Ascendant = 1st House / 12th house

1st House: We develop our ego in order to have a stable reference point. We fortify it through various props (work, status, relationships, etc) and character development. This is all good and necessary, but we need to know that ego is basically a fiction (a persona, or a mask) that is shaped by all of the accumulated experience of your past.

12th House: The previously defined personality doesn’t work anymore. Something occurs that might perhaps feel like a failure to the ego, making it realize its limitation. In the best case, you forget about yourself for a bit, because of the total shock or newness or awesomeness of the experience. You expand, connect to the universe through nature, art, spirit…You begin to awaken to the oneness that you’re a part of.

Ascendant – the point of reference, the point of stability – reside between these two Houses. If you’re trying to find stability through your personality alone (i.e too far into the 1st House), you will experience the limitation through some 12th house experience. If you’re too far into the 12th house, you may not know who you are, and begin to lose the boundary and focus necessary for stability.

Most of us are stuck in the 1st house, in the narrowly defined personality, and that is why 12th house practices such as meditation (or simply taking a walk in nature with an open heart) can gently expand your awareness, bringing you back in balance.

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  1. Bobbie Fenili says

    I’m confused about my ascendant which is Libra 28 degrees. I have Neptune in Libra 23 degrees in the 12th house. How can I have Libra in the 12th house & the 1st house? Also I have Saturn in Scorpio 2 degrees in the 1st house. My chart says I have Scorpio in the 2nd house also?? How can I have Scorpio in both houses??

  2. Hello, Mr. Hiroki Niizato! :)

    I have some questions regarding my birth chart. I’ve only got into Astrology a few days ago so please pardon me for my lack of knowledge…

    In my birth chart, I realized that Sagittarius is in the 1st House and 12th House while Gemini is in the 6th House and 7th House. I also realized that in the Placidus Orb, Aries and Libra were not mentioned at all. Is this normal?

    Also, in the birth chart, it says that my Moon is in the 1st House but later on in the report, it says that the Moon is in Capricorn, which means that it is in the 2nd House. Why does this happen?

    • Hi Pika, you might have an easier time visualizing everything if you look at the actual natal chart rather than a report. Try making a free horoscope in, and print out your natal chart – it should answer most of the questions you posed.

      • Hi, thank you very much for your quick response! :)

        Well, I’ve seen the birth chart already actually. I looked at it first before I read the report and I’ve actually tried to generate my birth chart on different websites such as, and the one that you have mentioned and they all varied, hence my confusion :O
        Some would say that my 1st House is Capricorn while some would say that my 1st House is actually Sagittarius. Plus, my Ascendant is Sagittarius so the latter makes more sense. I just don’t get why sometimes they would put the Moon in either 1st House or 2nd House… The Moon is located very close to the other House, though. It’s almost in the middle of the indicator thing, but more towards the 1st House. If the Birth Chart is a clock, the 1st House starts at 9 O’ clock, right? If that’s the case, Capricorn should be the 1st House in my chart, but then again, I’m Sagittarius Rising so Sagittarius should be the 1st House?

        • Aubrey Winters says

          I wish he had answered this!

        • Hi Pika and Aubrey,

          It depends on the house system used by the software. Probably the two sites used different house systems.

          Example: A whole sign house system would only have 1 sign to a house, so Sagittarius ASC would mean only Sagittarius planets can be in the 1st house.

          In a Placidus house system, you can have more than 1 sign to a house. So in a Placidus chart you could have a Sagittarius Ascendant and still have Capricorn planets in your 1st house.

          This will be much clearer if you look at the printouts of a horoscope that shows the house cusps. (House cusp is the boundary line between each house.)

  3. Imee raymond says

    I have stellium 12House Sagittarius ♐️ sun 3rd deg ,Mars 3rd deg, Neptune, Mercury; rising Sagittarius 27 deg ; 1st H Venus Capricorn 13 deg; Jupiter5 H Taurus; Pluto Libra and midheaven 10H and scorpio NN10H; moon H 2nd Aqua. I’m a nurse, I did many adventures, and traveling. I experienced some hidden enemies, I considered myself extrovert and blunt. Is Jupiter as my ruling planet since it’s in ascendant of saggs or Saturn due to Venus Capricorn in 1stH? What do you thing about my Venus square Pluto 10H?

  4. I don’t understand what it means for my north node (gemini) to be the same as my ascendant (gemini). Yet my chart also says my north node is in the 12th house,(btw also Pisces midheaven) For a while I was confused thinking my north node sign is taurus. Can you please elaborate?

    • Hi, it’s not strange to have a Gemini North Node in the 12th house, and also to have your Ascendant in the sign Gemini. It simply means your Ascendant is on a later degrees of Gemini compared to that of your North Node.

  5. Hi there, I don’t usually comment about my own chart but this post seems like the right place for it.

    I’ve been studying astrology for 7 years now (so still a relative newbie), and a question about my chart has always eluded me. You see, because my mom is not sure of my TOB, my birth chart interpretation has never actually been certain.
    Initially, according to her, I would be born at 7AM because she remembered hearing the bells ring (I was born near a church) and she was already holding me. This would give me a 4º degree Taurus rising. The issue is, my sun is already at 3º Taurus, and my Mars is at 22º Aries, so this feels like a LOT of energy combined. It’s really hard to tell where one or the other starts. I’ve casted charts for 7AM, then 6:50, and all subsequent hours until 6:30 (through talking to her we’ve determined this would be lowest hour possible for me to have been born since the nurses were quite fast in handing me to her). There are also 2 squares from Neptune at 26º Capricorn and Uranus at 3º Aquarius hitting the ASC and Sun. (Neptune is also square Mars so there’s that). Not to mention the heavy 12th house activity – I have Saturn, Mars and South node in there, and possibly also the Sun. The thing is I have mostly related to descriptions about the 1st house sun, but I’m not sure I can actually distinguish between the two. I’ve also tried going through interpretations of the rising sign, as this would also change (late Aries/early Taurus), and while the Taurus interpretation feels more in line I can’t be sure if it’s because of my Sun conjunct the ASC or because of the 1st house being completely in Taurus. I also relate to certain aspects of Leo rising (I have a huge head of hair, so huge that I’ve bleached it more than once and it’s still too much!!!), surprisingly, as well as Aries rising – like quickness of mind, speech and movement, as well impulsivity, a constant reddish tint to the face regardless of the weather, as well as the proneness to accidents and a natural tendency to take charge and direct others, or be too fond of my independence.

    My question is, with all these issues, would it even be worth it to try to interpret my chart, or should I just give up? This has been bothering me for 7 years now but I’ve never spoken to a professional about it because the waiting lists are so long in my country…

    Anyway, here goes nothing. Thank you to anyone who has read so far, and if you have any insight I’m more than grateful to hear it.

    • Hi Caroline, It sounds like your mother’s recollection is fairly accurate within that half hour you mentioned, and that would pretty much guarantee the sign of the Ascendant. This is not bad, as far as reliability of your horoscope goes. The rest can be a matter of fine-tuning it through rectification effort, using whatever techniques that you’re learning (I suggest a book Solar Arcs for this purpose).

  6. I have a late degree ASC at 28°34′ Capricorn. I also have natal Saturn at 7°43′ Capricorn in 12th house.

    Natal Saturn conjuncts with my 1°35’Uranus (11th H) and 9°Neptune (12th house). Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune sit in Capricorn as a stellium. Saturn also has a pretty tight orb with my Moon (-0°38) and Midheaven (-0°11′) in Scorpio in 10th house, and semi squares both.

    Also, since Saturn rules the 10th house… in the 10th house I have a stellium: MC at 22°55′ in Scorpio, Moon 23°21′ in Scorpio, Venus 24°33′ in Scorpio. All three obviously conjunct each other as well.

    My question is… the majority (basically ALL) of House 1 sits in Aquarius. Even though using Placidus, why should I treat my house 1 as if it should all be Capricorn, when basically all of it is in Aqua?

    Should I also factor in my East Point? Especially since I have such a late degree ascendent? My East Point sits at 18° in Aquarius in the 1st house. My True North Node sits at 24°42′ in Aquarius in house 1 as well.

    Any insight from you will be great! Thank you

    • Hi Kelsey,

      Probably both sign qualities are important. The sign of your Ascendant is obviously important, and if you have a Capricorn Stellium, it only goes to emphasize that Capricorn influence.

      North Node in Aquarius in the 1st house probably suggests further areas of development for your identity, in an “Aquarian” direction.

  7. Caroline alter says

    Hi! It says my Ascendant (virgo) is in my 12th house. Could you please explain a little more about how the two things coincide?

    • Hi Caroline, I’m not quite sure what house system would place the Ascendant on the 12th house (none of the major systems do that), so you might want to let me know of the house system you’re using, or (better yet) check your theory to make sure you’re looking at the right symbol.

      • Caroline alTer says

        Hi! I look at my chart through co-star. I am definitely looking at the right symbol. I would love to send you it to you but I am unable to send pictures through here

  8. Aleksandra says

    Hi I was born at 11 April and I asked my mom what time I was born she said 8 pm but she doesn’t know what the exact minute and I try different minute I have asc in scorpio and I try another minute like 8:50 the Sagittarius asc shows. I have moon in sag and sun in Aries but I confuse in my rising. Help me

    • Hi Aleksandra, that’s a tough one – you might need to feel out the difference between Scorpio and Sagittarius and see which one feels better to you. For example, with Aries Sun and Sagittarius Moon suggesting extraversion, any psychological inclination and introversion would be attributed to a Scorpio rising.

  9. Leigh Anna says

    Hello! I’ve been studying a lot and feel I have a fairly good understanding of Astrology but I’m not good at putting the pieces together, to apply it to my life.
    I have my North Node at 29 degrees Leo, Virgo Ascendant with Mars and Jupiter at 1 and 4 degrees Virgo, in the 12th house. Saturn is conjunct the Black Moon at about 14-16 degrees Virgo. Pluto is in my 2nd house (squaring transiting Pluto in 5th house) but positively aspects Neptune in Sagittarius. And my moon is Scorpio tightly conjunct Uranus. I also have a T square, with Neptune at the center.
    I feel like I have a lot going on, in my chart… and the past several years have been the worst of my life! But I feel like I’ve grown a lot, spiritually and have faith that things are going to get better.
    My Sun is Pisces conjunct Mercury, too… btw… 7th house and part of the T square.
    I just wondered if you might have some insight, that hopefully will help strengthen my hope.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Leigh Anna, for an in-depth analysis of your horoscope, please consider scheduling a private session, thank you.

      • Leigh-Anna says

        Yes, in hindsight I worried that I had asked too much. I would absolutely love to schedule a session but b/c of the hardships of the past few years, I’ve been out of work and extremely depressed…. so, I simply cannot afford one at this time.
        You appear to be extremely knowledgeable and personable though, so I will try to sometime in the future.
        I sense that you are much more trustworthy than a lot of other readers I have seen online.
        Best wishes to you!

  10. I have 1st house, 12th house and ASC in capricorn. The persona is quite correct too, and I think I’m on a phase to find my self again (which I can safely say I definitely there, just not 100% yet).

    Pluto and Saturn are currently in Capricorn. So things are quite rough.

  11. Hi I was born in north vancouver, on march 24th at 2:38pm. I am so confused as I am trying to map out my chart. But it seems like my rising sign/ ascendent is in the 12th house and not the one. Is this possible? What does it mean? Please help me.

    • Hi Allana, Ascendant is the cusp of the 1st house, so it defines the boundary between 12th and the 1st house. The sign is separate from a house – a house can start at a middle of a sign. Probably this is the source of confusion – I recommend reading some basic theory text on astrology.

  12. What about the ones stuck in the 12th house? Sun, Venus, Mercury(chart ruler) all in Taurus in 12th house with no planets in 1st. Any suggestions?

  13. i love you article !! How would you then find balance if you too far into the 12th house ?

    • Hi Kay, maybe what is experienced on the inside should be expressed at some point. So bringing your private insights into the realm of action might help with the balance.

  14. Hi. My daughter has saturn on asc so close it is hard to say is it in 1 or 12 house. She will have saturn on asc in Solar return next year (She will be 14). Would you interpert that differently for someone who has it in natal chart? Changing school that year so I am worried. Thank you for your advice

    • Hi Maja, if her natal Saturn is within a few degrees of the Ascendant, you can interpret it as entering the 1st house.

      Solar return is a different beast and I normally don’t use it, but in this case it seems to be echoing her natal chart, so the interpretation will be similar to how you read it natally – feeling inhibited in her personal expression, needing to mature in order to relate successfully, etc…

      • Hi Hiroki, thank you for your writing. One little question:: In Western astrology, my Mars and Mercury are 12th House within 10 degrees of the Ascendant. In Vedic astrology, they are moved into the 1st House even though they’re behind the Ascendant. Do you know why?

  15. Hello..great article. Your insights are very interesting.
    I was wondering if you can shed any additional light with an aspect.

    I have Virgo rising, with venus conjuct Asc. from the 12th house. 1.3 degreee separation. Venus also squares the MC. (ven 16°/asc 17°)

    what would you say is the natal significance of that placing? also how should I better prepare for the anticipated neptune opposition coming up. I have read your article about this and found it fascinating.

    Mercury sits @ Cancer in 11th house forming a T square with 2nd house Uranus in Libra and 8th house Mars/Aries. Mercury also trines a Sagitarius Moon/Neptune conjuction in the 3rd house.


    • Hi there, Venus on the Ascendant suggests the importance of being appreciated by others, in order for you to feel confident.

      Virgo placement adds a kind of emotional astuteness, although perhaps you can talk about emotions without necessary feeling them. For a more holistic understanding of your entire chart, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  16. Hello, I don’t know if its correct but when I give my birthdate, Scorpio is my ascendent and Scorpio is in my 12th house, so its in both. However theres a stellium of planets in saggitarius in house 1. My north node is Taurus 5th house, and Pluto is in Scorpio in House 11 south as
    well. I don’t understand it all so much. But Scorpio ascendant seemingly so, though Saturn in 1st in Sag seems to bring some reticence. Scorpio in the 12th they reckon can be taken advantage of, power yes that does happen. Pisces sun in 3rd.
    You’re astro writings are top of the list

    • Hi Tom, make sure you’ve entered your correct birth time, so you can get the accurate Ascendant. Only after doing that you can start looking at houses. Glad you’re enjoying the site!

  17. The 12th house has started to perplex me. Mostly because after going to numerous pages regarding the matter I wanted an answer to I kept getting different answers.

    The question I had involved the ‘end’ of the 12th house near the ascendent. I read somewhere that this area (usually 5degrees to the asc) is sometimes called the dark half of the acendent, as in the part of us we’re oblivious too I assume.

    Of course this all sounds rather different to what specifically your discussing here and I’m asking this because I looked through your other article relating to planets in the 12th and saw your response regarding a natal saturn in the 12th.

    But I have this chart of an acquaintance who’s gotten together with someone and after learning their basic birth times discovered she has saturn in his 12th very close to the ascendent, his hidden self. I’ve heard some say people with this placement with teach and discipline the house person in whatever things they’re oblivious to in the 12th house, while others say why may undermine and drain them.

    At first sight I would make the assumption that such a placement in what seems to be such a vulnerable place would suggest she might be making him feel trapped or governed in some unseen way and would therefore be a source of anxiety.

    He has his ascendent in 11.06 sagittarius, her saturn is 5.57 sagittarius.

    Maybe I’m just seeing things but with so many varied interpretations out there I’m really not sure, I’ve read that the natal saturn in the 12th leads to some of the worst depression issues that are ever documented in astrology because saturn adds to a hopeless and imprisoned feeling of the 12th house.

    Hoping this isn;t too off topic but could you explain what you think such a placement in synastry could be? A persons saturn in anothers 12th just conjuncting the asc?

  18. Hello Hiroki, i have my venus in 8 grades aquarius, asteroid aphrodite in 12 grades aquarius and ascendant in 15 grades aquarius. Also have lilith in 22 grades aquarius conjunct pholus and Kallisto. Im always insecured and worried about how i look ..and if people like me or not. Obsessed with my image. I guess people like me a lot ..but i dont have a real sensation of that…. Which energy do you think is stronger? Thank you so much….

  19. I have venus at 4 degrees Capricorn in the 12th house and my ascendant at 29 degrees Capricorn. They are considered conjunct by sign, I guess, but when I read about Venus conjunct ascendant I can relate to it a lot despite them not being within 10 degrees. I also get a lot of compliments about my appearance pretty much on a daily basis but at the same time I struggle a lot with this feeling like I really don’t know what I look like and have a lot of insecurity about my appearance in general despite having good days. The only good thing about this is that people just think I’m very humble. Any thoughts on this? My midheaven is Scorpio at 14 degrees in house 10 and also conjunct my Pluto in Scorpio at 19 degrees house 10. Maybe this would also lend some power to my projected image that people keep picking up on? Usually when people first meet me their initial feelings are that I’m intimidating and unapproachable/mysterious. When they get to know my warm Sagittarius sun and moon though, it surprises them every time.

    • Hi there, physical attractiveness doesn’t depend on your Venus being on the Ascendant, so you wouldn’t necessarily connect your 12th house Venus to the Ascendant (with 25 degree difference it’s definitely not a conjunction.) Your other comments make sense for a Capricorn Ascendant.

  20. Ah, so do you think with a South Node in Leo in the 12th, I will need to find a balance between the ego needs of my 12th and my 1st (Virgo ASC, Sun’s in Pisces in 7th) because Leo also has to do with ego?

  21. I wrote ” since pluto in scorpio” i was wanting to say : since saturn in scorpio XD Yeah, my life turned upset down, like from slavry to freedom.

    • Hello Thais, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Venus conjunct Ascendant is a powerful measurement socially, and it magnifies the social orientation of Libra rising. It sounds like you understand the depth and passion of Pluto in 1st house from personal experience.

  22. Hello =D What could you tell me about a libra risig conjuct to venus and lilith in 12th house in 23 degrees. The first house is occupied by 7 degrees os libra and 23 degrees of scorpio, also pluto is in scorpio in the first house. I feel very confused, i am kind person and everybody likes me, i have this justice and art interests, but i am drowned in scorpio interest, like everything about occult, darkness, tabus, hidden stuff and i also have since ever the desire to look like a scorpio even before knowing about astrology, the power and magnetism. Can i be a mix of libra and scorpio rising? I have also sextile of pluto with sun and moon, and trine to midheaven in cancer and other aspects with pluto. Sometimes i feel terrible fake, cuz i am kind and nice with everyone even if irritating, since pluto in scorpio my life changed a lot, and i change very much, i am serching for streng to not care about opinions and social norms anymore , so i can be myself without influences. Thank you very much for the post . ( ps: english is not my native languege, dont bother about bad grammar please)

    • Aliyah Martin says

      I have the same thing! I am a libra rising yet it lands in my 12th house, therefore making my first house in scorpio. I have been trying to figure out what that exactly means but I can never get a clear answer.

      • Hi there, a sign on the house cusp defines the dominant energy of the house, so if you have a Libra Ascendant, you would consider it as the main 1st house sign.

        • I to have my ascendant in my 12th house which is Libra. My 1st house according to my natal chart is Scorpio. So which is my TRUE 1st? Libra or Scorpio and if the answer is Libra… that would push all my signs into their following houses correct? Scorpio would now be my 2nd house? Please help I am so confused!

          • Hi Ashley, Ascendant is the cusp of the 1st house, so it cannot be in the 12th house. You may want to study some beginner textbook to make sure this is clear.

          • Hi Ashley, did you mean the libra sign is on the cusps of both, the 12th and 1st house? This can happen if you create your chart with Placidus house method and is very common. Then you really have a libra rising. If you look at the chart wheel picture, you can see in which signs all house cusps really are. You don’t have to shift something “in your thougts”.
            If one sign “owns” two house cusps (respectively the opposite sign does always the same. In your case it must be aries at cusps 6 and 7), another sign (and its opposite sign) has to be included in another house.
            Hope that helps :)

  23. Hi Mr. Niizato,

    I have a question. You see your article was really informative in explaining how the 1st house (mask) is like a cage and how the 12th house represents union. While the Ascendent works as a midway point, but what happens if you have the same sign in both houses? I have a 23 degree Scorpio as a Ascendent and a 8 degree Scorpio in the 12th. So how is there a balance there? I know the degrees represent something, but since the signs are the same; isn’t the effect the same?
    (Did that make sense… o o)

    Have a nice day & thank you!

    • It may be helpful to think of 12th house as having to let go of the old personality, and 1st house as strengthening the emerging new ego. In your case, both houses are ruled by the same planet (Pluto), which suggests that you may go through both house challenges at the same time when Pluto is being triggered by transit or Solar Arc (which makes sense, since you can’t acquire a new sense of self without letting go of your old beliefs and patterns.) This is all very much suited to Scorpio symbolism, by the way – you may want to check out another post on Scorpio rising elsewhere in this blog.

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