But there is a “blanket over her hand grenade” that threatens to envelope her light: Pluto ruling the 4th (home-family) squares the Sun.

There is no Earth planet in the chart to provide stability, yet there is another Grand Trine, this time in Fire element (a protective mote of inspiration.) Mercury-Venus conjunction in Pisces in 8th suggests idealism and vulnerability to pain, and the Southern hemisphere emphasis further adds to the victimization potential (see post below about hemisphere analysis.)

Her story of hardship and sexual abuse is well documented in her books – we could say she chose to free herself from the devastating experience through her candid, dramatic writing.

The two examples are very different, yet both have their identity expressed through the theatrical lens of Leo Ascendant.

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  1. maria harding says

    i am a leo sun which is conjunct the asc by one degree. my mars is in taurus and is square the sun. i am not hasty tempered but maybe thats the aquarius moon. i am quite determind when i feel deeply about something. i am quite cool emotionally and have allowed my children a lot of freedom. one is a sag and the other an aquarian.

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