Ascendant and Identity (3) Taurus Rising

Element: Earth- practical orientation and concrete achievement strengthens identity formation.

Mode: Fixed- stability and reliability leads to identity strength.

Taurus Ascendant seems to suggest the need for cultivating stability, practicality and consistency in the course of strengthening the identity. As ASC acts to modify the energy of Sun-Moon blend, Taurus may imply the need to ground the intellectual idealism of Air element into practicality, stabilize the emotionalism of Water into calmness, and channel the expressive energy of Fire into solid achievements.

As Venus rules Taurus, development of aesthetic awareness and relationship enjoyment may also need to be incorporated into self image (the same could be said of Libra ASC which is also ruled by Venus.) The aestheticism may not manifest as a full blown professional interests in arts, but merely as the ability to appreciate beauty, sensuality and people.

Things build power and presence through consistency – with Taurus, life structures such as relationship, career etc. are built to last, and staying in the same relationship or work for a long time through continuous effort may really provide a solid foundation that creates peace.

Another facet of Taurus is that of idealism related to Venus which represents “the beautiful world.” Actress and children’s rights activist Mia Farrow has Venus ruling her Taurus ASC in the 12th house, also ruling 6th house of social service. Barbara De Angelis has the same placement of Venus, and her search for ideal solutions in relationships has been well known.

The stability of Taurus may add certain amount of resistance to the frustration of ideals (i.e. they don’t succumb as easily to despair.) Eventually the people who have this Ascendant may develop impressive staying power in maintaining their effort – which is definitely a mark of identity strength.

*By the way I really like the photo as the metaphor for Taurus – here is strength and beauty residing together, without aggression.

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