Ascendant and Identity (12) Aquarius Rising – A Quest for Social Significance

Element: Air – Social connection and intellectual expression strengthens the self image
Mode: Fixed – Stability, patience and reliability leads to personal power

For Aquarius Ascendant, there is a need to be socially significant, through the expression of individuality. Having a Leo Descendant suggests that personal significance is often experienced in the realm of relationships with others, and dealing with the public.

Uranus’ (ruler of Aquarius) position in the natal chart, through house placement, rulership, aspects etc, will suggest how/where the expression of individuality can be most expected:

In Obama’s horoscope Uranus is in the 7th house (the public), and contacts the Midheaven (career). This suggests “public career”, and the fact that Uranus is unaspected by other planets (called “peregrine” by Noel Tyl) makes its expression even stronger.

Actor Shia La Beouf has Uranus in 10th house, aspecting Sun (ruler of 7th) and Jupiter (ruler of the Midheaven) – a social significance attained through magnified, individualistic career expression.

Interestingly, Karl Marx also has Uranus in the 10th, but aspecting Saturn and Pluto (ruler of 9th) – which corroborates the social significance he attained through serious academic expression.

The individuation need is great for people born with Aquarius Ascendant, probably because of the intense social awareness that comes with this placement: for them, other people’s individuality and social significance are recognized so vividly that it becomes imperative to become (at least) as interesting as the people around them.

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  1. Hello.. Im pretty new at this. I have questions. Im Taurus Sun, mercury in Aries, Venus in Aries, mars in Aries, Pisces moon and a Aquarius rising. I dont have any understanding on the house’s and placements.
    Anyway.. I always find myself in relationships with men with a Aries moon. Literally EVERY one. However they are usually short lived or abusive. Im wondering, given the information i gave you. What signs, planet’s and placements would best suit me?

    • Hello Kerrie,

      The relationship patterns like the one you mention are typically rooted in early family dynamics – it’s not dependent on your partner’s Sun, Moon or any other planet’s sign. I wouldn’t recommend thinking in terms of “compatible signs” since your relationship tends to improve when you become aware of (and then release) the unconscious patterns you may be enacting in your relationships. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your horoscope in more detail.

  2. Sun Child says

    Hello Mr. Hiroki, quite interesting article about aquarius ascendant. I have a question regarding Uranus placement in chart – Uranus is in 11th house, it conjuncts Neptune and semi-sextiles Ascendant? Is this Ascendant and his planet ruler aspect shows creativity?

    • Hello Sun Child, Neptune and Uranus can certainly signal creativity, although sextile aspect isn’t strong enough to suggest creativity by itself. You’d need to understand the rest of your horoscope to confirm it.

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