Ascendant and Identity (11) Capricorn Rising

Element: Earth – work and practical accomplishments strengthen the self image.
Mode: Cardinal – initiative leads to focused identity

For a Capricorn Ascendant, the identity is focused, clarified, and strengthened through getting things done. The experience gained in the years of showing one’s work to others will gradually create a savvy, competent persona who is at ease in the world.

Maturity seems to come early for people with Capricorn rising. The childhood may end sooner than most, through some isolated incidents or general hardships, exposing him/her to the adult reality a little too soon.

The price for early maturity is often that of emotional development, and sensitive emotions of a child may be left unexpressed and unexplored, resulting in a serious attitude toward life. Often emotional nourishment through relationships will provide the necessary balance (note that Cancer rules the Descendant.)

Here, we find ourselves through making things happen in real life – finishing a doctorate, making a movie, running a business, writing a book, etc. Famous examples of Capricorn Ascendant include Sean Connery (actor/filmmaker), Jane Fonda (actress/political activist), Larry King (TV & Radio host), and Jack Welch (former CEO of GE.)

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