Ascendant and Identity (4) Gemini Rising / Mercury in Sexual Profile / Mercury aspects

Element: Air – Development of intellectual and social ability helps identity formation.
Mode: Mutable – Learning and acquiring wisdom lead to identity strength. Changeability may lead to flexibility or instability of self image.

Gemini Ascendant suggests that identity is developed through diverse learning and interaction with others. As the modifier of Sun-Moon blend, this ASC may make communication of internal experience to others easier than usual.

Awareness of Sexual Profile

In many Gemini ASC horoscopes, Mercury would also rule the 5th house of sexual identity through its rulership of Virgo. This suggests several things:

1) Awareness of sexual potency or attractiveness may be directly linked to identity development.

2) The mind may be heavily involved in the sexual arena, which may manifest as the pursuit in mastering the technical aspects of sex and romance, or on the other extreme, voluntary celibacy through a mental decision (note that John Gray has Virgo in the 5th house, and he exemplifies both aspects through a period of celibacy as well as his writing on technical know-how about sexual relationships.)

3) Mercury aspect for those with Gemini ASC / Virgo 5th house would carry implications about their self image as well as their sexual profile.

Mercury aspects for Gemini Ascendant
We can imagine Jupiter aspects to Mercury adding a sense of optimism, grandeur and confidence (possibly, overconfidence): Greta Garbo has Mercury in 5th square Jupiter on the ASC, linking the sexual identity to the self image in a grand way, and this definitely fits her glamorous image.

Saturn aspect to Mercury may suggest seriousness, ambition and studious nature. Hard aspects between these two planets may suggest vulnerability to depression. When linked with the sexual profile, this aspect may suggest a sense of strategy and control within sexual relationships.

Neptune aspect to Mercury may suggest creativity and charisma, or perhaps vulnerability to escapism. Jazz legend Miles Davis has Mercury aspected to both Saturn and Neptune, and he had a serious, studious attitude to music while being a visionary, charismatic innovator. He was also known for having drug problems.

Pluto aspect to Mercury may suggest persuasiveness as well as an awareness of occult, psychology or darker side of life: Filmmaker Tim Burton has Mercury conjunct Pluto, and he is known for the dark, Gothic feel of his movies (major works include Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare before Christmas, and recently Sweeney Todd, a gruesome masterpiece.)

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  1. HEcate SUN says

    It feels fated how I can relate to most of your posts such as the Pluto-ones (which I commented once, or the one about the aries point or the unaspected planets and more.) And even this one with my gemini-rising, virgo 5th and a mercury-moon conjunction in the 9th in capricorn trine a retrograde Jupiter in the 12th (taurus).

    I learn a lot of your posts and like their simplicity, although they comprehend profound in-depth. I want to thank you for that and may even schedule for a consult, since meanwhile I found my career-goal in life, which still asks for a lot of work (Saturn-Pluto), I’m rather clueless about how to turn these energies into a fitting love life… although it was love which opened me up to my higher purpose in the first place…

    I hope transiting Pluto crossing my progressed DC will do some good to that, since my progressed Mercury is sitting right on top of that too.

    • Hello Hecate Sun,

      Thank you for your comment and the kind words! Pluto crossing Descendant is something I was planning to write about very soon – it is a profound time of identity shift, and can be very empowering. Good luck, and contact me for a session when you need to.

  2. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thanks! You can go a lot deeper in Noel’s course…Natal interpretations like this are learned within the first 4 lessons (there are 19 lessons in total.)

  3. Dunyazade says

    This very good, you make it sound “simple” (the interpretation). It makes me want to take the 2 year course of N. Tyl…

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